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Self-Portrait of a Killer: Montreal Gunman Kimveer Gill aka Fatality666

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On Wednesday, September 13, 2006, 25-year-old Kimveer Gill, of Fabreville, Quebec, decided that today would be the day he would introduce himself to the world he hated. Armed with what is believed to have been a handgun, an assault rifle, and a machine gun, Gill drove to Dawson College in downtown Montreal and opened fire. Fatality666, Gill's online alter ego, stole the life of 18-year-old Anastasia Desousa and shot and wounded twenty innocent strangers before turning his gun on himself.

He was probably from a good, "quiet" family. He probably never quite fit in at school, had few — if any — friends, and was probably persecuted for being a square peg in a round society. The description sounds all too familiar doesn't it? And yet, no one recognized him. Who was Fatality666?

Kimveer Gill was an enthusiastic supporter and member of the online Goth community Vampirefreaks.com. It would seem that when he joined the community on November 14, 2005, he had finally found a world he fit into. A world in which he belonged, and felt validated. Gill often touted the site's growing membership in his journal as though the site's popularity reflected his own. Perhaps it was the acceptance and comeraderie he found there that led him to the ultimate affirmation that he, and the online persona he'd created, were one and the same. Kimveer Gill became Fatality666.

Below are excerpts and photos taked from Kimveer Gill's Vampirefreaks journal and profile page.


Sex: male
Age: 25
Location: , Quebec, Canada
Rating: 9.90
Rating points: 25388
Member since: November 14, 2005
Last logged in: September 10, 2006, 04:54am
Account Status: Premium Member
Rated by: 2564 people
Latest Journal Entry: Postal dude rulz September 10, 2006, 05:37am


His name is Kimveer. You will come to know him as Trench. He is male. He is 25 years of age. He lives in Quebec. He finds that it is an O.K place to live. He is not a people person. He has met a handfull of people in his life who are decent. But he finds the vast majority to be worthless, no good, kniving, betraying, lieing, deceptive, motherfuckers.

Work sucks……….School sucks……….Life sucks……….What else can I say

Metal and Goth kick ass

Life is like a video game, you gotta die sometime.

Fatality666's profile page on Vampirefreaks.com is strewn with personality quizzes taken by Gill. One has to wonder whether he was affirming his identity, justifying it, or searching for it. Perhaps all three. Whatever the motive, Kimveer painted a self-portrait for the world to see. Sadly, no one did until it was too late.

Take the quiz:
How truly depressed are you?

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Super Columbine Massacre RPG
(among others)

Why didn't anyone see the warning signs? That's a question that has been asked on more occasions than we'd like to remember. Most will probably say they didn't take him seriously, chalking up his behavior to harmless youthful rebellion. Others, well, they never really noticed him. He was one of those weird kids, you know, anti-social. A bit of a freak. An outcast.

The fact is, children aren't driven to these acts of atrocity and revenge over the period of a year or two. What we've witnessed is the result of a lifetime of not being accepted for who they are, or aren't, of not being heard, of not being seen. They slip through the cracks, where no one notices them. The Goth movement didn't create a killer, Vampirefreaks.com didn't create a killer, and the game Super Columbine Massacre RPG (although I detest its existence) didn't create a killer. Society did.

Fatality666 Blog Post – January 04, 2006, 07:29:pm

He Walks Alone

He opened the door, walked down the hallway, down the stairs, and continued out the front door. Destiny was at hand.
Music:Godsmack – Re-Align

Fatality666 Blog Post – February 19, 2006, 04:22:am

I am not amused

I know you're watching me motherfuckers
I laugh at thee

There is nothing you can do to stop me

Mood:Perfectly Sane
Music:Lacrimosa – Der Erste Tag

Fatality666 Blog Post – March 15, 2006, 05:54:am


I hate this world
I hate the people in it
I hate the way people live
I hate god
I hate the deceivers
I hate betrayers
I hate religious zealots
I hate everything

I hate so much

(I could write 1000 more lines like these, but does it really matter, does anyone even care)

Look what this wretched world has done to me

Fatality666 Blog Post – June 11, 2006, 04:35:am

Look out friends

The RCMP and CSIS in Canada and Local Law enforcement and F.B.I. in the States have been scouring this web site during the last 3 months. Looking to arrest you guys and girls for nothing.

Ever since that girl from Alberta killed her family, they've been going through the pros, and have arrested dozens of people because of what they wrote in their journals (like talking about killing someone), or the pics they got (like holding a gun) or whatever.

Just be careful about what you write. Select "Private Entry" for anything that might be perceived as suspicious. For now.

Mood:So cold. So empty
Music:H.I.M. – Razorblade Kiss

Am I suggesting that Kimveer Gil wasn't responsible for his crimes? No. He was a cold-blooded killer. What I am suggesting is that he was not a lone gunman. He carried with him the many accomplices he picked up along the way.

