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Senators To Investigate Bush Administration’s “Immense Failure” Responding to Katrina

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Two key U.S. senators will open a bipartisan investigation into what they described as an “immense failure” of the government response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME), who heads the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, and Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), the panel’s top Democrat, said they plan to begin an oversight investigation Wednesday.

We intend to demand answers as to how this immense failure occurred, but our immediate focus must and will be on what Congress can do to help the rescue and emergency operations that are ongoing,” the senators said in a joint Sept. 2 statement.

It is also our responsibility to investigate the lack of preparedness and inadequate response to this terrible storm,” they said. “(I)t is increasingly clear that serious shortcomings in preparedness and response have hampered relief efforts at a critical time.”

The Senators have scheduled an initial briefing by Department of Homeland Security officials for Committee Members and Senators from affected states on Sept. 7. The briefing will be closed to the media, but the Senators will schedule a press availability after the briefing.


The statment came after Bush faced blistering criticism for his administration’s response to Katrina.

“This is a national disgrace,” Terry Ebbert, head of New Orleans’ emergency operations, told MSNBC. “We can send massive amounts of aid to tsunami victims but we can’t bail out the city of New Orleans.”


Bush, who has been criticized for a slow response to the disaster, admitted yesterday morning that “the results are not acceptable” and pledged to bolster relief efforts.

“We’ll get on top of this situation,” Bush said, “and we’re going to help the people that need help.”


This article first appeared at Journalists Against Bush’s B.S.

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About David R. Mark

  • Scared o’ BusHitler

    I appretiate when folks say: “This is not the time to place blame…”, but when a corrupt government, one that CUT nearly a billion dollars from a long standing fund to maintain and improve the levee system to supply money for an ILLEGAL war of aggression, also draining equipment and guardsmen away for that same war AND these actions DIRECTLY relate to the deaths of 1000’s of poor, WHEN IS A GOOD TIME TO POINT BLAME/DEAL WITH THE PROBLEMS AT THE SOURCE?!

    -You’ve got an illegal war;
    -TWO federal elections mired in controversy, so much so that WORLD organizations, usually sent to 3rd world countries with similarly corrupt leaders, arrived in the USA to monitor the 2004 vote after the SCAM the Right pulled in 2000. Ironically, not, these organizations, including individuals from my country, were NOT allowed to observe in key parts of OHIO, imagine that;
    -Karl Rove-gate: trying to get a CIA operative killed because her hubby wouldn’t lie to pad the ‘need for war’ fable;
    -An administration hell bent on destabilizing the world;
    -A leader who prefers INCREASED polution in order to increase profits of his cronies;
    -A DRAFT DODGING cabal of losers creating your administration;
    -Laws passed to take away your right to freedom and privacy in order to “protect” your right to freedom?!;
    -And more and more.

    WHEN IS a good time to start pointing fingers and start cutting out the cancer folks?!

    If this tradgey isn’t enuff, you’re country is a goner, as far as it being the one you idealize.

    As for the rude comments I made in response to right wing attack Potato:
    you’re right, it was childish and base, but that seems to be the only way to communicate to the O’Reilly/Coulter lovers of the world.

  • Silas, that’s asking a lot. It’s so much easier for some people to not only belittle your point, but make fun of you personally.

  • Sound bytes. Photo opportunities. The American attention span. That picture of the school busses in water has taken on a life of its own. Wake up, America. Tough questions deserve tough inquiries and tough answers. The aftermath of Katrina can’t be packaged up with a pretty bow on it. It’s time for us to look in the mirror as a nation and face our demons. So, instead of pissing and moaning looking for scapegoats, maybe we should do something really radical — talk to each other instead of through each other.

  • steve

    wow. couldnt agree with you more jay.

