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Selling your Virginity Online

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I once tried to sell my soul on Ebay; didn’t get squat for it*, turns out selling your virginity online is a much better market.

For instance:

From Mainichi Daily News

Schoolgirls selling virtual virginity to scumbag suckers in cyberspace

By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer

June 3, 2002

I got 350,000 yen for my virginity once. The guy was some sicko of about 40 who said he ran his own company. I’ve sold my virginity three times so far.”

That is one smart cookie!


BBC News World Editon

Peruvian virgin turns down $1.5m
By Hannah Hennessy
BBC News, Lima

Inside a tiny breeze block house, beneath the dusty hills on the desert outskirts of Lima, religious paintings like the Virgin and Child and the Sacred Heart share wall space with photographs of a beguiling young woman posing as a model.

And it just goes on from there. Pffft! She turned it down!

I feel the peer pressure bubbling up inside of me: I wanna play! What’s the going price for unblemished 28 yr old poontang? Course I’ll probably have to lose more weight to get a good deal. At this point I resemble a used car, however I am totally untouched.

I AM the unicorn!

Note: Here is what Ebay had to say about my soul selling:

The item you have listed does not appear to be consistent with eBay guidelines.

eBay does not allow the auctioning of human souls for the following reasons:

If the soul does not exist, eBay could not allow the auctioning of the soul because there would be nothing to sell. However if the soul does exist, then in accordance with eBay’s policy on human parts and remains we would not allow the auctioning of human souls. Therefore, we have ended this auction and all fees have been credited to your account.

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  • Interesting eBay policy – open to much philosophical interpretation.

    How did you go about setting up the auction to get that error message? Could you provide the html link to this policy?

    What is the connection/correlation between the virginity and the soul?

  • Don’t have a link, they just emailed this to me. I really don’t recall the details of this auction as I was soused at the time, but folks who’ve tried to sell their virginity on eBay got a bunch, and a lot better offers.

  • Seems the moraility of the girls could be called into question as well. But ostensibly that’s why there are minor laws and adult laws – because the adults are supposed to know better.

    Both sides here seem equally sick in the head, however. Either way I am suitably (or unsuitably) creeped out by it.

  • Wonder what the price for ‘re-instated virginity’ is?

  • Nancy

    In Japan there’s a thriving trade in “re-virginizing” women who want to give their husbands or whomever a thrill, but The Japanese are known for their taste for the bizarre. They didn’t have this yen for virginity (pun intended) until the Christians arrived in the 16th cent.

  • I’ve seen reports of ‘chastisty virgins’ who claim to be ‘re-virginated’ Christians in the South, Dallas or thereabouts, not sure of exact link/ref

  • If one were to apply Band-Aid Liquid Bandage to one’s nether regions, would not the resulting membrane be an artificial hymen? There’s a cheap way to revirginize without the hassles of going to a gynecologist.

  • Nancy

    I don’t know…I suspect it wouldn’t, uh, ‘stick’ long enough to grow new tissue. I’d like to hear from a guy’s point of view (if any of them have any thoughts on this): what IS it about doing it w/a virgin? I should think that would be pretty off-putting, myself; I mean, someone who has no clue, who may not find it comfortable – in which case, probably not thinking you (the guy) is very exciting – who may be nervous, scared, etc. I can’t see how that would be a turn on.

  • Those darn Christians.

    I believe they’ll sew ya up for free over in Africa won’t they?

  • Nancy

    Uhhhh…I thought all they did there was cut you up w/coffee can tops (if you’re a girl)? I don’t think the virginity mystique started w/the Christians. It would seem to have started long before that w/the Jews, but even in the O.T. before they were Jews, it would inferentially have been a Sumerian thing, as it seems to have been implicit w/Abram as a cultural value before he became Abraham; and of course, it’s been a Chinese standard for thousands of years. A lot of folk traditions reported by the Romans and even earlier by travelling Greek writers also emphasized the ‘virgin’ aspect of various beliefs & practices, so I dunno. For once this isn’t something I would blame on Christianity (miracles never do cease 🙂 !) I just know from my various readings on Japanese history & culture (esp. Heian periods & later) that the Japanese have for centuries thought that anyone remaining virgin was not only abnormal, but subject to possession by demons, which coming from my western culture I thought of course was an unusual tack for people to take, but then again, so did the Polynesians. Anyone else out there w/more expertise or better readings have info? God knows I’m not the last word on this or anything else.

  • Brooke is right. Both cutting and sewing are done in certain parts of Africa and the Middle East.

    Nancy is also right. Both genital mutilation and the related excessive fixation on female virginity are cultural barbarities far too old to blame on Christianity.

    Nearly every culture has ugly practices that ought to be discarded as soon as possible, as well as beautiful traditions that ought to be preserved for future generations.

  • I only mentioned it because “Nancy” said this up there:

    In Japan there’s a thriving trade in “re-virginizing” women who want to give their husbands or whomever a thrill, but The Japanese are known for their taste for the bizarre. They didn’t have this yen for virginity (pun intended) until the Christians arrived in the 16th cent.


  • I am currently selling my virginity as a USED item. I’m not getting anything for it so far, but I figured it was worth a shot. Wish me luck.

  • I’m trying to buy mine back, but the undeserving girl who stole it from me doesn’t seem to think it was worth very much. Succubus! Succubus! Succubus!

    That is all.

  • you can buy mine. It’s just as good I’m sure. It’s a little beat up, but it’ll do. Oh, and I found a buyer for my soul as soon as I list it. If he wins the virginity then he’ll have a virgin’s soul, which is worth a little more I hear.