It's hard to imagine how he could look an innocent stranger in the eye and pull the trigger without any hesitation or remorse. I suppose he learned first hand how to not see their face.

Fatality of Mind and Soul

People once believed, that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens, that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes the crow could bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.The Crow, posted on Fatality666's Journal.

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About Annie

  • Wow, what a freak, thanks for the report, Annie

  • I’d say “The Crow” is one to watch, almost as though that post is a hint of things to come.

  • Sorry but there’s no way society should take the rap for this.

    There are plenty of sad, lonely and depressed people out there but they don’t all pick up a gun and start killing people. How do you pick the ones who will? If it was that simple to pick out prospective killers the world would be a much safer place to live. It’s always easy in hindsight to say ‘someone should have noticed’ but thousands of kids write this sort of thing and less than one percent do anything. And do you think a big hug would have changed his outlook?

    One can only wonder how many times ‘Fatality666’ filled out these online quizzes until he got the results he wanted, that fitted the image he created for himself. He had a warped mind and sometimes they go off. Put simply he was a sick fuck and the world is a better place without him, what’s sad is that he took someone else with him.

    What pisses me off is the use of that quote from The Crow. A work written from the author, James O’Barr’s sense of loss over the death of his fiancé gets tarnished by its association with this incident. Bad enough he used it but did it really need to be reprinted here? It really doesn’t have any relevance.

  • Well done, but unsettling article. How could he become so disconnected from life and skew his perception with it? I am surprised he was 25. Where the hell did he get these weapons?

  • Whatever

    For every psycho fucking asswad like this guy, there are 20 goth-metal heads who are just finding their way through life, and will someday look back at themselves and feeling horribly embarassed. They all think they are some “dark lord” how can society possibly distinguish one from the other. They all seem like anti-social, unhugged, unloved misfits looking for negative attention. Totally cliched. This is why goth culture/satanism is so pointless. If you choose to think negatively and hate the world around you, well guess what? The world, the man, other humans will look at you with contempt and disgust.

    Being a unique individual and making your own way in the world doesn’t require that you be some homicidal cocksucker, it means doing the right thing, the decent thing – making the most of what God gave you and doing it with gusto.

    Fuck this asshole and all those who think they are some “dark” mysterious figure because they choose to do what any halfwit with a gun robbing a liquor store could do – take a person’s life.

    Even hell isn’t interested in an unimaginative poseur like this turd. Rot in the earth bud, rot long, rot hard.

  • Excellent, if deeply distressing, article here, Annie. i agree with most every bit of commentary you’ve offered.

  • good riddance!
    so he can fertilize the soil and contribute to mother earth…. hehe

    i encourage those who think like him to slit your throat and contribute as fertilizer to the society you have condemn… oh thanks for reading

  • Andrew Ogier

    I’m placing my bets that the Videogames he played will take the blame, not the fact that he was one totally fucked up, manically depressed, suicidal, delusional, mentally dysfunctional person.

    It’s so much easier to have a scapegoat that’s already in a negative light rather than to acknowledge the facts that his parents raised him wrong and the way our society is in general crossed him over the point of no return.

    I *almost* feel an ounce of pity for him, until I think about the people he hurt and killed while carrying out his own suicide.

    There was no reason to do what he did. Why didn’t he just take the gun and blow his own brains out instead of hurting innocents in the process if he was that insistent of taking his life into his own hands?

  • I don’t think society is to blame for what happened. Many kids are picked on or not accepted as they grow up, many do not have friends. They get older, and most grow out of it, or they remain introverted.

    When I look into his eyes in his pictures, I see something scary – a coldness about him. It takes a true psychopath to do what he did. Then again, it seems like he really DID know the difference between right and wrong, and loved the “darkness” of doing and being evil.

    Those around him should not be held responsible for not “stopping” him or seeing the signs. He was 25 – he is responsible for his own actions. How do we know that a friend or a loved one didn’t suggest he see a psychiatrist? He clearly needed medication.

  • Roger van Verka

    What Kimveer did was intentional and unwanted. I will never ever endorse what he did. I fail to understand the commercialization of the whole tragedy on the web. Look at the advertizers on this site. We are living in a very bizarre world.

  • As you can see, i’m a member of VF too, but don’t be scared, i won’t kill you.
    That Kimveer was a member on Vampirefreaks, doesn’t mean that all the members on it are evil,satanic and dark.
    Ok, it’s totally wrong what he did, i agree.
    But now the people are being negative about gothics because he was one too. A huge amout of people signed up at vampirefreaks.com, just to say that we’re all freaks and we have to go away and stuff. Why blame all the goths? I’m not saying what kimveer did is right, it absolutely isn’t. But we (I don’t consider myself as a goth, I’m just not standard, but the people start blaming everyone who even LOOKS like a goth or have friends who are goths) we aren;t already in a good daylight, an i just wanted to say that it’s easy to blame us all. It’s kimveer who did it. Not us. And like i said, that he was a member of VF was coinsidence.
    I’m sorry if i insulted anyone, but i’m sick of all the people who are angry at US for what kimveer has done..