  • Jason Riptide

    Why do liberals get so frantic than they have to resort to swearing and of course using the worn out “racism” excuse? You can tell whenever a liberal Bush-republican hater has no valid point to argue, they always as a desperate measure blame whatever the problem is on racism. Anyone who thinks President Bush just sat around thinking “it is only blacks folks in trouble, I am not going to worry about it” has got to be a complete idiot. Such talk is just plain stupid. The incompetent mayor of New Orleans who waited until the last minute to order a mandatory evacuation of the city and his failure to use the hundreds of city and school buses available in the city has the most blame in this matter. And the incompetent hick of a governor is so unsure of herself that it is pathetic and an embarrassment to the state of Louisiana to have here in the governor’s mansion.

  • Bob

    No wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket when voters and “the free press” spout such an abundance of ignorance. The fact that Republicans are on the rolls of critics only proves that ignorance has no ideological bias.

    The federal government is NOT primarily responsible – the state governor is by both federal law and Lousiana law. Yes, Bush failed to act because he isn’t a Facist Nazi Dictator eager to usurp all authority.

    Apparently from all the ranting, Americans prefer the slavery of federal totalitarianism to protect them from thier own stupidity.

    Federal Law:
    (See http://www.fema.gov/library/stafact.shtm#sec501)
    …As a part of such request, and as a prerequisite to emergency assistance under this Act, the Governor shall take appropriate action under State law and direct execution of the State’s emergency plan…

    Louisiana Law, initiated by the current governor, for Emergency Preparedness and Response:
    “NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Governor of the State of Louisiana, by virtue of the Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana, do hereby order and direct as follows…”
    (See http://www.ohsep.louisiana.gov/plans/STATE%20OF%20LOUISIANA%20EOP%202005.doc)

    I suppose next time you all want Federal Troops to march in to the state capital and city hall, usurp all local authority, and round up every citizen at gunpoint and force them out of their homes into “relocation centers”?

    Saturday August 27, 2005 2:29 Eastern.
    Mayor Delaying Evacuation along with Governor (see http://tinyurl.com/bj8wk)

    August 27, 2005 Emergency Declaration by President Bush:
    Emergency Plan Dec
    (see http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/08/20050827-1.html)

    By the Governor’s own admission, it was the President of the United States who was taking the lead in every lawful way he could as local officials failed to act:
    Sunday, August 28, 2005; Posted: 11:47 a.m. EDT
    “Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco said that President Bush had called and urged the state to order the evacuation.”
    (see http://tinyurl.com/bj8wk)

    Additional primary documents, news links, and well-formed URLs from above are readily available:

    Indeed, Rome is burning.

  • Liberal

    Those of us on the left and those of you on the right have different views of the world and different solutions to the world’s problems.

    But what does shit like this accomplish?

    “I think it’s great that mental institutions have computers these days.”

    “Have you been taking your meds like a good delusional paranoid and earned yourself(-ves?)some priviledges”

    The Mayor of NOLA, the Gov. of Lousiana, the Dir. of FEMA, the Dir. of Homeland Secuity and, yes, the one person ultimately responible for the Adminisatration of all Federal Agencies bear some responsibility for the failures to address Katrina.

    That responsibility has NOTHING to do with their party affiliation, ideology, race, wealth or anything else.

    If we allow purely partisan sniping to rule the debates and investigations, hoe will we di better next time?

    You (from the left and the right) who use this disaster to call each others names and insult one another with no positive contribution are dishonoring those who have suffered.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • 1potato, regarding comment 37, I listed a whole bunch of Republican critics of the relief effort.

  • Heloise

    Ray RAN

    To the investigators and the money handlers: Leave Mayor Ray Nagin a private citizen

    He ran like a private citizen so leave him one. And my strongest advice is to NOT give him one or any citizen one penny of money to oversee towards the rebuilding of the city.

    I mean please involve all races and experts, experts regarding the levees and city planning and historical experts and anthropologists (like myself). We have universities and pundits and now the blogosphere–so please use them.

    Please take your time and let the good people and the bloggers of the world guide you. We started Katrina and it is up to us to rebuild New Oleans with our sound, savvy advice. I am not kidding here.

