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Shesus – Loves You… Loves You Not

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Narnack Records – The warm glow of midrange belted guitars covered with melody for miles keep Shesus from becoming predictable wreck. Ex-members of GBV, and 80% female, Shesus is just the band you’d expect at an over-21 club where the fashionable mall dressed pawns just don’t get it.

Loves You… has a broken-in feeling right from the start – a little tough on the ears like a worn hardwood floor is tough on the eyes. After a number of listens, though, the means are revealed. This is a seriously a complex album and requires your full attention to understand it’s intentional lo-fi chain jerking and sass mouth. When you’re in the mood for dirty and sassy with a ample dose of musicanship Shesus is just what you’re looking for.

Seth Werkheiser – seth@buzzgrinder.com

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  • Lee Garden

    I saw Shesus last night 4/25/03 at Southpaw (park slope brooklyn)and they f**king kicked ass. The lead singer is brilliant and for once can actually sing. Very tight band-really in your face and never missed a beat-Anyway, thats my 2cents and i agree w/the reviewer, the Shesus album Rules.

  • Jeffery

    Hey I was at that show too! That lead singer is crazy!!! The band is awesome!!! SHESUS is the band that you go see for Rock N Roll What was also so great is the sing along harmonies. It was great when the lead singer flung her self on the ground. They are so SEXY!!!! Really got in your face !!So many people at the show were totally taken aback by this band !!!! Please come to NYC SOON!!!

    Love Jeff
    SHESUS’s new fan

  • Andrea

    I saw this band in Boston Never heard about them but will never forget them. Like everyone else has said she really does get in your face. SHe grabbed this one guy by his beard and was screaming into his mouth it looked like she was almost kissing him. It was so hot!!! They are so good!! And album is amazing me and my roommates can’t stop listening to it!!!! They played such a solid state. WE LOVE U SHESUS

    Andrea Rhung
    Boston, MA

  • Kay Patton

    Hey these guys are from my town!! And for years I’ve been saying SHESUS is awesome. Last time I saw them play this guy was heckling Heather Newkirk the lead singer you know giving her shit al night so at the end of the set on the last song she jumps down and slowly brought that asshole down to his knees she grabbed him by the hair and pushed him to the ground he was loving every minute of it. It was such a fantastic show. Every time I see them they just keep getting better and better!!!!


  • Joni

    Hey these guys played in Columbus on May 2 they were amazing.Crowdsin Columbus are usually hard to get crazy and close to the stage but they stormed the stage it was on awesome show. Michelle Bodine is an amazing guitar player. And that bass player is gorgeous!! Thier lead singer is crazy bending around rolling on the ground. What a great night!!! Columbus Loves U! When are you coming back?
    Love Joni.

  • Gregory

    Hey I saw them at the South Paw later on I bought their album on amazon.com. its so exciting to hear a band with its own sound love the warbling guitars the great harmonies and the fearless unapologetic lead singer!! You brought it live and this your album is great!!


  • James E

    I just saw Shesus here in Austin Texas on the 23rd. I was dissapointed to say the least. I just could not get into waht they were doing.

  • Dave K

    Not sure what show that guy James was out, but i was also at the Austin show on the 23rd and Shesus kicked my ass. Really tight, great vocals and excellent rock n roll songs. The bass player is not only talented but beautiful. Shesus is going places.