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Self-Publishing and Success: eBooks and the New Breed of Writers

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There was a time when writers sent their manuscripts to print publishers and hoped that the publishers or their agents will accept their manuscripts. Times have changed. We are now part of the self-publishing era of eBooks where writers can decide when and how to release their books. These breed of writers also manage the whole gamut of activities revolving around the release, including editing, designing the book cover, pricing, and the marketing.
Here are some writers who have treaded the path of self-publishing their ebooks to earn accolades.

Amanda Hocking writes novels of paranormal genre. She self-published her novels as eBooks for the various ereaders, such as Amazon Kindle. The first book she self-published was from the My Blood Approves series. Since that move, she has sold thousands of copies and made lot of money. She also quit her day job as a social worker to immerse herself in writing. The screenwriter for District 9 is adapting a movie out of her books and a traditional publisher — St Martin’s Press — has inked a deal with her securing the rights of her previous and upcoming books. St Martin’s is re-releasing the three novels that were self-published, Switched, Torn and Ascend, after re-editing. These three are part of the The Trylle Trilogy. Additionally, St Martin’s is going to release her next series Watersong. Her pricing strategy when she was self-publishing: She priced the first book of each of her series at 99 cents. And decided to charge $ 2.99 for the subsequent books of the series. She also sent out copies to book bloggers for review.
Her blog: amandahocking.blogspot.in

Darcie Chan, a lawyer, self-published her debut novel The Mill River Recluse as an ebook. The story is about a rich widow suffering from social anxiety disorder. It has sold many copies and has been on the New York Times bestseller list. Her strategies when she published the book: paying for reviews and making the ebook 99 cents. Unlike Amanda, a traditional publisher has not yet signed a deal with Darcie as of now.
Her website: www.darciechan.com

Kandy Shepherd’s The Castaway Bride is currently priced at 99 cents. An Australian who was born in Sri Lanka, Kandy’s romance novel has made it to the best seller list on Amazon.
Her website: www.kandyshepherd.com

Kerry Wilkinson, the UK author who has written the detective series of Jessica Daniel, has become a bestseller on Amazon UK. He priced the first book in the series — Locked In — at 98 pence and raised the prices of the sequels (ranging from 1.88 to 2.79 pounds). Unlike some of the self-published stars, Kerry Wilkinson never approached a traditional publisher. But now after his tremendous success, Pan McMillan has entered into a deal with Kerry for six books.
His website: kerrywilkinson.com

John Locke, 60 and an entrepreneur, has sold more than 1 million copies of his books on Amazon and has signed up with a traditional publisher, Simon & Schuster. His Donovan Creed crime series include the novel Saving Rachel which has made it to the New York Times bestseller list. He priced his books at 99 cents. He has now got an agent who is searching for buyers interested in TV and movie rights.
His website: lethalbooks.com

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