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Seeking Opinions – Imagination Movers

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FULL DISCLOSURE – One of the guys in The Imagination Movers is a old and close friend of mine. I’m not trying to push the band, sell records or anything like that. Promise.

A few months ago I got an odd email from a buddy of mine talking about this new musical project he’s involved with. Seems he and some pals in New Orleans – who all have small kids – decided that kids music sucks and they should make a “cool” brand of kids music.

Thus, The Imagination Movers were born. Six months or so into making a serious run at this, the band seems to be taking off. They have a CD, gig around Louisiana, Texas and Florida and are creating quite a buzz.

I don’t have kids. I listen to music kids shouldn’t hear. In general, I think singing about taking medicine and eating vegetables is lame.

But I bought the CD to support my buddy, and I’ve listened to it a good bit. My first thought is that it’s pretty good stuff for kids music (to further my research I suffered through about 10 minutes of The Wiggles on the Disney Channel – they blow).

And I’ve played some of the stuff for kid-laden people I work with. The response there has also been pretty positive.

So I’d like to hear some feedback from the crowd here at Blogcritics if you care to comment.

The band’s website is Imagination Movers and they have some full-length and sample MP3s to download Imagination movers downloads.

Not a plug (the Amazon link is obligatory, of course), I’m just curious to hear what random strangers think about my buddy’s project.

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  • Arita

    I am the mother of two and have had to sit through torturous hours of Wiggles and the like–worse yet is the live show. The Imag. Movers, though, have songs that I find myself humming and singing too. When we get in the car, my two year old instantly yells for the “Madin Mooders” as he calls them. Last week my husband treated his employees and their kids to the live show for Fathers Day. It was great, and the kids enjoyed it. My father, the grandpa even liked it and he’s a hard sell.

    I do not know ANY of these guys or their staff or kids or parents, etc. I just happened to see them at a fair and my son wanted their CD–now we are fans!

    The only bad thing, as people with little kids know, is that there is no video. I hear one is in the works though. We will be the first to buy!

    Watch out Wiggles–these Cajun boys are going to replace you.

  • Kerry

    I first saw the Movers at the Ghost in the Oaks ( New Orleans City Park). My daughter loved them so much, I purchased the Good Ideas cd. I have been to almost every public show they have done in New Orleans including the Father’s Day concert, where we purchased the Calling All Movers cd. I also plan to purchase their DVD when it is released. We can not go anywhere without the cd being played in the car. The Movers are Great. Whey will be on the top charts soon.

  • Tangerine Joe

    Cap’n Ken – thanks for the link. I listened to some of the Movers music clips and was really quite impressed. The guys actually look cool (unlike the Wiggles who truly scare me).

    I have two kiddies who I am sure will enjoy the Imagination Movers. They already like Trout Fishing and TMBG so I they’ve got good taste. Once again, thanks for the tip!

  • Mother of two

    We first heard the Movers live at our local library in Hoover, Alabma. Now we are hooked. I bought a CD and the DVD before leaving the show. My four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son dance to the Movers every morning after breakfast. I also find myself singing their songs during the day. My favorite song is Seven Days a Week. For all you parents out there who need kids music that you can tolerate too, the Movers are a must. I also like the CD Happy Lemons by Ralph’s World. This guy sings some good stuff too.

  • Ruthanne

    I just briefly caught the Imagination Mover’s clip on the Disney Channel and thank goodness for DVR’s…I was able to rewind it and see what that incredible band was! My daughter commented, “Oh, it’s the ‘movers’ momma.” I thought they were the Foo Fighters… and then I realized they were singing fun kid lyrics. I’m so excited about getting their CDs for my kids. In fact, I’m thinking I’ll also get them for my nephew. Because he has a slight degree of autism, his mommy has to play music in the car over, and over and over again. I think she may be able to tolerate and actually LIKE this music as much as the kiddos! Congrats to Imagination Movers on the Disney Contract!!!!

  • Sue

    I had never heard of Immagination Movers, but wast flipping thru channels the other day looking for SOMETHING appropriate for my kids to watch and caught the song/video of “I want my Mommy” and loved it. I have been looking for the CD and no one had heard of it. I’d love to hear the rest of their songs and am going to check out their web site. So far – MUCH better than the Wiggles and let’s not even TALK about DOODLEBOPS!!!

  • Sue

    Found AND BOUGHT the CD (Stir It Up?) and the DVD…YAY MOVERS!!! We just opened it today and have watched the dvd 3 times and have listened to the CD in the car a couple times (several times for “I want my Mommy” – a fav of the whole family.. I could even see my husband drummng along on the steering wheel of the car! YAY MOVERS!! Thanks for the info. The songs are catchy, the guys don’t look dorky, and they have NICE VOICES! (ok, sorta cute too) : ) Can’t wait for them to come to the Seattle area!!

  • Capn Ken, I was so pleased to find your site and read your comments about the Immagination Movers! My son Jared Hopkins, is the Key 2nd Assistant Director filming the episodes for Disney. He assisted them with the pilot episode they submitted to Disney that was picked up for about 28 episodes which will begin airing on the Disney Channel in September. The Movers are a great bunch of talented guys and their program is so much better than “The Wiggles”, Jared says they remind him a lot of “The Monkey’s”.

