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It’s been 10 years since Jackie Chan filmed Drunken Master 2 and his age is finally showing. He’s still the greatest there ever was (IMHO) but gone are the most risky of his stunts and the no stunt double ever policy. That combined with the close-ups forced upon Jackie by American insurance agencies should have made Shanghai Knights a sure-miss, but this sequel to Shanghai Noon wasn’t actually that bad.

I like this one a lot better than the original. The fight scenes were less inventive, but they were inventive enough and the character play and story weren’t that bad. The story basically follows the same pattern as a Sherlock Holmes story; I’m not sure which one but it’s the same one that Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective follows. It’s pretty much a standard story, so I’ll just get down to it:

The Bad:

Period Jokes: Too many bad irony jokes. Too many times have I heard in period movies crap like, “Oh the Au-to-mo-bile. . . that will never work!” I’m tired of it! It has ceased to be funny.

The Score: It was way over the top some times. It sounded like it should be in Super Smash Brothers Melee. I just wish they would tone it down a bit sometimes.

Stunts: The big finally stunt this time was a rehash of the one from Rush Hour. The height was taller, but still.

The Good:

Fights: The fights were typical Jackie Chan ingenuity. The Singing in the Rain fight was especially nice.

Fann Wong: She kicked serious arse! Her acting was excellent and she got to lay the smack down on Jack the Ripper.

Jackie/Owen: Their friendship is strengthened and starts to make more sense. They do well together.

Historical Characters: I almost put this under The Bad, but when I thought about it. I liked them. Arty was a good character. And so was Charlie, I just wish they would have been more subtle about it instead of saying “HEY I’M CHARLIE CHAPLIN!” with the acknowledging music to back it up. I also like the paradox presented with Charlie Chaplin’s character. You see, Jackie Chan was inspired by Charlie Chaplin, and this movie turns it around and has Jackie inspire Charlie. I love it!

Overall the movie was good. It is definetely worth seeing if you’re a Jackie Chan fan or if you love light hearted comedies.

It pleased me; I shall speak for its life. I hope that it does well.

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  • We all take comfort with the phrase: “Who can save us?! Only Jackie Chan!!!!”

  • Eric Olsen

    Very nice Speaker, thanks and welcome.

  • Thanks Eric! I was hoping it was ok, I did this one sort of quick, but I’ve got a couple other planned too! Thanks again,
    Speaker Out…

  • We went and saw it Friday night, too. Pretty much all I can say is “ditto”. I did love that Singin’ in the Rain fight, but it’s pretty sad when the outtakes are the most hilarious part of the movie.

  • The Theory

    i liked it. Chan and Wilson make a good team, even with a subpar plot.

    You just get the feeling that those two are supposed to be on the screen together.

    and I really liked the singing in the rain fight scene… and most of them in general weren’t that bad.