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Shingle is a popular type of roof covering that consists of overlapping individual pieces. Originally made from timber, mostly cedar, shingles were small wooden slats that were the preferred roofing material for high pitched roofs as far back as the eleventh century.

Although the installation principal remains the same for the last millennium, shingles are installed one by one in overlapping rows by nailing them to the battens beneath. Today they are produced from a wide range of materials. Some of the most often used shingles today are asphalt on fiberglass that provides both longevity and fire resistance.

Shingles can also be made from metal, stone and other materials including some of the modern solar shingles with small photo-voltaic batteries built into each shingle that upon installation can be connected into a roof-size battery that blends into the roof's shape and color.

You can find shingles being talked about at sites like Quinn's Construction and Home Owners Hub.

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