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Seven Ways to Add Value to Your Garden

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It doesn’t matter if you are ready to sell your home or just update the garden to be a perfect oasis, there are several ways that you can quickly add value to your garden. From small changes to sweeping redesign, you will be able to find something here that you can use in your own garden that will make it extremely attractive to buyers or turn it into the perfect place to entertain family and friends.


1. Keep it Maintained

One of the easiest ways to add value to your garden is to keep it clean and maintained. No matter what your garden looks like today, unless you have done it recently, going outdoors and weeding, cutting back overgrown foliage, and even power washing any patio or porch you may have will spruce up your space in no time flat. You should also keep the grass trimmed and fertilised since this will bring the lush, green look you are seeking.


2. Update Your Landscaping

Keeping your landscaping updated and fluid will ensure you have value in your garden. You will want to make sure you are removing any foliage that looks diseased or has died. If it is supposed to be green, and it has turned brown, you should remove it. Additionally, you should make sure that the plants you have in the garden go well together and complement each other for a cohesive look.


3. Think About Changes You Should Make

Doing some visual editing of your garden can also have a positive impact on the value, as you can think about the changes you wish to make and then implement them. For example, if you have a tall tree in the garden that just looks a bit out of place to you, it will likely look out of place for others. Try to imagine what your garden would look like with this tree removed. If you think it would look better, by all means, remove the tree. In fact, there are various types of software that will assist you in this visual editing, if you are not of a creative mind set.


4. Add Furnishings

outdoor furniture on a patioOne of the best things you can do to add value to your garden is to add furnishings. You can get beautiful outdoor furniture in a range of colours, styles, and sizes. Adding a table, for instance, will turn your garden into another space where you can live, work, play, and entertain, whilst an outdoor sofa would be perfect for those lazy summer days. It can literally feel like you have added an extra room on to your home.


5. Consider Enclosures

If you want to be able to use your garden retreat through much of the year, consider adding value by building enclosures. You might be able to cover a patio, so that you will be able to sit outdoors even in the rain. You can also totally enclose a patio and use your garden throughout the year. There are heaters that you can purchase as well, which will keep the enclosed patio nice and warm, even in the coolest months. A good point to remember is that the more time you are able to spend outdoors in the garden, the more valuable it will become.


6. Don’t Forget Accessories

It is easy to have a gorgeous garden, but it is very important that you add accessories to give it even more value. Some popular and beautiful accessories you can add include umbrellas with bases, chimineas, fire pits, decorative vases and even cushions for your furnishings. Another thing you should remember to add value to your garden is to have a small storage space. This can be as simple as a hidden bench storage space, small shed or a storage box. Don’t forget to buy covers for your furniture as well. This will keep them protected from the elements and help them last for a long time.


7. Water Features

If you want something spectacular in your garden, a water feature may be the perfect addition to add value. Having a water feature outdoors in your garden will bring a sense of peace and allow you to pause and enjoy your surroundings. Water has a naturally calming effect and the great thing about water features is that you can be as simple or complex as you like. You can have a small pebble bubble fountain that can sit right on your paved patio or go to the extreme with a large pond or waterfall. No matter which water feature you choose, it will add a lot of value to your garden and your outdoor living space.


See your garden as an extension of your home, an extra room if you will. With a little thought and care you can make your garden into the retreat you’ve always dreamed of!

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