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She’s Not Running, But Hillary Clinton Is My Choice

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I am not a political insider.  Politics is more entertainment to me than it is a passion.  I do, however, keep an eye on it, and like every other hobby I have, I study it and form opinions, and occasionally write about it.

Hillary ClintonIn 2012, the best qualified candidate for president has not yet declared candidacy for her party’s nomination, and she won’t.  Hillary Clinton, my choice in 2008, and even before, will not run this year. 

While Barack Obama is a likeable guy, smart and funny, his depth of knowledge and job training in 2008 did not measure up to Clinton’s.  Even after four years in office, he has not caught up with Clinton in either category as she has forged ahead on an international scale, adding to her already substantial background for the job.

Before I am dismissed as either a liberal or conservative, I have looked at my personal voting record since my first presidential vote for George McGovern in 1972, and my party votes are dead even, including one year when I wrote in the name of a dead politician just to satisfy the presumptive notion that it is important to vote. 

Going into the 2012 presidential and congressional races, I want to see the following:

  • Full and guaranteed rights of marriage for same-sex couples
  • Engagement in serious, consequential, and positive dialogue in the Arab world, supporting internal democracy movements regardless of religious underpinnings
  • Repeal of the Patriot Act along with more legal protections of privacy

These are the issues that are important to me, and I operate with the knowledge that some things, like big government, will never change.  So, while I resent government encroachment on the one hand, on the other, I acknowledge it and want the best outcomes for the protection of citizens.

I am not enough of an activist to get involved in a draft Hillary movement. I’m willing to wait until 2016, but I am ready for a smart person, with enormous reserves of pragmatism and background, in the office of president.

Yes, a part of me simply misses Bill Clinton, though I did vote against him for a second term, but even when he was president, I thought Hillary could give him a run for his money intellectually as well as politically. She has ticked me off, and I have often ridiculed her privately, but as my appreciation for her true assets has grown over the past four years, it is a settled issue for me: Hillary in 2016, if not before.

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  • @brian – much more attention needs to be brought to this issue. I agree. His “statement” notwithstanding, signing it was the wrong move.

  • brian

    Obama’s signing of the ndaa is fascism. He must go.

  • Jen the Michigander

    There is already a Draft Hillary movement and you are welcome to join us. Here’s a petition you can sign.

    We are encouraging Hillary Clinton supporters to write in her name when they cast their Democratic Presidential Primary ballots. Yesterday in New Hampshire, write-ins got 10 percent of the Democratic vote. Officials in NH haven’t yet revealed who exactly those write-in votes were for, but we have reason to believe that Hillary received the bulk of them. More information should be available tomorrow.

  • Before! 2016 will be too late. She may not be running, but we are running her anyway.