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Shadows Fall

Rarely, a band will come around that will make me want to sell everything I own, buy an RV, and follow them around the nation. Shadows Fall is one of those bands.

Their Century Media Records debut, The Art of Balance, is a mind blowing glimpse into what metal is all about. In the same vein as Killswitch Engage, Living Sacrifice and Crutch, Shadows Fall has an ora about them that is entrancing–maybe it is just the lead singer’s 3 foot long dreads, but everything about this album screams metal madness.

On XDoanneX, a DVD featuring Darren Doanne’s video creations, you will find a video for track 2 from this breathtaking album. After you see these guys in this video, or if you are lucky enough to see them live, you will realize the energy and passion that these band mates put in to every note of every one of their songs.

You could spend your money on A LOT of crap this week–heck, I am sure that Puddle of Nickelback has some behind the scenes DVD that could make it’s way into your hands–if you want good, in your face metal destruction, get Shadows Fall’s debut album and leave the radio friendly pop rockers to the kids.

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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