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A self employed person is one that has opted to start up his or her own venture rather than seek traditional employment with a company. There may be several reasons for taking the decision to be self employed such as unemployment, dissatisfaction with a current job, or simply the desire to work for ones-self.

The route to self employment make take several paths. Some may decide to make the most of an existing skill or interest and make that the core offering of their new self employed business. Others may use an idea they have already seen to be working in the marketplace or make use of proven business opportunities such as a franchises.

Being self employed is not without risk. It requires a range of different skills and the ability to cope with a myriad of business decisions and tasks. It requires determination, dedication and flexibility to be a success.

For further discussions, self employment advice and options you can visit sites such as Self Employed Success Blog and Select Your Franchise Blog.

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