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Four people in my house have read every Harry Potter book, and the other three are not far behind. My oldest daughter became an early fan (by U.S. standards) when I purchased the first book for her at a Borders in Arizona. None of the clerks could tell me anything about the book at the time, except that is was popular in England and Borders had ordered a whole bunch of copies. It was heavily discounted, so I took a chance. When she reached her third reading of the book, we started wondering what it was about Harry Potter that was so enticing.

When Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released, I happened to be in Salt Lake City. My oldest son and I had just finished a rain-soaked hike in the Uinta Mountains, but we managed to locate a Borders that was having a Harry Potter Party, and we purchased two copies at midnight. Although I eventually read all of the books, I am always the last to have a turn. My son and daughter (whom we retrieved from camp later that day) both read that book all the way back to Wisconsin.

This year, we misunderstood the date of the release and went searching for the book in Sweden last month. Once we had the correct date, we realized that we would be on the road, somewhere between Wisconsin and New Mexico. So this Friday, our family will be staying at a hotel in Lawrence, Kansas, and we are on the waiting list at Borders for two copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I hope they ordered extras.
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  • That’s why Amazon is so nice,especially with Amazon Prime

    Enjoy yr read -methinks it will be good

  • I have removed Amazon links from within the body of this post.

  • Good read Gordon.

    Seven is a lot of people and it must be something extraordinary for all to have caught on and enjoyed.

    What are the age ranges, or at least the lower ages when your kids started reading? Just curious.

    I have yet to read any of them but I remember my first experience of seeing one in a child’s hands. I think it was the second book, maybe the third and I remember thinking, “Damn that’s a big book. There must be something good in there and if it’s getting kids to read. Great.” Sci-fi and fantasy has that power – to allow the imagination to take flight. It’s amazing.

  • TS, Our oldest was 10 when she started reading HP. Our youngest (twins) are now 9, and they are just getting into them. I expect this release to be a motivation for them.

  • Who is RAB? I have a hunch it is Regulus (middle name ?) Black.

  • I also have a hunch that the next book is going to be suprisingly long. I think that harry is going to find the other horuxes (and destroy them) over the summer and kill voldemort once and for all! Yay!

  • craig

    if RAB is r and b then i think its could be rodolphus and bellatrix. as in the lestranges. dont know why theyd turn ont heir master tho… works wif the two people thing too…

  • RAB is most likely Regulus Black, Sirius’ younger brother. This would make sense because JK doesn’t want to introduce another *hero* so late in the book and Harry would love another Sirius. Regulus *died* trying to leave the Death Eaters and at some point he inhereted a priceless heirloom (HORCRUX?!?)…

    in addition, Snape is not evil. I still believe Dumbledore on this point… reread the books and examine the clues… 😉

  • Tony

    To the comment above. How could you possibly believe Snape to not be evil. He KILLED Dumbledore under his own power. If that’s not evil, I don’t know what is.

  • Cam

    i think snape is innocent, one major give away is at the end of the 5th book where snape warns the order that harry and the others have gone to the ministry when he could have easily just left them to be killed by the death eaters

  • jdr

    genius. pure genius. after reading number 6 and contemplating it and reading your comments its all piecing together. Harry Potter is Harry Potter if ppl dont like it then thats up to them but it is what it is. Having done A-level english I have read far more intellectual stuff but that doesnt matter because JK ROwling is an absolute genius. Bring on book 7(the magical lucky number!)

  • Dan

    Have you considered that Voldemort doesn’t want anyone to kill Harry because. . . Harry is a horcrux?

  • cam

    nahh thats not very likely… but as i think about it that might be possible and relate to his scar

  • jdr

    i have certainly considered he may be a horcrux himself. it would make sense. When he was attacked part of voldermorts soul was left in harry which explains parseltoungue etc. i think the whole mystery surrounding snape is amazingly done by JK. She keeps leading us down the wrong garden path and now the debate will rage for 2 years whether he is good or bad. for me everything adds up. He is Good. If the greatest wizard of all time trusted him thats good enough for me. He had his reasons and on that fateful night on the tower HArry, Malfoy and Snape were all effectively saved by The greatest wizard of all time throught his actions. think about it.

  • Dotty

    I thought Harry might be a horcrux but then when I think about it, how would he have become one? If the scar had anything to do with him being a horcrux then that all goes back to when Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby. Although Voldemort had killed Harry’s parents before killing Harry so making a horcrux would have been possible, Voldemort intended to kill Harry and didn’t expect it to backfire as it did. So why would he make a Horcrux out of someone he fully intended to kill, wouldn’t be much use to him.

  • Rick

    Slughorn said “there is a spell, don’t ask me what it is…”. If the Avada Kedavra rebounded on Voldemort and nearly killed him right away, how could he have cast this spell to make Harry a horcrux? I got the impression that you do the killing first to rend your soul, and then cast the spell to put the torn piece in some other vessel.

  • Rick

    Of course, he had just rent his soul twice, only moments before…

    Wouldn’t that make it so that Harry can never destroy him without dying himself?

    Rowling might go for the Pyhrric victory I suppose. How awful for the kiddies!

  • Dotty

    Harry being a horcrux would almost certainly mean that Harry would have to sacrifice himself to kill Voldemort, which I have a feeling might happen anyway. Would be an interesting plot twist but I still don’t think he is one, unless he was made one later.

    Two more things struck me as being quite significent, the first is that Olivander disappeared, if you remember Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when Voldemort tried to kill Harry, because their wand shared the same core it kind of backfired. Does this imply that Voldemort and Harry can’t kill each other with those wands? So has Olivander vanishing have something to do with that?

    Also, why didn’t Voldemort intend to kill Lily? Seeing as she was part of the Order of the Phoenix as well as James, and between them they had defied Voldemort 3 times why didn’t he intend to kill her as he did James? She was muggle born as well, so he should have been even more happy to kill her then the pure blood James. It seems very odd that he didn’t intend to kill her, it’s hardly as though he’s merciful.

  • chipwith

    I think Snape is not evil but there are plenty of debatable clues throughout the books.

