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So, like I finally got to see “Shaun of the Dead” via my friend Brendan Ignatious Torrent down at the local, The Broad Band and Inter Net. And will probably never get screened in North America (not that Canada would have a fucking problem with it, but 97 per cent of our movie distribution is controlled by the fucking Yanks) because they use everyday language in the first five minutes. But I suspect it won’t be the “cunts”, “arse”, “fucking”, “shit-bags”, it’s the boozing.

Well, actually, it’s me, swearing up a shit-storm because my bootleg Asian DVD player won’t play the downloaded VCD files without cacking out every second frame. Bastard! And that was the whole reason I got that illegal piece of pirate plastic.

Thank you MPlayer and your 16mb buffer on my iBook. Jebus Suffering Fuck, is this a great movie, and it’s only the pre-title credits.

So, yah, where was I? Oh, yah, never get released in the States. Starting with the opening music, “Ghost Town” by The Specials, the US never liked Two-Tone, never cared, and unless it’s some skinny bint from LA don’t really give a fuck. Remember, if you need to use vinyl to decapitate zombies, don’t use the first edition 12 inch singles, use the Sade.

And ending with The Buzzcocks “Everybody’s Happy”, and in between zombies, killing zombies, being turned into zombies, and of course going down to the pub. Because that’s where you go when zombies attack.

I hope this gets released on DVD in the NorthAm because this is funny as fuck, and if you liked “Bad Taste”, well you can see where this leads (oh, wait, long constitpated sword and sorcery epics, maybe not so much). But better things.

Oh, yeah, there’s a couple of gags from “28 Days Later” (but not the Sandra Bullock US remake version).

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  • Jim, i also loved this here flick what has the bloke from spaced fighting zombies. u can see my review here – http://blogcritics.org/archives/2004/04/20/015028.php

    I would imagine it’ll get a reasonalby wide release over in your neck of the forest. After all, 28 Days Later got quite the marketing push.

  • Kernkraft 400

    If you spent less time ranting about Americans and more on research, you might’ve discovered it’s due to be released stateside on 3 September.


  • If you like the movie, there’s
    a comedy series on dvd by the same writers.


  • Well paint my ass red and call me a baboon, “Shaun of the Dead” is getting released next week, and getting the full press with full page ads and so on. Plus promotional ball-caps (Aim for the Head!) got to get one of those.

  • That’s cool – I have heard MUCH praise about this movie, and have looked forward to checking it out.

  • Okay, I’m taking away points because the site is excessive flash and takes over the entire monitor window, but here’s the official site. Oh, and they f-out all the fucking language. Which is half the fucking movie in the first fucking place.

  • Modus

    28 days with Sandra Bullock has nothing to do with 28 days later.. It’s about a women, who tries to quit drinking and drugs..

  • [Foghorn Leghorn/] It’s a joke son, you know where you take two similar sounding things, but which have nothing to do with each other … yah gotta clean the goop out of your brain, son, get with the pomo-program, you take two movies which have nothing to do with each other, except for one word … ah, what’s the use. [/Foghorn Leghorn]

    28 days with Sandra Bullock has nothing to do with 28 days later.. It’s about a women, who tries to quit drinking and drugs..

    I guess you won’t be buying tickets to the Jordan-LaBute production of “In the Company of Wolf-Men”.

  • Nick Jones

    It’s about a woman, who tries to quit drinking and drugs.

    So basically, she made herself a zombie, yes?

  • Zombie and sent to counseling by Steve Buscemi, who was also the voice of Randall in Monsters Inc.
    Evil Dead sounds very much like Killer Tomatoes in that it is a B rated movie. The one redeeming quality which would make me watch ED is that I enjoy Bruce Campbell. Jealous, Jim?