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Shimon Peres Came To Power Over Rabin’s Dead Body

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I met Yitzhak Rabin in the Israeli Parliament in 1982 during Hanukkah. I was able to talk with him briefly and mention I was associated with Ambassador College in Pasadena, California.

That was a tactful way of saying I’m a Christian since I knew he personally knew Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God, including the Plain Truth magazine. Mr. Armstrong had presented him with a gift of Steuben crystal before.

I was a volunteer at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan at the time, in Northern Israel near Haifa. Just so happens Rabin had lived there for over a year in the late ’50s.

I initially considered Rabin – born in Jerusalem – a traitor for surrendering too much to sworn Arab enemies who had not changed their goal of genocide, only their tactics; for going against clear security concerns he once expressed. (I was in a cafe in Jerusalem when he was shot in Tel Aviv). I refused to attend his funeral, although I had attended Rabbi Meir Kahane’s some years before.

Later I found out Rabin was apparently being pressured by the dark powers that be to continue to go against what he knew was wrong and that he resisted and was therefore MURDERED by them for coming to his senses.

I do not believe Yigal Amir murdered Rabin. ( I’ve met Avishai Raviv several times at demonstrations – he’s the government agent provacateur who goaded Raviv to murder Rabin). Amir is a patsy, the fall-guy, as is thoroughly expounded upon in Who Killed Yitzhak Rabin by Barry Chamish, his first book that broached the subject and clearly indicts the traitor and murderer Shimon Peres (whose Hebrew name appropriately means vulture).

I repeatedly condemn Peres as a kapo of compromise, a prostitute who serves his German-Jesuit EU masters, a traitor who has sold and is selling out Jews, Jerusalem and Israel and say as much in my book Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall I am on public record against his perfidy and continue to expose him. He was the Bolshevik in charge during my unjust deportation, who was very much aware of an article published in Jerusalem where I mention the EU plans for Jerusalem’s occupation.

The Israeli Secret Police (six men interrogated me) had a computer disk with Beyond Babylon on it and said many would read it/examine it during their investigation of me during their wild goose chase. I told them to make sure Shimon Peres read it.

New evidence further PROVES Yigal Amir did not kill Yitzhak Rabin. It’s past time Israelis demand: REOPEN THE RABIN FILE.

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  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Nice article David. Good to see you here.

  • Hello Ruvy in our beloved Jerusalem!

    Thank you for the welcome. It is appreciated.

    Let us hope that more light is shed on the Rabin murder cover-up that justice may be finally found. Shimon Peres must be arrested and brought to a very public trial.

  • I think the only American magazine that dared to run anything about the Rabin assassination cover-up was George. Now it’s history.

  • It’s kind of interesting that Yediot Ahronot ran a piece a few years ago that named Yoram Rubin as the real killer of Rabin – the fellow who “took Rabin for a ride in the car”, so to speak.

    It was then nasty enough to mention who his father-in-law was… Kind of nice of them to put the whole family through misery, eh? Classic responsible journalism, freedom of the press in the “western” tradition.

  • The Israeli prosecutor has come out this year and acknowledged something Barry Chamish as said for nine years that the government formerly denied – Rabin was shot at point blank range, and died from the wound to the FRONT – Yigal Amir didn’t shoot him from the front and didn’t have any gun powder residue on him. Amir shot blanks and was the patsy, the useful idiot Avishai Raviv (government agent provocateur) abused to play his part in the staged assassination.

    Yoram Rubin was IN THE CAR with Rabin. He either murdered him or his fellow goons did before they finally made it to the hospital.

    The Kempler video shows Rabin had no difficulty walking (and no blood was found at the site) after allegedly being shot by Amir.

  • Shimon Peres Charged with the Murder of Yitzhak Rabin!

    As WorldNetDaily reported, five thoroughly researched books charge the General Security Services of Israel (Shabak) organized Rabin’s murder and three of the books contend that Shimon Peres was the mastermind of the assassination.

    “All in all,” notes Bainerman, “the case against Peres is circumstantial, but the weight of the evidence is impressive enough to start legal proceedings against him.”

  • Yitzhak Rabin was sacrificed by the Israeli oligarchy for their German-Jesuit masters intent on occupying Jerusalem.

    Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin’s Dead Body

    Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

  • The Rabin Assassination Came in Second

    Eyewitness Miriam Oren Video tells the Israeli television that Yitzhak Rabin entered his limo UNHARMED. We now know that he was murdered INSIDE the car by the Left to blame the Right.