    Harry says that his potion book was 50 years old – too old to be his mother’s. (I hope I have that right, I don’t have the book with me now). Therefore, it is too old for Snape to be the Half-blood Prince either. He is the same age as Lilly and James (20 – 30 years older than Harry I would guess). The Half-blood Prince must be Voldemort and Snape must have been lying as he retreated from Hogworts after the battle with the Death Eaters.

  • vincent

    as much as i hate to say it, i think snape is a good guy and he only killed dumbledore because of the unbreakable vow made to malfoys mum. also he taught 6th years nonverbal cause he knew that was a necessary tool to dueling.
    i came across this site wondering who RAB could be and once again i was surprised not to have remembered regelus. but surely hermione would have found that out?
    if dumbledore knew malfoy was a DE, then he shouldve filled the rest of the staff in on it.
    thanks also to a previous post bc i have learned what phyrric victories are!

  • swimmo13

    to counter your point, chipwith-

    people get out of hogwarts at 17 years of age. Let’s say that when Harry’s Parents and Snape were 17, Voldemort was also young-ish, since he is so much younger than Dumbledore. Rowling writes that it was about 10 years after they got out of school that Voldemort started making appearances. The potters would be 27. Say that in 7 years, they “defied” him 3 times, as the prophecy says. That would sound about right. So they are now 34. In 16 years, Harry would get the book, making The Potters and Snape 50 years old.

  • What about the possibility of Borgins or Burke being the elusive RAB? Riddle worked for them after he had discovered the possibilities of a Horacrux and had access to the valuable artifacts of the dark world he was looking for. It was also stated in Hokey’s (the House elf) memory of Tom Riddle that Burke knew that Hepzibah possessed the locket of Slytheryn. Burke could simply be a stragically placed good guy who has access to the dark world. He did seem to be afraid of Draco’s threat in his shop, perhaps meaning he is not entirely in alliance with the Death Eaters. Just a few thoughts to ponder

  • Miller

    At first I thought it was Burke, just because his last name fit and he was so connected to special artifacts. But the brother of Sirius fits as well, as he’s got the right initals and he was killed by Voldemort.

    I used to think that Snape was good because Dumbledore trusted him. But I always considered Voldemort to be Dumbledore’s equal, and they both trusted him equally. One of them had to be wrong, and there’s no reason to believe that Dumbledore has so much better judgement than Voldemort.

    Then again, you need to look at the situation. He was in a room with four death eaters. He would have to take on all of them to be able to spare Dumbledore. He could have looked at it as either he and Dumbledore die, or just Dumbledore dies and he continues spying.

  • tubr

    Dumbledore seems to have known his way around the cave pretty well. He knew he needed Harry with him. H eknew he would need Harry to obey an order Harry would not want to obey. He had a good reason to believe in Snape and he has not been wrong yet. It seems to me Dumbledore sacrificed himself to plant Snape deep in Voldemort’s confidence. He may also have led Harry through the search for the horcrux to set him on the right path.

    It seems likely, from Harry’s duel with Snape at the end, that Harry has no chance in a direct duel with Voldemort, and that Snape is a much more accomplished wizard than we might have thought. I have a feeling that it will be Snape who helps Harry defeat Voldemort in the end.

  • Jason

    I too believe that RAB will probabably end up being Regulus, and from what i remember of the 5th book, while Sirius and the kids are cleaning up the black house, it mentioned a locket which could possibly be slytherin’s

  • Dotty

    On the subject of the book being too old to be Snapes, I seem to remember reading that he got second hand books somewhere. Even if it doesn’t say that, it’s always a very real possibility. The Potters were at Hogwarts during the 70s and Snape was in their year. I think they were supposed to have graduated around 1978 and then Harry was born in 1980, so Snape wouldn’t have been old enough to have had that book first hand.

  • vincent

    hermione came to the conclusion that the book first belonged to Eileen Prince, and then was passed along to her son, Snape. One generation would be enough to bump it to 50 years

  • leo

    according to a source j k rowling herself has said that neither voldemort or harry die in book seven, although i think the idea of harry somehow being closely connected with the final horcrux is really interesting

    the whole snape thing confuses me, i don’t honestly know whether he is innocent or not

  • Dotty

    Yeah, no matter how much I think about the Snape thing I just can’t decide. I think he’s good really. But it oculd go either way…
    Although the way Snapes going by the time it gets to book 7 I think he’ll have forgotten what side he’s really on, poor guy will be a gibbering mess in St Mungos.

  • Dotty

    Yeah, no matter how much I think about the Snape thing I just can’t decide. I think he’s good really. But it oculd go either way…
    Although the way Snapes going by the time it gets to book 7 I think he’ll have forgotten what side he’s really on, poor guy will be a gibbering mess in St Mungos.

  • Phil Gawen

    You are all right to some degree. Snape spiteful though he may be played along with Bellatrix and Narcissa and even hesitated before completing the charm that will ultimately be his own undoing. He did not know of Voldemort’s plan concerning Malfoy and had to be alerted to Castle breach by the death eaters. He had to kill Dumbledore at the Grand Wizards own request “Snape, please..”. He knows he must protect Harry as he is the first Horcrux and the body Voldemort intends to join in the end. Look for the painting of Dumbledore in the next book. It will come to life. Not all horcrux’ are accounted for. Or are they? The prophecy, the Slytherin locket already in Harry’s pocession (RAB), the scar, the ring, the hat–you figure out the last.

  • ethan

    on the subject of RAB, i think it is sirius’ brother regulas because not only of the initials, but because the message inside the locket states “i know i will be long dead before you read this but i want you too know it was i who discovered your secret”. that fits because then voldemort had regulas killed.

  • Ryan

    In Response to your post Phil Gawen,i blieve u r correct in assuming that dumbldedore did plead with snape to kill him, i believe that potion was much more sinister than it was made out to be, consequently Dumbledore knew Snape had made an unbreakable vow but i believe DUmbledore figured out Malfoy’s orders, and realised the sacrifice he would have to make. On your conclusions about the horcruxes.. the prophecy was never a horcrux and nor coudl it be one as Voldemort never managed to coem into contact with it. Also Harry DOES NOT possess the slytherin locket, as stated on page 568 of HBP. The horcruxes were/are, Nagini, Marvolo’s Ring, Slytherin’s Locket, Hufflepuffs Cup, Riddle’s Diary, “Something of Ravenclaw’s”.

