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Senator Craig Grabs The Long Arm of The Law While Bush Kicks AG to The Curb—What a Week

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While I wrote this weekly wrap up Senator Craig resigned to his fate, making plans to quit. He won’t be alone in that stall. He has much company and sadly most of it in the GOP camp.

This past week full of messy surprises got scarier for this writer when she realized that folks are surprised about the “gay-sex” scandals among the D.C. elite.  I put that in quotes because that is purely addictive behavior (one can pay a shrink to fix it) and is different from being born, or whatever, gay or homosexual.

It seems to this observer that the down low is alive and well in Washington.  I call it the home of the handsome and those on the take. They are taking more than just money on the Hill, they are taking chances with their careers. It matters not when the unnatural call comes–they answer it. And it is probably easier to count the men on the Beltway who are living the straight and single bliss. It is not anecdotal that black men made the “down low” infamous. Harlem, not far from D.C. and D.C. have a bevy of black beautiful men who are gay, and who love men who are straight.  Yes, Craig and others might be straight (in their minds) but crooked in the restrooms.

Listen, I once worked for a man, married with children, who kept a log of the “gay sex” encounters he had on work time! Needless to say he was found out because he kept a damn journal, in his desk, on the type of sex, when, where and how good! My boss found the diary and naturally he got fired. But this was a white, straight male seeking out black men for sex. It is a big and growing trend among both races. Who started it, your guess. Who wants to take credit for that?

While Bush did not publically shun Sen. Craig others in the party will. This week sees Karl Rove’s relocation back home. He choked up as he left the building for the last time. Gov. Otter (Idaho) will have to name an interim replacement if (read: when) Craig resigns. Will that tip the balance on the Hill? It will. Because it means loss of clout pure and simple for that state and for the GOP.

Foreclosures closing in on folks 

Will Bush bailout the balloon payments low-income folks are facing? It seems so. He plans to help those who are just now facing foreclosure and have a chance at refinancing with the bank. But an actual bank bailout is out of the question — we’ll watch that.  The idea of this making big news in the wake of two years and counting since Katrina hit my mom’s hometown of New Orleans. We are still holding our collective breath. Can government fix it? Should government fix it?

The Washington Post reports that the Justice department will investigate the lies we know that Gonzales told under oath about the warrantless surveillance or knowledge about the firings of the other attorneys. It reminds me of the expensive studies that states buy to find out why kids are getting fatter or dumber! Come on, they eat too damn much, and sleep even more. And what does not kill you will make you fat.

And it’s Snow joke, Tony Snow tendered his resignation and will be leaving his post as White House press secretary in mid September. He needs to make more money for his family. Don’t we all need to make more than $168,000 a year? Bush tried not to stumble over his words as he lauded yet another leaving appointee.  

In Texas political news — It did not make the front page of the Star Telegram, but was on page two, the first Straw Poll held in Fort Worth this weekend, and already Brownback and Huckabee pulled out at the last minute for the set date of September 1st. It seems that Texas will once again retain it status as the ATM of the South. The primary here will be in March, after most of the other primaries have run. The top-tiers of both parties will be in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire Labor Day weekend. Ron Paul (Texas) and Duncan Hunter plan to attend. Naturally, Ron Paul, whom I like, should win Texas.  

Gov. Perry on Friday just hours before Kenneth Foster was to be executed for driving a getaway car (1996), commuted his sentence to life. There was global outcry on this Texas man’s destiny with death. Kudos to Perry who also wants to change the law that creates a death penalty for someone who did not pull a trigger or kill someone. One of my Mississippi in-laws (he’s black, she’s white) killed his wife and got 20 years, and will be out in about 10. There is a deep inequity across states as well as across the color line. Hopefully, this governor will take leadership on the issue. It also rings true that people who kill people they know or love get a lesser sentence than if one kills a stranger. Does that make sense?

One of the big stories locally is a gas. Gas drilling in the Barnett Shale has been causing sleepless nights with explosions, and unexpected gas releases and big rigs sitting in an urban setting. It is called “urban drilling,” but the green people think it is more like “urban killing.” Many who have pricey homes are vowing to fight it. But with eminent domain do they have the clout to challenge these laws? I have already signed on the dotted line. I think it’s inevitable, not Hillary Clinton.  

