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Self Healing with Qi Gong

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According to the masters of ancient martial art practices, Qi is the life force energy of all creation. So it makes sense that when a person looks into activities that promote self healing, Qi Gong would be an excellent place to start. It is said that Qi permeates the entire world; it exists in all parts of nature, in plants, animals, people and even the air around us. All we need to do to engage in self healing is pull the Qi into our body through the breathing and gentle movements of Qi Gong.self healing

Qi Gong has many benefits to our health, whether we are sick or well. Most importantly, it improves blood flow and circulation to all our vital organs, muscles, and cells. Our cells benefit from this increased circulation because they receive increased nourishment and oxygen once circulation is improved. Most people only use 65% of their possible circulation. As this percentage goes up and blood circulation increases, the appetite is stimulated and metabolism is accelerated. The body often benefits from weight loss and increased health and energy.

Self healing is also experienced in the practice of Qi Gong from an increased flow of oxygen to our cells. It is believed that the air itself holds massive amounts of Qi so when we take multiple deep breaths, a large quantity of Qi life force will enter our body too. The practice of Qi Gong promotes long, deep breaths that bring in air through the nose, and then slowly generates an exhale by pulling the abdomen in towards the spine. This practice massages our internal organs while at the same delivering to them the healing power of oxygen.

Increased blood circulation and improved oxygen delivery are two of the key benefits of Qi Gong and go a long way toward helping the body heal itself. Our bodies were designed to perform at optimal levels when all of our systems are fully engaged. Very few people engage their circulatory system fully and even fewer take in the long, deep, full breaths that our lungs are capable of. Modern living has made life so easy for us that we no longer engage in activities that promote or push our bodies to use their full potential. While this is good in some ways and makes life more convenient, it also makes our bodies a breeding ground for illness and injury. Our systems are not being utilized fully so they develop blocks or stop working properly. This shows up as disease, illness, chronic pain, cancer, degenerative diseases, and increased rates of injury.

Regular practice of Qi Gong has been shown to reduce or eliminate all of these problems that are by-products of modern day life. In addition, Qi Gong has been shown to bolster the immune system, improve the body’s reflexes, enhance our mental abilities and memory retention, and help us to experience a greater sense of peace and calmness. So do yourself, and your health, a favor and begin a self healing regimen of daily Qi Gong today!

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