  • Gore

    I’m a V.F member, and i don’t support him, he was pathetic, he had all that fire power and only killed 1 person? as i say pathetic, a failure in every way.

    he doesnt represent us , he was a looser in V.F
    too, and plenty of us have violent images in out profs, hell i have some of my guns in mine, but
    don’t worry, i wont shoot up a school, i graduated a long time ago, yea i was different but i was respected for it and i blame no one for
    any of my problem, im a honorable man, honor before life is how i live.

  • Derryn

    Super Columbine Massacre RPG

    Just so you know it does actually exist. People like Kimveer piss me off so much as it stereotypes all other metal heads and goths.

  • How do you live in a house with your parents, create an arsenal and have hateful views? Where were the parents? Shouldn’t they have reached out to him?

  • Gill joined a gun club in order to get permits for the guns. According to his mother, she thought nothing of it, as it was his hobby, a sport, and the guns were legal. As far as she believed, he was a good and obedient son.

    The photos he posted on Vampirefreaks of himself posing with his knives and a Beretta CX4 Storm semi-automatic carbine and wearing a long black trench coat and combat boots, were taken by a friend of his, in his mother’s living room. They were obviously taken with her permission, as she knew all about them, and didn’t seem to have an issue with it. That might explain why he posed wearing just socks, rather than in his black polished army boots, which he’d also photographed and posted on Vampirefreaks, and which he wore on the day of the shooting…No shoes allowed in the living room.

    His mother stated in an interview that her son had sought help for depression in the past, and that he’d been more somber and reclusive than usual since Christmas time.

    Gill’s mother is under going breast cancer treatment, and his father is recovering from heart surgery. The family was in crisis, which might explain why many of the signs weren’t recognized for what they were. Who knows…

  • a vampirefreaks user

    this guy was one of many other potential people on the site…if he had not found this site he probably wld hav done alot more alot sooner…i think this site may have saved many ppl…maybe not from Fatality666 but from other users which hav at one point felt alone in this world and had nothing to live for but they then found this site which currently has 634279 members and riseing…full of kids, adults, people just like them if not even stranger. some people on this site consider it to be almost like another home, a place wer they can go and truelly be themselves. Fatality666 may not hav been a very good representative of that but its the ones that have been helped that most people fail to notice. i dont think in anyway this incident should make people think that vampirefreaks.com was in anyway responsible for the actions of Fatality666 and hopefully all this media attention will show kids out there that there is a place on the internet were they can express the darkest and sickest feelings they may have and not be soccially outcasted because of them…that the weirder they are the more likely they are to fit in. thats all i have to say

  • I am a vf user. I’m not obsessed with the site. I’m not a goth. I’m not an emo. I don’t think of myself as some ‘dark lord’. I do sometimes think slightly dark thoughts. I do sometimes wear black. I do listen to metal. But I also think happy thoughts. I also wear colors. I also listen to jazz. kimveer was one sick fuck. Are his parents to blame? Maybe. I doubt it, though. Parents can fuck kids up sometimes, but only to a point. This guy probably had some mental illness or emotional problems. We shouldn’t evne bury this fuck. Most goths would never kill never hurt never do any of this crap. if this guy wanted to ‘die in a hail of gunfire’ why didnt he do it in the privacy of his own house. He definately deserves to have died after what he did but anestasia (i think that was her name) did not. she probably never did anything to that ass hole just cause he didnt like her is no reason to kill her. and vf should not be blamed just for this one stupid fuck. oh and by the way not all ‘goths’ think they’re ‘dark lords’ so anyone who says that your an ignorant fuck. idiots.