  • Kurt

    I completely agree that RAB is Regulus Black. But, did you ever think that Regulus was never actually dead and destroyed the horcrux and might be finding and destroying other hocruxes?

    Also, I think that Dumbledore is actually still alive. Yea, call me crazy but from what he said to Malfoy about how he could hide him if Voldemort thinks he and his mother are dead and Voldemort would never know. Makes me think he is pretending to be dead so he can more quickly finish the research he needs to out of the public’s eye. He might have told Snape that and that is why Snape cast the spell on him.

    I also don’t understand why Harry didn’t use a nonverbal spell?

  • DGUY

    Harry tried to use a non-verbal spell but snape stopped it….after all, he is the Half-Blood Prince.
    If dumbledore turns up alive, the book 7 will be the worst of harry potters books.
    I really think snape is innocent and it is all a plan made between Snape and Dumbledore and Dumbledore was eventually dying by the potion he drank.
    Maybe it is all to increase the trust of voldemort and Snape… in the end… Snape will betray Voldemort helping harry destroy Horcuxes.

    How do u pronounce horcruxes anyway?

  • geoffrey LaSalle

    It makes sense that neither Harry or Voldemort will die in book seven. The prophecy says that neither of them will live while the other survives. So either both of them have to die in their final battle with one another, or they both live and Voldemort’s body is once again destroyed and he disappears for a while. I find it very unlikely that Harry will find the rest of the four Horcruxes in the final book. But that is unless there are in fact, four more. After all, the note at the end said “I have stolen the REAL Horcrux.” The note also said that “I know I will be dead long before you read this,” and Regulus Black, is in fact, dead.

    I guess it would be interesting if Regulus was the one who left the note. He was a Death Eater, so I’m sure he knew all sorts of dark magic in order to get to the real Slytherin necklace. He also lived at Grimmauld Place, and wasn’t there something said along the lines of Voldemort can’t see, or get into Grimmauld Place? Regulus could have taken the necklace back to Grimmauld because he wasn’t able to destroy it right away which isn’t surprising because I’m sure it’s difficult to destroy something that holds that much power. So he keeps it in Grimmauld Place and casts the enchantment hiding his residence from Voldemort, leaves his house, and dies. The necklace was left there in tact.

    This is all just a guess.

  • Robert

    Couple of things…

    Almost certainly R.A.B. is Regulus Black. On Pg. 106 of HBP, Lupin is talking about the Death Eaters getting Karkaroff and says the following:

    “… – well, frankly, I’m surprised he stayed alive for even a year after deserting the Death Eaters; Sirius’s brother, Regulus, only managed a few days as far as I can remember.”

    I’ve believed since I read it the first time that I believe at the end of Book Seven that both Snape and Draco will end up on the good side, and I also believe that it will turn out that Dumbledore knew it was his time, and made certain that he sacrificed himself to Snape to be able to place Snape next to Voldemort for the final betrayal.

    But of course that’s only my opinion, I could be wrong…

  • dumbledore tells harry before they go to find the horcrux that he thinks they can rule out the snake, so does that mean that nagini is not a horcrux or what???

  • leo

    i think that maybe one of the horcruxes could be in the room of requirements where malfoy was, as said in the book it was a particular room to hide what you wouldn’t want to be found, and maybe that is one of the reasons why voldemort was so keen to become a teacher at the school

  • Dotty

    To geoffrey LaSalle, only reason Voldemort couldn’t see or get into Grimmwauld place was because of the fidelius charm, which was put on when Sirius let the order of the phoenix use the house, so that would have been after the end of goblet of fire. So when RAB was alive Voldemort could if he had wanted to have got in. However, I don’t think Voldemort is aware that RAB took it, in his note RAB says he’ll be dead before Voldemort reads the note and so he was expecting to be killed, as Regulus undoubtedly was upon leaving the deatheaters. So it’s possible Voldemort just wouldn’t know that he had to go look in Grimmwauld place so it wouldn’t have been an issue.

  • steve

    now that dumbledore is dead, which i personaly think he is but knowing dumbledore he has a cunning plan to help harry from beyond the grave, maybe its a special spell on the toomb he was burried in, but as he is dead will any 1 be able to wonder into grimauld place, or will the fidelius charm still be working?

  • Mary

    I agree with those who believe that Snape is good, although he really does hate Harry. Remember Hagrid reported Snape and Dumbledore arguing? I think Dumbledore was telling Snape that he would have to kill him and that Snape didn’t want to do it. It may never be clear to everyone that Snape is a good guy–he may have to sacrifice his reputation to play the role he must play in Voldemort’s demise. Remember Dumbledore in a scene where Harry questions Snape’s loyalty and Dumbledore considers for a moment whether he should tell Harry why he trusts Snape so much and then decides against it? I think he decides against it cuz Harry is bad at Occlumency and D is afraid that Voldemort might find out by reading H’s mind the real nature of Snape’s allegiance. Snape in the fight at the end tells Harry the powers he needs to work on–nonverbal spells and occlumency. He needs to be able to close his mind and fight nonverbally to survive. I think it is a great thing that Snape gets really angry when Harry calls him a coward–if he really is good he has been extremely brave–in being a double agent and really killing Dumbledore and having everyone believe him to be evil is a very brave thing to do. He is sacrificing alot to do what Dumbledore has set out for him.
    My questions are these: if Ron and Hermione can help Harry why can’t Ginny go along too–she certainly is a brave and talented witch.
    Is Harry mediocre as a wizard as Snape suggeests–is his greatest power his ability to love despite all the bad times life has meted out to him–is that what makes him unique?
    Could Snape have been so regretful about his role in Harry’s parents deaths because he was in love with Lily? She always gave James grief when he tortured Snape–maybe she was always kind to Snape and he fell in love with her.

