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Security and Bug Highlights 1/25

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Here are the computer bug and security highlights from the past week:

The latest virus/worm/Trojan threat first popped up in Australia over the weekend. It’s called Bagle-A, and it comes as an .exe attachment via email, often masquerading as a message from a systems administrator. Everybody should know by now that you don’t click on these things. AV companies should have this in their latest signatures. By the way, if you got a message from US Bank asking for verification of your account details — that was a fraud too.

If you delete a number of cells in a Microsoft Excel 2003 worksheet, and then recalculate the worksheet with a SHIFT+F9 keypress, Excel may crash. Microsoft has fixed this and a number of other Excel 2003 bugs in an Excel 2003 Hotfix dated 1/12/2004. These fixes will be in a future service pack, but if you need the fix right away, you need to contact Microsoft Tech Support and ask for the 1/12/2004 Excel Hotfix, which is also described in Knowledge Base Article 833618. Note that you may get charged for this call.

Mozilla 1.6 has been released. There have been improvements made to the rendering. For one thing, the opacity of decendents of a group should be changed correctly. Also, they have changed the Cascading Style Sheet inheritance so that it conforms to CSS 2.1. (This means that pages will display in Mozilla as the web designers intended — but only if those web designers knew what they were doing in the first place.)

There’s more coverage of computer bugs, security problems, and other things that can go wrong with your computer at the BugBlog.

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