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Shopkeepers of the World Unite

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The Iraqis voted in a free election in the midst of terrorist’s bombing and seem intent on building a civil society. In Lebanon, people demand freedom from their Syrian oppressor.

In Central Europe, many former communist states are enacting low marginal tax rates- showing that supply side free market revolution is appearing in some very interesting places. Adam Smith has replaced Karl Marx.

24 years ago, right wing and left wing dictators beset Central America and now democracy is the rule not the exception in Central America.

Israelis and the Palestinian are now beginning hopefully a small step to peace.

The world has changed in so many ways and mostly for the better. Despite the negative news that dominates the front page, a slow revolution is going on behind the scene. A friend of mine once told me that history is like watching the Mississippi. He would tell me, “We are often mesmerize by the sight of the massive water flow along the Mississippi but many times we fail to see the homes and businesses that exist upon the river side.” His point was that we might read of the big events but fail to see the small changes that occur. And if enough small changes occur, they add up.

We read about the bombings in Iraq but we fail to see the commerce that is appearing nationwide in that war torn country. We read about the rift between Europe and but yet, we fail to see a revolution in Central Europe that may yet shake the old Europe. The Central Europeans may lead the Old Europe to renew economic freedom. The shopkeepers in Prague could be the new faces of Europe.

In Southern Asia, India is rebuilding a new economic paradigm by loosening the economic strangle hood that the government had over the entrepreneurial Indians. We are seeing the building of an economic dynamo that could shape the world.

Consider this the revolution of the shopkeepers. Shopkeepers in New Delhi, in Prague and in Baghdad are building a new world.

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  • RJ

    Yep, the free market rules. Even “Red” China is capitalist now.

  • But unfortunately that makes the Red Army one of the largest international manufacturing corporations around.


  • Trust me, the shopkeepers of the USA, UK, Spain, France, Germany et cetera are more than ready for the shopping.

    Now one of the main tasks facing the new world is how to pacify, civilise and disarm the world’s most dangerous nation.

  • You’ re so right, we often only see parts of the picture, not all of it.

    I’d agree with alienboy on the main task. But i’ll be more than one country.

  • >>Now one of the main tasks facing the new world is how to pacify, civilise and disarm the world’s most dangerous nation.<< I doubt China will go along without a fight. Dave

  • dave, it’s not china…lol

  • Gosh, alienboy – how could I be so dense – care to give a hint which country it is? Surely not the one country in the world willing to use its arms and power to protect the poor, weak and oppressed against tyrrany – because that would make you a laughable poltroon.


  • “Shopkeepers of the World Unite”

    I like the Smiths reference…

  • Tom, you seem to be confusing entrepreneurs with shopkeepers – they are two very different categories.

  • tomdonelson

    Swingingpuss, I appreciate your comment about entrepreneurs and shopkeepers.My point is that within many of these nations, it is the commerical class that is and will rebuild these nations. Too often many of these nations have faile to appreciate the shopkeepers and the entrepreneurs who fund them.