  • Be Sensible

    If you really think and understand Kimveer, he seems to be a pretty smart guy. It would appear that he just about had enough of the world. Fate was never changing for the better, so he must have thought why waste life having taking sufferance, but having not had the opportunity to give the same treatment back to society.
    From what I hear, he was a quiet guy at school who never bothered to really mess with people. Yet, he was “zoned out” by everyone else. If people are alone, why does western society see it cool to make them feel even more alone, instead of giving the guy a chance? This is the consequence of such a shameful society. Theres no point in trying to act cool when you’re not.
    All the haters or narrow-minded people out there are just waiting for their life to break into pieces. Some people have nothing better to do than to go around condemning others, criticising for the fun of it or to get support from others. I think its fair to say live your life, let others live theirs. Hmm…so for Kimveer, it might have been ‘others dont let u live, u dont let them live’. Makes more sense than live your life, dont let others live..thats never gonna work.
    Todays society: every small thing is turned into a big issue equivalent of murder. Take Kaavya Viswanaathan for instance…she denies she plagiarised anything, and the media and lifeless morons on the otherhand, die to prove she did plagiarise. Thats plain pathetic. So what..its just plagiarism. Everyone copies others..otherwise how the f*** did yall learn to speak? How the f*** did ppl learn words like f***. Whats worse today, such minute issues are exploited by the media to make their money (its bad news that hits the headlines). Also, theres like a fckin surveillance camera or recording device around every corner tracking your every action. Everything from your past like what you wrote in a journal and shit is digged up and with a click of the mouse can be sent anywhere around the world. Ppl have gotta stop this bullshit, learn to forgive others, and forget the past…ppl change over time. Give everyone a fair go. Life is about chance.
    Otherwise…there are gonna be more Kimveers out there. You decide as the society..is that what you want?

    P.S Looking back at life..i reckon childhood was the best. When your little kids, no one gives a fuck about what others do. Every days a new day. Everyones healthy wealthy and wise. Not even lies are a big deal. Time sux eh.

  • It never ceases to amaze me how people want to get all touchy feely about spree killers like Kimveer yet no one says the same about serial killers. No one says Ted Bundy was misunderstood at school or Jeffrey Dahmer was a nice guy who just had some odd eating habits.

    The only difference between Kimveer and the likes of Dahmer is he tried to take a lot of lives in one go while they did it over time. He had no excuse for taking another human life. He wasn’t defending himself, his property or his country, he did it because he wanted to. He knew the difference between right and wrong and just didn’t care.

  • Angeliss

    I actually started using the VF site recently what I have discovered is most there are perfectly reasonable and nice folk.
    as for Gils blogs there is nothing on them that is really plain you can certainly find a lot more violent imagary and violent and underage sex blogs on my space also on the mainstream record industry .
    for all those type of blogs you have posted here of Gils there were others saying bullying is wrong how he loved the VF girls and how people should buy Kittens and be nice to them.
    I don’t get why people insist on blaming VF or Goth, Goth is not actually about commiting violence its not a violent sub culture unlike say hip hop which the mainstream media seems more than happy to promote.
    In fact its ironic that many of Gils blogs talk of hating Hip Hop due to its violence and disrespect.
    The most violent of all the sub cultures is the one Gil most hated.
    Gil wasn’t even a real Goth its likely he went to VF thinking to find acceptence which he didn’t in fact it was only while the small percentage of those who did accept him were around that he seemed happy and guess what those on VF who liked him liked him because he seemed sweet.

    The reality is that the impression he gave most of those he had any real contact with on VF he potrayed himself as sweet.
    those blogs that keep getting highlighted were a few of a great many the vast majority of which were either mundane chatter very common rants about the unfairness of the world and nice guy blogs siding with the underdogs of the world.
    Those tests he took its very easy to get a score similar to his.
    I took them and did so and didn’t even try but I don’t trust people automatically , I have fantasized about shooting people who have done me wrong though never random people and even with those who have done me wrong I would never want to make that a reality since I don’t want to take lives but who hasn’t said oh I would love to kick the ass or even kill some person that had done them wrong ?
    more than half the population the world if its honest but hardly any really want or will turn those feelings into a reality they are just an angry expression of angry fantasies just as violent games are fantasy and videos only an already twisted mind will take those fantasies and make them reality.

    Also I feel there is more to this gil story than is known why Dawson why not a nearer school or more sensibly a school he attended.?
    Is there some piece of this tale missing somewhere?
    Anyway back to those tests anyone who is not quick to trust and has ever thought oh I will kick that persons butt when someone has done them wrong will score similar to Gil they don’t in truth portray that someone is likely to go out and kill for real.
    Gils blogs sound little different to what any other person who has felt rejected and picked on by society has said at some point in their life, 99% will never try to do anything real with those feelings.
    And heres another question, why is no one questioning the laws in mainstream society in north America rather than Goth culture and VF website?
    Goth is a worldwide culture that even exists in nations like Japan and England VF is a worldwide website as are diseffected pissed off people.
    Yet these school shootings are almost entirely a North American phenonem so doesn’t it make more sense to question wether there is something about North American culture and the ease with which Gil got a hold of the guns in the first place thats responsible for the amount of these schoolyard shootings and gun crime in general rather than trying to shift the blame onto Goths and Vampire freaks?

  • John

    Hmm…The world seems f*cked up to Kimveer now. To me, i think its just part of gloablisation and modernisation. So if ur in north america..bad luck

    I agree with on a lot of what “Be Sensible” said. Oh and that Kaavya plagiarism case is a load of crap..so what if she plagiarised? Theyre equating it to murder. Such negative publicity for a small thing only promotes one to commit a deeper offence for the same publicity like murder.