    I repeat Ray RAN. He made a few phone calls and then took off in a convoy or a single car–don’t know and hightailed it to Baton Rouge. Give him whatever monies he deserves for being a part of the storm, but don’t grease his bald head with one penny in oversight–remember the UN oil-for-food disaster and Kofi somebody…hmm need I say more.

    The French influence of corruption is rife in New Orleans, that is part of our heritage.

    I think that the governor of Texas and President Bush should get the “Medal of Freedom” for what they have done to help black people in the aftermath of Katrina. And finally, finally kudos to the media who have put the welfare of black people on global TV and radio for all the world to see and hear.

    I hope this shakes them from their lethargy in keeping white women in the global news and for them to be more equitable in the future with their coverage of other people.

    PS: did you see that woman reporter putting Ray on the hot seat this morning? She told him that NO ONE knew people were at the Convention Center!!! And he started to squirm!!!

    We are from NOLA and my sister and I did not know where the Convention Center was!!

  • Scared o’ BusHitler

    Oh 1PotatoShortOfABag…!
    Have you been taking your meds like a good delusional paranoid and earned yourself(-ves?)some priviledges?

    Well then I think that’s great too!

    I assume you were checked in for being a delusional, sociopathic, and obviously child level functioning individual,(the last feature, an apparent prerequisite for all wanting to allign with the right as one must be able to call names and avoid and obfuscate the facts like the best bullies on the playground)?

    Well stay on those meds, use your pc access priviledges to ‘get learned’, as George (paid for a C Average) Bush would put it, on the net, and PRAY lots that Bushy doesn’t hafta cut funding to the institution you’re locked up in in order to shore up Haliburton, Exxon, and Lockheed profits.
    Oh yah, and thanx for proving the point I made originally about ‘blind allegiance’, juvenile interactions, and refusal to face facts. If I have to drop down to the level of a child to help you understand, I’m will ya asshat.
    It’s because of millions of ignorant bastiches such as yourself that I, as a world history major, get to sit front row and watch EXACTLY how the Roman Empire decayed and died.

  • 1Potato

    Scared o BushHitler:

    I think it’s great that mental institutions have computers these days.

  • Scared o’ BusHitler

    Go ahead, find it “despicable”: IT IS.
    Considering that Grampa Prescott Bush made the Bush millions/empire take root by conspiring with, and laundering money for Nazi sympathizers AND made profits from a Polish factory staffed, so generously I’m sure you’d argue, by Nazi camp inmates, DuhByuh comes by it honestly, (the only thing that he does honestly actually!).

    Your Resident was SLOW to respond, even though he is the COMMANDER in Chief of the, supposed, largest military force on eath, he could NOT help it because he had committed it to killing the citizens of a country he and his cohorts wanted to destabilize/occupy.
    Too bad that poor Americans, the same group who are shipped off, in disproportionate numbers, to die in a false war, living in New Orleans have to PAY again with their lives.
    A war started by an aggressive administration, a government whose agenda includes destabilizing other sovereign nations, replacing bodies that involve the WORLD community – U.N. – , and one that is intent bringing his worldview, right wing Christian fundamentalist, to a large VISIBLE population whose beliefs and religion differ from his own.
    Read that last paragraph again.
    Who am I talking about: I could almost be talking about Bush or Hitler.
    Can’t tell can you?

    And to Anthony Grande, your rant is EXACTLY the kind of blind allegiance, when the honour of flag and country is thrown into question when your leader is exposed, that I was referring to.
    Your need also to LASH out without knowledge, some of which was in my last post had you BOTHERED to read it, that would’ve answered the RANTING questions you posed.

    Pray for the souls of those who have survived, and those who were sacrificed in the BushWars in Iraq AND as a result of the war, in New Orleans.

  • 1Potato

    David Mark stated:

    “You said: “Blistering criticism from the left, that is.”

    Doesn’t that imply “only”?”

    As I said, I doubt the criticism of Bush from the conservative politicians was “blistering”. So yes, all blistering criticism was only from the left (unless you can find me examples to the contrary – that is, blistering criticism specifically of Bush or his administration, not government in general).

