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Sex and the City: The Finale

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The pre-show was actually very well done. I thought that the women, as well as the major supporting players, except for Stanford, were represented quite well. It was fun seeing the memorable moments and highlights from the first six seasons. I have to say that I shed more tears during that than I did during the finale.

That said on to Part Deux.

Overall the episode was actually quite mediocre, and quite a heavy episode at that, sans the great ending. We all knew from what had transpired in Part Une, that Carrie was not going to end up with the Russian. That point was cemented during Carrie’s dinner with the Russian’s ex-wife. He will never be what Carrie wants him to be. Career for him is first, and love is comes in second. In the scene that Carrie comments on how fantastic the restaurant was, the Russian’s ex-wife commenting that it used to be. This was meant to show how out of place Carrie was in Paris. If Carrie had been in New York City, she would have known the current “status” of the restaurant.

Then there were the three unnecessary things that happened to Carrie in this episode – her stepping in shit, the French girl hitting her on the head, and the Russian accidentally slapping her. The shit scene was just plain low. Being hit on the head by the little girl was more unneeded imagery (not even a knock on the head can “knock” some sense into Carrie). Showing Carrie get slapped, even if accidental, was just wrong. The connotations of a slap, accidental or not, are just so negative that it ruined the scene. We knew how Carrie felt because of how she expressed her feelings to the Russian; we didn’t need a slap to seal the deal. Even if the slap was an excuse for the necklace, that she got from the Russian, to break (i.e. Paris is over), it was not needed.

Then there were the obvious moments that turned out almost too corny. Carrie finding her “Carrie” necklace (i.e. New York City is where she belongs). Also, the scene in which big is sitting in his limo, and Carrie is facing the other way trying to hail a cab – please. It was enough that he walked into the hotel, when she was trying to switch rooms or check out (I was a little confused).

Moving onto the other characters.

We knew that Charlotte would somehow end up with a baby. I predicted wrongly that she would become pregnant. It was nice to see her husband worried about it more that Charlotte for a change. Major detriment to the storyline was the couple whom they were trying to get a baby from. Why make them be backwoods Southerners? It could have been anyone who backed out of deciding not wanting to give up their baby, why make the couple cartoon characters?

Over the last few episodes we’ve seen Miranda soften somewhat. We know that she really does love Steve and the baby. The abundance of Anne Meara in Miranda’s scenes was a bit jarring. The fact that she told Steve that his mother could live with them was huge enough – showing her capacity to love and be caring – that we didn’t need the rest of the Anne Meara storyline. I was happy to see Magda in the picture though – she was a great-underused asset to the show. I really wish they had shown more of Miranda and Steve.

I predicted a wrong storyline ending here also; I thought there would be an engagement. The relationship between Samantha and Smith, has given the show some of its most romantic gestures (Smith shaving his head with Samantha). We knew that Samantha couldn’t be a slut forever, and her transformation has been probably the best written of the storylines this season. Samantha’s all ready to let Smith go on location, and have as much sex as he wants, because Samantha has no sex drive do to the chemo. Smith is devoted to Samantha – he sees her potential for loving more than she does. The scene in which she receives the flowers from Smith was extremely touching (I’m welling up as I’m typing this). Samantha ending up in love, and the writer’s ability to make it not seem contrived, was a perfect ending.

The ending.
The last couple of scenes were my favorite part of the episode. Carrie writing on her computer, her surprising the girls at the restaurant, the women walking down the street, finding out that Big’s name was John, and Carrie walking away down the streets of New York City was perfect. Carrie’s fitting last words were: “Well, that’s just fabulous.”

One quick comment in regards to finding out Big’s name being John. I’ve spoken to quite a few people about that moment – and everyone had the same reaction. For two seconds you’re wondering if Carrie has a new man, but then you realize it’s Big. Genius.

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