    In response to “Angeliss”…i think laws in america are tooooo strict. U should go to asia and check out how everything is pirated, Nike is replaced by immitator Nike, police r corrupt etc. Yet everything is forgiven.
    And whats the story in North America? It’s prison + a hefty fine for a petty careless mistake. There is no room for understanding ones emotions here. Its all about evidence…if the evidence exists..ur f*cked. For life. You get a fancy little thing called a criminal record, which prevents ur chances of having any life in the future..no job..blackmail etc. All this clearly promotes suicide and crime, as a reaction to ‘the unfair world and life’. Change for f*cks sake.

  • Gore

    hell it was only montreal, no great loss there.


  • All Hail Lord Veer! and His Corpse Bride Anastasia, bonded together in the ceremony Death.

  • Quote: “Super Columbine Massacre RPG (although I detest its existence)”

    Why do you detest this game’s existence? Have you even played it? How about gone to the game’s website to at least research the reasoning behind its creation?

    I wonder if you realise that games like this give people like Kimveer (and people who want to be like him) a way out. It provides us with another way to express the hatred and the desire to kill that we feel, and it stops so many of us from actually acting on those feelings. Sure there are those of us who are so determined that nothing will stop us, but for those of us who are not like that, this game is almost all we have.

    Don’t detest the game’s existence. It may have saved the lives of people close to you.

  • pat

    Kim it seems was a guy who knew what is right and what is not. He must have suffered public humiliation on a number of occasions.. the recollections of which may have made him wish he could kill all present at the time. I am sure his time at college was not pleasant.
    Public humiliation can really affect the mental judgement of self respecting people…. to the point where they do not care about the right or wrong any more!

  • Tahli

    OMG Thanks sooooo much i have na account but im deleting it as soon as im done here

  • Sah’Rhyce

    It’s easy to look at his writings and say to yourself and others “ohh, we shoulda seen it…hes a murder waiting to happen”. The thing is no one was watching and no one cared. In this world we live in opinion is everything, and at the same time nothing. Words are strong and actions can kill. The strain and tension can build upon someone and get to such a point that it can turn a man into a murderer.

    Judge not lest yee be judged. Everyone can kill someone and given the right circumstances you could be Kimveer.

    If there is one thing that should be taken from this placid murderer, it is that anyone can be someone behind closed doors. Face value is everlasting when you already hate the person you do not know.

  • I wanted to say that what you said was pretty good. I dont agree with what he did but he was madecold by this sociaty what we call a loving caring commpassionate place isnt i was there for him and still trying toput things right sordove like how you were i knew him on v.f. i have a profile there and its jmv take a look. I even wrote i think 2 journals about him and it sickens me that noone else is standing up for him. I know what he did was totally wrong but he had been drivin there by the actuall sick people in this world he wasnt he was crying out for help and i tryed he was never never a mean person people would go and write on his pro. all the time he was freaky or he was scary i saw t all the time even when he passed that all them sick people still went and wrote on his pro. And pics. And yet people still wonder why theres killings umm let me take a guess lets see what are you saying or doing to help prevent this there doing nothing but saying oh he was scary blah blah no he wasnt yeah i think he did that maybe to scare some but a cry for help. Anyway if you wanna talk and i can trust you we can like i said my pro. on v.f. name is jmv And this is no joke of anything i said. Take care.

  • Sah’Rhyce

    Hey J-e-n-n-i-f-e-r, were you talking to me then lol?..If so, I totally agree and I also dont approve of what he did but the thing is, he was normal.

    “He has met a handfull of people in his life who are decent. But he finds the vast majority to be worthless, no good, kniving, betraying, lieing, deceptive, motherfuckers.”

    “Work sucks……….School sucks……….Life sucks……….What else can I say”

    I mean, who hasnt thought all that at some point in their life. Im by no means anything goth but I definantly can sympathise with what he is feeling here. Infact just reading that it brings back memories of being in school and not seeing any clear path out of there.

    What defines someone is how they react to situations. Kimveer here reacted by building all his haterid and anger up into a bubble and throught violence he exploded. His bubble was made of acid and when an acid bubble explodes everyone close to it gets covered in acid and gets burned.

    Hes a murderer, sure. But hes also a person.

  • David

    What a disgusting ugly mutant…Fucking loser POS.

    Gill was obviously angry at society because he was a loser. What’s truly sad is that this worthless coward had to take an innocent live with him. Why did you do that Kimveer? You took the life of someone you hated, something you weren’t: Someone with a bright future, someone intelligent…a beautiful human being…and you were just a worthless piece of shit.

    At least now there’s one less piece of shit like him running around. Good ridance

  • David

    What’s worse is the losers who are actually try to excuse this POS by saying it’s society’s fault blablabla BULLSHIT.