  • Anthony Grande

    Would someone tell me how Bush could have single handedly saved everyone from the hurricane. I remember before the hurricane hit that Bush said everyone needs to leave New Orleans.
    Did everyone leave??? Nope, Did everyone know they had to leave??? Yep

    What the hell do you want Bush to do to prevent a hurricane??? And don’t say the levees, because Clinton didn’t do nothing about the levees, the governor of New Orleans didn’t do nothing about the levees and the mayor didn’t do nothing about the levees. Why don’t you blame them too.


  • 1Potato


    As an American and a Jew, I think your association to my president with Hitler is despicable.

    Let me guess, you hated Reagan too. And you hate Isreal and evangelical Christians and capitalism. But you never go on rants about Fidel Castro or Islamic radicalism. I know who you are [edited].

  • Kelsea

    Ugh. It sickens me that some of you people are so HELL BENT on justifying your vote in 2004 that you REFUSE to admit this man screwed up!

    He waited until shit got really bad to step in, and has provided no real numbers or ideas of how he is helping. Hes just said ‘lots of help is coming” or some other bull shit response to what is going on.

    They evacuated who they could, but many of the poor, impoverished, people got stuck in the city (i.e. mostly african americans) and isnt it quite interesting that a city filled with primarily blacks, doesnt get help asap.

    He has failed as a national leader, and if you are too arrogant and selfish to see this I feel VERY sorry for you.

    Atleast I can rest assured america knows it screwed up in letting this bastard win.

  • Here is a story showing that the state(s) were responding before Katrina hit.

    A great national disaster is pending on the horizon (and we know that people, including the federal government knew beforehand of the possible disasterous consequences), and Bush was on vacation. Condi Rice was buying shoes and seeing broadway shoes. The VP is STILL on vacation. And the third in line, the speaker of the house was on vacation too. The person left in charge of the White House (the part-time security guard) was unavailable for comment.

  • Scared o’ BusHitler

    1Potato: YOU are the type of American that scares the rest of us outside the US. And before you go flapping “So what?! This doesn’t involve you!”, that attitude is WRONG and a HUGE part of theproblem in the world today. I live on this planet too. I have as much right to commment on the wrong doings of a corrupt government as ANY citizen of this planet when that gov’t’s policies start to effect peoples lives, AND DEATHS, outside that government’s own borders.
    You state La is to blame, along with it’s officials, for this disaster. WHY should the fed have to bail them out?! If you bothered to get educated and do a little reading outside of the O’Reilly, Hannity, Coulter “Library of Hate For The Advancment of the Priviledged”, you might be ENLIGHTENED enuff to know that:
    1. The port of New Orleans is one of the largest, if not the largest oil and and oil product shipping ports in your ENTIRE Nation. That would be FEDERAL. The Fatherland of Homeland Security, an intelligent person would think, would want to ENSURE that this lifeline to the blood that helps keep your county functioning, was safe from terrosrists AND natural disaster. Not to the Bushies! But as you pointed out: This is a left wing voting constituency.
    2. Every year the fed gov’t has provided money for the protection system but BusHitler is the first P-Resident of the Whitehouse to actually CUT funding for the project since the EARLY 60’S: he needs the money to fight an illegal,poorly planned, falsified and COSTLY war of aggression on a sovereign country overseas. (And before you start spouting O’Reilly-esque right wing mantra’s – go look up the Downing Street memo – confirmed by the government of US bum sniffing fellow hooligan, Tony Blair, as being authentic – to see just how much BusHitler/Cheney LIED to con your people into supporting an illegal war!)
    3. There were very few NATIONAL Guard, (the ones who are supposed to be around to deal with NATIONAL – as in American – crises), available cuz RUMMY’s been sending them over, via the backdoor draft, to die for future US security vis a vis access to oil reserves AND to kill Godless Muslims. 4000 National Guard were sent over to Iraq from the affected area not long ago, along with generators and deep water vehicles previously, (in a desert nation!?).

