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Should The Raging Critic Quit American Idol?

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Good evening.

This week’s episode has prompted many of you to e-mail me, especially after the response I gave on this website. After reading each and every one of your thoughts, I am able to categorize the vast majority of your e-mails into four different opinions.

The first group of people are the people who support my decision to stop writing. Not only do they agree with my why I am upset with the show, but they think I should boycott the show altogether.

I shall call these people “THE RIGHTEOUS BITCHES.”

The second group of people are those who think I should continue writing because they were Clay fans who boycotted the show after Clay got beat last year. I am baffled by these people and their contrived way of thinking. I suppose it’s okay for them to stop watching the show, but I should be the one to suffer????????? Someone pass me the crucifix please!!!!!!!!!!

I shall call this bizarre affliction “CLAYTARDATION.”

The third group of people are the ones who are angry at my decision to quit. Top to bottom, they are in total disagreement with everything about my decision. I shall forever call them “THE PISSY POSSE.” And as much as I want to slap them all right now, I can’t help but love the backhanded compliment. I practically feel tingly inside.

The last group, but certainly not the least, are those people who think I have stopped writing about the show merely because the show did not go “MY WAY.” They perturb me to no end as they apparently do not have a clue as to what really makes me tick. I mean, do these people really read what I write? Or do they think I talk out of my ass?????? (Nevermind, don’t answer that one)

I am going call these people “CARMEN FANS!”

(hehe, sorry, I had to go there)

Well, I suppose there are a few other people out there who don’t fit into any of these categories. However, in America, the majority opinion is the only one that counts and these people are simply too far removed from America’s POPULAR opinion.

I shall call these people “THE SCREWED POOCHES.”

By the way, how does the Alpo taste when you are getting screwed?

But no matter how many categories I can attribute to these opinions, they all boil down to




Group A thinks I should quit – – – – Group B thinks I should continue.








Now, I want each of you to identify with the group in which you belong.

Now walk over to that group (If you are a fan of Alice In Wonderland, then pretend I am a green pill or a red pill and EAT ME!)

……………………….so, are you Group A or Group B? Please e-mail me at theragingcritic@aol.com and tell me whether to boycott the show or to keep on writing.

No matter which group The Raging Critic decides to go with, the other side will feel betrayed. I can assure you though – it is not a good thing to know you are betraying someone.

Just ask George Huff.

They made him betray three people last night – ON PURPOSE! They made him choose the group he thought was the BEST (which the vast majority of people seem to agree was Fantasia, Jennifer, and LaToya). Then, they shipped him off to live in a mansion with three people he had just stabbed in the heart. I am smart enough to realize that George Huff was on the spot. The writers knew he would go to Group A. Why else would they have built up such a dramatic new twisty finish?

If you go back and watch the show, the cameraman screwed up earlier in the show and caught a shot of Ryan reading the teleprompter. Sooooooooo, we all can safely assume that the dialogue IS scripted (duh).

What do you suppose was the motivation behind writing George Huff’s lingering “scene?” Well, it was done for the sole purpose of ridiculing Jon Stevens, Diana DeGarmo, and Jasmine Trias. THAT’S WHY! You don’t really think it all just accidentally happened that way do you? They don’t just pick up any writer on the street to write for a television show. If that were the case, then I would be doing it. The writers they hired are not stupid people. They want to write a show that keeps the ratings going. There is certainly nothing wrong with writing for ratings, but these people dropped the ball last night – right on Diana, Jasmine, and Opie’s red little head.

So, if you are voting for these three chaps, THEN YOU SHOULD BE MAD TOO! Your favorite singer was purposefully degraded last night, all for the sake of GREED!

That goes far beyond the ridicule that these contestants opted to endeavor. They came on here expecting to be judged by a panel of judges and AMERICA. What they did not probably expect is for the writers of this show to magically turn into a bunch of puppeteers. They are essentially saying, “Thanks for singing your ass off every week while we crank up the ratings with a little controversy. It’s only matter of time before you get dumped from this little soap opera anyway.”

So, here we all are. The Raging Critic is having an intimate moment with people who are crazy enough to read a bunch of idiotic reviews.

