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Seven Incredible Locations to Try on Your Next Backpacking Adventure

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Panorama of Queens Stone Garden

A backpacking trip can be a centering experience if accomplished alone, or forever bond two or more people who share the experience. Regardless of whether you choose to backpack alone or with others, you likely want to know what the best locations are for backpacking around the world. Read below to find out the top seven:

Kungsleden, Sweden:
The trail from the Abisko Mountain Station to the Saami Village Nikkaluokta is more commonly referred to as the “King’s Trail.” This trail, which penetrates the vast Arctic landscape of Sweden, features birch forests, open tundra and even majestic glaciers. For those who wish to challenge their bodies, the highest peak in Sweden, Mount Kebnekaise, which is 6,926 feet high, is part of the trail. Those who know the area well recommend hiking the trail in either August or September and traversing it from north to south, which ensures the sun stays in your face, thus keeping you warmer in the Arctic temperatures.

The Pacific Coast Trail in the Western United States:
This hike allows you to take in a large span of the western U.S. in one journey. The course is 2,650 miles long and progresses through three states, 24 national forests, and seven national parks while passing over 1,000 lakes. The trail can be hiked in its entirety but can also be broken down into smaller journeys for less strenuous hikes since it is accessible from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal:
This journey, considered by many to be the best of all high-mountain hikes around the world, allows you to see three of the highest peaks on planet Earth: Lhotse Sar, Lhotse and Everest. It is recommended that you go with a service that employs local Sherpa guides. Experts say it’s best to take this journey in either March or April, to see the foliage in bloom, or in November, which is after monsoon season, for a drier hike.

Om Beach in Gokarna, India:

This backpack location is ideal for the adventurer who loves to swim and hike. However, it is wise to ask a local about the ocean currents before going in for a swim since the currents off the Gokarna coast can be strong. The beaches are pristine, but the area is best known for housing various temples of the Hindu faith, making it a popular pilgrimage. Om Beach in Gokarna is picturesque and the area is also culturally and religiously interesting. Be sure to be respectful of the fact that the town of Gokarna is first and foremost a pilgrimage town. It is also a good idea to ask permission before entering any temples. The best time to visit Gokarna is between October and March when the weather is warm and pleasant. Avoid visiting from June to August as that is the monsoon season.

Grand Canyon Hike, Arizona:
round-trip hike encompassing the Grand Canyon rim to rim is a 44-mile hike, which most people can make in four to six days. The best time for a contemplative experience is either March or November, as most tourists visit from September to October or April to May. The natural architectural majesty of the Grand Canyon is an experience any hiker would appreciate. The Grand Canyon Hike goes through the multicolored layer of the Colorado Plateau and the rims of both rivers. Of course, any hike in the natural wonder known as the Grand Canyon is sure to be spectacular, but this hike allows you to experience the best the canyon has to offer in one journey.

Jordan, Petra Through the Back Door:
This desert hike that goes from the
Dana Reserve to Petra begins at the top of an ancient stairway carved into the red rock then comes upon the carved facade of Al Deir, which is more commonly known as the Monastery. This location is considered Petra’s grandest monument. After hiking for around a week, you will end up in the wilds of the Kingdom of Jordan. This desert hike that entails 50 miles and takes around seven days is best attempted from October through April when the desert temperatures are at their mildest. Adventure Jordan is an excellent company to use as you journey through this picturesque trail.

Tiger Trail, Darjeeling, India:
This hiking trail is considered by many to be a phenomenal station for viewing the Himalayan Mountains and Mount Kanchenjunga. The viewing station at Tiger Hill is the best location to view a breathtaking sunrise. In fact, during peak season, around 1,000 people arrive each day to view the sun as it paints the mountain peaks purple and pink one at a time. Peak season to hike the trail and enjoy the sunrise view is between March and June.

Hiking is a way to challenge your body as you endure rugged landscapes, and can also lead to the creation of life-long memories of taking in the most breathtaking views in the world. The seven locations listed above are some of the best hiking trails you can find across the world.

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