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Self-Publishing Hall of Fame

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I wanted to comment on the New World of Self Publishing, but the darn web site won’t let me comment. It keeps tell me about some corporate firewall, but I’m just a wee bit of a lad here at home. No corporate firewall, but a personal one, yes.

If you want to see an incredible list of great authors who self-published, hop on over to the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame at Yes, that’s my web site, but the hall of fame is wonderful reading anyway.

The hall of fame is also out in a more expanded, story-telling version as a POD book, again by me. Published by Infinity Publishing.

Well, darn, the book isn’t at Well, then, here’s the best book on the subject of self-publishing. It’s The Self-Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter.

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  • Yvonne DiVita

    You have a wealth of information on your site, John. What a marvelous job you’re doing of helping authors get published. We’re a new publishing company and we think your site is a terrific resource for new authors. Your book cover advice is worth millions. If only authors understood the importance of that book cover. Once we get our resource page up, yours is one of the first links we’ll add, with your permission.

    Glad to meet you. Hope we can collaborate in the future.

  • Tristan

    and where is the Self-BLOGGING Hall of Fame Manual ~~~

    (Hmmmm….there’s an idea …!!! )

  • Eric Berlin

    John — please include the actual link that you’re trying to take us to… thanks.

  • James Munroe

    You have a fantastic resource John, it’s one of the best writing resources online