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Shuffling The Deck

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Secretary of State Colin Powell will be leaving the Bush cabinet, as widely anticipated. The recent departure of the Attorney-General and the Commerce Secretary from the Bush cabinet is the beginning of a reshuffle of the entire cabinet, with possibly upto half the team slated to go or change posts.

In a democracy, political cabinets are like a house of cards. In parliamentary democracies, like India, Japan & the UK, reshuffles are even more common. The jumbo cabinets of these countries are created often to meet coalition promises, and further specific agendas. A reshuffle can be done to return a favor or to silence critics. Ultimately, though, it is the civil service that has the real say in policy matters, even if they let their political masters think otherwise.

Colin Powell will likely be remembered with more respect and global esteem than other members of the cabinet. It is to be hoped though, that his memoirs will give voice to the silent battles of his heart and mind during his tenure. There is also the possibility this is the first step in a presidential run in 2008.

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  • RJ

    Powell won’t run in 2008. He could have ran, and won, in 1996, but his wife didn’t want him to.

    I doubt she’s changed her mind since then…

  • Powell in ’96 would’ve done better than Dole, although probably not well enough to win against Clinton.

    I hope Powell does decide to run, but not in 2008. One of my favorite possibilities for future elections would have Colin Powell heading up the Republican ticket, and Barack Obama leading the Democratic ticket. I grin at the thought of so many racists forced to choose between two black men. But I think 2008 will be too early for Obama to make a run at the White House.

    So I guess 2008 will have to be the Springer vs. Schwarzenegger election, in my absurd predictions for future political contests. Y’all better get cracking on that new constitutional amendment Orrin Hatch proposed last year.

  • RJ

    The Hatch Amendment will not pass. Mark my words…