  • Lisa

    I agree that R.A.B. is most likely Regulus Black. As someone already mentioned, at the beginning of the 5th book, Harry finds a locket that no one is able to open while cleaning out a closet at Grimmald place. I’m assuming that they (most likely Hermione) will remember this at a crucial moment in the 7th book. I also think that Snape killing Dumbledore is very important (and neccessary) in terms of story development. Dumbledore has been Harry’s mentor throughout the series but now Harry has to stand up on his own to defeat Voldemort and avenge his parent’s death. Dumbledore has given Harry all the pieces he nedds to do this.

  • Jules

    IT IS REGULUS! At #12 Grimmauld place they found a locket while cleaning the house and i’d bet my ass that it was slytherin’s and kreacher stole it!

  • Jules

    It all fits! The association w/ voldemort, being dead… and kreacher was nicking stuff out of the trash!

  • Jules

    Lisa I swear 2 god i didnt see ur post and i didnt copy off u. (my explanation was weak anyway)

  • Jules

    And R.A.B. called Voldemort “The Dark Lord” which only Death Eaters and those who want to appear 2 be death eaters(snape)do.

  • Jules

    Mundungus might have also nicked it because he was selling black heirlooms. Hell, he might have even sold it to draco.(DUN DUN DUN!)

  • Jules

    DAMN u guys r smart. im 13. anyone else 13?

  • Dotty

    hmm if Mundungus sold it to a deatheater or anyone associated with one then I think that he would be seriously in trouble. He might be a rather shady character who is apparently quite unscrupulus about stealing from the houses of his dead friends. But he is a member of the order. However, I suppose seeing as the significence of the locket was not known by anybody then I suppose he could have been entirely a mistake. Would be interesting to see where he takes it, if it was that locket and he decided to try his luck at Borgin and Burkes surely they would recognise it (not as a horcrux, just the locket itself). Either way I think Mundungus is going to be in a lot of trouble in the next book. I don’t think Harry catching him with the stuff in Hogsmeade was thrown in just for fun.

  • Alex

    I’m 13 in about 20 days. I just finished reading it. The part where Harry wanted to go off on his own kindof confused me because how would you get a book out of that, but the Ron and them joined with him. At the end of the 29th chapter where it’s talking about RAB I immediatly thought of Black and then of Serious’ brother even though I couldn’t remember his name. Also, can’t Harry talk to Dumbledores picture?

  • Bobby

    I agree with everything you guys are saying about the Regulus thing. And in a recent interview JK Rowling said:

    JKR: Well, I’m prepared to bet you now, that at least before the week is out, at least one of the Horcruxes will have been correctly identified by careful re-readers of the books.

    I bet that the Horcrx she’s talking about is the same locket that was throne away.

    I have a couple of questions:

    #1 Could Voldemort just make more horcuxes now that he knows some of his older ones are destroyed?

    #2 Since a part of his sould is being destroyed, can Voldemort feel it every time a horcrux is being destroyed?

  • Bobby

    oh and im 13 too.

  • try2trisbr

    In ref to DGUY — A)Harry tried to use a non-verbal spell but snape stopped it….after all, he is the Half-Blood Prince.

    You are right that he did use a non-verbal but he used it only after Snape reminded him about them!!

    Snape told Harry: “Blocked again and again and again until you learn to keep your mouth shut and your mind closed, Potter!”

    Plus Snape saved Harry durning his flight.

  • After reading all of these amazing comments, I just had to offer my opinions on a couple of things, too.

    I think Dumbledore knew he was dying. We never did get a really good explanation about his dead arm, did we? I know he got it retrieving a horcrux, but how exactly? It did not get bertter thoughout the year. I think he and Snape planned his death. I do wonder a bit as to whether or not Dumbledore REALLY is dead, because I think he will always protect Harry. I, too, questioned the part about how he told Malfoy he could hide him and his family with everyone thinking that they were dead. Maybe Dumbledore is continueing his horcrux search withought anyone’s knowledge. Anyway, if Dumbledore knew he was dying, and made arrangements with Snape, it would make sense that he would tell Harry everything he knew about Voldemort and the horcruxes, in order to arm him with the truth and all the knowledge about Voldemort that he posses.

    As far as Snape being good or evil. I want to trust that Dumbledore is right, and he is trustworthy. His “killing” of Dumbledore will surely put him as close to Voldemort as possible to spy. I think he knew what Malfoy’s tast was, as did Dumbledore, and this plan was hatched.

    The locket at #12 makes so much sense! I think Kreacher might have it too. I want to go back and read all the books to look for more possibilities. Thanks for the idea of RAB being Regulus. It does seem to fit. Yet, who knows. JK Rowling has certainly surprised me a few times!

    If there are 7 pieces of Voldemort’s soul they are probably in his body, in the ring (destroyed), in the diary (destroyed), Nagini, the Slytherin locket, the Hufflepuff cup, and something from Ravenclaw(perhaps in the Room of Requirement). It sounded odd to me when Dumbledore wondered is Nagini might not be a horcrux. In that case, could the final horcrux actually be inside Godrick Griffendore’s sword?

    Keep writing. It’s fun to see what your ideas are:-)

  • Lisa

    I think that Dumbledore is really dead and if Snape had not performed the curse he would have died very soon from the potion he drank trying to retrieve the horcrux. I’m also going to guess that this is how Regulus died-he too, would have had to drink the potion to retreive the locket. It was stated that Regulus was not killed by Voldemort and by what means and by whom was not made clear, only that he lasted about 2 days after Voldemort found out that he was a traitor.

  • Hey, watch the spoilers!

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, and particularly watch out for the spoilers here

  • Heh. I was just trying to push the actual spoiler off the comment sidebar. I don’t mind spoilers — and by the way, Snape kills Dumbledore — just so long as they’re a certain number of words into the comment.

    So far I’ve stayed away from your post. I can tell enough from the comments that drift by. 🙂

  • Eric Olsen

    at any moment it could reach out and grab you

  • Lisa has an interesting comment. It is true that Regulus or whoever would have had to drink the potion to get the locket. I wonder how the potion was refilled after the locket was taken, and by whom. Did the person who took the locket refill the basin with the smae potion? In which book did it say that Regulus died two days after Voldemort found him out as a traitor? I just revisited book 5, to look at the part about the Black family tree. Sirius said that Regulus had been killed by Voldemort, or probably one of his followers, because he wasn’t important enough for Voldemort to have killed him himself.