    Since Im plugging the Movers, I’d also like to plug my son if you don’t mind! He is a very talented young up & coming producer/director from Madison, MS. He lives in New Orleans and has worked on many major movies such as, “Pride”, “Glory Road”, “Premonition”, “Over Her Dead Body”, “Failure To Launch”, “Black Snake Moan”, etc. He can be Googled as; jared hopkins production company. We are very proud of him so I hope you don’t mind that I plugged his abilities also!!

  • Jeff G.

    We’ve been worrying about this very thing.

    The IMs lack any heart in their music. Their on-screen presence is flat and forced.

    We dread the day that the Wiggles get replaced by the IMs.

  • Mike A.

    I agree with Jeff G. I think the IM are trying to replace the Wiggles. That was my first thought when I saw them doing small clips on the Disney Channel. I don’t think the songs are catchy enough to hook kids and get them singing all the time. They are a little flat.

  • Thompson

    Jeff & Mike – do you guys have kids? And honestly – who would want to replace the Wiggles? My two cents – the Movers could fart out songs from their rear and it would be an upgrade over the Wiggles.

    Oh and by the way my kids are still singing the Wiggles songs – they’re that catchy. NOT!

    Thompson, a dad with actual real life children

  • Suzanne Jones

    The new show would be tolerable if they got rid of the girl who “talks down” to the kids and the camera. What I like about the guys is that they talk normal–not overacting and dumbing down. The girl is NOT a fit! So, unfortunately, since I watch the show the show with my kids, I won’t be watching for long when she is in the episode.

  • Suzanne Steed

    The Imagination Movers are AWESOME!!!! When I first saw them on Disney when they first appeared, I kind of chuckled and wondered how well they would be received. I have really grown to appreciate their many talents and actually LOVE every song I have seen them perform. I was sooooo excited when I saw that their show was coming to Disney and found myself eagerly anticipating and counting down the days until it began, along with the Disney channel. My almost 3 yr old daughter is very musically inclined as my husband is a musician and she LOVES their songs. She has to get up and dance and sing EVERY time they come on. She is constantly saying, “Again! Again!” and I have to tell her I can’t rewind the TV show! (Am going out and buying everything I can find by them tomorrow!)
    GO MOVERS!!!! Avalon loves you and so do I!!

  • Rod Mock

    I have a 2 year old son and when Disney started promoting their new TV program I was excited! I have always believed that if you give kids good music they will love it! You don’t have to dumb down things for kids to understand. Now, every day when I get home he imagination movers! wanting me to put them on for us to watch together. I am very glad because I was forced to watch the wiggles and that weir purple dinosaur 🙁 So now my son goes around singing “What, What I can’t hear you!” & Brain Stormin!

    Only 2 constructive criticisms:
    1, Nina is not a good fit and
    2. I am surprised with Disney’s directors. The acting on the show need a lot of work and I am not sure why Disney is not fixing it?? I realize they are musicians but there is such a thing as a second take.

    We really love THE MOVERS! it is a breath of fresh air for weary parents!!

  • Zippy

    I think Nina is a great fit for the show. She is fun, cute, and is everything her uncle isn’t. I would VERY sad if Nina was replaced.

  • Jacki

    We love the IM’s! I have a two year old girl and a 13 month old boy. They both enjoy the Wiggles and the IM’s. Personally, I really don’t care if they are “Moving their arms like Henry or Brain Stormin” as long as they are entertained I am a fan.

  • Katie

    They are awesome! They encompass all genres of music and I appreciate that. I don’t mind listening to the music in the car for hours.

  • I have a five year old and a three year old, and we love the Movers and Nina! I usually have one of their songs running through my head all day, and after the first episode, they had my introverted and shy five year old dancing and singing along with them!

  • Rob

    Kudos to Disney for picking these guys up. The music is pretty good considering the target audience and although the acting may not be perfect, I’d watch the IMs all day long if I could avoid having to watch these annoying Wiggles for 5 minutes (plus those Wiggles guys creep me out).

  • Horatio Doodle

    Acting not perfect? Pish-posh! With the exception of the broken English spoken by the portly mouse, I fine the acting to be without flaw and defy you to cite an instance where the case was otherwise. And my extensive theatrical background would lead me to believe that the mouse accent may…may…be done intentionally to help define the character as a non-human. Were he a squirrel or ferret, I might interject with more certainty, but not having studied the role of mice in modern theater, I will leave that debate up to my distinguished colleagues.

  • I have a 2 1/2 yr old and an 18 month old. They both LOVE the IM…or “Movers” as they’re referred to as over here. I am so happy to see something so great on Disney. I actually sit and watch them! The music is wonderful, and the acting is perfectly suitable for young children.

  • Ernest

    It seems the Imagination Movers are trying to replace the Wiggles. I personally think the Wiggles are better. Also, the skits are a bit long, if not the entire episode. The Wiggles used more characters, which kids will usually like. It just seems boring. My 4 year watches I.M., but there is no enthusiatic enjoyment at all. Not the same as the Wiggles. Just watching a bunch of guys running around trying to figure out how to fix a problem for 30 minutes.