    It’s clear you side with him because you’re also a reject of society.A loser. Losers can be identified visually quite easilly, for their loserness is deeply rooted in there inferior DNA as was the case with this particularly inferior specimen). They deserve nothing but conptempt and ridicule. Next time I’ll see one of your ugly POS I’m make sure to remind you what you are.

    Go on…the angry-bitter freaks which side with him. Take your anger at society and blow your freaks head up. Just don’t take innocent lives with you. Don’t make the same mistake this shit made…instead of blaming society because you’re a fucking angry reject. Be accountable for your yourself and slit your throats.

    Man, the freaks who conceived that shit must feel real proud of their “wonderful” little disgusting worm? huhh?

  • Sah’Rhyce

    As I said earlier, I’m not siding with him and don’t approve of anything he did. Infact I hate him for what he did, even though I do live in Australia and this took place on the other side of the world.

    If you’d have read what I’d said I only said what CAN happen to someone put under the right situation and what a little push can do.
    I was just stating the fact that someone can be anything and anyone can do horrible things. I never agreed with what he did and never said anything of approval.

    You sounds like some angry 10 year old yourself. offering to go around and call random people “losers” to their face.

    Theres always one domino that gets the finger…Remember that.

  • Tony Asha

    Lets not forget that this guy replied to your article on the earlier killings involving the member of Vampire Freaks – He was a member of THIS webforum, yahoo and msn – if an assumption is going to be made linking websites with behaviour, lets look at all the websites and draw our conclusions

  • Ashley

    I Have A Vf And I Love My Vf.
    I Personally Love Vf.
    I Dont Agree With What He Did.. But To Blame It On Vf.. No..
    Vampirefreaks Rocks.
    I Wish I Was Dead.. Alot. Im Depressed. Im Emo. I Need To Talk To A Counciler Or Id Have Already Klled Myself.. I Write Poetry. I Even Used To Cut But I Wouldnt Try To Kill Anyone
    And I Think Vf Has Helped Me Because When I Get Mad Or Sad I Can Just Go On&&Mess Around With Games On Cults. It Takes Your Mind Off Of What Made You Mad Or Sad So You Dont Hurt Yourself.

  • jennifer

    Ok to david. I havnt been on here in a long time but. I just read what you wrote stupid ass. He was way more intelligent than you think. Ok way smarter than your dumb ass anyway. Thats why we see the world as we do. Your the stupid ass who thinks that life is not hard because of idiots like you who see it as its noone fault. Your the stupid closed minded person out of all of this. Once you open your eyes you will see then that it is sociaiety to blame. There like you dont have commpassion or anything. Yall are actually the cold blodded killers. You turned a beautiful human being into a monster like you. And it hurts more to see that beautiful person become an ass like you. Wake up realize it is the worlds fault. Um no yeah i had problems in my life. Ok but i dont care anymore what happens to the ones who ruined my life. They have to answer to god as well as you when you die david. Ill get back on this more later. I really dont want to waiste my time on an idiot who cant see the world as he should.

  • jennifer

    i have vf as well and i love it. And theres so many things yall have no clue to him or about him. I do i knew him i talked to him i met him when i signed on vf in feb. 1 06 he wrote to me and welcomed me to vf and helped me with vf to set it up and all. He helped most commpassionate caring person of all. He is the best. He did wrong ok but he wasnt like that before hand he was made to that plus the pressure of alot in his life. Which yall never know i will.

  • metalownsemo

    its all the jocks preps and wigger’s fault for never givin kimveer a chance

  • john!!!

    dude …. srry for jennifer but that dude could of killed my borther. MAN!!!!! for me he looked cool but doing what he did ….he is a real baster to me

    my bro was lucky and ran to his class!!!!

  • jennifer

    Hey john Im truly sorry thank god your brother did find safty. How is he? No i understand your thoughts about him. But i knew who he was he was not a bad person. I know what he did was to wrong. And i wished he never did. But i do still love him and wished i wouldve been able to know or to stop him. Theres alot to this and its hurtfull how the media didnt go into details about this they only showed what was to be bad of him. I wont go there. But im glad hes alive. Your brother.As far as to metalownsemo Sweetie its this wordls fault. Noone has commpassion or caring or love for anyone anymore. And this world is a very cruel and wretched world. Noone will ever see that and there gonna continue like the way they think and theres gonna be more killings going on. We all need to work together but it will never happen. And one day its gonna be to late. And then maybe just then theyll understand but i doubt it. This world will come to an end. But we need to work togehter. We cant hurt one another anymore. Thats like how the people talk bad about me how am i suppose to feel? Well i stay strong and i do see the other side of things i understand all the way. What he did was wrong. But that doesnt mean hurt his loved ones. Im am here to even help the ones he hurt. I really hope this world will get better. God bless everyone.