Ummmmmm – yeah – that would be you!!!!!!!

I now feel I owe this website to every one who finds me interesting. So because I am not just doing this for me, I wanna know, SHOULD I WRITE THE REVIEWS OR SHOULD I NOT WRITE REVIEWS? But keep in mind that I have a completely different perspective of this show, and I think their writing team needs to be fired!

I am going to call a vote of my own. The polls will remain open until Sunday April 25, 2004 at 11:00 p.m. However, unlike a certain little show on television, I promise to adhere to the final answer, an answer that YOU will decide.

But before reading any further, I want you to take the time to step back and look at your computer screen. You will notice that the blue letters on this page appear to be cut out from a white piece of paper. [This actually has more of an effect on my actual website].

Well folks, looks can be deceiving.

American Idol contestants sign a contract agreeing that producers could ultimately decide the winner or change the rules in midstream. Whether they do or whether they do not is something we will never know. WHY? Because the voting results are not revealed, or at the very least, audited by Ernst & Young or some other hot shot company. Sooooooo, if the show wants to maintain its integrity, it needs to establish a system that America can trust.

Before I end what might be – my last message to you…

I promise each of you that I will not use such a disclaimer here! I will not place the shadow of a doubt into your minds about the results at MY VOTING BOOTH! Yes – I may live in Florida, but I do promise to be honest with you – THIS TIME AROUND. So, if you still cannot find a way to believe in this SHOW, you can rest yourselves assured that you can still believe in me!

——-pass the barf bag please.

I am The Raging Critic and I approve this message.

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  • Buddy

    I Love Trenyce!!

  • I Love Trenyce!

  • Buddy

    I Love Trenyce!

  • LOL @ RC. I was gonna get on my high horse about blog entries that are about the blogger instead of an issue, but he beat me to it.

    So, sorry to be the one to break the bad news to you, but my writing IS ABOUT ME!

    Unlike the usual trangressors, RC is up front about it. Honesty at Blogcritics? You gotta give the guy props for that.

  • thank you for your reply. actually, sometimes i express my opinion on AI also, i watch it every week, even though i do not even live in the USA. i like the show, i like writing my own review about it. i posted this week’s review on here also. but i just do it to share an opinion and open up a discussion if people want to discuss. i do not intend to become an institution.

    but you need to decide for yourself. i just think, as soon as it makes you feel personally involved, you probably should watch to look at what it’s really worth it and what your goal really is and should be.

    anyway, i’ll keep reading your opinion if you decide to go on writing. like i read everyone’s reviews about AI on here, because it’s interesting to see the difference between expectations, guesses and results.

  • I cannot disagree with you more. I write reviews of this show. Although it may sound corny to non AI fans, but this is my expression. So, sorry to be the one to break the bad news to you, but my writing IS ABOUT ME!

    That is why I quit.

    This is not JUST ABOUT A SHOW. Anytime you have a voting schemata – whether it be politics or some silly little singing show – is a direct reflection of demographics. Sociological studies could be orchestrated around shows like American Idol and I can assure you, the findings would be amazing.

    If you ever get the same kind of e-mail I have been receiving, then maybe you would understand things a little easier. I have had over 500 e-mails in less than a day. Apparently, I am not the one making this about me – it is those people who looked forward to reading my material on a weekly basis.

    As a result of this, I cannot disregard the opinions of my loyal readers. You may do that to your audience, but I do not do that to mine.

    Nevertheless, I do respect your opinion. However, I just don’t think you see it at my level. Whether you think that level is beneath you or above you is merely a matter of perspective.

  • ouh, you know, don’t make this whole show a thing about you. it’s just a show that has lots of fans, and you are just another one watching the show who wants to express an opinion. i don’t know why you’re making this whole thing such a big deal and so much about you. just keep watching the show and write about it if you want to express an opinion, but stop writing about it if it’s just for other people. this is really not about you, and making it about you is truly a waste of time. if people complain if you quit writing, then tell them to get a life or block their mails. it’s really that easy.

  • Eric Olsen

    RC, don’t quit, the results were wretched, the way they handled it calous and calculated, but we need you to keep calling them on stuff like this. Jennifer Hudson lives!