  • ANNA


  • Amanda

    this show is horrible and an insult to anyone with half a brain. First of all “Nina” is a total idiot who is always acting like a complete “eye rolling, gosh darn it, whacha gonna do now guys?” kind of stero typical victim that I assumed we were all smart enough to discourage in our female children as well as teach our males was false. She isn’t “cute” or “darling” she’s mentally restricted and those other men treat her as such. She’s a sex draw for stay at home dad’s which is just what Disney had planned.

    So think about it. They have all their bases covered. They dimple faced jock for the “sporty mom” to drool over, the cowboy hat wearing -whatever he is to draw the “country lovin’ moms” the clean cut “responsible looking” almost corporate loking chap who is delicious for the moms that stayed home instead of returning to their high profile jobs at “the firm” and the hippy looking dude for all the “free spirited moms”. It’s sooooo marketed for parents! And that’s just beyond hysterical. and is this whole comment page is seriosuly about if their music is “good”? well I can answer that, NO…OF COURSE NOT! It’s crappy kids music! It’s not like we’re talking about anything real or serious…it’s mass produced crap. And all of the posters are taking it seriously because they got sucked in by Disney advertising, because they are all sheep. And now they’re going on and on about the “quality” of the “music”.

    The sad part is that this stupid show will gather a following…a cult, and people will freak out and scream and want autographs all for a stupid joke. A megacorpate joke on the most gullible people on the face of the planet.

    How sad.

    But everyone will just keep right on going, and watching, and telling their children it’s awesome….

    Disney sure is swell.

  • HalfBrain

    “this show is horrible and an insult to anyone with half a brain.”

    Me only gots half a brain and me like it lots.

    Seriously though, I’m glad you found an outlet for your anger, Amanda. Were you traumatized by Mickey Mouse as a child or something? The funny thing is, if you knew how un-corporate these guys really are, you might have a different opinion.

    Look, it’s a kids show with catchy music, decent comedy and usually a lesson in there to hopefully teach kids a little something along the way.

    Oh.. but I guess I am just one of the gullible “sheep”. Thank you Amanda, for enlightening us all.

    The sheep on the farm go “baa-baa-baa”.

  • Tammy

    The Imaginaion Movers are NO Comparison to the Wiggles!!! The Wiggles have such wonderful music and they do so much for children of the world! (They are the world embassadors for Unicef). The Wiggles have such possible messages in their songs and they never talk in any kind of negative way! Their music is wonderful for children and their messages are healthy, positive and fun for all children! I think that the Imagination movers music is too much rap or hip-hop sounding for my two year old. The Imagination Movers (4 Singing guys…hmmm???) are in fact trying to duplicate the Wiggles and are trying to cash in on some success…It’s not going to happen!!!…The Wiggles,- No other children’s group can compare!!

  • Thompson

    Tammy – I think the Doodlebops was the “attempt”
    to cash in on the Wiggles. If you’ve read any of the back story of the Imagination Movers you might feel differently but why do I think that informing yourself might be tedious for you to do. Alas, ignorance has served you well.

    Anyway, for those who actually think for themselves, can easily find out that those guys donate a lot of their money to charities. In fact, I bought my son WObble Goggles off their website. DId you know that they’re giving proceeds of that money to Ike victims? Strange behavior from guys who are trying to cash in.

    Most of the comments on here are really pathetic and honestly appalling. They’re four guys who play music for little kids. What’s the freakin’ big deal? Oh wait, some of their music might feature rap or hip hop – God save us all!

  • Jesico

    A few notes for the angry people:

    You give Disney too much credit. The Movers are four guys who have been friends for a long, long time. They started out making music for their young kids as a lark. It worked and worked well. Eventually Disney came and gave them the opportunity to put their vision on the air. In fact, the main reason they signed with Disney was that they were forced to speed up the project after they lost their homes to the Katrina flooding. The Movers are in no way a contrived corporate story. Do a little research and you might be surprised.

    Why all the hate and comparisons to the Wiggles? How many channels to you have on your televisions set? It is called variety. It is not like they are running for office and you have to choose one and then live with the decision. What about Ralph Covert, Dan Zanes, They Might Be Giants? Are they trying to replace somebody or do they just exist? Live and let live. And if you were going to compare the Movers to anyone it would clearly be the Monkees.

  • Lis

    My kiddo enjoys them. I read their history and love that they are not your typical failed Hollywood children stars. I like the fact that they are all educated and that they bring their respected fields into the show. I also like that 3 out of 4 are fathers and at least have came in contact with a child! Sure the acting is a bit contrite, but my two year old does not care.

    I don’t care for the Wiggles as they creep me out and the Doodlebops are unfortunately a favorite in our house.

  • Gloria

    I am very happy with the Wiggles and Imagination Movers. I like that my son claps to the music. Is “Nina’s song” on any of the new CD’s?

  • What I’ve learned today: there’s a lot of pent-up anger among kids-music groupies.

  • I have suffered through all the normal stuff. Barney, Teletubbies, Wiggles…..you name it. I have 3 children, ages 12, 8, and 3. The three year old is well above average for her age…..she never liked Barney or Teletubbies. She still likes Wiggles sometimes, but not often. She did really really like them, but has outgrown them.

