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Searching for the “Perfect” Mother’s Day Gift? Here Are Some Ideas

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While Mother's Day isn't going to drop off the calendar, it does get harder and harder to find great gifts. Food, wine, and going out are typical ways to honor moms and your local market or spirits store can give you lots of help in that direction.

Here are some suggestions for gifts that would be welcome by any mom because it gives her some "me" time and it's helpful to have a list of great items from which to choose.

Burt's Bees Polka Dot Gift Set: This manicure-pedicure kit comes complete with its own polka-dot bag for all the products and tools you need for a manicure or pedicure. It contains a cuticle cream, foot cream, file and manicure sticks, plus a lip balm. This natural product line is known for quality at quite a reasonable price and it's definitely worth the $20 to buy it for your mom. Do not forget to pick up a couple of nail polishes too in coral and bright pink to give her some bright summer colors for tips and toes.

If your mom loves books, check out what's in stores now and find these gems that maybe she hasn't seen.

Stop, don't shut this window down before you have a chance to hear me out about this book. Yes , Adam Lambert is featured in this book — a lot. No, it's not just about him. On the Meaning of Adam Lambert was written by two extremely accomplished women who met online at wowOwow (a women's website) in a forum where there was an ongoing discussion about Lambert on American Idol and beyond. The discussions ranged from dissection of his YouTube videos to things he has said in print. However it's not necessarily about being fan — though these two women (and many others on that site) are addicted to him and his music; it's about how Lambert has become both iconic as a "buck the system" metaphor and a bit of a catalytic element in the lives of women who felt a bit left behind, "done," or who felt that societal norms would not allow them to evolve into a fully realized, fully expressed self. I could go on — but won't. You need to read the book.

In a quick soundbite, the book is about Lambert being a metaphor and catalyst for taking chances with your life — regardless of age, status or location. Women have dreams. Reach out and achieve those dreams. Start, try, strive to accomplish something.

The book is easy to read because it's in blog-like essays, so it's easy to stop and start without losing the thread of what's going on.

For the "foodie" in the house, Fork Me, Spoon Me is subtitled The Sensual Cookbook. Written by Amy Reiley, this book will have mom (or anyone) changing the way she shops for groceries and produce and the way she cooks. It's about using food as a means of self-expression and connection with another person. It is both personal memoir as well as a recipe book. The graphics are seductive and cheeky. Reiley is sharp as a tack and gives you the essence of the book up front as a guide, a recipe for living sensually connected to food and sharing food with someone else. Definitely not a strict rule-like cookbook, Fork Me, Spoon Me is for the person who wants to push that culinary envelope a bit. More succinctly, if they liked Julie and Julia, they will like this book because it pushes beyond the mere recipe book into your relationship with food.

If your mom is digitally connected and loves all things techie and gadget, the Sony Reader or the Barnes & Noble Nook are products you might want to lay down some serious dough for if your mom likes to read on the run.

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition is the least expensive and the most basic model of the Sony e-book/reader products. It's about $150 or less right now because of the holiday so check Amazon and check your local Best Buy stores. This particular model is about five inches and is lightweight, making it ideal for handbags or large pockets. The Reader gives you space for 350 books and allows access to public libraries, and works in the public domain via Google and sharing sites. The display is nicely done and very much like a book or paper — but there is a touch version should you wish to check that out. It's a great buy and while these gadgets will evolve (just like smart phones and iPods), it's wise to start small and work up to the more technically advanced versions later as the prices drop.

Barnes & Noble's Nook is the latest competitor on the market and is getting a huge push. While the Nook has been out a while, this new version priced at $259 has 3G capability, 1500 book capacity with expandable storage, and some very enticing features should you wish to offer Mom a larger device at 7.7 inches (a bit large for some handbags but doable). Weighing in at 12.1 ounces, this is a nifty device that would be worth its weight because there are about 50,000 free books available for it, it recharges quickly, and it has a touch screen. However it's about $100 more than the Sony Reader. Barnes & Noble is offering a wide selection of covers by Kate Spade at an extra cost should you desire more gilding of this Barnes & Noble lily.

Totally befuddled and want to skip all the hunting and gathering? There is an option for you from From You Flowers. This site has a unique special going on if you or your mom is into country and western music. There is a group of C&W stars who have created special bouquets as gifts for this special day. Featuring names like Sugarland, George Strait, Josh Turner, Laura Bell Bundy, Easton Corbin, David Nail, Billy Currington, and Gary Allan, each has designed a special bouquet for that special lady in your life.

If you choose one of those special bouquets, Mom gets a free download of a song by her favorite country artist from that list. There is also a $5 discount off the price of the flowers too. The site offers same day delivery, plus you can enter Mom into a Mother's Day Concert Sweepstakes to win tickets for a Universal Group Nashville Artist Live in Concert. Five grand prize winners will receive two tickets to their choice of the listed artists on that page. Prices start at about $35 for flowers and the download is free. Sounds like a nifty win-win-win all around.

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  • Which book would you give your mom? I will have more on my personal blog– but that’s for Sat. The mani-pedi kit is COOL!

  • I prefer the back of my Prius filled with nursery plants, but these are good ideas for those without a garden.

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    totally hear you. I got a grape tomato plant with one of those upside down hangers so that I could have tiny tomatoes. love that part