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Sidney Crosby is Worth Taking the Time to See Live

More than halfway through the season, a 19-year-old kid is the NHL’s leading scorer. And something tells me Art Ross and Sidney Crosby will be tight in the upcoming years.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance, thanks to a buddy, to go and see Sidney Crosby play at the Bell Center here in Montreal. It was an opportunity to witness in the flesh a super star in the making. Not only that, the Pittsburgh Penguins (assuming they stay put) may have a dynasty in the making in the process with the likes of Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal. Who can pass that up?

Though I have watched him play when he was in the juniors with the Rimouski Oceanique, Crosby live was everything I thought he was and more. The guy can simply flat out play. Every shift he took made me believe more and more that he was a hybrid of Wayne Gretzky’s vision and Mario Lemieux’s instinct. Despite a mix of the two legends, his style is unique to him. By contrast, his teammate Malkin looks like a Lemieux prototype.

In terms of future stars, the NHL is in good hands indeed. In other areas, well, it’s not so positive. Still, the great talent invading the league does not stop with Crosby. It continues on with Alexander Ovechkin, Eric Staal and Dion Phaneuf to name but a precious few.

Much has been said about Crosby and his whiny antics. Too many people jump on his back too quickly. The game plan for many teams is to obviously disrupt Crosby given his emotional streak. He’ll figure out how to harness this. For now, best to remember one thing: he’s 19. He’s a kid and is already dominating the league. One day he will be able to combine his determination, emotion and talent to become a champion.

Sidney Crosby has the NHL buzzing with excitement. If you’re a hockey fan, make the effort to go see him. You won’t regret it. I promise or your money back.

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  • Dave Lifton

    Have you seen Ovechkin play in person yet? I’ma Caps partial plan holder, so it has been a lot of fun watching him over the past year and a half. Not so much fun watching Crosby, though.

  • alessandro nicolo

    No I have not but he is incredible. That goal he socred on his back has to be considered one of the greatest ever. Two different players.

  • Dave Lifton

    Very much so.

  • Glen Boyd

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  • lizzy

    i think any 19 year old who can lead an nhl in scoring and lift his team up from teh gutters to be a stanley cup contender while undergoing tremendous presure to be the next great one, desreves all teh credit in teh world and teh hart trophy. Ovechkin and crosby are 2 years apart and though it might not seem like a big difference, in maturity it is! Where exactly is ovechkin now, on a team that isnt going to make the playoffs and isnt even up to 100 points yet this year. Sidney crosby holds teh weight of teh pittburgh penguins on his shoulders at just 19 years old and has carried them to a major cup contender position. something tells me that crosby and teh hart ross trophy will become very good friends in teh years to come