    Now, her favorites are Kipper the Dog, Mickey Mouse, Max & Ruby, and most of all, Imagination Movers. It only comes on once a day, and I have to be home and have the TV on……..she starts dancing and is active almost the whole time. She really loves it.

    Anyone that hates this band is either very closed minded, very ignorant, or cares less about what children like. I let my children be children. Why can’t they just be kids and enjoy having fun & being silly. We have to grow up & be responsible soon enough!

    I’m looking at getting CDs & DVDs for my daughter for Christmas. She’ll love it. Tell your friend I, as a mother that is not on the lookout for a cowboy or any other man to replace my husband, enjoys a show that keeps my daughter happy for 1/2 hour while I clean or sew. Awesome.

  • Jr

    My son loves anything with music. Any program that has a good beat will engage him in a split second. He is 3 years old. I have never seen him as crazy over a show as he is about the Movers. He can’t sit still the whole time it is on, he dances around and sings and bounces and is so active its crazy. He would wear his sunglasses around the house and call them his wobble goggles. He pretends to have the hiccups hoping that I will call the Movers to help him get rid of them.
    I think these guys are really tuned into what kids like, and can relate to. I only wish they were live somewhere near us so that he could see them in person!

  • kevin

    We love the Movers. We’re all Gearheads now! Wish/Can’t wait for the live show!

    Wish you could buy “wobble goggles” the’re sold out on the website, so we had to buy swimming goggles to improvise.

    these guys are the best!

  • Kelly

    I cannot believe some of those ‘angry bloggers’. As a preschool teacher and mother of 3 young children, I’ve heard the run of kids music out there. I like the Wiggles, but the Movers are in a field of their own. We met these guys on the Disney tour, they came out and played drums with the kids at the end of the show!!! They are really the nicest guys with great music. My kids got me loving them, I haven’t pushed them into liking them!!! We even had a Movers themed bday party!! Now they are a fixture in our music library. 3 out of the 4 have kids and they’ve created something great that they knew was needed!!! Thanks guys for music we love!!!

  • Mommytomany

    We love the Movers! I have 4 children, 14, 5, 2 & 3 months. My husband and I are in our early 30’s and like to think of ourselves as still somewhat young. Thank goodness for the Movers! Music that the kids, even the 14 year old, enjoys as well as Mom & Dad. We have never been Wiggles fans and have only tolerated the Doodlebops but we seek out the Movers!

  • STL mom

    I think these guys are great! The show and music are, in my opinion, more grown up then other shows aimed at preschoolers. My 2 year old and 6 year old have a show they can watch together, without my older one commenting it’s “for babies.” And I love that they’re a real group with kids, who’ve managed to do what they set out to do, despite Katrina.

  • Lisa H.

    I have two boys, almost 6 & 8. They both like the Movers because, like someone said, they don’t talk down to you. The problems are fun and I like that they show that all ideas are good, even if they may not be the answer that day. I enjoy the catchy music. I have done the research on this band, and admire them for incorporating their backgrounds into their TV personas and for helping their communities in New Orleans.

    Now if only they had Movers plates and napkins for my youngest’s birthday….

  • Ryan

    I think Nina is hot, staying home with my 2 year old daughter while laid-off for the winter gives me an excuse to watch….personally I hate the music, but she loves it.

  • Liam’s Mom

    My three year old is going to be very sad that Santa isn’t going to bring him a imagination movers suit, wobble goggles or anything imagination movers!! What’s the DEAL with the merchandising.

    P.S. He loves you GUYS!

  • Melissa

    I have a 15 month old son and we all LOVE the show and the music 🙂 My husband and I find myself with those catchy songs in our heads all the time!

  • Rebecca

    I have a 2.5 year old son who loves this show. The songs are really good and he calls Scott’s wobble goggles, “gobble goggles”.

    As for the above statements saying that Disney put the guys together to attract moms? Well, although the statements were accurate as to the guys’ looks. Disney didnt put them together. The movers have been around 5 years and orginally created up their own stuff. Not the other way around. That is part of why I found them so great.

  • Mom of 19 month old girl

    I came across this site looking for party supplies for my daughter’s second birthday. Unfortunately there are no Movers’ themed essentials (plates, balloons etc.) as of yet.

    My daughter LOVES the Imagination Movers show. Before them, she had very minimal interest in TV. She would be willing to watch only a few minutes of Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, Seseme Street, and Nihao Kailan, and non of Dora or Doodlebops, or Little Einsteins, or a couple of other shows we tried out. Then we discovered Imagination Movers. Now she asks to watch “Movers? Movers?” several times a day, and gets upset when I tell her that she has watched it already and that there won’t be another one till tomorrow. She will jump and dance to the 3 songs that are the same in every episode. The rest of the episode, she will sit and watch so intently that she does not blink! No kidding, I have to cover her face every few minutes to force her to blink! A little scary to see my very active munchkin so mezmorized, but it has meant a lot less battles. She used to not want to let me comb her hair, brush her teeth, cut her nails, or worst of all cut her hair. Now, I do all of that as she watches the Imagination Movers and she barely notices!

    I am a music/dance teacher who works with kids age 2-6. I have a Bachelors in Human Development and a music minor from UC San Diego. I am around kids’s music A LOT! In my opinion the music of the Imagination Movers is good. It is not tired in note sequence, or vocabulary, or rhymes, or subject matter, or style, or instrumentation. I am going to try teaching the kids I work with to sing and dance to a couple of their songs for this year’s performances.

