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Seeking the Worst Dressed American for 2009

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As if there weren't enough self-flagellation one could inflict after looking in the mirror, The Learning Channel has announced that Stacey and Clinton of the TV Show What Not To Wear are looking for the "Worst Dressed American for 2009."

Okay, now excuse me, TLC? You mean you haven't found him or her in the vast archives of ClinStace already? Now you want viewers to rat on their friends and family…the brother who still has a mullet, the husband who wears his THE WHO TOUR 1977 shirt like a banner of freedom? Or maybe you expect them to suck it up and obligingly nominate themselves?

Or does one go after one's frenemies?

So go ahead, nominate that coworker who rats on you every time they want to get ahead. Nominate the guy who asked you out but then spent his time ogling the 40D's at the next table.

Or better yet, find a blogWhat Not To Eatger who argued with you in the blogosphere. Now, really, it's almost too easy – most bloggers are not the delicious strumpets they pretend to be! In fact, in a totally random and unscientific survey, most had wardrobes consisting of worn-out yoga clothes or a polo shirt with crumbs.

Anyway, we're hoping that ClinStace doesn't resort to junk foods to weather the mountain of evidence sent their way. We're hoping they don't warrant a visit from Gillian McKeith of BBC's You Are What You Eat. Now, that could be wicked, but perhaps even a better show.

Read on. Reality TV has reached its nadir.

TLC is still accepting nominations. For details, please visit What Not To Wear's website. September 25 is the deadline. You can also upload video submissions.

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About Kanani

  • If I could get one of those $5000 credit cards from WNTW — man oh man would that go a long way towards my “look” which is purchased, at $4.00 a pop, at Goodwill. Maybe someone will nominate me… in my paint spattered overalls and 15 year old Berks.

  • Val, send in a photo and nominate yourself. Then take ClinSta to the Goodwill.

  • Ted

    I saw an old woman in Brooklyn wearing only a trash bag, but when I tried to take a picture of her she started screaming.

  • Ted, I think bloggers much more worthy nominees. I say we start taking names, sending them in.