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Sharon Osbourne

Story here:

SHARON OSBOURNE has told of how she would have shot her husband OZZY when he tried to strangle her more that a decade ago – had she had a gun at their home.

“(Ozzy) was drinking and he was taking drugs and it got to the point where he got violent with me, and he nearly choked me to death and I called the police on him,” she said.

The incident happened at the couple’s home in Buckinghamshire in 1989. Ozzy was arrested on charges of threatening to kill his wife, and for a time he was barred from the home or from contacting Sharon, reports Reuters.

Sharon said that following the arrest, Ozzy turned his life around.

“Thank God I didn’t have a gun, that’s why I’m so against guns or knives or anything like that, because I know if I’d have had one I’d have probably tried to defend myself,” she said.

So we now have a talentless wife whining about a past struggle with her talentless and violent husband, and essentially denouncing the Second Amendment to boot.

Great stuff. This entire family should be euthanized, for the betterment of mankind.

When Ozzy isn’t drooling all over himself, or shouting expletives, he’s attacking a world leader with cheap shots in shitty songs.

Someone needs to put this barely-lucid vegetable down, for his own good. And his wife as well, for the crime of milking a retard for cash and publicity.

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  • TDavid

    I take it from reading this that Ozzfest isn’t in your plans in the near future, RJ?

    The Osbournes have definitely become publicity whores thanks to the success of their TV show which grew old before the end of the first season. If that show had never gained traction, I seriously doubt we’d have ever seen any of these stories.

    Really, is anybody surprised by what personal details come out about the Osbourne family any more? Sharon being screwed by Randy Rhoads once upon a time, Ozzy attacking Sharon in some drug rage, Kelly and Jack in and out of drug treatment, blah blah blah.

  • Eric Olsen

    there is plenty of talent there: Ozzy was a great singer for a great band, and his early solo is powerful as well; Sharon is one of the great managers and publicists in rock history.

  • TDavid

    That’s correct Eric, but I would think there is at least some privacy that wouldn’t be for sale, wouldn’t you?

    It’s brilliant, albeit a bit sad that they have practically no personal life, but perhaps that is worth millions to them.

  • Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    come on, fellas, who hasn’t heard this tale? Although, i found it quite astounding when, prior to The Osbournes Telly Show, Ozzy was talking about the incident on Frank Skinner, and finished by concluding that “He wouldn’t change a thing”. i kinda understand that, since he wouldn’t have learned from these incidents otherwise, but still, seemed kinda odd.
    The pissing on the alamo story is a personal fave, when ozzy starting leaking over said monument.
    angry passer-by – you damn brits, how would you like it if we came over and pissed on buckingham palace.
    ozzy – i couldn’t give a shit, mate.

  • Don Masters

    I am looking to get in contact with Sharon Osboure I just want to send her a note and ask something I am Not a flake or a nut I am in need of her help and or advice does anyone know how a jo shmo can contact a celeberty like her without having to jump through a thousand hoops I dont have that kind of time left and need to corrospond with her if anyone knows please contact me at thanks for your time and attention

  • emily

    hello does any one know how to get in concact with sharon im not a nutter its just that im down in the dumps and i just need to talk to some one in the music busise cause i love to sing please that me know e-mail me on thank you

  • rachel paice

    Dear Sharon Osbourne, just wanting to know whats happening with tabby? is he going to be bringing out a single? if so when? cant wait much longer!!!

    many thanks in anticaption of a reply

    Rachel Paice x

  • Aaman

    Tabby is the Ozzy house cat, I assume. I guess he’s the only one left who’s not released a single.

    I would expected a name like !$#@$#$@#$#

  • rach

    has anyone found out how to contact sharon yet? if so please put details on here thanks
    Rach x

  • rach

    ha ha ha very funny aaman. did you never watch x factor? tabby was the best and should of won

  • lucy

    i think the osbournes are a excellent family and i think sharon is a insperation to us all she is excellent after all shes been through and she has done alot to protect her family… look at everything their been through and their still stuck by each other.. i would love to be apart of their family and i would b proud n think ppl need to stop puttin the family down… just cos their famouse they get all the put downs… hasn’t everyone had a problems?? love lucyxx
    ps sharon osbourne i think your an excellent motherx

  • patricia neeson

    Hi i was looking to get in touch with sharon if any body knows how to do this contact me please. I need to speak with her urgently. Thanks
    Patricia Neeson

  • Maureen

    Hi like a lot of you I would love to get in touch with Sharon osbourne, nothing to do with music though, so would be grateful for any info on how. Thanks
    P.S. The book is excellent and an inspiration for a lot of women, anyone who says differently are just jealous!