Finally, in global news there were two memorial ceremonies commemorating the death of the people’s Princess Diana (died at 36) held today in London, England.

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  • Booma

    “I am not Gay.”

    Okay, may Craig is not Gay. Maybe he is stupid?

    When one does not know what the guy in the stall is communicating, do what they do.

    Common. Any decent person would realize that the Vice Squad in the Mens Room is waste of Tax Payers Money. It reminds me of an old friend of mine who’s father was arrested in San Francisco some twenty years ago. He was in some Gay Area of town when he accidently fondled a police offices cronies. Yeah, well of course his wife stayed married for him for twenty years. He never admitted that he might be Gay not to this day. Old school never grow up.

    I really could care less if Craig is not Gay. It should be illegal to entrap adults for sexual behaviors unless they are lewd. I still would like to see the bathroom videos just to see what those gestures look like. I mean, what could he have done that was so overt?

  • zingzing

    nancy, that would be because homophobes are closet fecal freaks.

    put poop and sex together and it gets them all riled up.

    as for jom, has he never had sex in a bathroom? come on… and whats the real difference in fuckin in a bathroom and cruising the redlight district, then heading to a seedy motel with all sorts of fluids all over the sheets? at least most of the gay folks don’t pay for their anonymous sex.

    everyone knows that the bathroom cruising set is just as rare as prostitute fucking set.

  • Nancy

    Well…it’s not & that’s what I was questioning, but on another thread, I think. Handy maintains it’s not part of the lifestyle of a “normal” gay guy, but if it isn’t then why is it the most widespread preconception among non-gays?

  • JustOneMan

    This Craig story like McGreevy are prime examples of the inherent problems with the gay life style…how can anyone who enjoys having oral sex in a public rest room on their knees with aroma of urine and feces..as normal!!!!


  • Nancy

    I’m sorry to hear about work – you aren’t among the 1100 are you? I sure hope not. How old are your kids? If they’re teens, be reassured that eventually they’ll probably turn out just fine. I was such a miserable kid I’m surprised I survived to adulthood; had my parents offed me, I don’t think a jury in the land would have convicted them, & looking back, I can’t blame them, lol! I don’t think I’d ever want to be 20 – or 25, for that matter – again, except perhaps physically.

    Anyway, glad so ‘see’ you again.

    Yeah, what’s really depressing is that the candidates of both parties are just as revolting as the other. Just as lame, just as corrupt, just as low, just as self-serving, sanctimonious, self-righteous, & hypocritical. I could almost wish someone WOULD fly a plane into the Capitol, except it would destroy a perfectly good, historical building just to get rid of the vermin inside. & I don’t refer to the 4-legged ones.

  • Maurice

    Hi Nancy,

    I’ve had some serious problems with my kids. Work is not doing so well either. Micron laid off over 1100 workers just here in Boise. More to come.

    I don’t believe anything could make the current group of politicians look good. The Demlicans and the Republicrats are all worthless and weak.

  • Nancy

    Hey, JOM. No … haven’t had time. Got in an accident & lost a knee, so have a bionic one now. Works better then the original, IMO. Thanks.
    Hey Maurice, long time no hear. Where’ve you been? How’s tricks out there in the upper Upper west?

    Yeah, this Craig story is interesting – & gratifying to those of us with a sense of humor, I guess. First he refuses to resign, then he resigns, now he’s rescinded his resignation & he’s gonna fight ’em all, ’cause Arl is on his side. The Dems ought to fall on their collective knees & thank God for the current crop of GOP follies. Very little else could make them look good by comparison.

  • Maurice

    The Larry Craig story continues…

    It does crack me up that he cannot even operate a cell phone!

  • JustOneMan

    yawnnnn…anyone who follows polictics knows that members of an administration ususally leave 12-18 months before the end of the term…its all about leverging your connections for a job and the nextb phase of your life..this is pure bullshit..

    and Nancy…I could tell from your comments about me that you missed me..”Have you been a naughty girl?”


  • Nancy

    Seems like all the rats are leaving BushCo’s sinking ship, either by force or choice, before it finally goes under. “Karl Rove choked as he left….” We should have been so lucky.