  • stephanie

    i think that RAB is serius’s brother,and it does all fit together with the locket that they found in #12 gimmauld place, but what if regulus merely took the locket?? what if he didnt know how to destroy it, hence the locket couldnt open when it was found. Voldemort would have put some sort of magic protection on it. Assuming I’m right, Kreacher is now in possessoin of the locket and house elves have extremely powerfull magic, all harry has to do is let a few words slip and kreacher will figure things out.

  • I think the locket doesn’t open because it IS indeed the horcrux, and hasn’t been opened by Regulus or whoever. I hope Harry, Hermione, or Ron remember seeing the locket from when they were cleaning the house of black, and they realize Kreacher might have it in his “room.”

  • Steve

    I believe the theory about Snape being good to be correct. I think Dumbledore knew he was dying and that he would die before they even started on the journey. He also he knew that Snape needed to be the one to kill him, to further put him in Voldemort’s trust. If you remember Dumbledore insisted on being brought to Snape and not to Madam Pomphrey. And the coward comments in the above post are right on.

  • ruca

    I believe like obi-wan, albus let himself die to help the cause. Regulas sounds reasonable, but who was with him, since albus himself said two were needed for the journey to the locket, could rab have replaced the potion with something more toxic. Snape is definitely going to help harry in book 7, as already stated the facts point in that direction 1. the argument w albus 2.telling harry his weaknesses in the end of book 7 Now if a death eater killed regulas, could snape have been the culprit? At what point was snape turned good, only after voldemorts supposed death or before?

  • Lauren

    Previous posters- don’t be too sure that the final horcrux belonged to Ravenclaw. I’m not saying it doesn’t, because we haven’t heard much about old Rowena Ravenclaw, but Godric Gryffindor’s sword was not his only relic. Remember that in one of the Sorting Hat’s songs, it states that Gryffindor whipped the Sorting Hat off his head, so the Sorting Hat belongs to him, and it could possibly be a horcrux.

  • i dont think that anything in dumbledore’s office is a horcrux. how would voldemort have gotten anything out of his office? and wouldnt dumbledore have checked to make sure that they werent horcruxes. although i am confused weather the snake is a horcrux or not because dumbledore tells harry that he thinks they can rule out the snake!

  • what do you guys think??

  • NeoArKanum

    I dont believe Harry himself is a horcrux, because of two reasons.
    1. Hypothesizing, Voldemort would already have 7 pieces of horcruxes ready. If Harry was one, that would make 8.
    2. Assuming Voldemort didnt have 7, and Harry does happen to be horcrux 7, it is not probable due to the prophecy. “either must die at the hand od the other for neither can live while the other survives…”

  • Josh

    I didnt read all of the comments so please dont be mad if someone else already posted this…I agree it could be Regulas Black, that would make a good amount of sense, and I am not sure of Dumbledore actually being dead…but Snape is good. He is too young to be the HBP. And if you remember how the author describes his face at points, as contorted and not quite human, and also him screaming like a schizophrenic, Voldemort is controlling him!!!

  • John

    I was expecting Albus to die and agree that Regulus is the most likely RAB. In fact, that is how I found this web site.

    I suspect we have not seen the last of Albus. In his words, “I trust Hagrid with my life”. I suspect that some magical item in Hagrid’s possession will return Albus to the living.

    I am uncertain about Snape. I suspect an unrequited romantic relationship to Lily (Evans) Potter, but again, it could have pushed him either way.

    I expect to read a lot more about Dobby.

  • Steve

    Did anyone notice the mention of Dumbledore’s (raspberry jam) and Mr. & Mrs. Weasley’s (Mollywobbles) questions for safeguarding against Death Eater impersonation?? I think we can expect at least one (if not all three) being impersonated in the last book! Dumbledore may not be RESURRECTED, but he may be IMPERSONATED by a Death Eater in book 7..wouldn’t that be a doozy of a twist!!??

  • Sarah B.

    My conclusions come from internet search and many discussions with my family but i have many opinions.

    1. Dumbledore knew he was the “sacrafice” as it were. First of all because of the discussion with Snape that Hagrid heard. (Snape telling him it was too hard) Second Dumbledore of course knew what was going on in his castle, he could’ve stopped it at any time. Third, Dumbledore said “Severus, please” and that could mean he was urging him to do what was already planned. And fourth of all: Dumbledore could’ve kicked Malfoy’s butt, wand or no wand. If he had wanted to he could’ve. Some may question Dumbledore’s reason to freeze Harry, I believe it was to make sure Harry didn’t mess up the plan and so he would witness Snape killing Dumbledore and everyone would assume Snape was evil.

    2. This means that Snape is good. Which is quite understandable if you think about it. Setting aside what I have already said about the death of Dumbledore, Snape could’ve just killed Flitwick when he rushed up to the fight, but he instead chose to just stun him. When he was running out with Malfoy, he could’ve stunned, jinxed, or done quite a bit of harm to Harry without actually killing him to leave him to Voldemort. I also assume that the reason Snape was so outraged when Harry called him a coward was because Snape had just murdered Dumbledore, and if he is in fact “good” that would’ve been extremely difficult for him. I also questioned how Snape would be able to lie to Voldemort, and my dad purposed the answer that (and i quote)”DUH! Snape is like the master of occlumency!” Also, killing Dumbledore will put him at a much higher place, so he will be able to assist in defeating him.

    3. I also believe, like many others, that R.A.B. is in fact Regulus Black.

    4. I have some questions
    -Does Dumbledore’s portrait posess the same knowledge as Dumbledore did?
    -Someone mentioned Harry as a horcrux while another said he couldn’t be, any other thoughts?

