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Selecting a Hairstylist

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One of the hardest things is finding a good stylist that can turn a simple hairstyle into an artistic masterpiece, and people will most likely change from several stylists over the years. Also many will experience the effects of a bad hair stylist like a bad haircut, a terrible hair coloring job, or just no dedication and love for the job, which brings out a lack of attention to detail and customer comfort. An experienced stylist will ask customers about their particular style, what they are looking for with the salon visit, answer questions, and offer suggestions on improvements.

Here are some suggestions on finding an excellent hair stylist. Certificates are definitely a place to look when searching for experienced stylists. Hairstylists graduate from beauty school after hundreds of hours of training, but the better ones take more time for training in additional courses such as Wella hair coloring or Aveda professional. This extra instruction teaches stylists current techniques on hair styling, cutting, and coloring that is manifested in their customers’ hairstyles. An experienced stylist may have several certificates.

Experience, of course, can be an easy sign of a good stylist and many salons rank their stylist in accordance to their experience and training. It may cost more for a higher ranked stylist, but this can be worth it because they are generally more experienced in different techniques and have practice on different styles, face shapes, and hair coloring. Talented hairstylists should be able to answer a client’s questions on face shapes and hairstyles, hair colors, and the appearance on the client’s hair, management of a particular cut, and any other questions the client may have. This is a step many clients fail to take.

Checking out a hairstylist’s clients is another way to determine if they are talented. Many stylists have a portfolio of their work in some manner, including in albums at the salon and on the salon or stylist website. From these hairstyle photos, anyone can view how the stylist cut the hair and how well the hair coloring was done. The more hairstyle photos stylists show is definitely a good sign that they are proud of their work. Another way to find out about a hairstylist is to look at both the salon and stylist. A talented stylist will have a beautiful hairstyle and the cutting area will be clean. Just by walking in and taking a look at how the stylist is taking care of a current customer and cleaning afterwards is a nice sign.

Clients should not be fooled by a salon’s reputation or word of mouth. A salon may get high praises, which can be accurate, but many salons rent out stations to individual hairstylists who work for commission or pay rent every month for the hair cutting station. Going to the salon on just that alone can result in being sent to an inexperienced hairstylist because generally commissioned hairstylists get first walk-ins.

These are some of the steps to take before allowing a total stranger to cut your hair. For those lucky enough to have found a talented hairstylist, be sure to keep him or her as long as possible and, even as a reference for finding a replacement. For those that are not as lucky, definitely do some research before just stepping into any salon.


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