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Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human

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The perfect gift for someone who loves Shakespeare, and has everything:
all 38 plays, dramatized, on 98 CDs, recorded over four and a half years, with the greatest actors in the world.

List price $600, but $420 at amazon.com; pretty good deal if you’ve got the cash and the passion.

When I was Boston last month, I went to this funky used bookstore that had complete Shakespeare plays on one piece of paper laminated between two layers of clear plastic. Very cool. These would be great in a hip restaurant’s bathrooms.

Some years ago, I was lucky enough to see/hear Harold Bloom speak here at UVA. Bliss. All-time top 10. Others in the pantheon of those I’ve been in the same room with, awed/amazed/enchanted:

Oliver Sacks
Sharon Olds
Linus Pauling
Racquel Darrian
Carlos Castaneda
Martha Nussbaum
Elaine Scarry
Buckminster Fuller
Ronald Reagan

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  • In the same vein, my older sister bought a hardcover “Complete Works of Shakespeare” when she was in college. I nabbed it from her bookcase when i went off to college a few years later. After i graduated, I gave it back and now i wish i had one of my own. That thing was awesome. If you, or anyone at your place, had an urge to find a line from a play, there it was, the holy of holies, waiting on the shelf.

    my favorite line, to this day: “Out, vile jelly!”

  • Want to appear really, really smart? Whenever someone quotes something, and says, “Do you know where that’s from?”, reply, “The Bible or Shakespeare.” You’ll be right 50% of the time!
    Very cool.