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She, Who Has Brought Wise Men To Their Knees

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Women are said to be weaker than men, honestly speaking, they are stronger than men with their charms and sweet perfumes.

After the creation of man, according to the Bible, God gave him dominion over all things. Despite this power given to man, God still discovered that he is very lonely, so he made a woman out of the man to make happiness. From then, women have been relevant in the life of men. Their influence on men is undoubtedly strong and powerful.

For some men women have brought them success and for others they have brought their downfall. “Behind every successful man, there is a woman” they say and the old adage says however that “It’s not everything that glitters is gold” Some women had contributed to the wreck of homes and societies. Is it the lust of men or their inability to resist the woman that often caused the downfall of men? Or should we always blame woman as the “evil” one?

I was compelled to write this article after listening to a recent argument on whom to blame for the “misfortunes of men entangled in some funny relationships with women” The first fall of man recorded in the Bible, was when Eve convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. The man ate it on trust from his woman. But God punished him for that mistake he did. Another scripture tells us of King Ahab, married to a pagan called Jezebel. Urged on by his wife to seize Naboth’s vineyard, Naboth’s death was plotted and he was killed.

Then Samson, one of the judges of the tribes of Israel, fell in love with Delilah, a woman from the Philistines, an enemy of Israel. She used all her tricks, to unlock the strength of Samson and delivered him unto the hands of his enemies. Samson was captured and later died in the camp of the enemies.

Even God’s own King David, a composer, who wrote the book of Psalms, couldn’t resist the nakedness of Uriah’s wife. After failing to persuade Uriah to sleep with his wife, to concede his sin and pregnancy of Bathsheba, David sent Uriah to the hottest part of a battle field to get him killed.

The story of the wisest king that ever lived, King Solomon. Despite his wisdom, he lost focus because of his lust for women. The Queen of Sheba made him worship other gods and she brought idols into the land of Israel. Giving examples of strong, religious and wise men floored by women could be a complete volume of a book, so let’s shift to our present generation.

About five years ago the world was shocked when it was revealed that former president of the USA Bill Clinton was involved in an affair with a former staff of the White House, Monica Lewinski. I watched as I saw people swearing that the story couldn’t be true. But why? Is Clinton different from other great men women have brought them down? To make matters worse, after the denial by Bill Clinton himself of not having any relationship with Monica, there was no room any where to contain the lies. He confessed to the whole world of entering that relationship with Monica Lewinski.

Even though Clinton has asked for forgiveness the world would not forget the shame and disgrace he brought to the highest office in the history of America.

What about the boxer Mike Tyson? He was convicted and jailed for raping Desire Washington. According to the story, Tyson invited her to his hotel room. To do what? But later she cried foul that Tyson raped her. Is she happy at the moment, if she had money from this scandal or not?

In Britain some years back the famous British novelist Jeffery Archer won a libel suit against the Sun newspaper for a article on him sleeping with a prostitute. According to Mr Jeffery Archer, the story was untrue and it damaged his reputation. The author of “Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less” was finally exposed. He admitted to having asked a friend to lie on his behalf to conceal the truth. So he did really sleep with a prostitute. The Sun newspaper is yet to claim the money Archer won from them. The startling new revelation affected Jeffery Archer such that he stepped down from contesting the seat as the mayor of London. Oh, what a shame.

Then just yesterday September 1st 2004 the criminal sexual assault case against Kobe Bryant, the NBA star, was dropped by the prosecutors because the accuser no longer wanted to participate in the court process. The question is “why is it that the mighty keep on falling from the hands of women?”
Is it lust, fornication, temptation or adultery which is causing these problems or is it just the power of women? I can’t really unfold the mystery behind this. According to sources, even some Catholic priests are secretly fathering children. So are women so strong as to subdue men or are men the weak ones unable to resist temptation?

I heard someone saying that “if great men like David, King Solomon of the scriptures and Bill Clinton and Jeffery Archer of today have failed where women are, what can an ordinary man like me do to resist this temptation?” This is not an issue of blaming women for this unpleasant situation but men rather have to try to control their sexual urges and focus their attention on other things such as family and business.

According to the scriptures God places people in situations where He tests their faith and commitment. Could the lure of men by women be another sort of temptation then? I know that temptation is not a sin. But if it could be a trial, then please pass the trial by not sinning. In this case if any one falls into temptation, no need to blame God for it, you could have fled from it. But you put your self into it. So blame yourselves, never put the blame on the woman alone.

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  • Alright, well, I don’t buy into much of this religion stuff as it is, but you seem to be insinuating here that women exist for the purpose of tempting men?

    Could the lure of men by women be another sort of temptation then?

    I find this line of thinking preposterous. I may be looking at this from a bit of a biased perspective, being a born and bred atheist and all, but who would really buy into such an idea? I’m certain that most women who read the site would take offense to it. Do you honestly think that women exist for this purpose? I’m not even sure what to say to this, really. I understand you are not saying that men should blame women, but even arguing that there could be reason to blame them seems ridiculous by me.

  • joel savage

    Hello Mr Bryan Mckay, thank you very much for your sharp opinions over the above article. The purpose of writing this article is to stop men blaming women for their misfortunes of affairs, behind their marriage, as married men or married women. In short nobody should blame Monica Lewinski for exposing Bill Clinton over that secret love affair. The world should blame The Ex-president for it, because it was his lust that floored him. Even if Monica was the one who started it all up, he is a man, he has the strength to resist the temptation. Thank you. From the Writer.

  • Ah, okay, I get it now. As men, we should have the strength to resist the temptations of these foul sirens. Even if both parties are at fault, of course, I’m sure it’s just the man’s fault for not having the strength to resist, right? We can’t expect women to have that sort of strength, especially if, after all, they’re the ones here to tempt us in the first place. I see it all so clearly now.

  • DJ 7

    Your wife must be a very happy woman!

  • Ryan

    Bryan Mckay, you are obviously emotionally flustered by the article posted. Be objective. Do some research for yourself. You claim to be athiest. Do you understand the science behind evolutionary biology and psychology. Men are designed to manipulate the enviorment around them and gain resources. Women are designed to manipulate the men into getting their fare share. As soon as a child is born, it begins. Female babies focus the majority of their attention on expression. The male babies focus on just about everything else. As toddlers; the boys focus on the car and enviorment in the movie, while the women focus on what is being said. When men watch football they see angles and strategies. When women watch soap operas they see angles and strategies to manipulate. Its proven thru history to be a very common event. This is both backed by theocracy and scientology. You must simply just be manipulated. Don’t worry though, you are designed to be so.

  • Mbugua Kibera N

    good article