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Second Bigfoot Sighting In Norway House, Manitoba: Nervous Residents Seek Answers, Offer Photos of Evidence

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A second bigfoot sighting has been reported by a young girl, and her play mates in Paupanekis Point, Norway House, Manitoba, which is located on the south end of the same First Nations reserve where ferryman, Bobby Clarke, videotaped a large, dark, bipedal creature walking along the bank of the Nelsen River.

The girls were close to a residential area, which borders the woods, at around 7:30-8:00 pm on May 20, when the encounter occurred. The woods are bordered by knee high grass, which is where the creature was standing in plain view, apparently watching the children play. One of the girls fainted from fright, after seeing “a huge creature.” None of the children were hurt, but they are understandably still quite shaken, and afraid to be left alone.

Immediately following the sighting, a search party was assembled to investigate the surrounding area. Footprints were found where the actual sighting occurred, as well as deeper into the woods. Several more expeditions have been conducted since, and have resulted in finding more physical evidence. The size of some of the tracks measure “larger than a man`s size 16 shoe” said one witness, and  have a clearly defined outline of the toes. The tracks have been preserved, photographed, and videotaped by Norway House residents.





Hair samples have also been found at several locations, including on the inside edge of one of the footprints, and at another location, clinging to a pine tree where more tracks, and a strong lingering odor was also reported. The odor was described to be a mix between wet dog, and skunk. A witness who has collected some of the hair samples reported, “I thought they would be thick and course and black, but they look kinda longish, half black and half white and (on some) the very bottom looks almost fine and spliced up like a fine razor split the hairs into many on one single strand.”

The physical evidence collected following the most recent sighting raises some interesting questions. Where as the Nelson River tracks measured 20 inches in length, with a six foot stride, in Paupanekis Point, tracks measuring 13 inches in length, as well as 20 inches have been found. Also, hair samples given to the ACA`s expedition team were dark in color, according to Cherie Curry, a member of the team, yet the hair samples found after the second sighting are half black, and half white.

Some N.H. residents have theorized that the smaller prints may belong to a juvenile, and that it has possibly wandered away from an adult/parent, which might explain the ongoing incidents surrounding Norway House, including the frequent howls coming from wooded areas close to homes. Bobby Clarke also reported hearing strange howls on several occasions preceding his sighting.

Although details are still sketchy, a third encounter in which the creature is said to have returned to the same area as the second sighting, moving large rocks in it`s path has been reported. I`ll update if/when I learn more. I am also waiting for more photographs of tracks, and hair samples, which I`ll photograph, and post once they arrive.

This rash of sightings is not the first in this area. In 1976,  multiple sightings, spread over a length of time, were reported in Poplar River, 76 miles south of Norway House. The following is the report submitted to the Vancouver Lower Mainland Division of the RCMP, following a police investigation. Norway House RCMP Report 

“Norway House to Vancouver Lower Mainland Division, attention Sergeant Doane.

It was reported to our office on the 26 July 76 by the chief of the Poplar River Indian Band that many of his people have sighted on the reserve many times a large hairy animal that walks on two legs. Poplar River is located approx. 76 miles to the south of Norway House. An investigation was conducted and the results are as follows:Several people were interviewed and they all stated that the animal was approximately seven to eight feet tall and was very broad at the shoulders. It had the general body structure of a man only many times larger. A foot cast was taken of the foot impression that was left behind by the so-called monster and is held at this detachment. It measures 16 inches by five inches, and has only three toes. It’s fur is a glossy gray color and it has white hair on it’s head. They stated that it was very powerfully built and one man reported that he saw it swimming. To date there have been no further reports of sightings in our area. It should be noted that this so-called monster seemed very inquisitive towards the people and would come around the houses on the settlement and look in doors and windows.”
– Excerpt from the 1976 RCMP Report, posted on the
BFRO website. 

The May 20,05 Paupanekis Point sighting follows a report, and video footage, taken of a large dark creature walking along the Nelson River, in Norway House, Manitoba on April 16, 05 by ferryman, Bobby Clarke. After the videotape was aired on A Current Affair on May 4,05, ACA sent an expedition led by Dr.Franklin Ruehl, to Norway House to look for evidence. Also on the expedition team was ACA producer Brett Hudson, and artist, singer, author Cherie Curry.


An ongoing on discussion Bigfoot, and the Norway House sightings on Blogcritics. – Participating in the discussion are members of the ACA Expedition Team, and residents of Norway House, Manitoba. To view, and/or participate, scroll down to the comments section. All are welcome to join in.



Norway House, Manitoba


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  • Any way I can contact these girls for an internationally syndicated talk show?

    Rob McConnell

  • bill green

    hi everyone wow those are wonderful photos of sasquatch footprints. please keep me updated ok. thanks bill green ct usa sasquatch researcher.

  • Rob, I haven`t any direct contact info for the little girls families. There are Norway House residents who`ve been posting on another article thread who might pass on the request for you. Manitoba Bigfoot Video – A Current Afair`s Big Adventure!

    Will do, Bill!

  • Beeger

    Looks like the first nations person(s) who faked the prints cleared away the undergrowth first. Must be kids.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Annie, super job – you are Bigfoot Central, baby!

  • Nancy

    This is so cool, and fun, too, not to mention interesting as all get-out. When BF is ‘proved’, I doubt of all the nay-sayers are going to admit their error – sort of on the lines of those persons who still won’t admit the earth isn’t flat, or evolution isn’t true – but who cares? They can stay in the middle ages where they belong while the rest of us go forward. Way to go, Cree First Nations! As ‘Gonzo’ says, “excelsior!”.

  • JR

    Hair samples have also been found at several locations, including on the inside edge of one of the footprints, and at another location, clinging to a pine tree where more tracks, and a strong lingering odor was also reported.

    So who’s doing the DNA analysis?

  • Eric Olsen

    hair samples of Janet Arviso were found at the waxing salon

  • Nancy

    ROTFLOL! But remember – it was just a leg wax….

  • Eric Olsen

    needless to say!

  • Duane

    Wow, that picture of Norway House, Manitoba sure is beautiful. Hmmm. I’ve got a bunch of vacation money just dying to get spent on some touristing action. I’m gonna have to pack up the family and make a trip up to Norway House. I’ll have to admit, I’ve always been fascinated with the Bigfoot legend. And now Bigfoot is popping up left and right up there at Norway House. I wonder what a hotel room is going for up there. And I’ll just bet there are some real fine gift shops where I can buy some souvenirs for the relatives. And I’m half Norwegian, to boot! Yep, my vacation looks to be pretty exciting, up there at Norway House.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m 3/4 Norwegian – ha-ha

  • Nancy

    I can’t quite tell from the photos (excellent quality, BTW, Ms. Henry; best I’ve ever seen): do these prints have 4 toes or 5? There’s an interesting debate going on whether there might not be 2 or more ‘races’ of BF out there; also, even a cursory scanning of reports shows a difference in aggressiveness between “classic” Western BFs and the (seemingly nastier) Eastern critters. Maybe the Easterners are just more crowded and therefore more jittery and prone to attack on sight?

  • Eric Olsen

    you would think there would be regional variations just like any other critter

  • digger

    How come the pictures posted above have the grass around each print ending exactly at the footprint? Doesn’t it look just a bit “arranged”?

    I’ve never seen footprints that fit so nicely within the surrounding grass, unless perhaps the grass originally covered the prints and was moved to take a better picture. Comments?

  • The Theory

    I have to agree with the comments about the grass… it is very shady or very unprofessional.

    Unless Bigfoot’s feet are so foul that their steps automatically cause grass to shrivel and rot away into nothing…

  • Pammy

    All those who do not believe in the bigfoot frenzy. Don’t knock it until you’ve learned all the facts. Everyone here in NH is just as curious and scared as any of you and we are not making a mockery of the whole situation. I realize now how immature certain folks are. Don’t even try any racist remarks! It is already difficult enough living on reserve lands that the goverment had screwed all first nations of. Some Northern towns don’t have plumbing whereas almost every small southern town have paved roads and indoor plumbing. Obvious double standards. NH is not the boonies we have everything that makes us comfy. You people make it sounds we still live in teepees and hunt for our supper. Get real u small minded hypocrites!

  • Duane

    Pammy says: Don’t even try any racist remarks!

    Well, I for one have tried to make myself aware of Bigfoot’s sensitivity to derogatory remarks concerning his race. It is my sincerest wish to one day befriend one of the big fellas and have him into my home, and I can assure you, Pammy, that I will make no narrow-minded, snide remarks relating to the apparent backwardness of his culture (oops, sorry!). I slipped up. And if Bigffot applied for a job where I work, I would do my best to see that he (or she! hehe) is not discriminated against just because he can’t use a toilet (oops!) or doesn’t have the best table manners and probably doesn’t bathe more than once or twice a week. I apologize for perpetuating these stereotypes, but I’m working on it. No, really.

  • I am still confused,whether they
    are creatures with flesh and blood or
    any paranormals things,

    It can also be a big animal.

  • Digger, Beeger and Theory, although I haven`t been told so, I believe they`ve cut away some of the mud and grass surrounding the foot prints to highlight them. It looks like they`ve removed some of the grass within the track as well, for the same reason. Without doing so, it would be near impossible to see any detail.

    There`s been a lot of complaints as to A Current Affair`s handling of the story, but to be honest, none of the so called “experts” have bothered to travel to NH to investigate. At least the ACA expedition seems to have done the best they could. Now, the people of Norway House are left on their own, and are doing the best they can to preserve evidence, and get to the bottom of all this. They want answers,and more so than any of us. Remember, this is literally happening in their own back yards, and this latest sighting involved young children!

    JR, they have taken the evidence found after this recent sighting to the RCMP, but were refused help, other than being given a name and address where they could have the hair samples DNA tested. Whether or not they have done so, I don`t know, but I do know it`s very expensive.

    The hair samples given to the ACA expedition following the Clarke sighting have been sent to a lab for analysis. ACA also offered a sample to the BFRO to conduct an independent study, but the offer was ignored.

    Duane, I think Pammy is referring to some comments on another BF article I wrote, which were indeed bigoted. Please don`t make fun…it was disgusting, aimed to hurt, and did so.

    Aman, I believe the creatures are nothing more than flesh and blood animals. Nothing paranormal, just not yet conclusively “discovered”. However, the native tradition does consider the Sasquatch to be a spiritual being.

    “Bigfoot Central” signing out. 😉

  • Kurt

    As a long-time paranormal researcher and Ufologist, I think I can conclusively say that it’s highly unlikely that there is a paranormal connection with Bigfoot. There is as much paranormal about Bigfoot as there is the Coelacanth, or the Tasmanian Tiger… I think we’re simply beginning to encroach upon a subspecies (decendant) of Gigantopithecus which has managed to live, reproduce and evolve in relative seclusion for the past 400,000 years. WHY this concept is so foreign and hard to swallow for most people escapes me!? How many times in our history has it been said that a particular animal species “is extinct” and then it turns out to still be thriving in remote regions of the world? It’s only a matter of time (unfortunately, in some ways) before someone shoots/traps or runs-over a BF, and the entire world will collectively say, “Well I’ll be damned – they ARE real!” And life will move on.

    Perhaps it’ll prove once and for all that ‘life finds a way’ is as true a statement today as it was 400,000 years ago.

    Just my $.02 on this topic…

  • Jim Benson

    The people of Canada’s First Nations had stories and legends pertaining to Sasquatch long before Europeans and others made first contact with them. There were certain valleys and areas that the white explorers were warned to stay out of… places that even though plentiful as far as game went, the Natives wouldn’t enter either. This is when the early explorers first heard of the Sasquatch as long being another resident of the north western wilderness. Of course, over the years since, although sightings of Sasquatch have continued, so have the many hoaxes, perpetrated by those whose actions do nothing but impede serious scientific study. I myself, personally believe in their existence, but I would much prefer their being left alone, or at least studied without any personal contact with them. History has shown many times what happens to other cultures and animal species, upon coming in contact with the “outside” world. I wouldn’t be surprised if first contact humans made with a Sasquatch, was via a rifle bullet and this is one of the many things I’m afraid might happen.

  • Matt

    Can you tell us the ages of girls? It might make a difference to the skeptics.

    It wouldn’t to me, though. I’ve seen enough to believe, though I admit to having been a serious skeptic before.

    The hair DNA analysis did it for me.

  • mitskev

    Who is Janet Arviso ?

    Is that an inside joke ?

    In relation to the blog article how is that funny ?

  • Al E. Oop

    Janet Arviso is the mother of the young
    boy currently pressing charges against
    Michael Jackson. And boy, is she a real

  • Sharness Henry

    This girl who saw this creature in the bush is about 9 years old. Im not too sure but i think thats how old she is. i dont know if the other kids saw it. maybe they did, that is why they are so scared to be alone now.

  • George Bush

    Anyone who believes this sad joke must be chewing too much sugar free gum. What are you kidding me? Can’t you all see that someone dug a hole with a sand shovel? No feet kill grass. And the headline is misleading! There is no siting of anything.

    Stop chewing gum, you fantasy addicts.

  • td

    Woo Hoo!

    More foot prints. Add them to the other hundreds of prints that cannot be proven not to be fakes.

    Hair samples. Great, I can’t wait until the lab results come back and they cannot determine that the hairs are not from a human. Just like they have with the other so-called BF hair samples collected.

    Lol…and I like the explanation for why many footprints have different numbers of toes. (Maybe there are 2 races of BF) Hilarious. How about you stick to proving one exists before worrying about all the different types of BF species.

    And if you do actually capture or kill one, then i will be happy to admit being wrong. On the other hand, how many times are you going to attempt to produce ‘cold-fusion’ before you admit that it doesn’t exist.

  • mitskev

    What does the ages of the girls have to do with anything ?

    Honestly – if you’re going on knowing right from wrong at a certain age please present your scientific data ?