    5. I know some things from my web research
    -we will find out the reason Dumbledore trusted Snape
    -it is important that Harry has his mother’s eyes
    -it is important that Lilly was good at charms
    -one person did love snape
    -everything that we need to know will be in the 7th book, there will be no need for a prequel
    -we will find out why Voldemort was born evil

    6. I believe that Dumbledore is dead. Like others said, Harry has to do this by himself. Also, in essence, Dumbledore is Voldemort’s equal, so with him to hide behind, everything would’ve been alright and the story would’ve been very boring, but with him out of the way the story can progress and Harry can attempt to defeat Voldemort.
    That’s all for now.

  • Connor

    i personally think that harry could be a horcrux because if the prophecy is right if he dies voldemort dies because he is a part of him and if volemort dies harry dies because harry is a part of him. and i hope one of the horcruxes is one of ravenclaws because you barley hear anything about him

  • Sarah B.

    oh yes, another thing i found on the web (brought up in my mind from a previous comment of why ginny couldn’t go with harry)
    -Ginny is one of the first girls for a long time in the line of Weasleys, hinting that she has some greater power

    and steve’s comment about the safeguarding questions is very interesting, does any one else consider this?

  • Charlie

    Many of the comments above seem pretty reasonable: Snape is ultimately on the good side of the force. Big D is dead. There are also many good ideas about the Horcruxes, although I do not believe it to be at all possible for harry to be one.

    In regards to the final showdown between potter and voldemort. Something will come into play with the power of love that big D has always referred to. Harry is too inept as a wizard to kill the old fashioned way, with aveda cadabra. He’s going to take a curse for ron or hermoine, or even snape or draco, and in turn, that curse will be the demise of lord voldemort. Harry’s love will prevail, as he is obviously inept at the arts of wizadry, especially in comparison to the great and powerful voldemort, Just as the adult wizards’ skills pale in comparison to big D and voldemort.(I always felt it quite disturbing how poorly the adult wizards perform against the kids. Reminds me of the lame movie three ninjas when the three little boys take on a fleet of older ninjas. The older wizards aren’t that bad though.)
    Also, Hary will most likely be returning to Hogwarts for at least part of the year. Out in the open he will be dead.

    Some questions in regards to book 7: Who is the new head of the Order of the Phoenix? Mad eye, slug, mcgonagle?
    When are ron and hermoine gonna snog? who is harry gonna snog now that him and ginny are done? Will luna and neville snog? Maybe harry and Cho will snog again. I just dig that word. i never have really heard it hear in the states, and it never gets old.

  • Lebowski

    Isn’t it possible that Dumbledore trusted Snape cause some sort of oath was made, and if it was broken, then something terrible would happen to snape.

  • Anyone notice that Dumbledor ‘hung’ under the dark mark before tumbling? Snape may’ve Levicorpus’d him, then dropped him. The color of the Levicorpus nonverbal spell never was said, only that there was a ‘flash.’

  • Sarah B.

    In reguard to Lebowski, I also thought too that maybe Snape had taken the Unforgiveable Vow, but if he had just taken that, he could’ve easily just broke it if he wanted to, because I think there must have been a pretty good reason for Dumbledore to trust him other than his mere life or something terrible happening

  • tc

    I think that Dumbledore may have died in order to give harry more “love power” Like harry’s parents did. Maybe dumbledore was planning to give his love to harry in order to help harry in his quest for Voldemort. Snape and D may have already had plans for D to die while saving harry’s life… ??

  • so what does every one think the horcruxes are?

  • Mordecai

    My own conclusions from this site:

    RAB = Regulus Black. Slytherin’s locket is (a) still at 12 Grimmauld Pl, (b) the property of Kreacher, or (c) nicked by Mundungus (my favourite theory of the three).

    Dumbledore really is dead, but Harry will still be able to benefit from his wisdom by means of the portrait in his office.

    Harry is not a Horcrux. Firstly, “Neither can live while the other survives” means “only one of them can live at a time”. If Harry is a Horcrux, then his continued existence ensures Voldemort’s continued existence.
    Secondly, Harry could not be possessed by Voldemort (I don’t remember the exact passage offhand, but Dumbledore makes reference to the fact).

    Voldemort’s soul is divided into:
    (1) Voldemort’s body
    (2) Tom Riddle’s diary (destroyed)
    (3) Marvolo Gaunt’s ring (destroyed)
    (4) Salazar Slytherin’s locket (missing, possibly with Kreacher or Mundungus)
    (5) Nagini (possibly)
    (6) Hufflepuff’s cup
    (7) a Ravenclaw artefact (possibly)
    – not Harry (see above)
    – not the Sorting Hat, as Dumbledore would have detected and destroyed it earlier
    – the Room of Requirement is not a bad theory…

    Snape is a spy for the Order. Dumbledore had to work hard to persuade him to kill him, and refuses to let Harry in on his reasons for thinking this because Harry is shocking at Occlumency.

    And now, some predictions for book 7:
    Harry will have to chase Mundungus before the locket is sold.
    Harry will have to return to Hogwarts. Not for the whole year, but he will go back. There may be scenes with Ginny at this point.
    Dumbledore will explain, by means of his portrait, just why he trusted Snape. Harry will change his mind and seek Snape out (or vice versa) for Occlumency training.

    Anything else?

  • jdr

    and then after all that by Mordecai we find out that duh duh duh! snape is harry’s dad. or not.

  • Rick

    Mundungus is in Azkaban… Harry will have little trouble finding him. Kreacher is now Harry’s to command. If he remembers the locket in time, and says the right things to Kreacher he can have it any time.

  • cam

    hey, i think that snape is good, but i have another theory to share… snape back in his school days liked lilly i think, but i think james used the spell on snape to turn him upside down (non-verbal) then snape tried to work it out then the next year his 6th (as this is when harry has the book) he workedit out

  • cam

    also to do with snape liked lilly potter even out of school and he made a bargain with voldemort that if he told him the prophecy then he must spare lilly potters life, and that is why voldemort wanted to spare lillys but not james life

  • BigA

    Couple of points:

    1) Since snape killed Dumbledor, could a twin of Snapes wand bring out Dumbledor’s soul (much like Harry and Voldemort in the Goblet of Fire). Then really all Snape did was take Dumbledor out of pocket for a little while. Remember that Olivander is missing– perhaps making this second wand to match Snapes?