  • J.M

    I agree with your comments jennifer, it’s to bad that no one reached out to this guy sooner, maybe could have prevented this incident but it’s in the past. I would say societies only partly to blame, there is always other instigaters. Everyone has their own destiny in their own hands, although I cannot speak for Gil and how much hatred he had built up inside. I wish people could learn from this tragedy and learn to accept people more and not to label them. But I know that won’t happen, the world will move on and forget about this and history will repeat itself again and again. People are ignorant, they always assume things, make up their own realities. Oh something isn’t right with “kimveer” but he must be ok, hes got a roof over his head, clothes, food, money, a job, therefore he must be great. This happens all to much especially nowdays, it’s quite sad but if only someone close to him, like his parent’s could have seen what he was becoming and about to do. One can only hope that these shootings can be prevented in the future, what am I saying? remember history will repeat itself sadly, all we can do is hope for a better future.
    I know I am.

  • Asrael

    Kimveer Gill did wrong, but he was conditioned to do so– he allowed this hatred to take over. The endless horror of loneliness and betrayal, the inadequacy of people, hatred’s fruit is only sorrow. I empathize with this harsh individual, for in school, when a favorite-picking teacher gaged my classmates by telling them to pick out characteristics in each other—- I was labeled sly. I had no close friends in high school, I was somehow “different.” People would always tell me of the parties they attended– they never invited
    me. In university I naively believed that my housemates valued me– but no, they just told me that I was “fucked up” and suggested that I should try cocaine. As the clock changes to 2:00 am, my mind dwells on these memories. My parents are truly the only people who have ever loved me– a
    friendless adolescence, unacceptance, no girlfriend, nothing…. In the broken sorrow of Kimveer Gill I see myself.

  • Mr x

    That Kimveer guy is a dickhead.And to that other person who said “he had all that firepower and only killed one person” isnt that a good thing u fuckin dick?.But yes that kimqueer grill guy sounds like he was just a fake pyscho prick,Tryin to make out he was this “big bad goth”.f*ck him.he’s probably gettin shagged by saddam and satan right now. haha
    Urge to kill..rising ..rising…RISING!

  • Mr x

    Hey asrael that sounds bad man.sorry about that.Luckily 4 me i always had best friends in school and was fairly popular.up until the last year of it when my life started to go messed up.And now everyone thinks im a weirdo or a freak or something.Hopefully shit will change.for us both.

  • Rae.

    This is pathetic. =)

  • Anonymous

    Anger is just a type of protection of onself, and anger is at the root of suicide or homicide.

    If he had gotten the help- especially emotionally and mentally- that he NEEDED …YEARS before this, then it would never have happened.

    Personally, I dont blame him, but rather the “innocent bystandards” who saw him cry out for help and did nothing. (before his heart went black).

    So many people are so stupid and blind to others suffering, especially in schools…. or when it relates to bullies or whatever… it has to take a tragedy for anyone to think “oh, wow, something really wasn’t right with this kid”. but instead of thinking “how can we prevent this by finding the kids like him, before their hearts go black?” instead of that… schools install metal detectors, or zero tolerance policies, or other idiotic things like that. it aint going to help!

    Kids like him need some kind of emotional or mental help! And BULLYING IN SCHOOLS NEEDS TO STOP NOW. (Get the bullies help too!) But as far as the kids like that could become like the shooter here…Stop making them the targets for once, and find a way to heal these kids before they ever get like that!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “What a disgusting ugly mutant…Fucking loser POS.

    Gill was obviously angry at society because he was a loser. ”

    No, he was angry at society because everyone (in his mind) treated him like sht. Including you, it seems.

    What’s truly sad is that this worthless coward had to take an innocent live with him.

    You hate him so much. I wonder, would you be any different?

    Why did you do that Kimveer? You took the life of someone you hated, something you weren’t: Someone with a bright future, someone intelligent…a beautiful human being…and you were just a worthless piece of shit.

    How dare you say that about anybody.

    At least now there’s one less piece of shit like him running around. Good ridance”

    Apparantly, it wouldnt take much walking in his shoes to think the way he thought. I pray that you never hate the world like you hate him.

    How is your anger any different from the anger he felt at the world? That he felt treated him so badly?

    The people who had a beatiful life… well, THEY are the lucky ones. At least they had a life, even though it ended too short.

    He lived his life in hell, then died before experiencing anything else.

    And you really can’t say that you’d be any different in his shoes. Already your own anger (at him) tells me differently. YOu too can experience anger, and you too can say “I am happy that the person I hate is dead”.

    Wouldnt it be better to show some compassion, and to help others who are crying out for help as well? Instead of just calling him a loser? Instead of feeling so angry that you are happy another person is dead? (and justify that by calling him a “mutant”?)

