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Show Runner Hart Hanson Offers Some Dish On Bones

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Celebrating that FOX will be broadcasting four new episodes of Bones on November 4,12, 19 and 26, show runner Hart Hanson did a media conference call, during which he gave some juicy hints on upcoming storylines.

For the November 12 episode, titled “The Con Man in the Meth Lab,” Hanson confirmed that we will learn more about Booth’s (David Boreanaz) family and history as his younger brother Jared enters the picture. The storyline was originally going to be explored last season, but had to be shifted to this season due to the writers’ strike. The writers will get dual mileage from the character, as he both sheds light on Booth’s character (described by Hanson as guarded for all his affability) and strikes some sparks with Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

Brendan Fehr (Roswell) plays Jared, and Hanson said he was delighted to find him. He had to search to find an actor who had leading man charisma accompanied by a dark side, looked at least a little like David Boreanaz, and was available. The show runner noted with a laugh that some previous conflicts on the ice rink between Fehr and Boreanaz (both play hockey) didn’t hurt their chemistry as brothers at all. The episode will give viewers a peek at Booth’s difficult childhood and his relationship with his grandfather.

Guest star Brenden Fehr joins the Booth cast on November 12th.Hanson confirmed that one plot element still to come this season is the question of Booth as a possible baby daddy for Brennan’s child. However, he noted that he is very wary about how fast to develop the main characters’ relationship because once one element is resolved, another one has to take its place. He is very aware of the danger of the Moonlighting trap, where resolved sexual tension took all the snap out the series, though he personally sees his characters as more in The Thin Man's Nick and Nora mould. In addition to the danger of too much too soon in regard to Booth and Brennan, Hanson also said he has to be very aware of the balance between the procedural elements and the character driven elements, and that neither one takes over.

Turning to a question about the rotating Zack replacements in the lab, Hanson said the storyline was intended to help develop the lab-based B story in the episodes, and he sees it as so successful, the writers now intend to keep the interns for a while, instead of replacing Zack quickly. And that may not be a bad thing for Zack fans, as Hanson confirmed there is more yet to come about that character.

With psychiatrist Sweets knowing that there is more to Zack’s story, he faces a dilemma on how to proceed. Hanson said he has been looking into bringing back Gordon Gordon (English actor Stephen Fry) as the person to help Sweets sort things out, though Fry’s availability has not been confirmed.

It all sounds very exciting, with lots for Bones fans to look forward to. The titles for the next four episodes will be: November 5 — “The Skull in the Sculpture;” November 12 — “The Con Man in the Meth Lab;” November 19 — “The Passenger in the Oven;” and November 26 — “The Bone that Blew.” Bones airs on Wednesday at 8 PM (ET).

Photo credit: Greg Gayne/FOX

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About Gerry Weaver

  • Gerry

    “I also agree that they need another SERIAL killer or some recurring Villain out for revenge against Booth or the Squints. Fans LOVE stories like that!”

    Interestingly, David Boreanaz said he didn’t care for the Gormogon storyline at all in an earlier interview. However, he very much likes the Gravedigger, so maybe the writers will bring him back.

  • Helen

    Oh and one more thing: “BOONAN”

    I think I like that better than “Bonnan” for the romantic merging of their names. Because Boonan SOUNDS more like “(Boo)th” & “Bren(nan)” put together. No offense to anyone.

    Does anyone else have other suggested name combinations for the B & B team?

  • Helen

    I think the Bones Production staff needs to hire better people to edit the show because there have been a LOT of mistakes all over message boards that fans have caught and the Military hat being the the worst so far and that error even brought on negative media attn to the show. But, maybe more fans will start watching the show due to that media attn – not to say that wasn’t wrong but what’s done is done. I also agree that they need another SERIAL killer or some recurring Villain out for revenge against Booth or the Squints. Fans LOVE stories like that!

  • Sheri

    May seem petty, but please note that the folks in wardrobe got Jared’s uniform wrong. Lt. Commanders do not have “scrambled eggs” on the bill of their lids (hats). I suspect that naval officers would be pretty offended by such a mistake.

  • Eric

    Just to spice things up, I think Booth should sleep with Angela. The show is great, and I do agree they are stretching the Booth/Brennan a little thin. Also, they should bring back a serial type killer like the gormagon to keep the procedural element interesting.

  • Denise

    I think that the show is doing just fine. I still enjoy watching it every week. I do agree that the Angela/Hodgins break-up shouldn’t have happened, although I did get a laugh when Brennan offered to fire Hodgins for Angela’s sake. One continuity question I have — If Max & Ruth Keenan were on the run and had changed their names, who is the grandfather who took Temperance out of foster care?

  • Gerry

    I agree that the strike had an impact on many shows’ storylines as elements had to be cut and rearranged–no one wants that to happen once the show is underway. It interferes with the emotional beats the writers had planned. Hopefully, this season, those sorts of wrinkles will be ironed out.

  • Gepard

    I’m still smitten with Bones, though I don’t rush home to see it like I used to. I’d love to see Booth and Bones test the waters a bit, I think it would prolong things, I’m very disappointed with the Angela Hodges breakup though, I wanted to see someone in the show somewhat happy, it made everyone else just a little more on edge which I enjoyed. I’m also willing to give the last season and this some leeway because of the strike, when you’ve got a season planned out and have to rearrange things I expect some difficulties and I know that Bones will be back and beautiful very quickly.