    As a parent, I like the messages that the show sends to my kid: “Reach high, think big, work hard, have fun,” and “There are no bad ideas when you’re brainstorming.” I do not see a problem with acting on the show either. I see each “character” acting like an individual. And I do not see a problem with the Nina character either. One person on this site suggested that she was weak and not a good female role model. I disagree. In many episodes that I enjoyed with my daughter, the Nina character was the key in figuring out the solution to the problem. She is nice, she is energetic, she helps the movers push and pull and do other physical tasks, she helps with the brainstorming, and she does not have huge boobs or wear clothing or make up that objectifies her or focuses on her as a beauty. I think that she is a great female model for my daughter. If she was put there to appeal to dads, they could have chosen a younger actress with bigger boobs, put her in tighter or at least leg-revealing cloths, put more make up on her, and doll up her hair. Instead, she wears this pink shirt with giant red polka dots, leggings under her flowey skirt, flat shoes, minimal make up, and understated hair. I think she was put in the show to attract little girls, or at least not make it an all-male cast.

  • Jessica

    I have seen about 2 total episodes of Imagination Movers, I like it, I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 7 month old, my daughter (3 1/2) is into them a lot, has already requested a IM birthday party, as so far I see no party supplys, hopefully they will surface before july 31st, if not gonna have to improvise LOL. Now my Main point, Why do so many Adults write negative things about kids shows? I mean who gives a shit what you think LOL, it’s a KID SHOW, it’s supposed to be dumb and Imaginative, it’s fun. And as for people comparing them to the Wiggles. . . . I think they are two completly different things, the Wiggles are older guys, scattered ideas and songs that have no real point. The IM’s are interesting, there is a gole in the show and they just feel young and fun LOL I like the excitement in the music while the Wiggles boar me and I have watched plenty of Wiggles. and I laughed so hard when Tammy brought up that they do so much for children of the world LOL I just thought OMG, no matter how noble and Bonnoesq they are their show still sux LOL, maybe they should stop singing and join the peacecore NE-way, I like the movers, they make my kid happy and that makes me happy and all I know is that since they have been on air I have not had to hear a peep of Wiggles Music or even a glimps of them, they have already been replaced in my daughters world LOL

  • Jennifer C

    Imagination Movers is my son’s new favorite show – he’s 2 and 1/2 and always wants to watch “the movers” And I am thrilled – I think this is a great show. It’s very positive, no sarcastic comments like so many other “kid shows” and it’s about learning and being creative. All the things I want my son to be exposed to at this age. Great job guys – I hope they keep it up for sure!!!

  • Kathy

    My 4-yr old daughter LOVES this show! She belly laughs and dances her buns off while the show is on. Me, I like the positivity (is that a word?) of the show, the fact that 3 of the 4 guys are dads and their music is some that both my husband and I like as well.

    Great job, Scott, Dave, Smitty and Rich!

  • Jennifer

    My 3 year-old son is a total Gearhead! Since the first episode, we’ve both been in love with Dave, Scott, Rich and Smitty. Their music isn’t boring, it’s thoughtful, fun and catchy! My son has all their albums, their video and even a Mover Dave hat! And we’re going to see them live in February.

    They’re not trying to replace anyone, they’ve carved out their own little niche quite nicely.

    And frankly, the Wiggles are a little creepy to me.

  • Marcelle, U.K

    Hi all, I have a 5 & 9 year old, we absolutly love the movers. The music is great a much better improvement and it’s good to see the kids actually taking an interest. I just recently purchased one of their cd’s we can’t stop singing, dancing and jumping around the house!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Shelly

    My 2.9 daughter loves the Imagination Movers and her father and I like them too. It’s hard to sit through most kid’s shows, but with The Movers it’s not bad at all. Our daughter actually wants us to tape the episodes so she watches them over and over again. They are her new fascination. I am actually trying to find birthday party supplies with The Movers theme for her April birthday. If you know where I can get them please let me know. Thanks.

  • Jackie

    The Imagination Movers are a fun and enjoyable music group that my 3 year old son likes to listen to and watch. I don’t mind listening to them with him either. They are fun and musical guys who aren’t afraid to find solutions to any problems. Of all of the kid’s shows out there, I have to say I like the one that has my son saying “We have an idea emergency, mom! Let’s brainstorm!”

    Thank you to the IM’s for making my child so happy with your music and show 🙂

    As far as you nay-sayers- I hate to give you then attention you so desire, but I have to say something-I think you need to wrap your grown up brain around the fact that while designed to be tolerable to adults it is a show for children. If you would prefer not to allow your children to watch then I would suggest you turn off your T.V. and listen to different music. Get off your high horse and stop stirring up trouble just to make yourselves feel important.

  • Ella

    My 2.5 year old LOVES the movers. We DVR it everyday. She especially loves Nina and wants shoes just like hers. She also loves “the Nina Song” and we dance to it almost every night. She likes it how the movers pick Nina up and swing her to the music.

  • Valarie Miller

    I personally think the Movers are fantastic. My three children all love them.

    Please thank your buddy for me.