    Otherwise perverts get your jolly’s elsewhere …

  • Sharness Henry


  • peter

    i’ve hunted and tracked game all my life here in australia. the footprints are crap. an animal or bigfoot does not and would not kill all evidence of grass on the print. they simply walk on it like you and me. sure the bf may be heavier but i assume they are soft footed like us and most other animals. horses and cattle are hard hoofed and even they don’t disturb the ground like the photos. the “bigfoot track” is such an amaturish hoax that i now disbelieve the whole sighting episode. the footprint is obviously manufactured. perhaps your local native indians have forgotten how to track as they should know it is a prank . local australian aboriginies here would know instantly and then probably lead you on, laughing to themselves all the way. talk about gullible!

  • I`ve asked Sharness, who photographed the foot prints, about the grass. She said that the foot print is on an ant hill, which is why there isn`t any grass. It appears as though sand has been scraped away, but if you look at where the person is standing toe to toe to show the size, you can see that it`s their foot prints beside the BF track.
    Sharness also said that there were other tracks in the grass, but this was the best one to photograph. You can see where the ants have started to dig their way back out of the hill.

  • jack

    Ha ha, that’s a track? That’s a goof, and a whole lot of bozos fell for it. Ha ha!

  • The Theory

    i appriciate your posts on this, Annie. While I do remain skeptical about this specific instance, I am most decidedly open to the possibility of the animal’s existance.

  • Scott

    This is the biggest fake print I’ve ever seen. Please tell me that people don’t belive this is real?

  • Deacon Elurby

    i think that if anybody really wanted to see big foot they would look up in the trees or stay still and look around and i think that the hole thing about keep bigfoot in the shaddows is bull they can zoom in any time they can walkup tp it it wont doany thing its more afriad of us but it wont attack unless u try to harm it

  • Tracks

    Could it be Squasnatch?

  • cc

    i can’t believe bigfoot still wears KEDS tennis shoes…what a fucking dork!!!

  • Bigfoot just can’t afford Converse or Nike shoes. It’s hard to get a good lucrative endorsement contract when you’re so camera-shy.

    Cut the poor big walking carpets a little slack!

  • d koeffler

    It is interesting how bigfoot cut the turf or grass away so he or she could leave such nice prints! Of course this ruins the chances of these prints being used to validate the girls’ story. if you step on soft, grassy earth the plants are pressed down into the depression. Removing the plants makes the prints look fake.

  • d koeffler, you must have missed the post I made after asking Sharness about that. They didn`t remove any grass. The footprint you`re referring to was on an ant hill, there wasn`t any grass there, to begin with. If you look, you can easily see where the ants are digging their way out. Also, there were more tracks in the grass surrounding the ant hill, but Sharness photographed this one because it was the clearest. What looks like scraping beside the foot print is actually Sharness’ mother’s foot prints. She stood toe to toe beside the track to show a size comparison.

    Keep in mind, these footprints aren`t the only ones found, either. There were plenty more found, spread throughout the area. I`ve photo`s of more tracks taken in another location as well, which aren`t quite as clear as these, but are interesting none the less. I`d originally posted that 13 inch tracks had been found, where as in fact they were 16 inches long. Those are the tracks I have photos of, which I`ll be posting soon, along with some photos of some hair found at one of the locations.

    There are also photos taken by the tracking party who set out following the second sighting. They recorded everything they found with photographs, as well as videotape, but I haven`t access to those.

    Sharness, and Motleycree, have been going out of their way to photograph, and collect what evidence they could for me to post for everyone, and I can`t thank them enough.

  • Ace (deadshot) Drouin

    Interesting, can’t wait for hair sample results. If results show unknown species, I will be on my way to Manatoba, to do my own research.

  • Ace, the “dead shot” part of your name has me worried. I do hope you haven`t any intentions of shooting with anything other than a camera!?

    If a camera is your weapon, I for one would appreciate your investigation.

    IMHO,if killing this creature is the only way to prove it`s existence, then TO HELL with proof!! I`d rather it remain safely unknown!

  • Carlos Ruvalcaba

    They should try to make contact with the creature, for example make big sized copies of the photos, put them in the woods to arise their curiosity, and leave some food close by.

  • Ace (deadshot) Drouin

    I have been hunting this elusive creature for 20 years and I have my share of shadowy photos, foot print casts and stories of how I just missed it. I have traveled all over the U.S. Canada and Mexico. I have spent a fortune doing this, even learning French and Spainish to obtain the best local guides. I started with a camera only, but due to the remote areas involed in following my quest I have found that a firearm has become a much needed tool. In 1989 in Southern Oregon I stumbled across a mother cougar and her cubs, I was lucky to get out alive, all she got was my back pack which she ripped off my back moments before I made it to the river, she tore it to shreads. Now I carry a Colt.45 and will use it if I have to. My main tool is still my Nikon camera. The name Deadshot was givin to me at a turkey shoot in Texas in 1978 and it stuck. Although I have hunted many types of wildlife, I am not sure if I could shoot a Bigfoot, it is so much like a human and I don’t think a .45 would stop him, it would most likely just piss him off! Ace

  • A true ghost story

  • Nancy

    It’s interesting that of all the hundreds (it feels like thousands) of reports & tales I’ve read, only 2 – the old man @ Ape Canyon, and the Moose Hunter – state that when they shot a BF, they killed it. All the rest relate that DESPITE numerous shots, the BF strolled away, or at least seemed to be unfazed or unhurt, and no one has ever found blood, hair, or a wounded or deceased BF, etc. after a shooting incident. The most remarkable story of “missed” shots is the BFRO report from the East Coast, in which a military task force, assigned to guard a downed army small craft, literally fired a small arsenal at 3 grown BFs at very close range – and seemingly missed (according to the C/O)! And they didn’t have popguns, either. You’d certainly think an M-16 would do some damage. I’d hate to see one hurt or killed, but reading about the way some of the halfwits who have reported encountering BFs have popped off a few rounds at an unoffending BF on the next ridge or hill, because they don’t know what it is, has to make me wonder how they’ve escaped mayhem for so long? Maybe these critters are bulletproof….

  • Ace (deadshot) Drouin

    July of last year I was in Alaska about 60 miles Southeast of Juno and I thought I had finally spotted one. He was every bit or 7 ft. upright facing a tree with his arms wrapped around it as if he was about to climb up. I got 5 pictures of it before it turned around and that’s when I got a good look at it.It was the biggest dawm grizzly bear I had ever seen, he picked up our scent and then lumbered off into the brush. We went the other direction, my guide kept a close eye over his shoulder for the next 5 miles back to camp. Ace

  • I`d rather run into a Sasquatch, than a pissed of griz! You`re lucky he ran off! They`re just as likely to attack!

    I agree that carrying a weapon in the bush is a good idea,Ace…Just don`t shoot the big guy, okay!? 🙂 Have you any photos of the casts you`ve got? I`d love to see them.

  • Ace (deadshot) Drouin

    Sorry Annie,nothing digital, they are nothing to brag about, I have seen much better on the net, and don’t worry Annie, I won’t shoot the big guy, but I really beleive some one will one day you see it’s going to be the only way people will really believe, unless captured live. Ace

  • mitskev

    Ace – you are pretty lucky. A cougar killed a lone jogger right here in a metropolitan area (Sacramento). I’ve also heard one swipe of their paws can snap vertibra quite easily – man or woman. A Colt 45 should be quite ample for protection. Although I do not believe in guns solving anything but that’s for another web log.

  • Dave

    What I find more amazing than bigfoot is the littlebrain people who gravitate to articles like this, just to mock it! This is an unknown phenomenon. Why not give it the benefit of the doubt, considering the payoff. This is why other people dont come forth with sightings like this one. The mockers and slur artist come out of the wood work.

    Questions I have for the negative postings. How do you know its a hoax? Did you drive your lazy butt all the way up to interview witnesses and check the data first hand? Nope, duh…just like to type slurs on the keybord ma…duuuhh..drool.

    I would love to see the day when someone discovers this is REAL, an interview immediately after with some of the nay sayers for their comments.

    Actually, negative postings remind me of the book of infamous qoutes on inventions filled with nay sayers who were so dead wrong it’s actually just pathetic. Yes, I agree. Its all a hoax, all of it. Lets just quit looking for the unknown in life. Lets just sit back down and eat the processed chemicals and tune into Springer.

  • another HENRY

    listen up DAVE, why dont u come down here and stay in the bush. Then if u dont see or hear anything then you can call us littlebrains.

  • Blobby

    sighted a sasquatch at the weskana in The Pas tonight.

    she was hunting for males.

    good thing i was carrying insta-sas-off liquid repellant.

  • another Henry, he`s calling the flamers little heads, not those with open minds. Perhaps I`m not reading you right?

    I agree with Dave. Why write off a possibility just because it seems unlikely? We`d still be living in caves with attitudes like that. And why go to such lengths to belittle those who choose to keep an open mind? I`m often surprised by the anger! No one is shoving anything down anyone’s throat here. If you think it`s hogwash, just move on.

  • Cindy

    I totaly beleive in BF, but I find it easy to be caught with mixed feelings. I may only be twelve, but I can tell that many BF prints have been fakes, but I do NOT beleive any of the above are fake. And, if you crapheads would look closer at your own footprints, you would see that our prints just look like extermely smaller versions of those made by “Big Foot”. I am a full beleiver, yet I understand if there IS a BF, very few siteings and prints are his/hers. But you people who say “Big Foot so does not exest!” will all be so embarrised when we find a BF. My friends and I hope that they will be friendly enough to allow the public to visit it/them.

  • another henry

    uhhh nm i read it wrong

  • Abdul Rabdul

    Thats a bloody elephant footprint. Aged between 6 and 8. Its soooooo obvious. You can tell by the 8 toes.

  • Rooster

    Jesus Christ, are you people even reading these? Somebody said they clipped the grass away from the tracks so you could ’em better, and you’re STILL calling BS and saying Bigfoot’s feet ‘didn’t rot the grass away’. That was common sense to begin with, who leaves debris in evidence? How do you know they’re fake? Have you gone up there and taken a plaster cast? Have you looked at the DNA results? No? Then STFU. If you don’t think Bigfoot’s real, why are you even reading this article? There are thousands of bears down here in Georgia where I live, but I’ve never seen one. And there’s far more deer, but I’ve only seen a few of those. Who’s to say a creature almost as intelligent as a man, who’s evolved specifically to survive in the woods, doesn’t exist just because we haven’t seen it? Go back to wasting your life in apathy and ignorance, we have bigger and better things to do than listen to your Bushvoter monkey-jabber.

  • derek

    it’s an obvious hoax, and poorly done at that.

    anybody who has looked at a print left by a human walking barefoot has noticed that the toe marks are deeper than the rest and show signs of disturbance of soil by the push-off action. (try it yourself on a beach or ant-hill!) and also that the heel is deeper due to foot-strike. there is no sign of either phenomenon the print.

    it’s just a stamp made by a giant foot-shaped mold. hoax! motive: to get attention or to draw tourists (= $)

    how can so many be so gullible?!

  • motleycree

    what hoax? i`ve been with these people that went back to the spot of the second sighting including the mother of one of the little girls and they arent exactly charging for tours to the spots where we photographed the prints.i happen to catch them as they were leaving to go back into the bush because someone pointed out to them that there were other prints within the same area.its not like bigfoot just stood there and vanished.he has been walking around the area.back in the bush behind the residences.im going back and take pictures to show you the distances from the house to where it was spotted.and that was an anthill. nobody cleared any grass away. and another thing no ones making big bucks here in norway house.its not exactly flooded with tourists and bigfoot hunters.get real people.

  • GARY

    Sujest you put out food. Use Trailscout digital cameras. To get good pictures of BF. Put the food up about 5feet high,and mount your camera`s. Even higher angled down at the food they should be out of BF`s reach.Or you could mount a heavy duty cargo net over the food and trap BF…….just a thought. GARY

  • LAL

    Now that it’s been explained, I can clearly see the antholes.
    It would be nice if scoffers would withhold their comments until the facts are in. It might save them a lot of embarrassment.
    Does anyone know why the BFRO ignored the hair samples?

  • LAL

    Derek, I suggest you read up on Sasquatch foot anatomy.


    The gait is compliant; it’s not like a human gait.


    i heard alot about bigfoot i even saw him once when me and my brother in law were on our way to work one evening.this happened last year because norway house is the next community over but so far we seen nothing here sasquatch would never hurt anyone so why don’t we leave him alone

  • motleycree

    brian, theres nothing wrong with us blabbing about sasquatch.people are curious.and some of us from norway house are telling them whats going on over here.besides i think you missed the first thread we had going…check that out.

  • Sharness Henry

    Yeah, i just noticed that one of the four toes ( i believe it is four toes) the one closer to the pinky toe is mishaped and if u look at this drawing on http://www.isu.edu/~meldd/fxnlmorph.html u can see that it is clearly almost the same.

  • Laurie

    I am 99.9% Norweigen!

  • Eric Olsen

    what’s the .1%?
    I think of my 25% non-Nowegian as spicing

  • DICK

    Having followed BF stories, programs
    and various other information for a
    number of years, I have developed a
    question that I have never seen or
    heard discussed. The “Mountain Men” of
    our western mountains wether they be
    trappers, explorers or hunters were
    well known for keeping diaries and or
    journals containing IMPORTANT info
    relating to daily happenings, weather
    snowfall, rain, presence of wilflife
    etc. Has anyone researched these to
    see if encounters with BF were ever
    mentioned ? NOT Indian legends but
    first or even second hand reports I
    would think would add much creditable
    info to the questoin of reality of
    our present day sightings. These
    men did not waste their time with BS
    and certainly had NO reason to FAKE
    anything ! INTERESTING !!

  • son of goodstory







  • Janelle

    Sorry but nothing will ever come of these ‘sightings’ because this is all a hoax perpetrated by members of the Cree Nation in northern Manitoba in order to bring money into their community.
    You can side with them and listen while they continue to lead you on but it will never result in anything but the promise of more fraudulent ‘evidence’ (as pictured above) and endless tales about “hearing one in the woods last night” and “seeing one cross the road”.
    These people aren’t your friends. They are toying with your emotions and lying to you.

  • Sharness Henry

    im sorry,we are not lying to anybody, how do you know this?? Janelle do u have facts that a member of this cree nation has hoaxed this??

  • Sharness, this is the same person who`s been posting as other people on the other thread. Just ignore them.

  • Dick, that`s an interesting point! I`m going to do a little research, and see what I can find.