  • Eric Berlin

    The only usual way to get in touch with a celebrity is to go through a production or management company.

    Again as a general warning: No one here at Blogcritics can put you directly in touch with a celebrity. Anyone who says they can is lying.

  • RJ

    If you Google “Contact Sharon Osbourne” this page comes up at #3…

    I don’t know why, but it does…

  • Eric Berlin

    Thus the whole don’t believe everything you read, or that the Internet tells you, or that Google tells you, or something.

  • Jus

    Hi does anyone one know if sharon has ever been intimate with another women if she has not I could always be the first she is wonderful and just amazing ozzy is so so lucky to be with her.

  • crystal

    hi this is crystal so what ever one has a bad time in there life .i do not no what i am saying because sharon / ozzy are fucking lover i do not no why they just are see ya

  • Samantha

    What a complete and utter load of bullshit- Sharon picked Ozzy up when he was kicked out of Black Sabbath and got his career back on the road furthermore she did not milk him of his money, she made it through presention and her worlwide record company and Sharon Osbourne Management. And Ozzy is hardly a retard, if you knew what one is you wouldnt say it so get your facts right before you go slagging people off

  • Charles

    I think Sharon Osbourne is an inspiration! At least to me she is, all the other stuff you folks say about the family is your opinion.

    But, for me a cancer survior for 2 months now, I feel a connection to sharon and what she went through.

    I’d love to send her a note, but I just don’t know what steps to take to do so? If anyone knows please post here, and I will check back to see it, since I can’t put my email address in this….That sucks….Oh well such is life!

    Much thanks to you,



  • C Gunn

    I am trying to contact Sharon Osbourne as she is an inspired people with weight issues. I have had gastric bypass surgery and run obesity awareness group. I would love to meet her personally and share stories. I love her spirit and her personality. She is a strong women and should be given the title of Dame.

  • http://hiyaim12 Sophie

    sharon i love you so much and i just want to meet you

  • RJ Elliott

    You people sicken me.

  • BEN should sing RAY LAMONTAGNE!!


  • chaz

    yh i think she is amazing i am obsessed im tring 2 contact her 2 but dont know how please help someone

  • Amrita

    RJ’s post = $.02
    Responses to RJ’s post = Priceless.

  • daryl d

    Sharon Osbourne is incredibly pathetic. She’s the type of person that makes me question the existence of God. I do like Ozzy’s music and think he is (or was) a great artist. But someone please shoot Sharon!

  • Joel Tepes

    I am a big fan of Sharron Osbourne,
    I would also like to contact her if i can.
    I’m no crazed up person.
    Just bored and lonely and would like to speak to somebody interesting.
    And Sharron is an very interesting person and she is really nice.
    And if i did contact her i would like to ask her advise on some thing’s that are personal to me as i been through a hells life full of abuse.

    And i know sharron has been through a kind of abuse before and just would like to get some advise.

    Does anyone know how i could get contact with Sharron any how??

  • Luke W

    I have to say Sharon Osbourne is my most favorite person in the World. The shows are hilarious and show what love is. The Osbournes is my favorite television show, there is nothing better than the Osbournes. Its rare in life to meet someone as witty and loving as Sharon Osbourne…

  • poodle

    that is like sooooooooo random

    I feel sorry for u Sharon

  • Desiree Dawn

    bless your heart, you need to open your eyes and learn… not ridicule

  • Sharon

    I have recently finished reading both of Sharon Osbourne books back to back. In these books you will read just how much hard work and determination that she puts into not only Ozzy’s career but her own and not to mention the care of her father and the COUNTLESS charities that she assists. The great thing about Sharon is that there are no secrets, it’s all or nothing (well, at least that is the gist that I got from reading her book)

    She is a REAL women, and YES I am well aware that she has had several procedures but when I say “real” I was not talking about her body.

    To be able to meet this woman would be AMAZING [edited].

    To all the freaks and fanny tweaks DO NOT bother emailing me pretending to be Sharon as there ARE ways of proving otherwise. I am more than happy to hear from Sharon’s other fans too, though, I don’t consider myself to be a fan of her, I just simply admire her. Her idea of parenting is amazing and I would certainly see her as a mother to look up to. And I DON’T want to hear about the drug issues that her family have had as that has nothing to do with ANY [edited] and to put it simply, we all make mistakes but the difference between us all and the Osbourne family is that it is simple for us to sit behind our keyboards like Keyboard Commando’s and point the judgement stick in the eyes of the Osbournes but at least they are open and honest about what their family have been through and it is rather obvious that through every adversity they seem to come out the other end tougher and tall than before.

    [personal contact info deleted]

    [Edited some more]

    Shazzy ;)