  • Kelly

    We love the Imagination Movers!! My 4 year old just loves it. My husband is a music artist himself…in fact, he has his own record label. So, around here, music is a big thing. He even commented that some of the tracks are pretty hip. We have fun singing them for sure. I think we’re goin for an imagination mover party this year.

    I enjoy the fact that this show has a different concept rather than the same old stuff every other show has. Why the wiggles are even MENTIONED in this category is beyond me. Ok, so there are 4 guys, big woopie, they aren’t very original with singing old nursery rhymes are they? Oh, and did I mention the music is GREAT? 😉

    I am with the other parents that say how badly we need a DVD. Can’t wait for it to come out. Whether you think this is mass produced or crappy doesn’t matter. Every parent knows that whatever brings joy to your childs life is a good thing, because it brings you happiness.

    Oh, and I’d like to know which one is your friend, cause Scott is by far the hottest one! LOL, don’t go crazy, I’m married and so is he, but he’s still hot!

  • Mari

    Just wanted to say Movers are magic!! My 2 year old daughter and I fight over who likes them most!! On a more serious note I too have suffered at the hands of The Wiggles and their dastardly catchy tunes, you know the kind that you find yourself humming at work but I feel far cooler singing a Mover’s song! I like the positive idea behind the Movers and their msssage, and how it teaches to work things out with help from your friends and have fun – not a bad idea for children.

    Like the others, I also don’t think we should give some of the other “opinions” our attention but it seems pretty obvious that those amongst us with actual living breathing real-life kids know a positive (and entertaining!) influence when we see one. What a shame these rather odd individuals feel the need to leave negative feedback on a kids TV program. Perhaps a stronger dose of medication may be required?!?

    You have to tell your buddy to keep going – my daughter would be distraught if it ended! x

  • Bev

    In our house, these are the current kid-o-meter results:
    Your friend and his buddies have a right to be proud of the work they are doing! I find they have a unique way of introducing music to the very young. Tell them “Thank You” from all of us!!

  • Sabrina Starr Dancers

    We are proud of Nina, She is from Hawaii and is a wonderful mentor and Studio Director for many young performing artist in Hawaii. She sings too!
    she choregraphs awesome most of all she is down to earth and loves kids too! You go girl! We love watching you on TV! Your energy is up! Heart warming personality…we love the Nina Song!
    Hurry Home soon. Can’t wait for the new season.

  • Dan

    Yes, I agree with everyone here, the Movers ROCK! They are “The Monkeys” for my son’s (3 1/2) generation. Now it’ll really depress me when others will come back and say “Who are The Monkeys?”! Are the Mvers touring?

  • Julie

    Hi! I know everybody has their own opinion. Some shows are a good fit for some families and some are not. Our family absolutely loves the Imagination Movers. So, If they read or hear about the negative stuff I hope they see the good stuff too.

    If you go to their original website (the non-Disney one) or even read their info on Wikipedia you will see some great info on where they came from and how they got started. They are just regular guys who wanted to make kids and their parents happy. Thanks so much Movers. We are Gearheads for life.

    P.S. Please consider Lubbock, TX for a show!!

  • dave

    Being a father of two, I stay at home and take care of my kids who are 1 and 2 while my wife works. Every morning we wake up and watch disney. At first the kids would watch their usual Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and then I’d change the channel. One day though, I didn’t bother and this show came on. Normally, I don’t care too much for shows with real people in it, but when I saw I looked like one of the guys in it, I figured I’d watch it to see what it was like. No sooner than the opening song, both my kids came running into the room. My oldest climbed up on the bed and my youngest sat at the floor below him and they LOVED it. Every time the show comes on, they’re right there on the bed and floor. Though they don’t speak realwords yet except for the usual mama and dada words, they both rock back and forth and laugh and even pretend to sing along the entire time, and it’s hard to keep a 1 and 2 year old entertained! I even enjoyed this show and I’ll even find myself singing the songs with the kids.

    As for the wiggles…There’s a perfect example of shows with live people and why I don’t like them.

    Tell your buddy good work! Keep it up, and thanks!

  • Ian Plummer

    Below is a casting call for the Imagination Movers and it brings to mind the agenda of Disney and subsequently the participation of every member of the Mover’s production in a racially bias agenda.

    Imagination Movers wants you to work with us on Thursday April 9th in New Orleans.

    This is a paid job ($118 per day).

    If you fit the description below and want to work on the television series Imagination Movers please email Pepper at P***********@*****com (YOU MUST INCLUDE A PICTURE AND YOUR AVAILABILITY).

    If you dont fit the descriptions listed below but you know someone who does please forward this information to them so they can work on this fun project.

    Please reply asap. Thank you and I look forward to working with you soon.





    Again, if you meet the description of a character listed above please email a picture and your interest/availability to Pepper ar P***********@*****com.



    They are obviously trying to promote racial harmony by representing minorities in their shows however their methods show the true governing attitude behind it. They are offering employment to any man, woman or child to the exclusion of one racial type. This makes one wonder how ‘ethnic’ looking a person has to be. Can they be mixed or of some eastern European descent so long as they don’t appear to be too anglo? Would a Swede or Ukrainian do as well as an Inuit or Colombian? Why are they lumping all non-caucasians together and adopting the attitude that one is basically the same as the other?