    Patriotism doesn’t NOT mean BLIND adherence to a leader ONLY because that person is the leader. As Josef Goebells said: ‘Control the media, you control the people’ As Benitto Mussolini was quoted: “Fascism is the marriage of democracy and Big Business.” Start reading the BBC news links that are available in the Fire Fox web browser daily. That’s a start: GET EDUCATED.
    Your country is a few inches down a Right Wing greased slope to great danger and the complete erosion of what you BELIEVE what your country is, but is no longer, about.

    People like you are the people that the mongers like Bush/Rove/Cheney/Rummy/WOLFowitz/Perleman COUNT ON to enable them to do what they do to other people AND YOURSELF.

    Prove me right, and a litte sadder, by firing off some dogma you’ve been inundated with and cast off the “barb”, “Liberal”, at me. Honestly, if a LIBERAL is someone who thinks PEOPLE are worth more than Governments, Leaders, and Politics, then paint me a fukking Liberal.

    Take Care all of you, and for the sake of yourselves and this planet, may you soon see yourselves clear of this regime when it’s main conspirators are behind bars for the high crimes they have committed.

    PS: If you saw in blowhard Mike Moore’s movie, the scene where Bush, the most vacationin Prez in history, sez: “Now watch this drive.”, immediately after speaking SO sincerely from his heart in the SAME sentece, here’s more evidence that Your Thief in Chief DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU PEOPLE. And while here, check out the attack mentality of right wing supporters. How one can argue with facts and PHOTO’S is beyond me, but this blind adherence to a dead ideal, obviously has some POWERFUL and DEEP roots in some of my American brother’s and sisters.


  • Dan Mack

    Part of the system failure in this hurricane has got to be the timing of the event. In my job I deal with all three levels of government, and I know that trying to get almost anything looked at or approved during August is just not on.
    The entire government system is on vacation, like most of the real world.
    People are seconded into covering for jobs they normally don’t do throughout the year, or are returning to cover jobs they did earlier in their career.
    It is the worst time to try to mobilise any government action.

  • Also, there’s this comment from Mitt Romney, Republican governor of Massachusetts:

    “No one can be happy with the kind of response which we’ve seen in New Orleans, and whether that’s law enforcement or whether it’s a provision of resources to help those in need, it has been an undermanaged setting,” Romney said.

  • David, ‘government’ doesn’t mean just federal government, much though you want to color it that way.

    I’m not arguing that this situation has been handled well by anyone. However the problem is shared by many people and goes back for years. New Orleans has always been vulnerable to an event like this and no one has ever made any effort to protect it adequqately. In fact, even if every cent allocated under the original SELA plan had been spent it would have made little or no difference, because it was still oriented towards dealing with no more than a category 3 hurricane.

    The basic thinking on this situation has been wrong for years, mainly because the only way to really protect New Orleans would have been to move the whole thing to higher ground. There’s just no practical way to protect a city that’s 20+ feet below sea level from a category 5 hurricane.


  • One more criticism from a Republican:

    Sen. David Vitter, R-La., said the federal government had been “completely ineffective“ in its rescue and relief efforts.

  • Even Tom DeLay was critical:

    Tom DeLay, the Republican House majority leader, said on Friday that poor leadership and poor communications between local and federal officials was hindering the relief effort. “No one knows who’s in charge,” he said.

  • Also, consider this comment:

    House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said he agreed with President Bush’s remark Friday that the response had been “unacceptable.”

    “Hard lessons have been learned, tragic lessons have been learned,” Blunt said. “We have to respond more quickly; we have to respond in the right ways and be sure our priorities are right.”

  • More Republican criticism of the administration’s handling of Katrina:

    Sen. John Kyl, an Arizona Republican, said the federal response suggested flaws in the nation’s preparedness for another terrorist assault. “This damage could just as easily have been caused by a terrorist attack, and many if not most of the same elements are involved in responding to natural disasters,” Kyl said.

