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Shall We Dance?

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I get a pass on seeing this movie because I saw it on the flight from Cleveland to Vegas. I am sure none of you suspected this movie was any good and I am here to tell you that you are right. Even if you were to judge this movie on the merits of romantic comedies, I must say that this thing was just muddled from beginning to end. The concept of time, place, and frustration due to pure lack of communication between the characters is forced and annoying. These movies tend to tell a story in such a way that they are sweet, regardless of plot. This movie is just a big ole plain stinker and I urge Richard Gere, and Susan Sarandon to start reading their scripts again.

I expect this from J Lo, but not Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon.

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  • I suggest that you check out the original Japanese film. It is a wonderful story which lost all of it’s subtlety and genuine sweetness when it got translated.