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Sex is the reason you’re here! Talk about multiple layers of meaning, aye?

Here are a few things I can tell you about sex – Sexual topics are controversial, Sex is usually private (arguable), Sex is the means by which we create, Sexual desire is a potent force, Sex sells, Some say sex dictates our thoughts, Sex is sacred, Sex is a pretty hot word, Sex can be taboo, Sex can be fun, Sex can be love, Sex can be bliss, Sex can be kinky, Sex can be innocent, Sex can be betrayal, Sex can be dangerous.

Did I tell you sex is the reason you’re here? What is sex? Some say it’s the stimulation of sexual organs between two (or even more) people (hopefully people). I don’t really know about that but I can tell you sex is a mega industry – porn, movies, and commercials are all trying to sell us on a fantasy of sexual desire. Sex is an instinctual, primitive, primal and basic desire superseded only by the desire to avoid immediate harm (yes, there are exceptions).

WIth the ubiquity of sex in our everyday lives it's no wonder sex is all over the blogosphere.  Some bloggers give sexual advice, some write about sexual health, and others write in a more confessional manner.  

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