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Shots Fired as South Korea Prepares for G-20 Summit

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Shots were fired late last week in Korea, across the demilitarized zone, in Gangwon province, 73 miles northeast of Seoul. The gunfire took place just hours after the North issued threats to Seoul regarding the South’s refusal to hold military talks at this time, just prior to the South Korean hosting of the G-20 summit. The North called the refusal of military talks “an act or treachery.”

The refusal of the South to participate in these talks, which are not related to the forthcoming G-20 summit, may have been based on the North’s demand for 500,000 tons of rice and 300,000 tons of fertilizer in exchange for the meetings. The South, working through the Red Cross, didn’t agree; the talks broke down. Korean seagoing vessels have clashed in recent months, with 100 rounds of artillery fired by the North in response to military exercises last summer. The Korean navies had a similar, larger exchange in late 2009.

These latest skirmishes have occurred just two weeks before the South, in Seoul, is to host the G-20 summit, a meeting of leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies. The collaboration of this group of 20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors was established in 1999 to bring important industrialized and developing economies together to discuss key issues of the global economy. “The Republic of Korea is honored to chair the Group of Twenty in 2010.” In 2008, the summit was held in Washington; in 2009, London and Pittsburgh in the U.S. were hosts.

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    be good if you put a date on this article

  • John Lake

    It occurred to me when I was made aware of your comment that you were probably looking for a more up-to-date article, as events on the Korean Peninsula are changing day to day, hour to hour.
    A very important piece I wrote, which discusses the US diplomatic response (or the lack of it) to the attacks from the North, and includes a concise history of the Korean War, intended mostly for younger readers is at:
    North Korea Attacks
    The latest I have written, published a few short hours ago is available at:
    North Korea Offers a New Explanation
    I hope this will resolve your dilemma.

  • This article, like all articles on the site, is in fact dated, as you will see if you look at the top just to the left of where it notes how many comments have been made…

  • John Lake

    Christopher Rose:
    I am receiving an unprecedented number of comments/complaints dealing with the unpardonable age of the above article. I direct your attention to comment #2, which should resolve the issue.