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Senator Biden Nails It on Meet the Press

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Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) may in fact be the only Democratic candidate with a solid rational plan for a successful outcome in Iraq. He also appears to be the only Democratic candidate capable of calling it like it is with respect to the political/strategic situation in the now current Iraq "police action". I have to agree with Joe Biden, who has been calling for the end to the flawed idea of a "strong Central Iraqi Government" instead focusing on a more decentralized form of government within a loose federation at the national level. This approach provides the best chance for POLITICAL stability in Iraq which MUST come first before the idea of significant troop withdrawal is even plausible. A smart Republican candidate would do well to strongly support Sen. Biden's rational position thus demonstrating both the capacity of flexibility and that collaboration between both parties is still possible within American political leadership. We suspect that would play very well with American voters that are tired of the divisiveness on Capitol Hill.

On another front, Joe Biden "nails it," when he indicated he would NOT cut funding for the troops on the ground as a tactical means to put more pressure on the Bush administration to "end the War." During the Meet the Press interview, Biden made a compelling, extremely articulate, and impressive plea to his colleagues to NOT use funding cuts as a political football at the expense of American military lives. He spoke primarily about the new Cougar vehicles which are virtually IED proof which are needed to replace current HumVees in theater. The upcoming funding bill if NOT approved would cut funding for these vehicles and would thus DIRECTLY place more American lives at risk. When asked if he would go along with other Democrats and vote to cut funding for the war at the expense of gaining the nomination of the Presidency from his party, he responded in one of the most sincere statements I have seen a politician make on Meet the Press in a very long time. He said he would make the choice to support the troops and the funding even at the expense of loosing the Democratic primary race. Awesome!

Republican front runners should take note and a long and careful look at Senator Biden's strategic proposals for shifting the strategy in Iraq toward encouraging the movement toward regional governments under a Federation (Federalist System). He clearly appears one of the few politicians that thinks out of the box and is in fact has the courage to be a REALIST about the situation in Iraq speaking to the consequences of just pulling troops out without a long range plan.

Hats off to Senator Biden. Joe, we know you are a long shot as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency, but you at least have this one blogger's respect for stating the facts and putting forth a true strategy change that makes sense even at the expense of your own political ambitions. Bravo!

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  • JustOneMan

    Lyin Joe Bidens post presidentiao comments were so pathetic..

    “See everyone but is dumb…I say we just cut everyone in half. Than we can leave.”

    Joe Biden Sucks..


  • bliffle

    Culminating in the present Pres. I can’t imagine a less qualified president, and I survived LBJ. And Nixon.

    Good grief!

  • JustOneMan

    bliffle..you get it!

  • bliffle

    In past presidential elections Biden looked like a lightweight, but in this one he stands out from the crowd. On both sides. Says a lot about how low our standards for president have fallen.

  • We can all just laugh [or wince, since he has never intentionally succeeded in being funny] at JOM, but he has to wake up and be JOM, all day, every day. Think what an awful private hell that must be.

  • Baronius

    Oh, come on Ruvy, why don’t you just admit that you raises a jewish neo nazis? It’s so obvious.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Definitely just one brain cell, JOM. Your comments make this evident. It’s not that we are so wonderful. We’re not. But your assertions reek of ignorance and stupidity. Your inability to absorb simple repeated explanations of fact leave no other possible conclusion.

    I wish it were true that Israelis took your money and spit you in the face – your government well deserves it for your actions in attempting to destroy and in ruining the only true refuge Jews have on the planet – all just to so that your billionaires can run their tongues up the chocolate road that is the Saudi asshole.

    Fish is usually recommended as a brain food, JOM. In your case, it might cause your brain to break down… The cellular structure may be too complicated for you. A shame. Charlie the Tuna was calling out to you. You’ll just have to leave that can of Starkist for a more advanced creature – like my cat.

  • JustOneMan

    Speaking of single brain-celled animals…why do we continue to flush money down the toilet called israel to support a bunch of ungrateful slobs…the israeli citizens remind me of the pictures of the massess who were to dumb to evacuate New Orleans…

    Heres a country with high moral ground.

    1. Turns away Darfur holocaust victims
    2. Raises a jewish neo nazis
    3. Take US public assistance and spits in our eye

    Ruv,,,worry about your own dying economy filled with a bunch of morons


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Don’t be too hard on JOM. When his whole life consists of sniffing Joizey methane gas (the whole state is one big fart on top of a pile of polluting chemicals – G-d help you all if there is ever a major accident in Joizey; in fact, G-d help my sister and nephews who would all be killed by the poisoned air!!), it gets hard to make that one brain cell he has work properly.

    Seriously folks, moving the topic away from single brain-celled animals, I do not think the author of the article has done the Biden’s big “issue” justice. Admitting that it might be time to move to a loosely federalized Iraq is like admitting that the pope may be Catholic. The country is already splintered along the lines it should have been left at 85 years ago, and it is going to take more that just Biden’s duct tape of measured rhetoric to put it back together again.

    America, for its own economic survival, needs to get out of Iraq just so that it can stop hemorrhaging money and driving its economy down the toilet. It needs to nuke the Iranians just to teach the Russians that they are not yet the Soviet Union, and they need to ditch the Saudis just to win the war against the Wahhabi hate machine.

