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Seth MacFarlane on FOX’s Animation Domination and More

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Members of the media and die hard fanatics of Seth MacFarlane’s shows recently got a chance to attend a confernce call with Seth and ask a few questions regarding an planned Animation Domination crossover event, as well as other questions never asked before. 

Who are your favorite characters voice among the shows you produce? 

Seth MacFarlane

As far as character voices, you know, Brian is probably my favorite voice to do because I don’t leave the record booth sweating. Most of the other characters, such as Stewie and Peter and, particularly, Stan (American Dad) require such a large amount of wind that I often times will need to take a nap after recording a show. It’s sorta the equivalent of doing an entire day of normal performing condensed into about an hour and a half, so it can be very exhausting. So certainly, you know, Brian’s voice gives me a little bit of a break, which is always nice.

How did you actually come up with this crossover episode event?

The concept of the hurricane trilogy dates back, I suppose, to the theme nights of the 1980s where you have three or four sitcoms in a row, and there would be a theme kind of interwoven into each one, making for a very cohesive, hopefully fun, special night of TV.

It was something we discussed that Kevin Reilly brought up to us and said, hey, we haven’t really seen this kind of thing on television in a while it might be kinda cool. So, we went back and came up with this idea of a hurricane that is kind of blasting its way through all three towns and you know there were talks initially of doing a crossover with all the characters from all the shows which does play a part in this, but it became a little bit of a conundrum because you have three different staffs, each of whom is used to writing three different sets of characters and there is no way to blend them altogether without, you know, without affecting the other episodes so it was a little bit of a challenge.

But this idea of an outside force that kind of sweeps its way through all three shows linking them together seemed like kind of a cool way to accomplish that and it does, as I said, taken back to the theme nights of the 1980s.

Is it true that it was between Cleveland and Quagmire having a spinoff show; and, if so, what made you choose Cleveland?  

Yeah, you know, not really. It was never really a serious discussion to give Quagmire his own show. Mainly because as a character, Quagmire is much better as an incidental character. He is much better as a side character. It allows him to be a little more conscience free, which makes him funnier. Cleveland had much more obvious potential to be a character really able to sustain his own show. He was much more dimensional. He had more heart to him. He was a guy that you could believably see, you know, having a heart moment or solving an ethical dilemma at the end of each episode.

Quagmire, it would change him too much. You know, I seem to remember people making that observation about Joey when that show came out, that the character was just different than he was on Friends. Part of that is that you really do have to construct a character in a different way when he is driving a series, and not just a side character there to deliver jokes. And it would of fundamentally changed Quagmire’s character.

I don’t think people would have responded well to those changes because he is a pretty well-liked comedy character as it is, and Cleveland was just much more of a logical choice. That is, he is more dimensional, he’s got more heart and I think he is much better equipped to carry a show.

A few more questions were asked throughout the conference call, which made the conversation really interesting and we got to learn a lot about what it is like to be Seth MacFarlane without the voices, but as a person.

A few days after the interview the following statement was released by FOX stating that the scheduled Animation Domination crossover event would have to be postponed due to the recent storm events. 

“In light of the recent storms that have affected the nation, FOX has decided to postpone the crossover episodes of FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD and THE CLEVELAND SHOW that were originally scheduled to air this Sunday.”

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  • Dear Seth, my name is Dave and i do voices! I have never gotten the chance to do them on tv but would give anything to be able to have that chance!!!!!!!!!!! I would travel to where ever you need me to so that i can show u what i have to offer! I WOULD LOVE TO MAYBE EVEN DO A VOICE ON FAMILY GUY! THAT WOULD BE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!! I BELIVE THAT IF GIVIN THE CHANCE I WOULD MAKE YOU BELIVE THAT I AM CUT OUT FOR THIS! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! [Personal contact info deleted]