  • Nancy

    Actually, there are a couple of records by early explorers and mountain men. One was reported by Teddy Roosevelt, no less. Another by a very early trapper/explorer who didn’t see the beastie itself, but did see the footprints and noted a decided lack of enthusiasm by his guides for pursuing it to take a look. You can find these in Green’s book, the Best of Bigfoot. He’s already done the research; I would guess if he hasn’t found it yet, it ain’t there to be found.

  • Nancy

    Plus (no, I’m not getting paid for this) it’s just a neat book, with some pretty amusing episodes recounted in it. And the cartoons are cute, too.

  • I’ve read through this blog and the others too and have to ask one simple thing: if Moneymaker was indeed not asked to be part of the so-called expedition team up to Norway House (and don’t even bother to try and explain why on earth a former rockstar and current chainsaw artist was), and is indeed angry and therefore not posting the Bobby Clarke sighting on the BFRO site, then he should be mad at himself. That video was reported by the CBC and others on *APRIL* 21.

    With all that time in between then and when the Current Affairs piece aired May 4, Moneymaker or one of his many researchers — all of which write highly credibly on the BFRO site and personally talk to witnesses — didn’t get up there to research the shore, video and witness themselves for the most newsworthy BF sighting since the 1967 Patterson video?????

  • You got it, Belinda. Seems they`ve washed their hands of it. I know Moneymaker had originally insisted on being the ONLY expert to be allowed to view the Clarke video, along with an expert of HIS choosing. When ACA wouldn`t agree, he obviously gave in, as he appears on the episode. He then expected to be a part of the expedition team, which I suppose being in his place, I would have too, but he was denied. From what`s been said, I believe he was excluded because of his demands. Seems ego, and accreditation plays a major role in the search for Bigfoot.

    Since the ACA team went up there, no one has been up there to investigate the sightings. You`ve got to ask “why?”
    The only reason I can see is that none of the “experts”, or experienced investigators want to share the credit with ACA, who were the first to go there, and collect evidence.

    What else could it be? There has been almost constant activity for 8 weeks now. This activity hasn`t been deep in the woods, but in residential areas. There have been howls heard almost every night, an abundance of evidence, (and of more than just one creature), and I`ve just heard of two more recent sightings.

    Seems to me that if a person, or organization were truly dedicated to finding out the truth, they`d have had their butts up there weeks ago. I`ve lost all respect for the lot of them.

    So, the investigation at this point seems to be in the hands of a hand full of NH residents brave enough to pursue this with what little help, and advice those of us participating in these threads are able to offer.

  • Sharness Henry

    well hopefully im gonna get some type of recorder on my hands. yup people around here just cant pull one out of their pockets, anyways, gotta go!

  • Sharness Henry

    motleycree we need to get together some time this week and we’ll stay up and wait for something to happen. hopefully we’ll get s recorder of some sort somewhere…..

  • Nancy

    No one requires ACA’s permission to go up there and check things out, so I agree that it’s more than passing strange someone affiliated w/the BFRO doesn’t pitch their egos and head up there, considering the magnitude of this situation, however, I’m not surprised: I spent some years working w/’Big Name’ anthropologists at a Big Name scientific institution, and was shocked at how petty & puerile they were; like a bunch of 2nd-grade prima donnas. I think it’s a male ego/testosterone thing: “if I’m not in charge, I’m not going to play”, etc. I didn’t have half as many problems w/the women I worked with, and none in the ego-mania dept.

  • motleycree

    sharness,i finally got my hands on one tommorow it will be in my possesion.im gonna try for tomorrow,now that the bloody wind has died down.email or call me at home.hopefully the weather will be calm,cause i know the flack i`ll get because of the wind being the only thing heard.or mosquito`s,they are so deadly.you have to be plastered with repellent and hold onto a coil while listening.ive had people looking around for a recorder all this time,we dont exactly have a radio shack over…

  • Sharness Henry

    ECHO! lol theres been nothing this passed week, well well i’ve heard nothing, now that school is over im gonna go down in paupanekis point sometime soon. later

  • Nancy

    If you need one, I can mail you one. I should have offered before this but I didn’t remember I had it. Problem is, it’s not so state of the art to pick up faint sounds. It barely manages to get conversation in a large room (I used it for taking minutes at a Board meeting). It will be useful if BF takes up commenting right outside your window, but from a distance, I’m not sure. It’s a very small portable, about the size of a slice of bread, x 1″ thick, weighs @ 1/4+ lbs. takes 4 AA batteries, and uses microtapes. No mike w/it.

  • Sharness Henry

    Was that to me or motley? But, That would be very nice! I’ve been asking around for one but no dice. But im planning to go there tonite, always seems to on the weekdays where everyones sleepin already. Ok gotta go!

  • don-wayne kotyk

    how do I contact ACA team and author about our sighting ??

  • Hi Don-Wayne, I`m the author. You can contact me at anniethinks(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  • Stan

    Bigfoot is the devil showing his ugly face. He is famous in Norway House buying rounds in the bar there, walking through walls, being seen with his tail.

    I know of some people who have met him face to face. One fellow recently told me he saw bigfoot close. He noted that it looked like a spirit, not solid. He is there to deceive and is busy right now all over the world.

  • Sharness Henry

    Hey stan, i’ve heard that story many times when i was young, but by different people. Where you from? But i believe it aint bigfoot!

  • Stan

    S. Henry,

    Yes indeed, native elders echo the same thing. The stories I’ve heard would make most of the people’s skin crawl on this blog. I’m from northern manitoba. You?

  • Sharness Henry

    Norway House, i guess you dont know…..lol im Bobby’s sister. What part of the northern manitoba are you from?

  • Stan

    S. Henry,

    Bobby’s sister? Bobby who?

    I’ve live all over the north. Born in The Pas.

  • Sharness Henry

    Bobbly Clarke. The one who got bigfoot on video i believe!

  • Norway House Resident

    Hello I have been reading all the comments and not so nice comments re the Norway House sasquatch, very interesting. I would like to say that I am a relative of the little girl who saw the sasquatch at Paupanekis Point. I also was there to observe and walk in the area of the sighting. I personally took some pictures of a footprint which was found a day after the little girls sighting and I do not doubt the evidence that I saw, namely a near perfect footprint which was made atop an ant hill, which was very clear with 5 toe prints, We measured it and it was over 16 inches in length and it was scary, yet exciting at the same time. It was made in a small trail much like a dog trail. There were numerous trails in that area and we tried to find other prints with ant hills but we could not and we gave up as it was getting dark. Back to the print I observed, it had rained the day before and I only wish we had found the print before the rain as it would have been perfect. I also observed some hairs that one female member had been keeping and they were half black and white and not very coarse. One of my young relations who was in the area the same day as the little girls sighting told me he had smelled a stinky smell near a pile of logs and he said it was indecribable. I am very interested in the sasquatch, but I do not believe it would do anyone any good to capture the sasquatch, I mean leave it alone, he or she has not hurt anyone and it only needs to be left alone.It wants to live just as much as we do. Thank you for listening.

  • jeff

    i beleave in bigfoot heard it one time years ago

  • Unlike many people here I beleive that to capture a Bigfoot then subject this creature to scientific experiments in a laboratory is just wrong. This creature exsitence can be proven in many other ways than this. I have had a experience of my own when I was 17. Iwas coming home from my uncles house in diamond missouri around 8pm in the evening. As I came around a curve I seen at first what I thought to be a man walking beside the road. As i slowed down to go around the subject he turned looked at me and what told me this was wrong was the eyes they reflected the light like a cats eyes then the creature turned step across the road and he was gone I was beside myself cause being raiesed in the outdoors I knew what I had just seen. I now wish I would have went back and looked for evedence but I didnt. Lets let this creature have its space and lets find a better way to confirm it does live

  • Sharness Henry

    there are some people in this world who do really catch bigfoot on tape, but there is always the skeptics that dont believe. its alright though not to believe some people because they cn or cannot be fakes. We need soemthing more than just a tape because alot of people are just gonna have to say “well i gotta see it for myself” theres no way to tell if bigfoot lives because they have not seen it for themselves. When results come in for DNA it is unknown. Why cant this unkown dna become something we know as bigfoot? i know, i know, how do we know but, when someone says they have seen bigfoot and found unknown hairs. Why cant that be called bigfoot hairs because i dont see anything around NH that sheds hair like that. Or shedding at all besides dogs. I know for sure there arent any other unknown animals around here besides bigfoot because there arent any sitings about monsters or creatures. geeze.

  • superd

    Sharness Henry
    I have a recorder which has a sensitity switch, it’s your’s for the asking.
    E mail me at rdmerry@tbaytel.net, I offered it to someone else in Norway House but he Hasn’t responded.

  • Sharness Henry

    thanx i just emailed you my address

  • superd

    Got the e mail, will send recorder tomorrow

  • John

    A little note to the photographer of the footprints. Unless you are into being ridiculed, it is probably best not to submit photos of the prints themselves. A photo is only 2 dimensional and a lot of detail is lost. If you must take a picture, I suggest that you first make a plaster cast of the print, then take a picture of the cast, after it has hardened and you have brushed off the loose soil and debris. The BFRO website has full instructions for the making of plaster casts.

  • Nancy

    A much better recorder than the little junky one I’ve got. Glad someone else has something to help with.

    Just out of curiousity (& I haven’t found previous discussion on this, or if it’s there, I keep blipping over it): you’ve mentioned these things have shown up in the N.H. region before. Is it a seasonal thing? I mean, are they heard/seen generally in the spring & summer, or is it any time of the year? This year, apparently, at least one of them has been coming in among the houses and making itself known in a very noisy fashion, whether to complain about the invasion of its privacy or perhaps it’s even trying to be friendly & show off its singing abilities, whatever. Have they ever done this before? What do the elders say about this behavior? Is this atypical? Are there enough prior incidents that this years’ can even be classed as typical or atypical? Thanks.

    P.S. What’s the weather like up there at the moment? Here in the US mid-Atlantic region its in the high 90s, vy high humiditure = comparable to being in the low 100s. Same w/you?

  • motleycree

    sighttings maybe but ive never heard anyone claim to have heard them.my dad was on that call when the rcmp was sent to poplar river in the 70`s.all they got were statements and tracks.this would be the first time its been heard here in norway house.so far as i know and ive been asking around too.ive lived all my life in norway house i dont even recall hearing wolves howl.im sure they do out in the trapline but not near the residences.and if wolves are spotted it goes out on the local radio station to warn the community to keep out watch especially for the kids that skidoo joyride in the winter.all the stuff thats been going on here no ones went on air…they know its going on but why spread panic i guess.just last week.there was an incident with 2 teenage girls that were walking on the road here in paupanekis point late in the evening i think after 12 and the almost jumped in front of a cab flagging it down and jumped inside they were hysterical,crying and they told the cab driver they heard branches cracking and something like a deep male voice growling.the cab driver told the girls to get in and turned off the engine to listen,sure enough the cabbie heard the branches cracking and sped off.the next night around 3 in the morning i seen the local indian band police driving in paupanekis point with hunters spotlights on either side of the vehicle checking the road it was scary to see that i was out listening when i noticed them doing that.but as for the weather its been crazy humid here too.we had a wicked severe lightening storm 2 nights ago.my house is near the river so can hear the howls sometimes coming from the bush and then sometmes i hear water splashing like something walking or quietly swimming but i cant see it.but its close enough for us to hear it and drive the dogs insane.the stench is so gross its starting to smell rotten in the air.i wish we had a normal summer here.

  • Nancy

    Part of me is green w/envy; the rest of me is glad it isn’t me having to cope w/this. We had several sightings of what I surmise was a resident BF around here back in the 70s. Even today w/all the development, when I look at it all w/a critical eye, it’s good habitat: thick brush, woods, lots of deer & small game, farms & vegetation, small streams, etc. A surprising amount of Maryland has pretty thick woods & not terribly easy terrain, even close in to the beltway. A BF could hide & live well around here, easy, I think. No hunting, either, so not much chance of getting shot by accident.

    Hmmm…put out a note for your BF to c’mon down here. The locals would probably love him/her/it. And if it’s loud enough, it can run for congress!

  • motleycree

    was at the store buying groceries and i notice some americans converting their money and stocking up on hotdogs and whatnot..i wonder if they are going to molson lake to fish or coming out of curiuosity to hear for themselves.anyone know who they are?

  • superd

    To the NH bigfoot team
    Here is an event I just found of a truck driver in Texas. Up close and personal.

    It’s the last entry.
    I like it because fear wasn’t a big part of the encounter.
    P.S. Packing the recorder tonight and mailing tomorrow. ( with fresh batterries)

  • Sharness Henry


  • Nancy

    Any way to convert that to a link? I tried, but all I got was code gobbledygook. Thanks.

  • Taken care of.

  • Nancy

    Oh, super cool! I am SO jealous!

  • superd

    Nice Job DrPat
    It’s a little beyond my knowledge.
    Glad you liked it.
    Recorder is in the mail.

  • Sharness Henry

    Well the wind died down finally, and there has been reports of a tornado being seen on west island last nite during this big and heavy storm we had. So tonite im going down to my friends place he lives right near the bushes but not exactly where the howls and crackings been heard. So yeah, even without my recorder im hoping to at least hear something tonite!! toodles

  • Sharness Henry

    Nothing, but goona try again when i get my recorder!

  • Sharness Henry

    Thank you again superd for the recorder again, its great so im gonna make my way down to my freinds place tonite if i can. toodles.

  • isaac

    u no that patterson film it was a hoax the family was behind it

  • Sharness Henry

    Ever since we found out there was something unusual in our community nothing has been okay…. people have beem passing away like crazy (maybe just a coincidence???) its sad though…but anyways, its scary to walk in my side of town even though its in the middle of everything….:s people are paranoid in this town. its driving me nuts, people finding footprints, hearing and seeing things. but everything has quieted down for now, or i hope forever….

  • Sharness Henry

    now all we need is answers!!

  • joe

    I believe i’ve seen something around Pisew Falls, Manitoba.This was in the late 8O’s. Me and my late friend were going back to Thompson,MB. There was this big black tall thing about eight feet tall, and took only about three to four steps to cross the highway. A first it was staring at us, we were’nt scared of it. We kept it to our selves nerver told any one because we had a feeling nobody would believe us.