    Unfortunately, that is not the goal of the American oil and banking establishment, which is quite distinct from the American people they rule over, and do not have the interests of Joe Sixpack at heart at all. They are leglogged in bed with their Wahhabi business partners, and you are all getting screwed in the process.

    But hey, don’t let me spoil the party of phony intellectualizing over phony candidates…

  • JustOneMan

    [Deleted] Driftwood..

    You are not making any sense! I am impressed and flattered. Do you save all of my posts?

    “In this thread, you attempt to insult Dr D by insinuating he’s a homosexual.” Gee whats wrong with being a homosexual? Its obvious you have a porblem with it by this statement!!!…are you some sort of homophobe???

    hmmmmm..you are a scary dude!


  • Otis B. Driftwood

    I was addressing the issue: your fuckin’ immaturity. And I didn’t make anything up. I was reacting to your statements.

    From Who’s to Blame for Alberto Gonzales?

    “so if a “rich white guy” gets into Harvard or Yale..they are unqualified or its because of their dad…however if a wet back or beaner gets in they are “perfectly qualified”.”

    In this thread, you attempt to insult Dr D by insinuating he’s a homosexual.

    I don’t know your attitudes towards Jews, but can only guess from the what you have displayed so far. Now from reading your comments, I guess it is possible that you are so fuckin’ stupid you don’t realize what you are saying, but that doesn’t cut slack with me. You have revealed yourself, so if you don’t like how you look, that’s on you.

    You still haven’t provided one example of Biden’s foreign policy, so practice what you preach.

  • JustOneMan

    Hey Shitw…I mean Driftwood,

    Rather than address the issues you find it easier to attack the messenger…”racist and a homophobe”???? Gee next youll be calling me an antisemite!

    Stop making up bullshit to attack me and just debate the issues…


  • Otis B. Driftwood

    How can anyone take you seriously?

    “in order to measure ones credibility we must evaluate the patterns of their behavior”

    At this site, you have shown yourself to be a racist and a homophobe, but please enlighten us with more than your childish outbursts about Biden’s foreign policy ideas. He’s the politician who has made the most sense on Iraq the entire time.

  • Baronius

    ZZ, I like the article. I don’t agree with Biden’s position, but we have to respect a politician who makes honorable decisions. You’re also right that people want to see across-the-aisle agreement. Tactically, it would be a smart move.

  • JustOneMan


    The point is he is a political hack who loves to hear his own voice….in order to measure ones credibility we must evaluate the patterns of their behavior…Biden is rock solid idiot when it comes to foreign affairs. In addition, his personal life is as sad as Craigs…Therefore, my attacks against this moron are valid.

    Hmmmm sounds like you should spend less time fantasizing about meeting Joe in an airport men room and more on facing reality Biden is part of the problem not the solution…


  • Dr Dreadful


    Sure, Biden is a dinosaur and is probably wrong about this too, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take him seriously.

    Let’s play a game. You tell me who your favorite presidential candidate is, and which of his/her views you most like.

    Then I’ll respond with a clutch of ad hominem attacks on that person which have nothing to do with the opinion you named.

    Maybe then you’ll get the point.

  • JustOneMan

    Joe Biden is an international embarrassment! His early plagiarisms, using his tragic family deaths for political purposes to his bad hair plugs…

    Gee what Presidential quotes —

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Joe Biden

    “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent…. I’m not joking.” Joe Biden

    How can anyone take this guy seriously…


  • Max

    I heartily, HEARTILY agree. Bush and Cheney have no idea how to extracate the U.S. from this war, and the Democrats are simply pandering to voters by promising to “pull out.” Neither position is acceptable. Both are a disaster.

    Biden has earned my respect by never kow-towing to all the useless rhetoric spewing out of his own party. He is quick to criticize EITHER party for what he thinks is right. Sadly, that probably means he’ll never get elected because he’s not a partisan scumbag.

    I have never voted for a Democratic candidate, although quite a few times, I liked the ones who didn’t make it past the primary. Sadly, I expect this will happen again.

    But I am really pulling for Biden these days.

  • REMF

    “Biden is the only Democrat who has any kind of realistic proposal regarding Iraq.”

    Which is to supply more troops to that shithole, and where are they going to come from? Any suggestions? Can you think of anyone of military age (18-42 years) available?


    “The rest are either cut-and-runners, or they offer some sort of schizophrenic Iraq policy that makes no sense.”

    Bullshit. Barack Obama’s withdrawal policy of “We should at least be as careful getting out as we were careless going in” makes much more sense than GW Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech (witness the 3,300 killed in action since).


    “Sadly, Democrat voters don’t seem to want a rational Iraq policy…”

    More bullshit. The Democrats are much more rational than those Republicans who stay home while sending someone else to fight their battles for them.

  • RJ

    Good post. Biden is the only Democrat who has any kind of realistic proposal regarding Iraq. The rest are either cut-and-runners, or they offer some sort of schizophrenic Iraq policy that makes no sense.

    Sadly, Democrat voters don’t seem to want a rational Iraq policy, and so Biden trails badly in all polls…