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Should Websites Promote Infidelity?

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We’ve all seen dating sites, but there is a new trend: websites encouraging married people to have an affair through them. Is this not one step too far in a bid to make money?

Places like Illicit Encounters and No Strings Affairs are gaining an increasing number of members.

According to statistics almost 60 percent of married men will cheat at some time in their relationship, and 57 percent of people are using the internet for their flirting.

Infidelity has been and always will be a problem in marriages and relationships, but do we also need dating sites that encourage affairs?

The Daily Mail credits the recession with the increase in people having affairs through websites, but whatever the reason, the companies are taking advantage of this money-making opportunity, seeing a 25 percent increase in membersip in the last six months.

I believe that whatever way you look at it, infidelity is morally wrong, and whilst some may say that the sites are harmless—because if someone is going to cheat, they will anyway—they are also making it seem that it’s OK to have an affair. These sites need to stop encouraging people to be unfaithful, and find another way to make money besides being involved in the breakups of a lot of marriages.

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  • El Bicho

    A person willing to have an affair isn’t doing so because of a website. They are choosing do to so of their own volition. If bars and hotels are allowed to make money off affairs, there’s no reason these sites can’t do so as well.

  • Hi Melody:
    First — great article. Re cheating stats: 60% from Internet Infidelity mavens whose research is flawed. Have a look at my article today: Atlantic Wire questions who is cheating; 5 of 100 men annually. Many thanks/ R