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Secret Bush tapes released

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The New York Times fronts the release of secretly taped phone conversations between then Governor George Bush and Doug Wead a former Bush I aid. Although the online article stretches 5 pages, the tapes themselves are not too enlightening. Still, Bush’s faith seems genuine and his refusal to discuss his “youthful transgressions” is almost admirable.

Two points of note–

1) “Mr. Bush told Mr. Wead, ‘Steve Forbes is going to hear this message from me. I will do nothing for him if he does to me what he did to Dole. Period. There is going to be a consequence. He is not dealing with the average, you know, ‘Oh gosh, let’s all get together after it’s over.’ I will promise you, I will not help him. I don’t care.'”

But Bush did tar and feather McCain in South Carolina, doing to him what Forbes “did to Dole.” McCain swallowed hard and helped with the re-election. So does Bush respect McCain, or does he think of him as “the average, you know…”? Rumsfeld will eventually step down and McCain will be nominated to the Defense Department. That was the deal.

2) >”Mr. Bush said he did not intend to change his position. He said he told Mr. Robison: ‘Look, James, I got to tell you two things right off the bat. One, I’m not going to kick gays, because I’m a sinner. How can I differentiate sin?… I think it is bad for Republicans to be kicking gays.'”

Is kicking gays a bad political strategy or is it morally wrong? Either way, it seemed wrong in 2000; they had no problem kicking gays in 2004.

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  • http://www.biggesttent.blogspot.com Silas Kain

    1) “Mr. Bush told Mr. Wead, ‘Steve Forbes is going to hear this message from me. I will do nothing for him if he does to me what he did to Dole. Period. There is going to be a consequence. He is not dealing with the average, you know, ‘Oh gosh, let’s all get together after it’s over.’ I will promise you, I will not help him. I don’t care.'”

    George W. Bush is a man of faith being a “uniter, not a divider,” and that has been the hallmark of his Administration. We’re not dealing with, you know, an average guy. He brought the country together after the 2000 election; after 9-11; when the Iraqi threat of weapons of mass destruction had America on the brink of annihilation. He brought people of all faiths and beliefs together in the spirit of patriotism. He wore the mantle of Reagan and saw to it that we had less government and more individual control over our destiny. After 8 terrible years under Clinton, the President has brought the country back together where there are no more red or blue states. Now we are one nation under purple. President Bush, a grateful nation is forever in your debt.

    The above paragraph is completely delusional.

  • http://selfaudit.blogspot.com Aaman

    Is that the Roman, imperial, purple?

  • http://paperfrigate.blogspot.com DrPat

    I rather think it refers to the purple ink-stains on the fingers of Iraqi voters, Aaman. I’m not sure where the quote Silas cites is from, though, he didn’t give a source or a link for it…

  • http://www.biggesttent.blogspot.com/ Silas Kain

    The quote comes from Igor’s article above.

  • http://www.roblogpolitics.blogspot.com RJ


  • kuros

    In my second-to-last communication I talked about a male ”escort service” operating in DC for the edification of the very senior Beltway people. I have, locked up in my office safe, copies of the credit card receipts with names, card numbers and signatures of: two Supreme Court and one Appellate Court judges {Have you heard about the two judges who tried each other?} eight Senators, five Congressmen, two former and one current White House aides, a number of very prominent DC lawyers, several senior members of the RNC, four general officers and one Admiral, three of whom are still on active duty , five local newspapermen, eight ministers, high level employees of: State Department, Commerce Department, Justice Department, HEW Department, DC police department, NSA, DIA, and most especially, a number of pundits from Georgetown University and a nice collection of CIA people. The proprietor of this stud farm was one Todd Blodgett and there was a front-page story on one of his male whore establishments in the Washington Times. Blodgett was a Reagan White House aide, was fired from both the WH and later, the RNC, for aggressive homosexual behavior and then tossed out of the University Club in DC.

    Information that has been kept very quiet at the highest levels would indicate that George W. Bush was heavily involved with gay groups while at Yale, had a significant affair with another man while at HBS, was a “very close friend” of a black drag queen and, according to three different inside sources, is no more a Pentecostal Christian than Saddam Hussein.

    The sex material about our pure, God-intoxicated President, comes from one arrest report and several “counseling” reports now sequestered (by order of Karl Rove) at Yale (Bush’s records there have been sealed) There is the temptation to run with this but there at least has to be something factual here. The Republicans are trying to plant obvious lies on everyone in the hopes that others like the nutty Rather will take them up and make Bush look like a wonderful but persecuted man. According to one report, made long before Bush was Governor of Texas, he could not have any kind of sex with women unless at least half drunk and was a practicing advocate of physical abuse. He likes to beat people, according to this. But not be beaten in return. Some of this is not only difficult to believe but downright repulsive.”


  • http://www.elitistpig.com Dave Nalle

    Why post the same crazy drivel twice? Whip out some printed, documentary evidence and some eyewitnesses or go back to your padded cell.


  • Smegma

    I thought the comment section vetted out the truth…not the opposite.

  • http://paperfrigate.blogspot.com DrPat

    Silas, the quote I asked about was the one you listed after the boldface first para.

    You know, the one you said was “completely delusional”.

  • http://www.templestark.com Temple Stark

    That was his own comment, of course.