    There it is.

  • Kristen

    We love the Movers! I have a 2 year old who demands the Movers at all hours of the day! 4am is not to early for some brainstormin’! Thank goodness for the DVR! My 6 year old claims to not like them but HE is the one who sings their songs throughout the day! Nice try, good guy! Does anyone know if the Movers are going to come out with Birthday Supplies or a line of toys? I have been to the toy stores and no one has anything. Any word?
    WE LOVE THE MOVERS!!!!!! Come to OHIO!!!!

  • Tricia

    I think there wonderful,my son will be 2 in september & he absolutley loves them.So yah,there doing a awesome job & they deff need to keep it up!

  • Liv’s Mom

    Where would I be without the movers? My daughter (who will be 2 at the end of this month) is “Mover Mad”. We are talking 24/7 movers in my house. I am trying to find Mover birthday supplies, ie. balloons, invitations, etc. Anyone know of a place that has them? Please keep up the good work and come back to Red Bank, NJ. We missed you in February but are looking forward to you coming back…hopefully soon. Thanks again guys!

  • Greg

    I think the Movers are GREAT! My 14 month old son loves it. He’s mesmerized every time they play, he loves to sway and wave his arms to the beat. My wife and I find ourselves watching and getting exited about new episodes. Love Nina, KnitKnots and the Warehouse mouse too!

    I’m glad there’s an alternative to the Wiggles. They’re just creepy!!

  • Jaelyn

    My 5 year old daughter Gracie LOVES the movers. She taps her little foot at the beginning of Brainstormin’.. It’s soo cute! My 2 year old son loves them too! He & Sissy dance their little hearts out the whole show:)

    I cannot believe anyone would have a bad thing to say about Nina. Seriously, do some research on her before you judge. She was like Miss Teen Hawaii and helped create the original dance numbers in High School Musical ( and starred in it) On top of that, she’s super sweet, smart, & GORGEOUS! If you think otherwise, then you’re just a ‘hater’. LOL

    Love you guys IM & Nina;)

  • Jaelyn

    I’m from New Orleans btw – hope to attend a show here soon!

  • Jennifer

    My son and I love the Movers music. Not totally nuts about the show. I can’t believe how negative people are about something as innocent as children’s music.

  • Susan

    I love the Imagination movers. my child listens to it and loves it. a promotional item at the movie thearter back in summer of 2008 was Bad Hair Day,DVD the song in that Ep is awesome! there are so many that we all enjoy. I want my mommy,Numbers in a Bag,”Big” is a areally good song.

  • I’m not a big fan of IM, but the kids do enjoy the show… to an extent. They’d choose something else over it. They are not the first “guys with kids” who want to make music for kids that’s actually “cool.” They Might Be Giants and Bare Naked Ladies both have excellent kids albums out. I haven’t listened to many IM songs other than what’s on the show, but I’m not a fan based on the show. Give me BNL any day.

  • Priscilla

    First Imagination Movers ROCK! And for all the negative comments, get over it. I have boys 18 months, 5 and 8 yrs, and for the last 9 months we have watched at least 3 episodes of imagination movers each day (that goodness for DVR). When we get in the car we have the Imagination Movers original (pre disney) concert and it is awesome. It shows that they are not in this for the fame but to simply entertain and educate children. I even have a nephew who is 13 yrs and wants to go see them in concert (which we are doing soon). As for their music, we love it. “my favorite snack” is our household favorite. Hope these guys keep up what they are doing, it’s great.

  • Sabrina Broos

    Just want to say my 4 yr. old son and I LOVE the Imagination Movers!! My husband and I are thinking about taking our son to a local show when it comes in Oct. Is it terrible that I would love to see these guys in concert just as much as my son would?!



  • Shawna Haines

    The Imagination Movers are a great show! The BEST kids song show out there….all the rest bore me to tears. My kids just love them!!!! Great job Guys

  • MamaOfOne

    my son and I BOTH love the imagination movers, with all the cartoons and childrens show, with little actual intelligence to offer. the movers are a great change!! they’re ever reminding me of things I learned as a child!
    plus, from a mommy’s point of view, they’re all wonderfully attractive gentlemen 😉 which is ALWAYS a plus!

  • christine

    I have 3 children and i am 23! The imagination movers arent bad but I just love the wiggles and there australian accent!!My kids Love the wiggles and can replay it over and over. Yet when i have the IM on they dont want to watch it.Hey Both groups have good music its just an opinion!

  • jorgi

    I was dreading the day when my child started wanting to watch Barney or the wiggles. then I found the Disney playhouse shows and she haas loved them since birth. as a lifelong Disney fan, I was relieved to not have to deal with Barney. my daughter is almost 2 now and we love to watch playhouse Disney together especially imagination movers. I have always been a teeny bopper when it comes music and the movers are perfect for us. we love the music and sing along every time. it would be really great if their tour was coming somewhere close to us. I have a feeling they would be an awesome live show to see. movers please come visit Melbourne, Florida. and keep up the great shows and music.

  • CS Lewis Jr.

    @24 — what @25 said. Jeez.