    “There has to be a plan in place — along with adequate resources — to be able to evacuate people, or at least provide relief supplies before panic sets in. None of this appears to have been done in Louisiana.”

  • Dave Nalle:

    The statement includes: “While it is too early to reach conclusions on the response of government to this catastrophe, it is increasingly clear that serious shortcomings in preparedness and response have hampered relief efforts at a critical time.”

    So, they aren’t drawing a conclusion, but they are certainly leaning a certain way. If you don’t think they are referring to the Bush Administration, fine. I think they are. We’ll find out next week.

  • Damn, what are they feeding Newt. He keeps making too much sense.


  • Another Republican critical of the Bush response: Newt Gingrich.

    You can find the story here

  • Sure doesn’t say that in the statement you linked to, David. The federal role is strictly limited in this type of situation, and if they aren’t looking at the other parties involved then they aren’t doing a complete job.


  • They are focusing on the federal response. They are being briefed by the DHS. They are talking about “immense failures” and “inadequate response.”

    Do you need them to draw you a map?

  • A freudian slip, perhaps, David.

    BTW, their actual statement says not one word about investigating administration failures as your title and article suggest.

    They are gong to investigate lack of preparedness and make no specific suggestion of who they think is at fault.

    Which is as it should be. At least they haven’t prejudged the administration and gotten out the rope the way you have done – yet again.


  • Marc, the article you link to only strengthens the argument that federal cuts left the Army Corps of Engineers unable to complete its project, begun in 1995.

  • And (sorry for the multiple posts), I see that I actually had “Bush Administration) in the headline on my blog — so I’m thinking I screwed up when re-writing the headline here.

  • Dave, I edited the headline to make it more clear. I realize that using “Bush” could be misconstrued as an investigation into the man, rather than the administration he runs.

  • Dave Nalle, the Senators are focusing on the federal response — they plan to interview DHS officials on Wednesday. That certainly justifies use of Bush in the headline.

  • Ronald Eakins

    Bush could not be more responsible for the deaths in New Orleans if he had taken a gun and shot the victims of this tragedy. He took the money that was to go to repair the levees so he could murder more Iraq citizens. After all what is more important levees to protect American lives or Halliburtan profits.

  • David R. Mark

    Here let my trumo your “comment number 3.”

    The 17th strret levee was repaired and it failed in a upgraded section.

    The 17th Street levee that gave way and led to the flooding of New Orleans was part of an intricate, aging system of barriers and pumps that was so chronically underfinanced that senior regional officials of the Army Corps of Engineers complained about it publicly for years.

    Often leading the chorus was Alfred C. Naomi, a senior project manager for the corps and a 30-year veteran of efforts to waterproof a city built on slowly sinking mud, surrounded by water and periodically a target of great storms. …

    “A breach under these conditions was ultimately not surprising,” he said last night. “I had hoped that we had overdesigned it to a point that it would not fail. But you can overdesign only so much, and then a failure has to come.”

    No one expected that weak spot to be on a canal that, if anything, had received more attention and shoring up than many other spots in the region. It did not have broad berms, but it did have strong concrete walls.

    Shea Penland, director of the Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of New Orleans, said that was particularly surprising because the break was “along a section that was just upgraded.”

    “It did not have an earthen levee,” Dr. Penland said. “It had a vertical concrete wall several feel thick.”

  • Another finely spun title, David. In fact, they didn’t say anything about specifically investigating Bush. But don’t let truth stand in the way of your crusade.


  • 1potato

    They did have a plan as I linked to above. Those sunken buses were to take those unable to get out to the Superdome and then out of the city if needed.

    Never happened did it? They had a 5 year old plan and never used it. Didn’t even try.

  • “Why can’t Lousianna fix it’s own levee and damns?”

    They put up $50M. It’s a poor state.

    A better question might have been, “Why did Bush feel it was ok to divert money from a project, when it was only 2/3rds complete?”

  • You said: “Blistering criticism from the left, that is.”

