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Seed Of Chucky – Jennifer Tilly Clip And Exclusive Talk With Don Mancini

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There’s no need for The Duke to tell you again how fantastic Seed Of Chucky is. There ain’t a damn situation in the here or hereafter I can envision that would require The Duke for to say “Yes, I love that Seed Of Chucky something barely legal, is the truth of the case” one more time. I think you know my feelings on the matter, and if you don’t, then most likely you ain’t read This Incisive Critique nor This Award-Winning Article Concerning The Best Flicks Of 2004 nor even This Intense, Shattering Interview With Writer / Director Don Mancini.

But just in case you still need a word or two regarding this fantastic chunk of hilarity, gore, psychoanalysis, family disputes, gender issues and gothic wonder, here’s a couple interview-type affairs for to enjoy and such.

First off, you can click the links below to see and hear the glorious Ms. Jennifer Tilly talk about the MTV Awards (She was nominated for “Best Frightened Performance”) and the possibilities of future Chucky-centric motion-flicks.

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In addition to Jennifer’s delightful gassin’, I figured I’d probe writer / director Don Mancini for an exclusive word or two regarding not only the aforementioned MTV Awards, but also the recent Fangoria Convention in Burbank.

In case you didn’t know, Don Mancini is the nicest fella to have ever spent his days making flicks about a doll murders folks left and right and then has a wank.

Here’s what he had to say about it all.

“On Saturday, June 4, Jennifer Tilly and I, and our respective boyfriends, attended The MTV Movie Awards. Jennifer was nominated for Seed Of Chucky, in the brand-new category “Best Frightened Performance”, a category created to reflect the ongoing popularity of horror flicks at the box office. The whole thing was a blast. Very surreal. Tons of A-list celebrities: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, etc., etc. We hovered behind Jennifer as she made her way down the red carpet. It took an hour to get through it as Jennifer did interview after interview.

Ultimately, Jennifer lost to little Dakota Fanning (for Hide And Seek). On the red carpet before the show, Dakota came up to Jennifer and breathlessly squeaked, “Good luck!” Later, after Dakota won, Jennifer hissed, “That little bitch! She knew she was going to win!”

Jennifer was kidding, but it was still funny.

Then, on Sunday, June 5, as part of our publicity tour for Seed’s DVD release, we did a half-hour Q&A at The Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors Convention in Burbank. After being introduced by Fango Magazine editor Tony Timone, Jennifer and I took to the stage before a packed crowd of enthusiastic horror fans.

Jennifer, as usual a breezy gust of sexy, comic energy, spontaneously took on the role of mistress of ceremonies, displacing a bemused-and-amused-looking Timpone, who quietly took a seat in the audience while Jennifer fielded the audience’s questions.

After the Q&A, we signed autographs for a couple of hours. It’s always really gratifying to meet fans at these venues. They come from all over the world and they’re intensely loyal. God bless ’em.”

So there you go, folks, a wonderful (albeit short) interview with Ms Tilly, who rules beyond all reason, and a whole buncha words from the electronic mouth of Sir Don Mancini.

Seed Of Chucky is available on Region 1 DVD as of this very minute. It’s nothing less than wonderful.

Thanks folks.

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  • Eric Olsen

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  • Chelsea

    Today I was shopping and saw the seed of chucky DVD so I picked up and started reading the back while I walked with my Mom. I would like to bring to you attention that on the back of the DVD It says “hiphop SSTAR” with a doble “S” I am not sure of whom to tell and hopfully you do.
    I think you might just want to change it and I would just like to say I enjoy the Chucky movies. Thanks alot and good luck in the future.

  • joshua

    I like the pictures. Let me be honest with you though, I do not think that Seed of Chucky is going to rank there with history’s best like…the Amityville Series. However, >Jennifer is a different matter altogether. She is not only a good actress, she could play really SERIOUS POKER. What a lady!

  • I am trying to reach Don Mancini
    for an interview of our slasher special due out in stores in December.
    If anyone can help us please email contact details direct to gorezone_05

  • aundrea

    hey i like all your movie and some time it be funny and u and tiff make a cute cupil

  • snichkin

    i love your films i got all of them are you making a chucky 6 after seed of chucky if so how long will it take to make it because i realy want to know i hope you do thanks for all your time.

  • toos

    i love the chucky movies and i am 13 i like horror and bleeding movies chucky is my favoriet

  • toos

    can i talk to chucky i ask him for a signiture can he that send to me

  • travis

    more chucky movies!!!!!

  • matthew

    i think seed of chucky was good.i love watching it a lot.i watched the movie three times.i think she should make a nother one.ihave a lot of thoughts on a nother chucky movie with jinnifer tilly