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Self-Confidence is Key to Improving Affirmation Success

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Believing in yourself is the key to successful affirmations. If you want to change any element in your life no matter what it is (and it could be anything), daily affirmations are the right way to reprogram your brain, which will consequently change your life. It’s not magic, but it does offer a powerful mind and body connection that few other things can match. Just like the saying goes: If you can believe it, you can achieve it. So, if you can believe you will be CEO of your own company, finally get that brand new Mercedes, lose 50 pounds (and keep it off), or finally meet your soul mate, you will. Here are some of the best affirmations to improve your success in life, love, and best of all, happiness.

positive affirmationsInvest in a quiet place where you can concentrate on powerful images and thoughts. This could be your bedroom, a corner in your kitchen, or even your bathroom. Really, the place doesn’t matter just as long as you can be comfortable and devote 10-30 minutes a day or night without interruption. Some people like to sit in lotus pose (as if meditating) while other people prefer to lie down on a bed or on the floor. However your body is most comfortable and best able to concentrate, do that.

Now, you are ready to visualize. Concentrate on something that you want to correct or improve. Perhaps you are unclear about the direction your career is taking. If you are unhappy about your progress in general, want the confidence to apply for the latest promotion, or just simply want to be noticed for your achievements at work, positive affirmations can be transformative in a very short period of time! By repeating on a daily basis affirmations such as, “I excel in my field and I receive fair compensation for the work I do.” Other affirmations that can retrain your consciousness for career success are “My phone is ringing and continues to ring with clients eager for my business,” “My company has more than enough business to make a strong profit,” or “I am promoted to the top of my company with excellent pay and job security.”

meditationAffirmations are another way of accomplishing productive self-talk. Everything we say to ourselves and every thought that we think – whether we are conscious of those thoughts or not – has the power to shape our reality. If we are constantly putting ourselves down due to being overweight, our thoughts can lead us to have such low confidence that we tend to reach for that brownie sundae instead of walking on the treadmill. However, if we replace those negative thoughts with positive ones such as “I am fit and healthy” or “I feel thin because I am thin” we can create a different reality for ourselves and transform our entire life.

Since every thought we have is connected to our next thought, the best thing we can do to change our current situation is replace our current thoughts with positive affirmations. You can’t stop your thoughts altogether – after all, that’s part of being human. You can replace those detrimental, negative, and self-harming thoughts with positive and encouraging ones and affirmations are one of the quickest ways to change your life.

Finding a healthy relationship is one of the biggest needs people have when they begin affirmation work. There are many reasons positive affirmations can help your love life. Whether you want to have the confidence to leave an abusive relationship, change your status from single to committed, or just finally have the opportunity to meet your soul mate, affirmations can be life-changing. Who doesn’t want to meet the love of their life? Affirmations aren’t a magic potion that can automatically create the perfect partner for you, but they can drastically improve your ability to attract the right partner in your life. Focus on affirmations such as “My heart is always open and I receive love all the time” or “I deserve love and constantly greet it with open arms in my life.”

Finding love isn’t an easy task. We may have baggage from past relationships that seep into our current relationships, thus preventing us from loving our partner with an open heart. Even worse, we may repeat the same love mistakes of our past, such as attracting a violent partner or a commitment-phobic one. By working on affirmations, we can stop these detrimental patterns that hinder our ability to be in a healthy, loving, and fulfilling romantic relationship.

Since wanting love doesn’t always mean you will receive love, it’s important to do some work on your own to achieve the relationship you have always dreamt of. Attracting love in your life has a lot to do with how much love you radiate to others as well as how loving you feel about yourself. Do you treat yourself with respect? Do you take care of yourself by eating right, getting enough sleep, and taking the time to exercise? Are you there for your friends and family when they need you (and even when they don’t)? These are all great ways along with your affirmations to improve your love life – and at record speed!

If you currently do affirmation work but want to improve your success or simply wonder why your life’s situation isn’t changing despite your best affirmation work, then consider how much you believe in yourself. Are your thoughts wandering as you concentrate on your affirmations? Are you experiencing feelings of disbelief or self-doubt as you focus on positive thoughts about love, prosperity, or financial abundance? If you have any doubt about yourself, the best affirmations you can do will be to increase your self-confidence. Once you can begin to replace negative self-doubting thought with positive thought, you will improve you affirmations overall. Repeat affirmations along the lines of “Fear doesn’t hold me back from accomplishing the things I want in life.” By increasing your belief in yourself, your affirmation work will become more successful than ever before.

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  • Rose

    What an inspiring article! I have gotten so caught up in my own life that I have stepped away from my daily meditation. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Michelle Zimvu

    Thanks for a fantastic article!I too am passionate about using affirmations for success in all areas of my life. They really do work!! One of my favourites is: I am always led to the people who need what I have to offer.