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A short hairstyle can be considered from chin length up or shorter. This can include some bobs, ear length haircuts, short crops, and pixie cuts to name a few. There are countless short hairstyles that fit every occasion from work and school to formal parties. Styling and cutting techniques such as razoring and layering can also be applied to short hair to create even more unique looks. Short hair really opens up the neck and facial area up because there are no long tresses covering areas up which some women are comfortable with and some not.

Two of the advantages of a short hairstyle are the minimized time it takes to style the hair and care and maintenance is also easier. With less hair to style it usually takes less to style and go or create formal styles. Taking care of the hair is also easier as there are fewer knots and the hair is less prone to breakage if properly cared for. The disadvantages of short hairstyles include the lack of hairstyles compared to longer lengths. Updos and chignons requiring longer hair to create those buns cannot be done with short hair without hair extensions. Another drawback is that short hair requires time to grow back so the decision to go short will take some time to reverse.

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