  • You’re kinda funny for a broad, Beergirl. Write more often.

    Throw in the ass and we’ll talk. Do you take food stamps and Subway punch cards?

    That is all.

  • They quit doing subway punch cards. Those are worthless, but I’ll take food stamps. Fat girl’s gotta eat!

    Oh, and btw, I’m flippin’ hilarious. You just don’t know!

  • I GOT MY FIRST BID!! My used, slightly beat up virginity is going for a dollar now.

  • Disgusting concept, but entertaining it for a sec, I wonder if longtime celibacy counts as reconstituted virginity. Say she rode horses or was a gymnast or something. And what about men? (I’m thinking about that new film about the 40-year-old virgin.)

  • I’m up to $1.25 now

  • 7.50. I’m sure you guys don’t care, but hey, I’m having a blast here.

  • That street corner must be hopping

  • heh, it’s ebay. People will bid on anything.

  • For the curious, here is the auction link – most interesting

  • This auction is coming up as an “Invalid Item” now. Good thing eBay is on the ball to protect our moral purity. Or something.

  • That’s hilarious, Brooke and beergirl.

    I can’t believe that ebay has to have an automatic message to tell people that they do not allow the selling of human souls. I bet they have a lot of hilarious stuff in their manual and their automatic messages. Someone, please write more about it.

  • Beerboy

    “I am currently selling my virginity as a USED item. I’m not getting anything for it so far, but I figured it was worth a shot” – beergirl

    Will a shot of Jack do the trick?
    Or, would your prefer a boilermaker?

  • Jeff

    It’s the mystique of being a girls first. Old men in a midlife crisis who want to relive something from high school. Or get something they never had, a girls hymen. Someone they can make scream because they can’t make a woman.
    Anyone who cuts or sews up a girl down there should have their balls cut off, fried up and forced to eat them.Then forced to wear a burka, because they’re not a man anymore.
    Hey Beer Girl I have twenty bucks if I dont eat for a day. Will that win the auction.I’m in need of just using mine!

  • hi i m santo from india i m 21 male from delhi i m still virgin plz break it [Personal contact info deleted]

  • BubbaTech

    Hay BeerGirl, If you can use 5.00 and my virginity, to patch up your used vaginity, no wait, that does not work huh??


  • hotmama587

    Where would a good looking girl discreetly and safely sell her virginity for 1 million dollars?

  • blah

    do they actually have sex witht the winner of the bid? isnt this prostitution?
    if so i wouldnt be too surprised since now they sell us being a porn actress is the highest in society a woman can get. In my country at the moment there are 2 tv shows, one portrays the glamorous life of a sex-call girl, the other portrays women in the entertainment business that do sexual favours to climb up in the business… i can see a very sad future for women in society.

  • r0se

    I really wanna know this. someone please answer my question!!…

    Can you sell your self even though you’re not a virgin and still have a chance to get a high bidder up to one million??

    I’m asking this is because i never had sex before i was gang raped when i was 16 turnin 17 years old by several people that’s how my virginity was taken from me. I still feel like a virgin mentaly because i never had sex, only raped.
    Now that i’m soon to be 19 next month i’m thinking about selling myself to one person only!!
    I really want to know if i still have a chance? i am very pretty. where do i auction my self? please let me know. I’m alone and struggeling. The only way to help myself is through this.

    Please tell me what i can do [Personal contact info deleted]

    I’d really appreciate your help!
    Thank you.

  • Stepahnie

    we’re very poor..and we are in need of money desperately….I was thinking of selling my virginity….to get money. I’m 18 and still a virgin…i’ve never kissed or anything.

  • Brunelleschi

    The religious interest in virginity dates back to pre-Christian times when numerous legends of “demi-Gods” existed. The tradition was to claim someone was of a virgin birth to “prove” their divinity.

    It’s all bullshit. People will believe anything!

    Today guys just like thinking about virgins because we are horndogs.

    I hope that woman that sold her’s gets paid and lives well. Good for her for being creative.

  • Brunelleschi

    If ebay blocks you from selling your soul, maybe you could think like a capitalist and sell “The title to your soul.”


  • pot belly momma

    Seriously, I see no problem with a girl selling her virginity, we all lose it at some point and most of us to somebody we probably would NOT climb into bed with again. I wish I had had the foresight to have sold it. At least I would have something to show for it.

  • anne


  • michael

    I gonna sell my ass on ebay!!

    20 milion dollards!!, no kidding.

  • michael

    Paying millions for somebody’s virginity..lol that stupid, when you can go to a third world country and f%$#@, every body for less.

  • Boy, the world has changed! It used to be that girls were willing to GIVE it away. It costs a lot of money to go to a third world country to get cheap sex, even if the girl herself comes for half of nothing.

    Inflation has hit everything from sneakers to coffee to good sex. A good thing I’m happily married….

  • twabies

    anyone intersted in a 14 year old virginity?

  • katie

    Erm yh don’t actually say how to sell it though does it does anyone actually know? :s

  • rayanna

    I’m 19 years old and I would like to put my virginity up for auction. I know that some people think it is wrong but it is my body. I’m serious, if someone can direct me as to how I can auction my virginity please email me(rayvalue@live.com)

  • vicky

    I’m 23 years old and i wanna sell my virginity.. [personal contact info deleted]

  • “Rosary”

    I am considering selling my virginity.
    Will be eighteen and want a guy that knows what they are doing.
    Do you know how one might sell it in an auction?

    mail me back with info: blutundwasser@yahoo.com