  • The hair that was sound at the sighting in the Yukon has been analyzed and it turned out to be a bison. I wonder if bison are normally found that far north.


  • Olivar

    I DO REALLY AGREE WITH Comment 73 posted by Janelle.
    But here is mine:
    Do you know the REAL reasons why the big foot won’t be ever be seriously studied? The answer is simple.
    First, let’s consider a few topics. In a nation where high tech is born every day, it’s quite strange to believe that it’s not possible to set a lot of zooming cameras remotely controlled in
    the areas where the big foot is told to be seen. If the discovery of a new species is important to understand our own living past, then an important amout of effort should have been done already. There are even spontaneous scientists who offer themselves to the job. No costs. Simple photo cameras linked to sensors (movement sensors) can do the job. Better, digital cameras do not spend films. The set is easily built. With so many sighting maps, it’s easy to spread those picture taking devices in the places the “monster” is usually seen. Even better, those cameras could send a pic by radio signal. Just like spatial telescopes do. So, one finds only hoaxes in the form of badly recorded films; badly taken pics; undefined shadows walking and so on. Not a single close. Not a single animal of that type has been shot by a gun or a camera in centuries of tale. Better, fairy tale. And the answer for that lack of interest is quite simple. Another issue before I answer the puzzle: if a real animal do exists, why clusters of them have not been identified already?
    With so many helicopters and monoplans flights, it’s easy to identify one or another walking here and there.Even because there MUST be lots of them living. NOT just a few ones. They must not be endangered – otherwise,
    how could people still continue to see them? There must be lots of them because they are said to be alive, yet. There must be males and females.
    Ok, you may say: “Oh, they’re nocturnal animals, which makes things a little bit more difficult”. Ok, but what about infrared cameras to work with? I mean, not even a single man has to be put to work (what if they are REAL and DANGEROUS?), only hanging cameras at high posts. Telemetrically driven cameras, with infrared sensors that send a signal and thus alert a remotely placed watchman.
    To be short, you must know the answer by now. The answer is simple: the animal is a myth. A fairy tale.
    So, my dear friend, these are a few reasons why the animal has not been driven the possible and necessary attention. With high tech available, it’s hard to believe – at last to me – that this issue remains unsolved in this century. A myth has to live. Let’s face it. Good bye.

  • ingrid

    I have been reading through all the comments that have been made on this page, and i am wondering why the people who are so skeptical of the whole sasquatch sightings are even wasting their time looking up this information… Also another thing that really bothers me is the racism that quietly lingers in the comments of some people…(janelle) I do not believe that the people of Norway House are just trying ot bring money into their community… Do you think that a community action plan was made before the sightings were reported….Get Real!!!

  • It seems that a D.N.A test was done on
    some “bigfoot hair” that was found in Canada last week. The hair turned out to be that of a Bison..

  • superd

    reply to Olivar
    Read your comments and come to the conclusion that more homework needs to be done.
    For example , people in planes have seen them, there are lots of organizations out there filming, and soon we’ll have the proof, probably in the next six months or sooner.
    Bye Bye myth

  • Olivar

    Reply to superd:
    Yes, my friend, that’s all I wanted!!!
    But have you ever come to consider that the aerial pics vary from one another? If bigfoot is REAL, then one comes to the following conclusion: there are LOTS of different bigfoot strains wandering around, out there! If the pics should be REAL (not jokes), then only a few different BF should be accepted. But it’s not the fact. One bigfoot is different from another. No one has been shot dead in the past centuries. And more, where are the SKULLS? Or do they burry themselves in rituals? At least one single skull should have been studied. But not even a single RIB!!!By the way, the analysed hair that gave bigfoot chasers a new hope, belongs to a bison!!! Please, by yourself see at: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8704462/
    I relly wish people find bigfoot. But for the moment, we have to face the true: until now, BF is a money making myth!!!! 🙂 🙂 :-)!!!

  • superd

    Hi Olivar
    Yep thats Bison hair, I was watching that one closely.
    “In recent years, several bush pilots flying low near Fort Severn have reported seeing a large black hairy
    biped beside a lake and disappear into the bush when they turned back.”
    Not always does a pilot have a camera ready. Fort Severn ( I’ve been there twice) is on Hudson Bay in Northern Ontario.

  • Olivar

    Hi, Superd! Yes, my friend, I do believe thas pilots saw a black hairy thing walking close to a river. But, remember, black (or brown grizzly)bears do walk in a biped fashion!! hmmmm!!!
    And bears do like to be around rivers, for the prey!!! But remember, the fact of seeing something CAN be ACTUALLY true. But it doesn’t mean that the thing IS a BF!!! That’s a silogistic thinking! For an outcome to be valid, then the premisses HAVE to be valid ones. E.g.: “Merlin is a man” (1st premisse, true, although Merlin being just fiction, he’s a man); ”
    Merlin is immortal” (2nd premisse). “Then all men are immortal” (outcome). As you see, the 2nd premisse is NOT true, since there is no immortal man. Then, the subsequent outcome is not true also. That’s the way I think. But I really want the BF to be captured. Let’s think in this way? So we help finding clues!!!

  • I moved to College as a 26 year old freshman and went on a few expeditions as intern during zoology masters residency requirements. If someone starts a new thread Ill relate some facts about a quantified “Orang pendek” population adjacent to the Northern Sumatran Heath forest and another in the Heath forests above Myanmar’s Shan states.

  • Annie

    Mihos, I didn’t know about the Orang pendek…Since your post, I’ve done some reading up on it. Facinating!

    In order to start a new thread, I’d need to write a new article. If you’d like to send me your story, I’d be more than happy to do that. Or, you could post it here.

    You can email me at anniethinks(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about this!

  • Ingrid, You would have been shocked at the outright racism at the previous link Tracking Manitoba’s Bigfoot. It’s discouraging providing the going-ons here to the blogcritics when all u get are outright disbelievers, and even more so when they start to denigrate your people, insisting without facts or truth that we are purposely providing phony news and trying to persuade others to come here so we can hit them up for money…of which is hurtful and total lies. Apply the logics and examine why we should even attempt a hoax…we’d only be greater fools than the ones who scoff at us.

  • Tallpine

    Ingrid, You would have been shocked at the outright racism at the previous link (Tracking Manitoba’s Bigfoot.) It’s discouraging providing the going-ons here to blogcritics when all u get are outright disbelievers, and malicious posers who mock your heritage and persist in denying the existance of Sasquatch,even more so when they start to denigrate your people, insisting that we are purposely providing phony news and trying to persuade others to come here so we can hit them up for money…of which all are hurtful and total lies. Apply the logics and examine why we should even attempt a hoax…we’d only be greater fools than the ones who scoff at us.

  • LAL

    Comment 117 posted by isaac on July 22, 2005 09:27 PM:
    u no that patterson film it was a hoax the family was behind it

    That’s about the most garbled version of Greg Long’s silliness I’ve seen yet.

    The film was no hoax.Bob Heironimus has been thoroughly discredited and you’re thinking of Ray Wallace’s family. Ray was a joker, but he didn’t fake anything important. Researchers were on to him for years.

    Now see this:


  • superd

    This article is starting to go way off topic, probably time for a new one.

  • Olivar

    A little coin has two sides. A tale is two-sided also. In one side, people for that point of view. On the other side, people against it. There MUST be for and against. The ground’s level difference IS NEEDED for the water to run. And so this is for the BF tale. Both people (for and against) must be welcomed. Thanks to sceptic scientists and thanks to the believers. Both ARE DEEPLY NEEDEd FOR THE TRUTH TO ARISE.
    But personally, ’till now, I believe that BF is a native american tale. Made alive now and then by hoaxes. Bears and deers do exist, but not seeing one does not mean that they don’t exist. It means that it was not witnessed by a specific person. That is what it means. Not seeing, does not mean that a single one (bear or deer) has not been studied in a biology or veterinary medicine faculty. Remember, there are skulls (proofs) from these unfortunate animals that were captured, although a specific person may not have witnessed a single alive one in his(her) entire life. Even ancient hominids have skulls or bones that were found in excavations. With so many centuries of BF tale, why a single one has not been capture yet? They don’t have firing guns! Are we afraid of them? Better, we have depressing drugs to put them to sleep, alive! So, I put myself on the non-believers side, until a real one is captured. Then I will change my mind. And remember, my friend, the non-believers come to web pages like these, in the search of the truth. With the same spirit of a believer. Not believing does not mean that one MUST NOT have an interest on the fact. It’s just the opposite. Not believing is also a point that leads one to the truth. WHATEVER THE TRUTH IS. Like it or dislike it. By by.

  • The abominable

    Yes, let’s give time for the truth to come. Let’s give it up for a moment or so.

  • superd

    Hi Tallpine
    Buy any apples lately?
    Hows the recording going?
    Sounds like the sale of spot lights is up in NH.
    Is the smell still around?
    Your friendly BF researcher

  • me

    kah kiam

  • me


  • Steven Chua

    Well, it looks like this whole “Bigfoot” shenanegan has taken some of you for the ride. For those who believe the hype, created by the very people who huff gas, Lysol, and drink scope. It’s the same people who sit on the Thompson Post Office! Search around, or I’ll upload pics to Google search, and you’ll REALLY see what indians of today are like.

    Oh, almost forgot….every one of them is on welfare, so OF COURSE they need YOUR money. They have kids, just so they could collect family allowance, and if thats not enough, they don’t even take care of their kids. Filthiest people ever. Yes, I realize what that comment intends, but you are the people fooled by these people. They couldn’t get jobs, so they make up a fresh Bigfoot story. I’m sick of their actions, and I’m sick of their fraudery.

    -Steve C.

  • Sharness Henry

    A$$HOLE just so you know my moms a nurse and my dads a guidence councillor whose money do we need?? So your from thomspon eh?? yeah everyone over there is racist. i cant even walk around without some prissy white chick looking at me when i could pound her ass into the ground.

  • GG

    Have another beer steve, and you will be right there, with your arm around their shoulders, trying to stick it to their daughters….cmon’ you love it, thata boy.

  • superd

    Sharness, take a deep breath and start ignoring. Guys like Steve feed off that stuff, this blog sure wasn’t made for this.

    Steve , your a poor excuse for a human being!!!!


  • Well, I read somthng in the other blog by a guy name Olivar, and found it interesting, and I copied and pasted, so that I can share wt u:


    (traces back human natural history, and findings of bones, with photos)

    Hope you’ll enjoy. By the way, in one of my previous comments, I said something about remote cameras and finding bones to study on. That’s what serious scientists did in order to capture a REAL sighting. See by yourselves. That’s the way a myth comes to life. Without decieving. Without mistery. Let’s try to do the same? It’s very cheap, effortlessly demanding.
    See u later! !”
    Wht u think???

  • Olivar

    Take a look at my newest comment (#680) here

    Nice discoveries at that!!!

  • Luck Two

    Olivar: Thanks for posting those links (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/ancestry.html and http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/04/0414_030314_strangeape.html) that tell us a little bit about how a research can seriously be carried out. I really

    enjoyed both links, they tell us A LOT!!! Until now, I was believing in those idle talks. But now i’ve changed my mind. Thanks.

  • YETYBlogger

    Olivar: Man, your’re RIGHT! I entered the links you’ve provided, and WOW!!! How cheatable we are in believing these BF lies!!!

  • gdub

    WOW! ANOTHER sighting! I recalled another blog at this same site, shouldn’t this be linked to that one, too?

    Well, keep up all these great updates, gang. I don’t believe in biggie, but I DO love this coverage, I find it very intriguing. If they DO find ol’ Bigfoot, I’ll gladly eat my words with some ketchup. hehehe, Later guys!

  • gdub

    Hey gang!

    Me again….I forgot to post this question yesterday: Has there been any development on the ACA footage?


  • The impossible

    Reply to gdub:
    Hi, gdub! What’s “ACA”? Maybe I can help, if you help me!

  • gdub

    In response to “The Impossible” : ACA= A Current Affair. The show they displayed the Bigfoot footage on. 🙂

  • The impossible

    Hi, Gdub!
    There have been new posts now and then. I have found interesting ones.
    By the way, I have a nice way to be always confortable about sites changes. It’s a service called change alarm.
    “ChangeAlarm monitors web pages for changes so that you don’t have to.”
    You can find it pretty and for free here.
    Have fun! :)!!

  • gdub

    Hey The Impossible!

    Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out!

  • sassy

    hey you steve! comment on 140 youre [edited], do you know that norwy house isnt the only place that has cree indians, i wish i knew where u lived [edited] and by the way i just came back from winnipeg and some white trash was asking for money , my oh my maybe that was [edited] leave those first nation people alone i myself am white so dont speak for any body!!!!!!!! SORRY SHARNESS HENRY AND MOTLEYCREE ,ANNIE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!! KEEP US POSTED

  • This guy (Tom Biscardi) claims his team captured a live bigfoot about a week ago and they will make an announcement on Monday. He was interviewed on Coast To Coast AM last night. Did anyone else hear the interview? I’ll believe it when I see it and the authorities claim its real.

  • Annie

    Very interesting! The Coast to Coast website doesn’t offer many details…Did Biscardi give any more info?

    Thanks Triniman!

  • superd

    Hi Annie

    Will you be starting a new topic on Tom Biscardi’s claim of capture?

  • The sceptic

    Let’s hope that the big foot will not die and this will be another elusive folk. Something always happens and causes the animal not to be shot, captured, traped, etc. It’s always the same with all the sightings or encounters. Maybe something will happen until Monday – the announcement day – and the animal will not be shown. It’s always the same old story, there’s always something that makes it impossible for the beast to be displayed to the public. Many, LOTS of excuses….and nothing comes alive!!! Things like: “the animal escaped” or “it died” or the like. But there’s always an intelligent answer at the tip of the tongue… Well, let’s see until Monday, I am willingly hoping for something real!!!!

  • The weird thing about Biscardi’s claim was that, although it was captured a week ago, he was only heading to see it the day after the Coast To Coast AM interview. As host George Noory said, it he were Tom, he would have gone to see the creature as soon as it was captured and safely confined. Google Tom Biscardi and you will find his web site.

    “Update by Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi, who announced that he has “a Bigfoot in captivity right now.” Biscardi said the Bigfoot has been at an undisclosed compound for about a week, where it is receiving medical treatment for several injuries. He described the creature as a huge, hairy primate-like animal, standing over eight feet tall. Biscardi promised to post video footage of it at findingbigfoot.com as soon as possible.”

  • unbeliever

    Hey, guys, check these links out, as they’re cool:

  • Sharness Henry

    ewww, finding a mangled bear outskirts of Norway House isnt the most pleasant thing to see…… There’s bears living with us… hhhmmm

  • The sceptic

    So, WHERE IS THE ANIMAL? See my comment (#158) above, posted just a few days BEFORE monday!!!!
    Where is the animal?
    Where is the animal?
    Where is the animal?
    Where is the animal?
    Where is the animal?
    Where is the animal?
    Where is the animal?
    Where is the animal?
    We’re all waiting for the ELUSIVE DISCLAIM, telling that it’not possible to SHOW THE BEAST!!!
    ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,…..
    Hey, guys, do u still believe in BF? How OLD R U?
    I’d rather believe in Batman or Spiderman!!!!!! It’s far less CHEATTING!!!

  • Nancy

    Given that it’s almost Labor Day, they’ve probably all gone home to get ready for the school year….

  • The sceptic

    Ha, ha, ha, ha…….!!!!
    So I was RIGHT!!!My prophecy was corect!!! I’m NOT Nostradamus’ relative, NEITHER A FOOL!!!
    Although wishing for the truth, one can not let him or herself be conducted by children’s coherence…
    Did u see what I’ve had posted above, BEFORE the announcement day? Please, check it out!!!
    WHO STILL BELIEVE IN IT? SANTA CLAUS IS MORE REAL THAN BF! By using only logics, one can uncover the truth… See my comment above (#158), posted BEFORE monday!!!!! Victory!!!!
    BF hunters are FAR MOST elusive than the beast itself!!!!

  • superd

    Hi Sharness
    Whats with the bear? and when?

  • Sharness Henry

    A few days ago……

  • motleycree

    superd can you get my email off sharness and email me i want to ask you a few questions about the recorder.the sightings and howls continue if anyone wants to know,ive been listening still and seen people with hunters spotlights and listened to gun shots even people driving in their boats looking or trying scare it off.the dogs still go bonkers.york boat days came and went like i told you we werent flooded with tourists,reporters,or bigfoot experts.no one here is making big bucks off bigfoot.and its still talked about in hushed tones.it was pretty quiet for two weeks on this side of town in paupanekis point,but then again way off to the other side towards the road going out of norway house,towards the ferry.the residents have been hearing it over there and finding footprints so im told.but for the past two days it been pretty crazy again in paupanekis point with the dogs going nuts and those people firing off shots and searching with hunters spotlights.

  • superd

    Hi Motleycree
    I ‘ll ask Sharness for your address.
    E ya soon.

  • superd

    Hi Motleycree
    My e mail is rdmerry@tbaytel.net

  • candace austin

    i totally think he is out there. me and my friend went on a different page and found sounds that he makes!

  • bill green

    hi sasquatch researchers whats new any new sightings or footprints discoveries etc in manitoba. please keep me informed ok, thanks bill.

  • Tracker

    Hey guys, does anybody know Tom Biscardi’s final result (about having a live bigfoot captured)? So, what’s on?

  • It was bogus, Tracker. He claims he was duped by a couple who said they had a BF in captivity. You can read all about it here – Biscardigate

    Bill, I’ve been told there’s still plenty of activity going on in Norway House… Vocalizations, trees being stripped of their bark too high up for any known animal to have done, and the distinct smell in the area, or in the air when it’s heard. A mauled bear was also found a while back.

    Recently a group of hunters were up on a platform in a tree in the area where Bobby Clarke had his sighting, when they heard and smelled something they couldn’t explain. They were apparently so shaken, that they stayed in the tree until they were sure what ever it was had cleared out,then ran to their cabin, and then hunkered down on the floor quiet and out of sight until their lift came to pick them up.

    Motleycree has been trying to capture the vocalizations on a tape recorder, but so far, no luck.

  • bill green

    hi annie good morning thanks for the great manitoba sasquatch new update. please keep me posted. thanks bill 🙂

  • Tracker

    Hi, Annie!
    Thanks a lot for answering me!!!
    I’ll check the link out!
    But at the same time, I sorry that comment #158 above, posted by “The Sceptic” may have gained some strength among the readers, due to the results.

  • Tracker, Skeptic only voiced what the vast majority of people, BF believers included, expected. The whole thing reeked of “scam” right from the start. Biscardi actually had a PR team set up long before making the claim, and was charging for a live video feed of his “Bigfoot Hunt”. Most of the “buzz” was on how Biscardi would talk himself out of it.

    I read Biscardi eventually offered to reimburse anyone who wanted their money back, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the pay off was both calculated, and lucrative none the less.

    Meanwhile, in a small town in Northern Manitoba, there’s been non stop activity for the last 6 months, and not a single “researcher” has bothered to investigate…Other than ACA of course!;) Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  • Tracker

    Hi, Annie!
    Yes, let’s hope Manitoba give us and the rest of the world a good answer! I mean, having a 6 month non stop activity makes one wonder, for sure! I’m looking forward to hearing from it!
    Thanks, keep the news in touch!

  • King Crab

    The photos of the footprints are obvious fakes. C’mon guys, if rubbish like this is taken seriously by researchers we can’t trust anything we read!

  • Angela F. Of The Poplar River First Nation Reserve..

    Hey My Names Angie and im from polar river…ok man none of yall gotta believe it but there really is bigfoot..many people from my reserve still see it and i believe theres more than one..most of the sightings are in the rapids, or in thag-a-tow or on franklin side.. but the last time i heard there was a sighting, it was by the rapids..cuz theres about 8-10 houses by the rapids..and this guy ernest(dont worry just a from the rez), stepped outside cuz he heard and seen something by his garbage can going through it,he thought it was a bear then he seen sasquatch throw a bag of garbage over his shoulder and looked at him and ran in the bush… yeah u dont gotta believe it im not telling u to. but there really is an animal in the bush that walks on his two legs…so dont criticize us by saying were crazy for seeing something thats real or telling people theyre dumb or shit like that for knowing bigfoot really does exist..Ive lived in poplar river all my life and listen at nights when im told to stay in because someone sees sasquatch near-by..my grampa was telling me a story one night….he said that some people believe that bigfoot was the ‘wendigo’ and that he was canibal..might sound crazy but i dont give a fuck….i know what im talking about! well just letting yall know…take care an take it easy..just dont bother bigfoot. maybe it wasnt meant to be found.. or doesnt want to be, so just quit trynna go looking for it cuz u aint going to fuckin find him. he knows about the bush..its his habitat. let it live! it never hurt anyone before and hopefully wont…. if someone does find it..congratulations! whatever im done with this shit

  • motleycree

    i totally agree with you angela,my dad was sent over there in the 70`s when he was a cop and they did find tracks,but they coudnt find it.they are very smart.im just glad there arent any crazy goofs who think they came come over to norway house with big guns,thinking that they will become famous off of it.but i am just as curiuos as any one else about it. and it is still scary over here.although no one really wants to talk about it out loud.its still being heard and and fresh tracks are being discovered near where the little girls saw it in that general area.and now that the leaves are gone off the trees you can see alot of trees pushed down and bark being pulled off the tops of very high trees.if anyone was wondering if it all died down over here in norway house …nope it hasnt.i was kinda hoping it would since summer is over but its just as creepy as it was in the summer.

  • superd

    Hi Motleycree and Angie
    Thanks for the update, I too , thought it would
    start to settle down, the garbage can thing doesn’t surprise me, they probable have great smell and it attracts them. And it’s easy pickings rather than chasing down their prey.

  • motleycree

    does anyone know if there are any articles of anyone coming across these bigfoot in the winter time? and whatever happened to that guy that claimed to have captured one? didnt he have a live cam or something like that but you could only view if you paid? is he the guy that was friends with the producer or someone associated with aca?

  • Sharness Henry

    i havent heard of anything so far here. only that my grandfather found tracks by his house on the other side of the road (paupanekis) where the hydro poles go all the way down to the HBO (high school)that was kinda awhile back but then more stories to follow like one of the security workers at the school have seen and heard this “bigfoot” maybe it was following the river and the hydro poles. its all bush around here…. who knows what you can find right??

  • superd

    Motleycree that was Tom Biscardi, and it turned out to be a hoax. I don’t know if the payper view cameras are up still or not.
    About winter sightings, actually their was tracks 2 winters ago in northern Ontario along Hudson Bay.
    Hi Sharness, hows Bobbie doing? The BFRO finally put something about his sighting on their web site , under new stuff.

  • Sharness Henry

    Hey Superd, my brother is doing alright actually there was excitement but it all died down, he’s not richer or anything. so thats a good thing, he’s happy with what he has. ill check the website out. bye

  • Sharness Henry

    i think this was a few weeks ago when another worker that works at the ferry saw bigfoot, but this time he was driving to work. thats all im going to say until someone can actaully tell me the storybecause there was a few adults talking about it in cree and thats all i could understand. lol bye. p.s. Its still scary driving out there even in the daylight.


  • DICK


  • superd

    Hi Sharness
    Let me Know if you hear anymore about the other ferry operator.

  • mike stone

    umm i have killed a bigfoot 20 years ago i have never told anyone i think it is time who do i contact? o and belive me this if no fake. i can prove it!

  • Hi Mike,
    I wrote this article, and would like to hear your story. If you’d like to contact me, you can email me at anniethinks(at)hotmail(dot)com


  • superd

    Hi Mike
    I would be interested in your story ,
    I’ll keep your info Confidential.
    I am a member of SRI and we have high standards
    of investigation into sasquatch.
    You can reach me at [Deleted]
    Take care superd

  • sparkly P pants

    Mike Stone’s comment does not seem too credible. He leaves no contact information to “prove” it. Therefore, shove that bigfoot carcass up your imaginary thought balloon.

  • superd

    Nice to see people still read this thread , Mike , if you read this and still want to contact some one. E mail me [Deleted. It’s not a good idea to post contact info. Comments Editor.]
    Confidentiallity is guarrentied


  • superd

    I guess you mean his. Thanks for leaving Annie’s.
    Were on the same page anyways.
    Happy new Year to all on the blog.

  • Black Dragon

    i belive bigfoot and i dont know about thses other fools. I seen that foot tracks we even messuer it and smell the bf hair sample boy that sinks worser than wet dogs.so belive bf now.

  • hahaha


  • Lee

    This comment is for those who think the footprint is fake. The grass was removed from the print for a better view. This is coming from the mother of the daughter who saw the Bigfoot first and fainted. She was pretty shaken up by the whole thing. She was 8 yrs old at the time.

  • tallpine

    regarding comment 198 I don’t think you are who u present yourself to be. wena ma kina? tansi isinikasoyen? which side of your house was the sasquatch sighted at? what is the marker for that event? heck if you know that…i got more questions….: D

  • Chupacabra

    Well,any new sighting? Does anybody know any shiny new encounter? In any part of ths country or in another one? Let me know.

  • N S Purandare

    I have seen one monkey 180 cm tall walking on two legs. Color dark reddish brown similar to brown of horses. Location Central India at Source of river chambal near MHOW / Indore in Madhya Pradesh, state of India, He was with group of normal wite gray monkeys. [Personal contact info deleted] Hope some one reads and helps in locating it

  • superd

    Hi N S Purandare
    Thanks for the sighting, sounds interesting.
    When was the sighting? and for how long?
    Has there been many sighting in India?
    Thanks for the location.
    Take Care superd

  • I seem to remember reading about a similar sighting. I’m going to look into it, and will post anything I find here.

    superd, did you happen to get Purandare’s contact info before it was deleted?

  • Chupacabra

    Hi, I’m glad to see tha my quest above was heard! Let’s keep track of the brand new sighting reported by Purandare, so that we can be more productive, instead of empty talking! Let’s go for the news, let’s help each other building a web of information on bigfoot and related issues. Take a look at this, for example, ad you shall see that americans bigfoot are not alone: http://www.yowiehunters.com
    See u!

  • First Nation Cree Flower

    Yea, Hi, Aneen, Tansi. The Tracks are SO real, why can’t people see that?, wait, is it because there from Norway House Cree Nation???..pff all of the sightings are real. There are other places where Saskwatch was sighted as well, a lil furthur down south (Grandrapids Cree Nation, Lake St. Martin First Nation, Fairford First Nation, and Little Saskatchewan First Nation). Numerous people in the reserves have seen him. There was one time in 2004 when 2 children (boy and Girl)were driving around on a 3-wheeler and seen him hunched over mushrooms eating them then he stood up and looked at them and walked away he also smelled real bad, and his face sort of reminded them of a dog. Later, they found the eaten mushroom and Large foot prints, I believe they took pictures of them.

  • Sharness Herny

    Do ya think its been hanging around here all this time? maybe there is more than one bigfoot… who knows? i wouldnt believe someone wuld take the time to walk around in a suit in these bushes forever. lol. well anywhoo im going on a camping trip into the deep woods this summer. Thick woods where u can’t see anything from a plane. Toodles 🙂

  • superd

    Hi Annie, no I didn’t get the contact info.
    Hi Sharness, yep theirs more than one, and you couldn’t pay me to dress up in a fur suit for fear of getting a bullet in the back. I would be careful about going into the deep woods, Sasquatch take a liking to young ladies. Thats just from some of the reports I’ve read.

    take care —- superd

  • maninapesuit

    those are the worst footprints i have ever seen. there is no bigfoot.

  • Sharness Henry

    The thing that freaked me out was that u can see the prints from the toes are disfigured. (second pic with the shoes) it scared me because it looks exactly like a picture i saw explaining how the bones would be formed. now, thats interesting.

  • Ned

    Kurt #21…

    Examine the Coyote and the adaptability of that species. They are nation wide… and in many places one wouldn’t even realize it.

    Mathews county Virginia even has recorded a few during deer season which were brought in to counting stations.

    They’re everywhere… why would a the Sasquwatch be any different…. Canada, and many areas of North America are well suited to a species that is stealthy… Mountain Lions. All over, but rarely encountered.

    Get the point?

  • Ned (again)

    What if somebody shot one and the blood tests came back as humanoid? Would they be charged with murder?

  • Gdub

    I think we should just do the reasonable thing and say “yes, alligators do exist”.

  • Sharness henry

    Get in da choppa!! lol interview tomorrow with IFC (independent film channel) see if its different from ACA. fancy! getting picked up in a helicopter :p

  • Sharness Henry

    April 16th only 2 more days for the one year mark…

  • Sharness Henry

    There were a few people at sea falls yesterday, i dont know about today. maybe they thought i t come around again… :s

  • superd

    Thanks Sharness for keeping us informed, I was going to ask if there was any activity, and what does your brother think of the whole thing one year later?

  • Sharness Henry

    Well personally… i think my brother got robbed bad by the band. lol. well one of the councellors got a free trip to los angeles when it should have been Bobby right? he was supposed to get 20 grand but only got like 2 grand out of it. but yeah anywhoo, this weekend my friends brother went hunting and awoke by hearing strange screaming, scared the shit out of me when he was explaning how his brother heard it. they have it on tape but only i think for a minute or two. i dont know why they didnt record it when they first heard it. My friend was telling me that the screaming went on from 3 am to 7 am. When this was happening they heard cracking in the bush when there was no screaming happening, they all heard this from afar. and on the tape u can barely hear it but very clear that theres something out there. That is all i know right now and im going to try and get a copy of this recording. wow…

  • superd

    Thanks for sharing about your brother, sounds like others got the cake and he was left with the crumbs. Very interesting about the hunting party and the screams, what did they use to record the sound? Tilda has my recorder if you need to borrow it. She e mailed me in Feb. to see what to do with it, and I told to just hang on to it for now. Did you go out camping yet?

  • Superd, they used a video recorder to tape the sounds. Apparently they were higher pitched, and those who’ve heard it think it might have been either a female, or a juvenile. I seem to recall there being higher pitched howls/screams last spring as well.

    Motleycree’s been hearing the screams again for a while now. Looks like Biggie’s back in Norway House, and about the same time as last year!

  • Sharness Henry

    Yeah, my bf was having a smoke one time late at night and he told me the next day he heard howling, different from a dogs howling so im guessing what he heard was very distinctive. He said it didnt sound like a dog at all or a wolf. wolves howls are much longer and not that high pitched. there are dogs that been howling like crazy everywhere. so i dont know…

  • Is bigfoot real? i cant tell you that but you can find out

    listen to coast to coast on AM radio or just go on coasttocoastam.com
    and you could go to

    i believe the question is do you beleive?

  • I want to believe in the Big Guy; I really do, but after all this time where is the tangible proof? Haven’t they found hair samples before? What does the DNA tell us? What other evidence is there?

  • Slaphappy

    Sasquwatch is real. In Outer Mongolea we called her Ga-une-da. She is one hairy beast. Just try to picture a Shaquille O’Neal size tennis shoe. That would be to small for Ga-une-da’s foot. This is almost a 600lb hairy beast Im talking about. This creature has a thing for cheese and hideing things in it’s butt cheeks. Beware.

  • Sharness Henry

    I’ve just heard the tape and it wasnt really howling but more of screaming, sounds almost like human. short screams of something out there. i dont think a guy would be able to make those high pitched sounds and women because it sounds tooo big to be a human 🙂 didnt sound like a wolf at all either. wolves have long howls when this one was mroe liek a scream. gotta go, later.

  • motleycree

    hi everyone yep its back.just three days ago there were fresh tracks spotted in paupanekis point.and we are hearing it again.once again the dogs are jumpy.i have also heard the recorded howls from the recent hunting trip.and they do sound like screams or high pitched yells and it sounds like a younger sounding one not childlike but slightly older.they had planned to go back out there again to see if they could find the footprints or something but they changed their minds i guess it really bothered some of the guys too much.but i will keep you posted to see if they do make that return trip out there.i was taken to go hear the recording that same day that they got back from that hunting trip and got to hear it for myself.but like i said i will keep you posted with anything else new to tell you.

  • Nancy

    I wish I was physically able to go up there & walk/hike/camp or whatever it takes to check this out. I like to think that I wouldn’t be scared off, but then again, I haven’t been in anyone’s shoes to judge, have I? Surely the curiousity is overwhelmingly compelling to someone out there to finally nail this question down? I mean, it’s back: how lucky can you get to have another try at it?

  • Duane

    Yeah, well, I’m sure that the rates for lodging and supplies are quite reasonable.

    Say, I wonder if all this Bigfoot stuff has anything to do with PR to increase the tourist trade. Hmmm… Nah. Sorry for the cynicism. I’m sure there really is a tribe of Bigfeet tromping around up there near the lodges…. I wonder how much film goes for up there in Manitoba, you know, in the souvenir shops.

  • Victor, they have found hair samples from all over North America, and tested them. Results have come back as being “of no known species”, or inconclusive. The problem is, that the results only tell us what it isn’t, not what it is.

    Hundreds of footprint casts have been made as well, but how do you prove they’re genuine? There have been casts with such details as dermal ridges, and deformities, but even these have been brushed off as hoaxes. In this case, in order to prove the evidence is legitimate, you have to prove that it can’t be forged…Very difficult.

    Tourism!? Highly unlikely, Duane. Bobby Clarke’s sighting and video did little to boost tourism last year, even with all the media hype. Not even a single Bigfoot researcher made the trip.

    I’m with you, Nancy, but it hasn’t been a case of no one trying! Motleycree has tried recording the screams and howls, and has gathered what evidence he could at the scenes of sightings. Sharness, Bobby’s sister, has also helped in any way she could. The thing is, without the proper tools and experience to back you up, it’s very difficult.

    Once the video was broadcast on ACA, people wrote it off as being too blurry to offer any proof. The story, and interest died. Although you could make out a large being walking, stop and look toward the camera, and then carry on walking, it was too out of focus to make out any detail. The problem was that the auto focus on the camera was focusing on small branches in front of Bobby. He was very nervous, and I imagine at the time was just glad to get anything on tape.

    According to people who have seen the original, it is much clearer. The footage shown on ACA was apparently a poorer copy, and only a small portion of the original. Why, I don’t know. Even still, there was one detail, which IMHO was a key piece of evidence, but was over looked…The location.

    It was possible to locate the exact location that the figure was videotaped walking. I’d asked some of the residents if they’d had a man stand at the same location, and photographed him from across the river where Bobby stood, to compare heights. I was told that some men had tried, but there was a problem…The location where the figure was walking was in four feet of water. The tree line goes right to the water’s edge…No shore, no pathway.

    On the video, you can make out an arm swinging freely. It was obviously very large, considering the distance, and you can make out it’s stride, meaning legs. Even if we are only seeing the upper portion of it’s legs, it’s thighs, there had to be another four feet submerged, and in frigid water.

    A hoax? Perhaps, but how?

  • superd

    Hi Motleycree, do you live in or near Paupanekis point? and has all the ice gone? Any activity up by the ferry?

  • motleycree

    what freaking tourism? i told you people thats just not the way it is here.i mean we wouldnt chase anybody out of norway house thats a guest here but we arent doing anything gimmicky or putting out ads to come down to norway house.we have alot more respect for others including bigfoot.we always heard stories that they were around its just now it seems to us our generation are getting to actually experience it for our selves i dont know if thats a good sign or not.because there two ways to look at it.its a sign our community is in trouble we are hurting ourselves with conflict or drugs or we strayed to far off from the traditional ways..and he`s come back to check on us.. and they really bad side to it.that its nothing more than a bad spirit here to show the sign of the times. that the time is near…makes you think why is it here? and who do you turn to for info? GOD? traditional ways? or science?

  • Nancy

    He/she/it hasn’t hurt anyone has it? How do you know he/she/it is “bad” spiritually speaking? I gotta admit, I can afford to be brave, all the way down here in MD, and if I DID ever hear one, let alone see one, I’d probably have to be pried out from under the bed, but if I could just stiffen my spine – God, I’d love to be able to investigate this. Can’t walk very well, tho, so it’s unlikely; I have a hard enough time navigating sidewalks, lol, let alone dirt trails & forest. Hmmm…maybe that’s an idea: come up there, encounter IT – and get so scared my legs would start to work again out of sheer fright? 😉 I understand there was some tiff with the “official” BFRO, but surely they’ve cooled down enough to want to check this out? Someone in that group should have enough brains & common sense to swallow their pride & look into what has got to be one of the strongest claim sites currently going.

  • Arch Conservative

    Monday is the great american wetback walkout


  • zingzing

    um, spam? a.c. still pees himself.

  • Nancy

    Zing, no room to talk, from one who walks around smoking joints.

  • zingzing

    what? oooh! scary joints. i’m not really sure what you are saying here.

  • Nancy

    Neither am I.

  • zingzing

    spam and joints. spam and joints… hrm. nope, no connection. a.c. needs to stop spamming posts that are totally unrelated to his “wetback” campaign with his bullshit. spam and pee? joints and pee? hrm. i don’t have a clue.

  • Nancy

    Considering the taste of Spam, maybe you have to smoke joints to eat it?

  • zingzing

    i don’t know…

  • Nancy

    You’ve never eaten Spam – ?! Zing, lemmee tell ya, you’re not missing a thing. Don’t start now.

  • zingzing

    i think i had some years ago. actually… now that you mention it, i was wandering around the asian grocery here not too long ago and there was some sushi with spam in it. i got it, ate it. i don’t remember why. god, that sounds nasty. sushi, spam, bigfoot and wetbacks. yes.

  • Nancy

    Ah – THAT’S a Hawaiian specialty, believe it or not: they looooooove spam over there. Gawd, just the idea of spam sushi is obscene. Yeah, definitely you need to be on drugs to eat it.

  • Sharness Henry

    ….right…. YEAH anyways… i dont know about this bigfoot being a bad spirit or not ya know? some people call it a blessing some people call it a bad spirit. I remember after my bros video…. people died… constantly, i think trhere was a death each week or something after that. i dont know what to say about that.. coincidence? or just they way life is… i dont know. im lost now. i remember a year some guy saw bigfoot, he died. i dont know, curse? a relative of mine saw bigfoot when it was all bush here way way long time ago, guess what? his brother dies…. i dont know im all confused now. blah. hhmmm. isnt bigfoot part of the seven sacred teachings? i think he was humility..no.. trust? or was that a bear? idk man someone correct me if im wrong cause i forgot lol. i dont know what to say

  • Kevin

    I belive that bigfoot is out there.
    Last year I was working in weaver lake m,b,
    I was having a break and dicided to go for a
    walk along the rocks by the lake,as I was walking
    I noticed a large foot print and noticed more of
    them in the water leading into the bush. I reported it to my co-workers they didn’t belive me for some reason but photos were taken

    Kevin Poplar River

  • superd

    Hi Kevin, how far is Weaver Lake from Poplar River?

  • Reg

    Very Interesting stories from Norway House and Poplar River. Sharness, you are not far off. Big Foot has always being a part of First Nations Culture, from all over the Continent. From all over the world for that matter. Our forefathers believed that Wendigo is a spirit that manifests itself whenever they have reason to.

    Check out this website
    and scroll down.

  • I kno Hes Real…Bc I Always hear him across from my house i hear him like every night @ 11:00 or 11:30….but its weared..lol well g2g pc out

  • Reg

    In any case, I am on my way to Norway House for the Fiddle Jamboree on Wednesday, May 10 and will be around Thursday until Sunday. I would love to Meet you bloggers while I’m up there.
    For sure Sharness and Motleycree (cool names)
    I will be staying at The York Boat Inn. Leave a name and number at the front desk and I will call, take you out for a lunch or a drink.

    You sure have a nice community up there, both
    People and the scenery. Me and my fiddling Son
    look forward to the annual visit.

  • Sharness Henry

    maybe thats why no ones been able to capture it…. a spirit?

  • Sharness Henry

    I think Norway House is under a very big deal right now. These kids are acting crazy…. :s am i right motleycree?

  • superd

    could you explain, “under a very big deal” ?

  • MangoSucker

    Hi, folks, I’,m just a newbie here, hope it’s fun to join u! Take a look at this: Australian BF/Yeti/etc research.

  • cree

    ok everyone,i tell ya that was aundrea the giant foot prints,get it….and who woke him up…

  • Reg

    So sorry we never connected Sharness, while I was in the North to visit your fair community. I met your father, but I was on a very busy schedule and never had time to venture. Maybe next time, by the way I left a book with Diane at the school that you may be interested in.

  • Sharness Henry

    yeah i was at the jamboree for awhile on friday… but i left like an hour later. my sister n law Winnie Clarke was there also. I don’t think anyone bothered her :p

  • sr

    Want to see Big Foot. Go to Wal-Mart. Very easy to see. Look for the 500+pounders driving the carts. The smell will direct you. “YUM”.

  • Reg

    Has there been anymore Bigfoot activity around Norway House or Poplar River in the last little while?

  • motleycree

    hey reg where are you from? i didnt get a chance to read the blog so i missed the chance to meet you. maybe you can get my email off annie. annie im trying to get ahold of you ,email me soon…

  • Sharness Henry

    maybe down in paupanekis point but im not to sure.. noones been saying anything

  • sr

    Bigfoot, Smallhands, swamp monsters, mountain creatures, Seasmequish, Abombmitable snowman, lost hairy ape’s, and whatever. You can find them at your local trailer park. Thats where you find tornadoes, space creatures, Elvis sighting’s and alien abductions. Not to mention the Lock ness Monster swiming in the toilet bowl. Domestic violence for sure. It’s better then Disney World.

  • Reg

    Great to hear from you Motleycree, I never had much of a chance to look either of you up while I was in the north. Maybe if I make it up there for York Boat Days, later this summer. I am from a small town on the East side of Lake Wpg and it
    is of paticular interest to me to hear the reports from N.H and P.R. We grew up with stories of the Wendigo and the Little People.