    Just saw the live show in Oakland and had a blast. Anyone who knows anything about their inception and career knows that they are not pre-fab; they obviously are referencing the Monkees but their act and show are their own creation and they got their Disney show because a Disney programming executive saw them play the kids’ tent at a NOLA festival and loved them. They deserve all their success and you few grumpy people can watch something else.

  • Jennifer

    My daughter is 2 and loves the Imagination Movers! I don’t understand all the negative comments…it ain’t that deep, people!! They make music for children…how is that a bad thing? Anyway, I’m keeping my eye out for a show in either Baltimore, MD or DC – I hope they come around soon!

  • Kieran Meehan

    After a shaky start I have come to like the movers show, and the other Disney shows airing on an Sky Channel 611 in IRE. Its good preschool material, and if parents watch the programming they can use the ideas presented to build on their children’s education. I have downloaded one of the IM’s Albums and can see the potential in the music, we all dance to the Jump Up song, the bedtime song works!!!! and I’ve used the you tube videos to teach my 4 year pc mouse skills to activate the IM’s uploaded videos.
    The Im’s music is catchy, i’m learning Jump up on guitar for my daughter, better than the wheels on the bus, and my wife and I are having fun trying to guess which more popular songs have influenced the Movers songs… eg the track Clean My Room… Aerosmith & Run DMC???? + my daughters learning the lyrics!!!!

  • kacy

    we love the mover they have taught my son ( 17months old ) how to do alot he watches them everyday . i even love them there music may be for the kids but it sure does sound great . i hope we can go see them when they get here for there concert.

  • Brandi D

    Well I admit this took some time for me to get used to. My kids adore the Wiggles, but being my son is now 4 and my daughter turning 3, they are starting to outgrow their songs. They got hooked onto the IM’s from the first episode they watched at their Aunt and Uncles. So much so that when we returned home we purchased the channel so they could continue enjoying it. What I think about them doesn’t matter. They aren’t crude, violent or negative, so as long as it’s a clean show my kids are free to watch what they like…and they like the IM’s.

    So thumbs up for this young mom!

  • Christal

    The IM are the ONLY music kiddy show we watch. my 2 year old never really liked the wiggles and I found their music irritating. He love his ‘movers’ and we both know all the songs and dance to them when tey are on. I HOPE we get to see a live show but bc we live in Canada I donno if they will travel here

  • kelly

    i am way late to this (just found it searching for some more movers info), but the imagination movers are amazing. i say that both as a mom of small kids, and as a 31 year old girl! we have seen them live in concert twice, and their musical talent alone is awesome. add in their personalities and ability to relate to children, and it’s no wonder they’re a hit. my husband, who also listens to music that kids should never ever hear, actually thinks they legitimately rock. you’re lucky to have a friend in one of the guys (which one?!).
    [Personal contact info deleted]


    We bought a DVD of Imagination Movers for our most recent trip to TX. Our 2.25 year old LOVES it. Needless to say, we listened to that DVD (over and over again) from KS to TX and then back from TX to KS. I was amazed that the DVD held his attention, ’cause our kiddo is so young.

    My husband and I are both music professors at a university, and most kids’ DVDs will drive us crazy after a while. The music on Imagination Movers is excellent! The actors are incredible…great facial expression, hilarious movement, unbelievable joy during situations where most adults would get cranky (like getting a bucket stuck on your foot, LOL!), etc. My kiddo talks about the subject matter, which I think is amazing for a 2.25 year old (“Ware house mouse afraid to see doctor”,etc).

    I also think that it is so cool that this band was the idea of these 4 men…and that Disney hired them AFTER they were a band. (Much better than 4 different guys being auditioned and plunked into roles.)

    Our kiddo only watches TV in the van (thus easy trips for us), and we are so sad that there aren’t more Imagination Movers DVDs out there. Please Imagination Movers…make more DVDs! We’ll buy them!

  • dovey

    i love these guys. i have a 2 year old daughter, and she likes them, but (sad to admit this) not as much as me. i wish they cam to australia, would be first in line to see them!

  • NeedToKnow

    What is the name of the song the Imagination Movers sing that goes, “What, what, I can’t hear you!”? My nephew sings this all the time… I just cant figure it out!

  • Tony

    The movers were popular with our two kids on the original run and now again with a few repeats, the kids think it’s funny that such an ‘old’ program can still be on yet they love it all. As for the comments on Nina not fitting in, every one is entitled to an opinion and I have a special place for Nina if she needs a place to fit in, giggity.

  • SlypigJeff

    If you want more fun, environmental friendly music, google Bobs & Lolo! My son loves them! He dances and sings to them all the time!

  • bigs dad

    What is the name of the song the Imagination Movers sing that goes, “What, what, I can’t hear you!”? My nephew sings this all the time… I just cant figure it out!

    its called buckets and cans.its on the cd called “For thopse about to hop”

  • Deborah Higdon

    I want my chance to win to meet and greet the Imagination Mover’s so that I can meet them in person as well including Mover Scott my dream man that I love. I really am excited about meeting the Imagination Movers being in person. Tell Mover Scott that I am in so madly in love with him. I will be waiting for him in person. I really am looking forward to meeting you Rich Scott Dave and Smitty in person. I will be ready to meet Mover Scott and I cannot wait to see him in person.

  • marilyn daigle