  • Footage of Miriam Oren’s eye-witness account of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination was shown numerous times on the fateful night of November 4, 1995. But once Rabin’s death was announced, it vanished.

    Miriam Oren of Ramat Gan was the director of a department in the Na’amat women’s movement. She was on stage with Prime Minister Rabin during the Tel Aviv demonstration and escorted him to his car where convicted assassin Yigal Amir waited.

    She emphatically stated again and again to Israel TV that Rabin was not hit:

    Oren: “…Suddenly shots were heard and…”
    TV: “Was Rabin injured?”
    Oren: “Rabin was not wounded. I saw that Rabin was not wounded… Yes, there were shots. They pushed him [Amir] up against the wall, and Rabin’s car sped out of here… I was standing very close to Rabin’s car. Rabin put one foot in the car, and we heard shots. Rabin’s car sped away.”
    TV: “Was Rabin wounded?”
    Oren: “Rabin was not wounded. [Shaking her head] Rabin was not wounded. Rabin was not wounded.
    TV: “Was he wounded?”
    Oren: “No! No, I saw that he was not wounded.”
    TV: “How far were you from him?”
    Oren: “I was one meter away.”
    Rabin Assassination Eye-Witness Video Emerges After 11 Years

  • WHO MURDERED YITZHAK RABIN? – Chapter 5: “How did They miss Amir at the Rally?”

    Under normal circumstances, the Shabak [Israel General Security Services] would have prevented Amir from getting anywhere near the rally itself — and had he somehow gained access to the sterile area, he would have been apprehended on the spot — because the Shabak [Israel General Security Services] had lots of information that Amir was planning to assassinate Rabin.

  • For the first time since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, two former officers of the unit assigned to protect him are speaking out. They are aghast at the behavior of their successors in the unit who failed to prevent the murder and the ease with which the assassin, Yigal Amir, entered the sterile zone and shot at the former prime minister from arm’s length. For the past seventeen months, not a day has passed when the thought does not occur to them that the murder would not have happened had they not stood down.

    “With us, Rabin would not have been murdered”, says Tuvia Livneh.


  • DBA, keep up the good work, You should know that the average Israeli now knows that Shimon Peres had Rabin killed and it is just part of history.

  • again nice work

  • Which American magazine or newspaper will be brave enough to raise legitimate questions about Shimon Peres’ role in the murder of Yitzhak Rabin?

  • I thought you had been banned, David. Stick around. I’m working on an article about how members of the Christian Identity Movement (among others) should be rounded up as potential terrorists.


  • God save Israel from Shimon Peres!

  • Dave Nalle, you’re confused. I’m not associated with the “Christian Identity Movement.” Sounds like you’re paranoid, trying to get folks who disagree with you locked up. Some of us respect freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Mr. Nalle,

    You may not like David ben Ariel or the religion he espouses. That’s your problem business. And you were successful in kicking him off Blogcritics as a writer. This too, is your problem business. I’m not an editor at the magazine.

    But when David writes about Shim’on Peres coming to power over the dead body of YitzHak Rabin (and now over the comatose body of the rotting Ariel Sharon), he is on the money.

    The fact that nobody in the United States has the brains or the guts to even look into the massive coverup of the Rabin assassination, let alone the string of murders and “accidents” that Peres has been behind since 1994 doesn’t mean that it isn’t so. Most Israelis know the truth, or some of it – most Israelis are forced into silence by an injustice system that distorts due process into a mockery of what it is.

    If all you rely on is the mainstream media for your facts, you will be sorely mislead. And you are, very often. The mainstream media has its own agenda, dictated by who owns the stock of the holding companies putting out the media. They are no different from any other business.

  • The new Israeli government will seek justice for Yitzhak Rabin:

    It took almost two years for the American public to suspect a conspiracy was involved in the Kennedy… It took less than two weeks before suspicions arose among many Israelis that Rabin was not murdered by a lone gunman.

    The first to propose the possibility, on November 11 [1995], was Professor Michael Hersiger, a Tel Aviv University historian. He told the Israeli press, “There is no rational explanation for the Rabin … There is no explaining the breakdown. In my opinion there was a conspiracy involving the Shabak. It turns out the murderer was in the Shabak when he went to Riga. He was given documents that permitted him to buy a gun. He was still connected to the Shabak at the time of the murder”.

    The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin