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Is it my imagination, or are a lot of main characters dying, being tortured or about to die this season on American TV?

[Malaysia is far behind these shows, but I make it a point to follow these shows from afar. Entertainment’s in my blood as you know.]

I blame it all on Lost. I really suspect that some network exec took note of the fan buzz surrounding JJ Abram’s declaration that someone would die in the show and thought: “Hey, I think we can do that for our shows too! Imagine the buzz! The ratings!”

Instead, it just got old. Fast.

I am not the only one who noticed the current “hot” trend in TV. USA Today has an article: TV Death Stalks the Mainstays. (Spoilers ahoy!)

Here are just some shows who have offed characters:
The O.C., Desperate Housewives, NCIS (damn them!), Lost, Smallville, Enterprise (mighty lame way to go, that poor man)

Characters that may die:
Without a Trace

Characters who were tortured/attacked/in jeopardy:
CSI: Miami, CSI (poor, poor, Nicky!), Smallville and The O.C.

And may I just add that in the case of NCIS (highlight to read spoilers) … it better be true that Sasha Alexander wanted out! Because killing Kate was just stoopid if you want a ratings boost. She’s a pivotal part of the show, part of the reason why NCIS is so funny. Removing her the way they did – she died with a bullet between her eyes in front of Tony and Gibbs! – would just plunge the show into grim territory, making it Just Like Another Procedural Crime Show. If I want that, I’d watch CSI, thank you! I have no idea how NCIS is going to regain its humour. Sigh. What a waste, especially since this is the best ensemble I’ve ever seen. Anyway, bloggers are mostly furious too.

I hope this trend doesn’t continue next season. I mean, they’re pretty much going to run out of main characters if they continue to do this every season. And note to producers of CSI:NY: Don’t you dare touch Danny Messer! He LIVES, you hear??

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