    2) I still belive in Snape. He’s the antihero, the one who we need to belive can be redeemed. And why did he turn against Voldemort? Because Snape was in love with Lilly. Its not explicitly stated, in fact Snape called Lilly a mudblood; but come on how many 15 year old boys can show their feelings well?

    3) RAB = Regulus (A) Black. Slytherin’s locket is then (a) still at 12 Grimmauld Pl, (b) the property of Kreacher, or (c) nicked by Mundungus.

  • Hey, be more careful about spoilers, please!

  • I just have to say that I hope we find out a lot more about the lives of Lily and James Potter. Harry knows soooo much about Voldemort, but very little about his own parents.

  • Sarah B.

    sorry i meant to say *Unbreakable* vow, i was very tired

    and what does anyone think about Aunt Petunia being a squib? I think she knew a little to much about the dementors in book 5 to have heard it a long time ago and forgot. just a crazy theory, and other thoughts?

  • Cooper

    A couple of points and questions. First, Harry looks ‘just like his dad’–everyone says so. Snape can’t be his father. However, I think Snape may have loved Lily.

    Second, in RAB’s note, doesn’t he say that Voldemort is closer to mortal death? (Sorry, I don’t have the book with me for the actual quote). Wouldn’t that mean that he destroyed the Horcrux? It seems like Harry could spend the whole book tracking down the remain two (Hufflepuff’s cup and maybe a Ravenclaw artifact) and battling Voldy. Of course, all of the stuff about the locket at 12 Grimwald makes a lot of sense, but I just don’t understand why Regulus would have said that about mortal death.


  • Sarah B.

    for discussion purposes, here is the exact note from p. 609, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling:
    “To the Dark Lord
    I know I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to knkow that it was I who discovered you secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet you match, you will be mortal once more.

    it says that he intended to destroy it, it doesn’t say that his attempt was successful, he could’ve been killed before having a chance to destroy it

  • Dan

    My first thought was that R.A.B. must be Mr. Burke from Bourgin & Burke. As Cambria Campos points out in comment #22, he knew about Hepzibah’s locket. We never see Mr. Burke in the present, so we don’t know if he’s still alive. It’s Bourgin that deals with Draco.

    But the more I read the comments about Regulus and the possibility that the locket is either in 12 Grimwald or with Mundungus, the more I believe that would make for an interesting plot in book 7.

    Don’t count out Mr. Burke, though. He may provide a red herring for Harry to pursue before he realizes he has access to the locket through Kreacher or Mundungus.

    And has everybody totally abandoned the idea that Neville Longbottom may still turn out to be the real Chosen One? I think we hear too much about how his Gran is disappointed in his lack of achievement. I think that has to be setting up a climax where Neville finally surprises his Gran and everyone else by turning out to be the real Chosen One. Harry, meanwhile, is serving a very important role as a decoy. The big advantage is that, when it’s all over, Harry will be able to return to a normal wizarding life and live with his sweetheart Ginny.

  • Mark Davis

    JK Rowling states that Both Harry and Voldemort live in book 7.

    This is because Harry somehow is the last Horcruxes and he will survive the duel with voldemort, destroying voldemorts physical form.

    Voldemort, however, will live on within Harry….

    That’s just a theory

  • Sarah B.

    No, Neville is not the choosen one, nor is there anything special marking him except for the close call, it says on J.K. Rowling’s own website

  • colton

    i dont come here often, in fact this is my first time. ps, im 16. i think a lot of stuff you’ve all said is complete b.s. i dont remember it all, but one i do is the sorting hat. dumbledore knew the school would fall apart without him (knowing that he would die) but it coudl still be saved. if he got rid of the sorting hat theres no way the school could go on, and thats his greatest joy, is kids. (bit of a micheal jackson impersonator :O) i think harry will find it out and destroy it in the end, much to dumbledores dismay. (and also, ‘bid d’ is an old term meaning diablo, that was made up way before your times.. dont ruin it by refering to dumbledore like that)

  • Cooper

    Thanks for the exact phrase of RAB’s note. I finished the book late last night, so my memory was a bit clouded!

  • MJM

    I read in a previous post the posibility of snape lying about himself being the halfblood prince, I think that may in fact be possible. It was said that the book is 50 years old and that does seem too old to have belonged to snape, remember people that snape would have to be about 65 years old for the book to have belonged to him when he was about 15. I believe the book may have belonged to either Voldemort or Dumbledore. I’m not sure if Dumbledore is a halfblood, though.

    Also I am now starting to believe Snape is a good guy, but for a slightly different reason. I believe Snape told Dumbledore about the promise he made, and the only reason Snape made the promise was to remain of use to Dumbledore and stay on Voldemort’s good side. Dumbledore therefore told Snape to carry out the promise, but in return Snape would have to help Harry kill Voldemort. That is possibly why Hagrid heard Snape mention something about the task being too hard.

    Also, Harry *could* possibly be a Horcrux, the saying “neither can live while the other is alive”, well, wasn’t it also said that Voldemort isn’t really living anyways? The theory is a little rusty….

  • I just thought I’d add this…. we know dumbledore is dead, because
    1) His picture appeares in the Headmaster’s office, along with all the other dead Headmasters, and
    2) Harry’s body- binding spell is lifted, something that the book states only happens when its caster dies

  • osian

    snape is innocent. and i beleive that dumbledore was pleading snape to kill him in order to give draco a secend chance, because he believes the best in everyone.

  • Randall

    the subject of snape being good or not, i believe him to be good, for one dumbledore begged for his life, dumbledore wouldn’t beg unless he was trying to play it off. I think that snape was in on the whole thing and that he wasn’t even killing dumbledore. If i remember correctly, the avada kedavra curse doesn’t work unless you really mean it. So, snape could have simply said the words and maybe the spell has some death-like symptoms and maybe dumbledore is an animagus and turnes into a phoenix, the one that created the tomb wasn’t fawkes so who was it? it was dumbledore in his animagus form. so dumbledore will not be dead, snape is good, and there will be a time in the fifth book where harry will have to make the choice either to trust snape or not. And snape will play a big role in helping harry. Also, RAB is regulus in my opinion, all the pieces fit. The locket that “nobody could open” when they were cleaning the black house. And right there next to that portion was the description of regulus made by Sirius.