  • Gerry

    You can see why showrunners find the romance question such a hot potato! When your actors supply lots of UST, it’s a gift–but when to unwrap it is the question. Do it too soon and you’re left finding something else to drive the characters’ interactions, which isn’t always easy to find. Do it too late and the sizzle may have turned to fizzle. Fans who want the romance are irritated by waiting; fans who don’t want it are irritated by developments pushing it forward.

    I still think the writing on Bones is enjoyable–no TV procedural, especially one with strong character elements like Bones, is going to be really realistic.

  • New Zealand Fan

    Fans have got to stop seeing them as a couple and more like best friends.

  • Bone-fied Critic

    I think the writer’s will get back on track with the blossoming romance but I find myself still angry over a past episode that I felt was the start of the bad writing. The script after Booth was shot I felt was 100 unrealistic. They could have extended the drama of the final “Wannabe In The Weeds” scene having Booth die for just a few minutes maybe at start of “Pain In The Heart” so we could have seen how Brennan reacted. But showing him almost 100% healed after only 2 wks made my heart sink w/ disappointment. The damage to his shoulder would have never allowed him to hold & shoot that rifle, much less tackle someone without even a grimmace. There would have at least been a sling! To me the writers threw away the “WITW” episode away just so they could move on, too fast in my opinion, to the “Pain In The Heart” story. That should have been stretched into 3 episodes instead of 2 to give the viewers the quality and drama that we started watching the show for. Season 4 has been boring thus far and yet I wait in hope that the writers somehow get wind of this kind of fan feedback, and give us the exciting show we deserve – as do the talented actors ON the show that continue to be robbed of well deserved Emmy nominations, in my opinion, only because of the WRITING of the show. Sorry for the long vent, I had to get it off my chest.


    I agree with the first comment. Enough already! Are B/B going to get together or not? If they are… then the fun has already been taken out of the game with this PROLONGED tease. It seems more brother sister now with season 4 and all the buddy buddy comments. I for one am bummed! The romance was cute and made the story lines more interesting.

  • Kalli

    Thanks for the scoop Gerry!
    I’m a huge Bones fan myself, the main draw for me always having been the relationship between Booth and Brennan. But this season has made me wonder whether Zoti Bemba is right…Did Bones wait too long to deliver? Waited too long to act upon its leads’ phenomenal chemistry and now it’s strating to vanish into thin air? It would be a pitty, it really would…

  • zivatony

    Maybe it will be from a sperm doner perspective a la X-Files?

  • Gerry

    Thanks all for your comments! I would agree that we’ve seen some growth on how Brennan views the world as she gains some people sense through her interactions with the people she cares about (Booth and Angela being the two main founts of this kind of information for her).

    Emilykay, this was a spoiler Hanson talked briefly about, it having been mentioned in an interview last season. He was very vague about it, but apparently Brennan will revisit the topic at some level.

  • Bonnan Relationship

    Bonnan is Booth and Brennan, for those who didn’t catch on :).

    This season has been one of the best, in my opinion. Brennan is very closed up and does not easily open up to others about her feelings. She has had “boyfriends” in the past though (season one for instance) and hasn’t really opened up to them either.

    However; the writers have done away with her famous saying of “I don’t know what that means.”. She said it 5-6 times in the Pilot episode, and dosen’t say it as much anymore. Although, I do think she is starting to understand “real-world” things and maybe starting to get some “common sense”. They need to bring the saying back because it was fun and funny to watch this “genius” not really KNOW anything outside of her lab. Yes, Brennan still has her moments of mixing up two well known expressions, or not knowing what something means that Booth sais, they used to do it all the time to make it very comical. I do think Booth and Angela are a BIG help in making Brennan who she is and helping her to understand how to have a life outside of work.

  • emilykay

    “Hanson confirmed that one plot element still to come this season is the question of Booth as a possible baby daddy for Brennan’s child.”
    woahh…whaat? brennan’s child?! last time i checked, brennan does not like children! what is this?!

  • BdSie

    Personally, I think that this is a great show. The relationship between Brennan and Booth has been getting stronger and stronger throughout its seasons. They had to take it slow. Brennan’s character is very ‘closed up’ when it comes to relationships. Over time, Booth has been slowly breaking down her walls and getting closer to her. He’s obviously fallen in love with her, but she either doesn’t realize her feelings for him, or doesn’t know his feelings for her, and so she hides. She’s closed herself up like she has to avoid getting hurt–if she allows herself to love someone, she believes that they will inevitably leave her. So, she opts not to open herself up to others to kind of ‘protect’ herself.

    Booth recognizes this. He reads people well, and he understands her motives. It has to be a gradual process. 😀

  • Zoti Bemba

    I think Bones has already fallen into the Moonlighting trap: first it decided that developing sexual tension and an “almost but not quite” relationship between the leads was more important than good storytelling or building the group interactions or coming up with clever, entertaining plots, then it ruined the will-they-won’t-they suspense by making it very clear that absolutely nothing real will happen between the sexually and emotionally ramped-up leads until the ratings drop and the producers start panicking about cancellation. Bones used to be so nimble and fresh; now it’s a lead-footed bore. Like Moonlighting it waited too long to deliver. But then maybe the tease was all it ever had to begin with.