    Do not let the naysayers bother or discourage you, most do not understand. I rather enjoy ignoring them. Please feel free to get my email address from Diane L at HBO.

  • mitch

    ive been reading these comments..and to tell you the trueth, they dont supprise me one bit. bigfoot…..now wouldnt that be a sight for sore eyes..im a norway house resident and ive seen the prints first hand but still i dont believe in bigfoot. i know i should but it never really kicked in. and to most people bigfoot does exist. but to some are still scepticle of the whole situation. and im one of them…..

  • Sharness Henry

    Yeah, my brother is finally getting his tape back from the C&C. So hope this works all well. but i dont know what else is going to happen :s check back when i get more info. Bye.

  • Sharness Henry

    Bigfoot being sited and heard in Norway House, totally reminds me of The Mothman Prophecies… gives me the shivers.

  • Reg

    Good to hear from you Sharness, when did the latest sightings take place? Where, Paupanikas Point?

  • noname

    Just a question. Face almost a red and blue faded in. Maybe also faded in a hint of chalk gray. Hair a some what redish. Height maybe 7+ feet and standing on a side road off a highway. Maybe in N Idaho. Maybe someone could comment on this. Just curious.


  • Sharness Henry

    hey annie, guess what? they can’t find my brothers tape. it wasnt in the safe. im thinking it wasnt in the safe at all this whole time but i think in the hands of someone on the C&C… well i dont want to start pointing fingers…. bye.

  • Sharness Henry

    ahhh… no sightings until today! yeah i dont think there is any evidence but this person who saw it is not the kind to get attention either. I just heard about it. im just saying this because its interesting people have heard this creature in Paupanekis Point but never actually saw it. Well this sighting was in P.P but not at the point where it was last seen but somewhere in the middle of P.P where tracks were found previously last year (near my gramps). i still think its following the hydro poles from the ferry. what ya think?

  • nugget

    bigfoot is sooo 80s.

  • sr

    From the AP. Rosey O Donald had a secreat affair with bigfoot.

  • superd

    Hi Sharness, Yah , it could be following the hydro line. Has it been screaming again? I got to hear the recording from Motleycree and it sounds pretty good. Thats too bad about your brother’s tape.

  • Maggie Dodd White Eagle

    Its obvious by some of the thread that alot of people just dont understand. I would bet they do not know the legends and stories of this creature in the Cree and Anishnabeg traditions. I’m sure the girls were rightly scared when they saw him and just wondered why subject them to all this outside mess at such a young age. Many have seen the creatures and the Cree know what they are. You dont have to explain or prove their existance to anybody else. Do what needs to be done according to tradition and teach the girls the same and leave it at that.

  • duane

    …the Cree know what they are.

    What are they?

    You dont have to explain or prove their existance to anybody else.

    Sort of like believing in God, right? A matter of faith?

    By the way, did you ever run across a wendigo up there?

    And why do so many people have trouble spelling the word existence?

  • duane, it’s a sad and true fact, most folks can’t spell. I know that is an issue with you. Mine, I obsess over punctuation. It’s an illness.

  • X-lake MB

    Ok, so there have been sightings of this “Big Foot” for years and years and years now, So why is there NO actual evidence ( besides a fuzzy video and some bullshit pics) of this creature. Like C’mon, no one is that fucking hard to find.
    Obviously I dont believe in this creature. Maybe when someone captures this creature and presents it to the world, I will believe.

    No offense to the bloggers who seem to really truly believe in this “Big Foot”.

  • Norway House Man

    why dont you people come to nh and check it out for yourself,,,there is alot of bush and uncharted territory!!!!i wouldnt be surprized if there is one out there!!!

  • Dudlow

    Only seeing is believing. Until then everything else is wishful thinking. But once you’ve seen, there’s no going back. And then it won’t matter what the debunkers or skeptics have to say to you. Just try to be kind and remember how you felt and what you thought in ignorance before you knew the truth. Then you will always remember to understand and honour the ignorance of others.

    Perhaps the hard part is accepting that squatchy shares the land with us; always has. So how did we come to not know or remember this ancient truth?

  • superd

    Hi Dudlow, thanks for imparting some wisdom there.
    I look at the bush different now , and don’t let the non believers bother me.
    Sharness, doing any camping?

  • Stinking Ape

    I’m so sorry, but if a subject like this is that important to all of U guys, why doesn’t anybody put a film camera to guard/watch the hot spots? Even if it takes a couple of years, the truth will surfice. Is it that expensive? Ask for donations to buy an adequate surveillance equipment, maybe one activated by infrared or the like. If it’s not done, BF will always be a fairy tale.

  • superd

    Easier said than done, and yes , money is an issue.
    Sooner or later , a body will be produced , which will be worth a thousand photos. Until then , we just wait and pick away at the mystery.

  • Stinking Ape

    Worse…. Not having a single trial in all these years is worse than anything…. Not even a word about donations was pronounced/written… Mmmm, not even trying to gather donations is sadder than (at least) say something … So, c’mon, guys, put yourself on the road and start gathering some pennies to solve this issue!!! Have no ideas? Here u have one: start a campaing!!! The idea is aired now, and everything from now on will be up to U!!! Show the world what people united by the same goal can do!!! Best luck!!!

  • rich

    hey love


    L.S.T. can’t get us we are the infamous g-unit gggg G-UNIT!!!! L.S.T is going down

  • Morley Gamblin

    L.S.T is just a little gang we aint big

  • someone

    why r u kids still trying to beef it up and shit…smart up!!!!Like were u even there when they tried that shit in rossville g unit are crazy crackheads!!!go say that shit to them and c what they do to you!!!

  • white man has all this technology and can send
    man to the moon and sadly…….can not find a sasquatch in their own backyard.a paradox eh?

  • superd

    True enought Garnet, is the big guy still kicking around? I heard it was caught swimming to Mission.

  • Sharness Henry

    havent heard anything. wierd thing been happenin to me, i only hear this dog next door howl/cry when someone has passed…..
    Garnet…. is that you lol.

  • Nancy

    It’s hard for those who haven’t lived near the woods to understand or believe just how easy it is for wild critters (or some people, for that matter) to become invisible, no matter how large. The first time I ever saw a deer disappear into a tiny little patch of grass with a single lousy bush, I was astonished. More recently, I watched an elephant – and that’s some big critter, bigger than a BF – disappear into a patch of trees on a savannah. Now THAT is a trick & a half, but it did it. So I imagine BF doesn’t have a whole lot of trouble blending in when it suits them or they’re not so distracted they get accidently ‘caught’ by witnesses. However, I do think by now surely something concrete – scat, hairs, a carcass – would have turned up. There are reports by a few of having actually shot & killed a couple, but for some reason, it never occurred to any of these idiots to take a souvenier, even if hauling a dead-weight 8-ft, 500-lb corpse was too much. Halfwits.

  • billybong


    Go cry to your elders you whiny bitch. If it wasn’t for us your ass would still be in a fuckin teepee.

  • superd

    Hi Sharness
    I got some hair samples from Motleycree and will soon be getting them analysized.

  • N.H

    Up your’s do you know how our lands were stolen. Go back to school and learn about aboriginal history.

  • itsasecret

    You would think that an indian could follow an animals tracks right? whats the excuse for that? if there were a bigfoot and thats a big “if”,why cant anybody get a good picture or even trap or shoot one? theres absolutly no real evidence that they exist.i will remain skepticle until then and i will still think your all liars.ive been to norway house before to go fishing on molson lake.the people up there are bored stiff,and stupid,blind and drunk!the only real work for anybody to find up there is from the outfitters who hire them as guides and speaking of guides???why cant they find’m,huh???

  • bauitful

    i live in norway house i seen bigfoot

  • someone

    bigfoot this !bigfoot that!!!If you people don’t believe in this shit then why do you believe in writing in this stupid blog…Like come on is this the only way to fill up your free time!!i thought white people had better things to do…that’s right they don’t they ain’t no better than us..they always have to make a rude racist remark…

  • Sharness Henry

    comment #290
    Hell i wouldnt mind living in a teepee, wouldnt have to worry about all this nonsense (politics, financial needs…. you know stuff like that)!! i would wait for my husband to come back home from hunting, cook it and call it a day… ahh the joy of having a simple life… LOL! my home and native land. hi annie!

  • Nancy

    Someone, you come on periodically & rant about how we’re all talking about Bigfoot. If you don’t like it then stay the hell off this particular thread. What WE choose to discuss is OUR business, NOT yours, so fuck off. You brainless revenant.

    Sharness, I’ve lived in a teepee for a few weeks. They’re ungodly hot in summer, and you freeze your butt off in winter! I’d rather be in a longhouse or better yet a Mandan-style earth lodge, or better yet a NW coast plank house, if I had a choice. Aboug the only advantage to a teepee was that it was so full of smoke, there weren’t any mosquitos, but it didn’t seem to deter the ticks or ants at all. Gad!

  • Sharness Henry

    that too.

  • Reg

    Greetings, great to see the group still intact, aside from a few pests. How is the weather up in BigFoot country? We have had some very wild weather down here in southern Mb. We lost electricity for most of the day. Lots of ice, snow and wind. The highways are terrible and lots of cancellations. Hopefully this will break and we can get on with a regular autumn (Did I spell that right, dogbreath?)

  • superd

    Ditto on the greetings Reg.
    It’s amazing that some fokes still use this blog .
    An the pests.
    Any action lately?
    Lots happening in South Dakota these Days.
    Do they still run the ferry 24-7?

  • mr hockey

    sasquatch sighted at norway house jr b game last weeek…omg come check it out

  • Sharness Henry

    yeah they still run the ferry everday.

  • Sharness Henry


  • Serious

    I think that bigfoots are fake!!!
    And people gets too serious about this that are not real and it could be anytype of hair their are alot of animals out their so yeah!!!!

  • superd

    Thanks Sharness aboutthe ferry

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Hey, guys, take a look at this.

    Then, create your very own BF blog with all he delicious lies and unreal pictures that catch the other’s attention! Then you’re gone! Besides, you may profit from this type of blog, just put some ads and that’s all! That’s how you make a brand new BF blog!!!

  • Sharness Henry

    watching it brings back the adrenaline when it happened at that time.

  • Nancy

    Sharness, have there been any further sightings, tracks, or sounds up there? anything more been seen at the Ferry or around the settlements? I wish I could come up there, stand at the edge of the woods, & yell “Happy holidays, Sasquatch!”, just to let them know they ARE held in some affection somewhere. Silly, I know, but I do think about them out there in the cold/heat w/the mosquitoes & all. I suppose they’re used to it, but it seems like an awfully hard life.

    Should you happen to be on the edge of the woods/ferry, and should you be so inclined, please greet them for me. Thanks.

  • Nancy

    Oddly, many years ago, about 1980 or so, sasquatch were sighted right here in Montgomery county, MD, which is still lots of farmland & woods, altho lots more built up than it was, & certainly not to compare w/what you have up there. I go to work thru all this semi-wild area, & every day I find myself scanning the treeline & side of the roads as I go, just in case …. Dear God, I’d love to see one, but would I recognize what I was looking at in time to know what I was seeing?

  • Stinky

    Never saw big foot, however have seen big ass at our local buffet and wal-mart.

  • superd

    Hi Nancy, When you said about sightings in MD, I had to check it out. And found this among others

    Hi Sharness , see you still check this blog. SAy Hi to all our friends up there. And give a shout to the big guy for me too!

  • GC

    Bigfoot is a supernatural being. He will never be found. He is a spirit and can disappear completely. Medicine Men speak about portals and demensions to the spirit world which is why large bolders were seen moved in and around the sighting areas.
    They are around for a reason. They are trying to tell us something. Why they chose the area surrounding Norway House is a mystery. Children are innocent and that is why they were able to see him. The man who shot the footage along the banks was too chosen to see him for a reason. They’re might be something bad going on in Norway House, or they’re might be something the someone in Norway House must do. What it is must be answered or the spirit will continue its presence.
    Everyone has they’re own opinion about this creature, but all are actually right. He does exist spiritually but doesn’t exit in the physical world.

  • STM

    We have a similar thing in Australia. They are known as drop bears.

    They are koalas that have (supposedly) become very territorial and will drop down from trees on to people who walk underneath.

    After giving you a fright, and possibly a bit of a savaging, they vanish into the bush as if they’d never really been there. So that begs the question: do they really exist?

    Foreign visitors are often warned about them and are very careful when camping or walking under eucalypts. Many claim to have seen them, although I have lived here most of my life on and off and am yet to see one.

    The closest I have come is when I was pissed on by a frightened regular koala. I suspect that might be worse, as it really stinks.

    I also suspect it was the universe paying me back in kind for all the foreigners I’d told about the drop bear.

  • Sharness Henry

    hey GC,
    There is alot of bad happening in our community. Being financially under millions and millions, teen gangs, more alcohol and drug abuse. It is very disturbing to see our youth growing up on the bad side. Sometimes I ponder on how it used to look like along time ago, very beautiful my mother used to say. Now it’s getting ugly, and I can’t do anything about it. Just don’t know what to do. but anywhoo, apparently the bigfoot brings bad presence, maybe thats whats happening. I don’t know how our chief is going to handle it. Look it Up “Chief Marcel Balfour+beat up” interesting!

  • Sharness Henry

    i had a link where these two men beat up Chief Marcel balfour, I can’t find it :S

  • Sharness Henry

    A bear awoke. They had a hard time killing the animal. The elders are saying its a bad sign of more deaths in the community, i think there was at least 6 deaths in the last month already.

  • littlefoot

    whats up with councillor Mike Muswagon choking and physically assulting a young man outside the multiplex after a JR B game??? sasquatch wants to know !!!!

  • witness

    yeah man..i saw him doing it too….along with all my friends…

  • cross lake

    thats good i hope all u norway house people die …

  • brad

    i know that big foot is real

  • brad

    if any one can tell me were to go and look for myself i well find that big foot and bring it in for the world to see the world has the right to know whats out there i’m from ottawa and there aint no big foot around here i know big foot is real and if there is any one ealse who wants to go into those woods and camp out there till we find it lets do it i’ll take a grey hound bus up there and get us a big foot i’ll show the big foot that i come in peace

  • NM

    Hi toodles, were you on Chtm forum?

