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I’ve spent this week being sick. I would like to recommend handkerchiefs to anyone who has a cold. It cuts back on the raw nostril side effect of having a cold.

Handkerchiefs. Make a note of it.

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About Murphy

  • *sniff*
    And that’s from sentiment, not from this cold.

    I am a wonderfully blossomed flower…Oh, my heart!

    Thank you John!

    If you weren’t all the way in Florida…

  • A Get Well Verse For Murphy

    Like the clear blue sky, may your sinuses be,
    and may your health be good once again.
    Remaining for eternity.

    For you are a wonderfully blossomed flower;
    and when your health is good, or even when it wanes,
    your expression is quite an amazing power,
    for all to bask in; to gain.

    So get well soon and share your smile again,
    but keep your keen mind and critical pen;
    for your friends here miss your verse,
    and we wish from you to be lifted –
    that li’l sniffle curse.

    Get well soon, Murphy. Cheers.

  • Ben

    You’re right. The first thing I want to do with a snotty, sweaty piece of cloth is wipe it on my face again.

    (paraphrased from Claire Fisher)

  • Eric Olsen

    Please get better soon, Murph!