  • Meagan

    PARENTS! If a child has good, loving parents, a person wouldent end up like this… I cant believe people dont understand that…

  • Anon

    Fuck that Kimveer idiot. I know many people who consider themselves “goth”, and although i am not one myself, I have known these people for a long enough time to understand that goth society in no way condones any of the actions this fuckwit did. I myself have suffered depression to the point of feeling suicidal but I would never take out MY problems on people who have nothing to do with them. Yes I was bullied throughout high school too, did I pick up a gun and go mental? no, I was myself and was accepted as such, as a matter of fact over the years I have sat and had a drink with many of the people who did bully me and they are all sorry for what they had done, people grow up. Anyone can sit here and say “its societys fault he did it” and all that shit, but consider the fact that HE KNEW what he was doing. Just because he was some fucked up twisted piece of shit doesnt give him the right to hurt innocent people on his way to his (obviously deserving) death. I hope satan is raping him down in hell, although judging by what ive heard that dickhead is probably enjoying it. Good riddance.

  • Morbid attrocities

    Hey anon i would’nt be havin a drink if i was u,with the people who bullied u. id have jumped them with some friends and kicked the shit out of them ha ha ha ha. Good will hunting style.

  • fuck you

    well id just like to say FUCK YOU!

  • Some1

    Its too bad..

    Im not even going to comment, or else someone will say Im wrong, or that its not true..

    But all I know is that, that guy was a loser. Thats my opionion.

  • subliminally insane

    r.i.p. kim veer gil

  • Aux

    Im alot like this lol

  • no one 123

    when i look into his eyes i dont see something scary or crazy i see someone who is sad, someone who just wanted to fit in. i am a vampirefreak memeber and i love that site. its not the website’s fault that he did the things he did, im not saying that what he did was right but the media is just making it look like he was a mean, evil person, but he doesnt look like it. the media is also saying the websites like v.f. are causing it or making it worse. like the captions on the pictures from his v.f. site aren’t as bad some people may think they are. it is so easy for someone like the media to blame the gothic or emo kids because of the rep that society has given them. what if he only had a myspace or a facebook would this story be the same? it makes me mad, that the people who come on here and comment about him, comment so harshly and are so judgemental. like calling someone “an ugly mutant or a fuck up” like come on. to some people life does suck.

    that is all i have to say right now


  • Michael

    You people are fucking pathetic. How dare you call Kim a “loser”. Do you really blame him for going on a massacre when people outcast others and alienation can do this to people. He obviouslt didnt fit in and didnt find comfort amongst people in society and couldn’t figure out why…this mustve frustrated him beyond belief looking at people and not understanding how they interacted and existed. He wasn’t evil at all, like the person who posted before me said, look at his eyes, empty, sad, lost and angry.

  • Anon

    I think was he did was extremely reprehensible but ultimately he made his decision however wrong and awful it was…I’m surprised to see others so eager to put the blame elsewhere…I swear some of you are just philosophical zombies (not to mention very stupid ones)…hollow shells with no souls. Part of being a society is knowing how to behave individually

  • Anon

    I think was he did was extremely reprehensible but ultimately he made his decision however wrong and awful it was…I’m surprised to see others so eager to put the blame elsewhere…I swear some of you are just philosophical zombies (not to mention very stupid ones)…hollow shells with no souls. Part of being a society is knowing how to behave individually

  • raymond

    “Armed with what is believed to have been a handgun, an assault rifle, and a machine gun”

    thats wrong… machine gun and assault rifles are the same thing….it wuz an AK-47 and a 12 guage shotgun and a glock 12

  • Raymond

    “Armed with what is believed to have been a handgun, an assault rifle, and a machine gun”

    thats incorrect (assault rifles and machine guns are the same) he had an AN-94 assault rifle, 12 guage shotgun, and a glock 12 hand gun

  • Kimveer’z Embasodor

    i can understand y he lashed out at this mother fuken government structure[so called “society”]….and if i was to think of suicide…which i am…i will take out as much motherfukers in this cold world with me than killing myself……..

  • Kimveer’z Ambassador


  • fbi

    we’z no where u r

  • Kimveer’z Ambassador




  • Person

    While this post was informative in terms of giving insight into his life, I do not agree with the majority of the comments made by the blog author, Annie. The last few sentences, especially, seem biased and ignorant. I’m not saying I sympathize with the killer. However, hardly any of the information I’ve read online about him seem to be unbiased. Most are either stereotyping and prejudiced (such as this one) or sympathize with him. I’m not with either side, but in general, people need to stop their bias.

  • Julie

    @ Comment #5 Whatever


  • Karina

    Number #37

    Remember that for every ill that you wish, that ill will befall you and your kin instead of the person you wish ill upon. It’s called Karma and you’ll get it during your life when you die remember that you will be judged.

    I do hope that the Desousa familly can hopefully recover from this horrible tragedy. All the best.