  • NiceMom

    Sharness, were you on chtm forums? Nicemom

  • Believer

    Nice site, for those skeptics who think there is no such thing as bigfoot, I am pretty sure that they would change their stories if they came across one in the wilderness.

    Bigfoot is an animal, it has eyes like all other animals-shine at night, hairy and big. From my sightings with Bigfoot, it never attacked us (thankgoodness) it pretty much goes back into the bushes, very similar to when you see a moose or deer, etc., they go back into the bush.

    For those skeptics, say whatever you may, I know what I saw and it was indeed a bigfoot.

  • mr.mac

    i lived in thompson manitoba for 15 years .it used to be way nicer than norway house so why no one sees big foot here.all a bunch of hype by natives

  • KEKE


  • Stinkey

    Im married to a bigfoot.

  • Hey there its been awhile guess what, I’ve heard it.Sounds really weird almost like a pig squeeling,between a pig and a woman’s shriek this made my skin crawl.Honestly i have never heard anything like that. As an avid hunter I’ve heard all kinds of animals ,like some we hunt moose at nite moose sounds low ,wolves a bit higher what i heard at the time is unreal, i mean there is something out there.Im a fisherman here in beautiful NORWAY HOUSE, we fish the north basin of lake winnipeg.As we were headed back to camp, We stopped to have lunch at the mouth of 2 mile channel [you can look it up] sitting there having lunch we heard a scream same thing i heard back home.my partners heard it too,one of em wanted to leave right away it cannot be human nobody was around everybody knows the place too..HEY the world is a big place,alot of it has never been discovered.Only the unknown walk it.It is from the spirit world you will never find it or maybe see it its true only the chosen there is a reason why bobby seen it. it truly is a blessing to see. Sasquatch is the keeper of the land. EKOSANI.

  • oh yeah look up witigo sipi near cross lake ,mb they wouldnt name it that for nothin. some say a hunter shot at it , only tracks that seem to fade as he tracked it . this was back in the thirtys. i dont know ask around.

  • STM

    The pictures look like tyre tracks … which is probably what they are.

    Now, there is something similar in Australia named the Yowie. And just like bigfoot, there have been many sightings but no real evidence.

    There’s a reason for that, I reckon ….

  • tire tracks you probably never seen tire tracks much less bigfoot tracks . hahaha and by the way thats not how you spell tire. hehehe

  • about the foot prints yes we did remove the surrounding grass to take a better photo . and there are other photos of the same pic with the grass around it .and it wasnt standing there it was walking when it stepped on the ant hill. ekosani.

  • STM

    “thats not how you spell tire”

    Try looking in the Oxford English dictionary, from England, where English comes from … goose

  • Stinkey

    Bigfoot pups for sale. 5 males and 3 females. 8 weeks old. If interested contact Stinkey on this thread. Price on request. Thanks.

  • hi im the lil girl’s cusin who seen the bigfoot. It was so hariy and tall and this thing was real and it freak me out.now i just don’t feel like going out side.


  • Andrea

    Where the fuck can a person find this “video”? Seriously there are so many claiming that this is an authentic taping of the mythical beast but go to search for the vid and absolutely nothing. Can someone make a freakin article and support it with some excerpts of the original tape?

  • john

    This is stupid and only idiots would believe this garbage!!!

  • Monkey Donkey

    Hi, people! Afte reading a few discontent readers, take this in account: didn’t U figure out that this blog is for garbage on the BF matter yet? It’s just to let people write and waste their time with garbage! Bear in mind that if it were a serious one, actions should have been taken before, like buying film cameras to monitor the hot spots…. So sorry… It’s for commercial purpose only… Not for seriousness… The idea is just this simple: the issue attracts some people, they accesss the page and get in contact with the advertisements that are shot here… Wake up! This does NOT deserve any further attention any more, just realize this fact. I myself am a discontent one and will NOT come back here any longer. Be happy, see you never!!!

  • pequis video is fake…..no doubt about it….

  • jiboboonta

    There not real tracks no grass mushed into them etc in a grassy area.Man made footprints not from an animal.Im a native american tracker and I tell you they are fake.

  • Farralyn

    I’m from Norway House.
    And needless to say,
    I do believe in the bigfoot.
    I take deep walks in the thick forests for fun
    Still get’s spooked but yeah ^^

  • shit you guys dont believe us shit like who the hell would make this shit up for nothing, dont be mad just because you didnt see it. you should come down here and see it for yourselves fucking fucktards. haha shit maybe it someone 9 foottall but who the fuck would be that tall some kinda giant.lol so we dont know so shut your fucking mouths up bitchies

  • superd

    Nice to see this blog is still visited.
    Yep i’ve heard it too. But I’m not tellin how.
    Hello to all the NH believers.

  • L.Lanteigne

    I have always been a big foot fan and I believe that we don’t know everything about the world or it’s creatures yet. Thanks Bobby for having the courage to share your experience with us.

  • chyna

    I luv norway house and i believe this is all true. Althoough i have never seen a big foot it seems pritty real…… P.S luv Norway House

  • any comments of the bigfoot sighting it was on the news and it is sad for who dont believe. like we all say its not phsically real its from the spirit world please no more . have you ever seen god ,jesus then how do you know they are real too. the bible is a book (STORIES)HOW COULD ANYONE BE SURE what is real and whats not, did you see god jesus in plain sight you white people we all know your racist we all know you wish you were the one to see it it was mostly whites that seen it and you people would only believe your own am i right; i am arnt i i respected the white eye now all i see is hate and as for YOU CROSS LAKERS YOU DIE a town that is full of scandal witch craft and the bull shit or to the one that said you go.plzz tell why you dont believe in the spirit world and why you say there is a santa our beliefs are real we have the power to heal and to forsee we use our spirits to heal and help forsee we believe stop raggin on us your no better actually i’ve seen where the whites live they are filthy they cant even clean up just plain lazy and they say we are plzzz you are a joke har har har.ill be back to argue

  • sasfoot

    Any new sightings or reports about bigfoot in the manitoba area..???? please share…

  • odd how in the history of the US no hunter has ever shot and killed a bigfoot. How is that possible it seems as if these bigfoots simply dont care about us and seem to never look at the camera man even when they’re making all kinds of noise.
    I mean any creature that has survived with man around is always aware of man and very cautious of us. Certainly anything such as a bigfoot over the years that had been seen by man was hunted, chased or something. A bigfoot would not just strool by some human with a camera making all kinds of noise and not even look at the human.
    Just a little commen sense seems to debunk every video I have ever seen about a bigfoot.
    Another puzzleing thing is why are none of these videos ever clear? Why does noone ever yell at the creature or scream or say omg wtf is that honey honey look at this wtf is that?? dam its gone did you see that?? nothing just silence as this thing walks by and never looks at the noisy smelly humans.
    just some obsevations folks

  • You, like most do not get it. Bigfoot is not a normal creature like a bear. It has special abilities, (at least!) that keep it from being captured nor killed.

    WAKE UP!

  • The Indians, including around Norway House,
    see Bigfoot as a semi-spiritual being.

    I agree.

    See our photos at http://www.beckjord.com/bigfoot/

    Also, BF tracks often do not have ANY GRASS MUSHED
    INTO THEM, since the foot seems to BURN its way thru the grass.


    Beckjord – ICS 925-385-0422

    Let Tribe call us , we can help.

  • We have 31 yrs exp at this, have taken many bf photos, analyzed major films. Worked with Lummi Tribe. Lived there.

    [Personal contact info deleted]

    we are peaceful and love Bigfoot

  • NOt odd that no hunter has killed one if you consider it is an Indian-respected spiritual being.

    Let’s think outside the box! Life is not black and white. Try shades of gray.

    Erik Beckjord [Personal contact info deleted]

  • stop talking about norway house u fuckers its a nice place to stay

  • KERA


  • Anonymous

    Came across this site, my family and I were travelling from Winnipeg heading North to Thompson about two weeks after the sighting in Norway House and actually saw a figure running across between the tree line, We turned around and my brother called it,it stopped momentarily and continued into the trees. It just kept on running, I was scared as hell, I believe that the Big Foot really does exist, Freaky! I regret I didnt’ bring along my video camera that day. We even flagged down hunters that were passing by and they headed to where we saw the figure and we continued on our trip ( we were very quiet and shocked as we headed up north), we didn’t hear anything after that….

  • matthew

    AaaaNNiiiiinn big foot

  • dommint

    you know when they said they cloned a sheep.. on the news some time ago… well when the scientists went to norway house how come they didnt take any hair to clone that. and prove that there really is a bigfoot… that would be a must to see..

  • sad the true

    I can see that everybody has a little bit of sasquatch in them…norway house hasn’t seen any tourist here or money comming in, if so someone is rich. nothing has been going on since B.C tape, no one has said anything about the hairs DNA.sure people talk but thats all!!!so norway house is same beuatiful place as always.

  • sad the true

    I can see that everybody has a little bit of sasquatch in them…norway house hasn’t seen any tourist here or money comming in, if so someone is rich. nothing has been going on since B.C tape, no one has said anything about the hairs DNA.sure people talk but thats all!!!so norway house is same beuatiful place as always.

  • lori

    he will change your life perspective, knowing he is there and he is always watching you…

  • Keisha Anderson

    Hi, my name is Keisha Anderson!!.. I saw bigfoot in .05!!..I found this site and seeing that my grandmother Annie wrote a story on me!!..some what is true!!…but the creature was not watchg ouing use when we were playoutside!!…I was going home when i heard something weird(no description)!! So went to see what it was, there it was sitting there!!…I sreamed and then it stared at me!! I couldn’t move(I was to scared)! So i ran inside, locked the door and went to see my cousins(not saying names), and fainted! when I woke up! my cousin asked me what was wrong and I told her!! So remember that was in .05, It’s .08, I’m 12 yrs now! Still I’m scared to go play outside in Norway House, What if he comes back!! But I’m in Regina, Sask. I hope for the best of who came to have a talk show with me!! byebye, Keisha Anderson July 26,2008!!

  • Shooter

    So bad.. yesterday I posted something HOT but today its not aired. PLEASE, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS AND SPREAD THE NEWS. Do a search at youtube under the tags “bigfoot found” or the like and you shall see the footage.
    Please, do NOT REMOVE this!! People need to know whats going on.

  • Shooter

    Hey, BF corpse seems to be a HOAX! See for yourselves.

    But the DNA result yielded a mixture of human and opossum.

    Please, leave this posted, ok?

    Thanks, people need to know…

  • M. Lee

    I have spent over 35 years in the forests from the coasts of the Carolinas to the Rockies to the Sierras. And I have seen some unusual out of place things in my camping and hiking experience. I know the track of a bear, just as well as the track of an alligator or a fox or another hiker with size 9 Red Wing boots.As far as hoaxing, who in thier right mind would bother to go 10 miles from anywhere to leave behind fake prints or other sign that may well never be seen? You want the stuff to be seen, don’t ya? So I find it rather amazing after 3 days and 7 to 10 miles later up and down the countryside with no trails or roads, down the side of a small stream I find tracks. About 70 of them( no one leaves behind just one or two ).I now live in Alabama and have been a beleiver for 40 years.

  • Angela

    I have always been interested in hearing about BF
    I live in Moose Lake MB, My father in law once seen a bigfoot on his way home from THe Pas MB it just walked across the road and away it went into the bush, Also one of my coworkers Whom I worked with in Sapotaweyak Cree Nation(Pelican Rapids) also told me when she was a little girl she was on a trip with her parents to SASk, a BigFoot walked across the road a it just turned to look at them and kept walking. I asked her if she was scared and how it looked She said it was tall & skinny,Hairy I believe that this creature lives along the Central Manitoba Northren Lakes. I live to see a BF in years to come and hopefully will have my camera to show you until then all we have is stories to share!

  • Dez

    heyy well in matter of fact i am from norway House, Manitoba. Also i heard some sightings from relatives and howling of some sort. But maybes because its just a big bush around here.

  • Dez

    oh and you should come check it out around here, pretty small but its really nice around ^_^. xD

  • Anonymous

    My home reserve is Poplar River and in the summer of 2009 two of my friends saw sasquatch.They were driving home on a road parallel to the river when they saw something in the ditch.Thinking it might be a dog they hit the brights and this thing stood up erect and stared at them direct for a split second before turning and taking off towards the river.They said it moved faster than an olympic athlete.It disappeared between two houses so they floored it to the bridge trying to get a better look at it.When they got out it was swimming underneath the water and under the bridge.It swam about 200 metres underwater before climbing up onto the bank and disappearing into some bush.They also said its head was extremely large and was light gray.It was hard to distinguish color because it was dusk plus it was covered in dry mud they think.They also said u could smell it in the air and its a smell you’ll never forget,but mostly its head left a lasting impression.We live with bears,moose and all kinds of wildlife and these men are hunters so you think they know the difference between a bear or some guy in a suit.Estimated height around 8-9 feet tall.Was never reported in fear of ridicule.These people are honest and have no reason to lie,make up or profit from their encounter.It seems to come around during the fishing season and has been spotted numerous times around where they dump the fish remains from the fishing station.

  • Herman Jr

    I like what Pammy Said .

  • T.R.

    When I used to live up in P.Point, I heard this loud cry from outside during the night. Everyone was asleep by then, so I was the only one up. And during all this commotion about Bigfoot, that was the only thing that popped up in my mind when I heard it. Now, we may have a lot of dogs here, but that was NOTHING like a dogs howl, or cry. Beileve it or not.

    I live in Norway House, btw. And we had woods in our backyard where I used to live, so it wasn’t like, right outside my window. Oh, and I was at a young age.

  • ?????

    i was one of those girls my friend fainted everyone rushed to help her my other friend went to get a parent we called the rcmp when the rcmp got there we stared to here holws a few minutes later every one wenyt in side the cops were waiting one of the cops seen it he pulled out his gun he shot 5 times he hit him twice it thwere a rock hit the cops arm thats when he called for back up and ems once the cops got there he was dead they went to investigate thet found blood to a cave but no one wanted to go in so me and my friends never played at night near the woods i dont want do revele my name