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“She’s a gorgeous, living, breathing being.”

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Tori Amos on her traveling Bosendorfer piano, which is shipped to accompany her to concerts. When she‘s home, she plays a second, 2.8 meter Bosendorfer. More, from a story in yesterday’s Financial Times:

“You have to pick one that matches your personality, and these pianos are each unique. It’s like Stradivarius with his violins, each one is different from the next.” The sounding parts of Bosendorfer’s instruments, like those of Stradivarius, are made of spruce from Italy’s Flemme Valley. The trademark Bosendorfer quirk is the nine extra keys in the lowest register, the only piano to diverge from the centuries-old standard 88. Amos is a fan of the extra keys. “They’re my sub-woofers,” she says. “In a live show, they have a great effect. The low sound really kicks you in the stomach.”

Amos visited the Bosendorfer factory in Vienna recently and was impressed with the workers’ artistry. “When you get into the inner Bosendorfer sanctum, the guys have their hands on this precious wood and are looking at naked pin-ups of beautiful women’s bodies and listening to “Sticky Fingers” by the Rolling Stones. It’s not vulgar, though, it’s about crafting beautiful instruments with sensuality.”

Amos said, “When you pick the right piano, it’s like a love affair. Your instrument becomes a family member, only these ones are like great wine, they last forever. The worms will have eaten me and my Boozy [Bosendorfer] will be sitting there, knowing every one of my secrets.”

Bosendorfer sells fewer than 500 pianos a year; Steinway sold 8,100 last year. 99% of concert pianists in the US, and 95% worldwide, play Steinways.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Interesting also that Tori’s piano is equipped with a penis.

  • It’s why she moves around so much on the bench. No. that was beneath .. um, everything.

    Tori Amos is an amazing talent. You have to be in the right mood, but that mood is usually one where you seek peace and understanding. A simple delight in concert. And I should really go again. I’ve been twice. One after Pele and one in 1996 at the just restored Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

  • Every time I’ve seen her in concert, I come home and play and play and play. (my piano, that is)

  • Suli is alive !!! !!! !!!

  • Very cool reading, thanks! Tori is a queen…

  • Paul A. Padilla

    Playing “caught a lite sneeze” on a looped video,inside my dream put me inside the wtc on 9 11 i’ll never forget that dream.cuz the buildings came down and the fear was so great i thought it was real.all from lyrics in a song.Tori can embrace me then kiss me then kill me.i love you tori im a great musicain but you are a virtuoso.(Period)i dream of you everynight i love you.