    Doesn’t that imply “only”?

  • 1Potato

    I didn’t say the criticism is “only” from the left. Nevertheless, there hundreds of Republican government officials, so if 95% of republicans think Bush is doing a fine job in this crisis, it’s still easy to find a few dissenters. As for Romney, many think he wants to run for President, so maybe he is starting his triangulation.

    In addition, I doubt their criticism is blistering. If it is, I would like to see it. I am sure it is at worst a mild rebuke, and more likely a subtle suggestion of doubt. Kerry used this tactic in the debates. He kept naming generals that agreed with him about the war in Iraq; but he failed to mention that the military has many generals and most disagreed with him.

    As for the link, I am not convinced it is the federal governments responsibility. We have a war going on (Afghanistan, if you don’t like Iraq) and homeland security issues. Why can’t Lousianna fix it’s own levee and damns? And if they couldn’t, why didn’t they at least provide better evacuation and emergency plans for the city? It didn’t seem that they had a plan at all. The damage is one thing, but the mass chaos certainly speaks to that deficiency, not the feds.

  • RogerMDillion

    Editorials from around the country on Friday — including at the Bush-friendly Dallas Morning News and The Washington Times — have, by and large, offered harsh criticism of the official and military response to the disaster in the Gulf Coast.


  • I would recommend you all check out comment 3.

  • I’m all for it, lets have an investigation.

    And lets start with the Southeast Louisiana evac plan, (PDF file so here is the relevant part.) page 13, paragraph 5 states:

    5. The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating.

    Also See page 18, paragraph 2 a 3.
    See page 21, paragraph c 4.
    See page 29, all of it.

    Who may you ask is in charge of this program?

    Why it just happens to be the very same Terry Ebbert, head of New Orleans’ emergency operations who is ranting about sending “massive amounts of aid to tsunami victims but we can’t bail out the city of New Orleans.”

    You may also note this photo that contains at least 200 city owned school buses. All with water up to the roof that were never used to move people out of New Orleans even AFTER a mandatory evacuation was called Sunday.

    And btw the over 300 municipal buses wern’t used, they are also under water.

    So someone ‘splain it to me if the city and State had this plan, one written in 2000, why wasn’t it followed?

    I doubt if Ebberts or the Mayor will ever give a satifactory answer, they are to busy pushing blame on the Federal government.

  • Anthony GRande

    I think we should investigate the DemocRATic Governor of Louisiana and the DemocRATic Mayor of New Orleans. They live there. If there were any pre Hurricane problems they would or should have known about it.

  • Also, 1Potato, you may want to reference this article before you continue on the conservative talking point that state and local officials “have the primary responsibility of preparing itself for natural disasters like this.”

  • You can find quotes from Massachusetts Governor Romney (a Republican) and Connecticut Governor Rell (a Republican) criticizing Bush.

    Collins, mentioned in this article, is a Republican.

    So the statement that the blistering criticism is only coming from the left is incorrect.

  • 1Potato

    The quotes don’t mention Bush, that’s just something you stuck in. The state and local governments have the primary responsibility of preparing itself for natural disasters like this.

    And then you have this quote:
    “The statment came after Bush faced blistering criticism for his administration’s response to Katrina.”
    Blistering criticism from the left, that is. The right and (hopefully) the middle see his leadership, just as he showed on 9-11(oh yea, that was all to distract from the fact that he conspired with the 9-11 terrorists).

    It is typical for the left to lie, and then refer to the lies as facts, over and over again, until people forget to question the original source.

    And then this: “We can send massive amounts of aid to tsunami victims but we can’t bail out the city of New Orleans.”
    Obviously this man is frustrated and overwhelmed. But come on, we didn’t bail out the the Asian tsunami victims: thousands died. We couldn’t save all of them and we can’t save everyone here. Bush is sending the military in to help, but G-d forbid he they shoot a looter and the left will go nuts.

    “Journalists against Bush’s B.S.” Sounds like really mature, professional journalists belong to that site.