  • Noel

    I do believe that the book belonged to Snape and that he is, in fact, the half blood prince. Does anyone remember Hermione saying that Snape’s mother’s last name was Prince? What if, when she attended Hogwart’s, she owned the book that was published 50 years ago. Then, still owning the book, she gave it to Snape when he attended Hogwarts. That is when he wrote his name in it “The Half-Blood Prince”. Just because the book is 50 years old does not mean that the name was written in it 50 years ago!

  • In response to Dan’s comments. I have often wondered whether Neville could still be “the chosen one.” I know one of the stipulations of the prophesy stated that he had to be scarred. I know that Harry has been scrred physically and emotionally by Voldemort. Has anyone realized how scarred Neville is? His parents are not able to raise him. He lives with the pain of what Voldemort did to his parents every day! Despite this, and the treatment by his gran, he still has a very stong heart. Those he trusts, he will always trust–like Harry, forinstance. It is a possibility that Neville really is the one who might kill Voldemort. Also, does anyone have any ideas about the gum wrappers Neville’s mom keeps giving to him? His gran tells him to throw them away, but it is mentioned in the book that he saves them. Does anyone get the idea that his mom is trying to tell him something?

    Snape is not lying when he says he is the half-blood-prince. His mother’s last name was Prince. His father was not from a wizarding family. His mother probably used the book when she was at Hogwarts, and her son, Snape, used it when he went years later. I believe he is who he says he is in this case.

  • daijini

    dumbledore did say that dying is just another adventure

  • Osian

    the prophecy is a self furfulling prophecy so there is no doubt about harry being the choson one

  • Osian

    prehaps harry is a horcrux but the “power of love” will not allow voldermorte to access it

  • meatpop

    I think that the Dumbledore/Snape thing could go either way. Just have to wait an see. The picture and Harry being let free are not signs that Dumbledore died, as Dumbledore could have caused these quite easily. The fact that Dumbledore “pleaded” for his life is more evidence of the set up. It could be that he is alive, or it could be that he is dead and the scene was meant to further Snape’s cover.

    Harry is not a Horcrux. Thats just plain stupid. It was already said that Voldemort wouldnt make Harry a horcrux when he was planning on killing him.

    Snape is obviously the Half Blood Prince. The book was originally his mothers.

    But I have to say that I really dont think that RAB is Regulus. The way he was described was as an idiot. I got the impression that he was a self-important stuck up brat who got in two deap and died. I dont think it likely that this type of person would know so much about Voldemort that he would 1. even know about the Horcrux and 2. know so much about Voldemort’s past to think of checking the caves of Voldemort childhood. It was only through lots of indepth research that Dumbledore learned these things. Also I very much doubt that Regulus would be able to take the horcrux. It would take a lot more intelligence and power then he was likely to have. Even Dumbledore would have been unable to take it without Harry’s help. As for the locket the descriptions do not add up. The locket at Grimmwald was mentioned in passing and given no real importance in its description. Also it is described as being heavy and that noone was able to open it. This isnt like SLytherin’s at all. I belive that one had a large S, and would have no reason to be unopenable, as it was opened many times in the past by varying people. Also the really one, being Slytherin’s is destiguisable enough that Molly and/or Serius would have noticed it, if it was in fact Slytherin’s.
    I think that RAB is a character that has not been introduced. I also dont think it will only be important as back story, as RAB is likely dead but I could be wrong. The other possibility is that we know RAB through his middle name, as some people go by their middle name. Do we know any ABs?

  • Sarah B.

    -the book is Snape’s because it belonged to his mother before him
    -once again, J.K. Rowling has stated in interviews and on her own website that Neville is not the chosen one and has no special powers because of the close call
    -Rowling has also stated that the gum wrappers are no secret ways of communication, Neville simply saved them because of sentimental value
    -according to someone’s theory above, Dumbledore might’ve been an animagus, if he transformed into a phoenix, who’s body was found, who’s body did Hagrid carry, and who’s body was laid in the tomb?

  • meatpop

    Oh and it is even more obvious Harry isnt a horcrux since Voldemort tried to kill him in the Cemetary.

  • meatpop

    About the final showdown…
    Wasnt it dumbledore that mentioned that Peter Pettigrew(sp?) would owe a debt to harry because harry saved his life. It was a long time ago but shouldnt be forgotten.

  • Sarah B. Thanks for the JK Rowling info. This is the only site I have chatted on about HP. I haven’t read the JkRowling website. I guess I should. It might put to rest some of the things I’ve wondered about.

    I don’t think Dumbledore is an animagus. I think he is probably dead.

  • “neither can live while the other survives”

    This part of the prophecy surly means that neither Harry nor Voldemort can live their lives the way they wish to live them while the other is still alive. Earlier entrees mentioned that they must both live or both die. I don’t agree at all.

  • Eric Olsen

    two go in, one comes out

  • Eric Olsen–What? Two go in a one comes out. That sounds familiar, but what do you mean?

  • I think Dumbledore is dead and he is not coming back to life. He probably will talk in his portrait though. I think Snape is a Death Eater and he is evil. I think Snape betrayed Dumbledore’s trust. I think Harry was right about Snape being evil the entire time and Dumbledore knew Snape was evil and was planning on being killed by him. I also think that if Snape turns out to be on the good side he is still a mean person for treating Harry as he has all the years Harry was at Hogwarts.

  • Sarah B.

    in response to Zach, obviously Snape hated Harry-James was one of the rudest people to him ever imanginable, he turned him upside revealing his undies in a courtyard of people just for amusement. if someone had done that to, i think you would feel hatred towards them, and their child-who was being called a most powerful wizard and you had never gotten credit for all the spells you had invented and potions you had perfected. obviously dumbledore had a very good reason to trust Snape, because though Dumbledore is kind at heart (which may be considered a weakness) he is not stupid.

  • Sarah B.

    Lori, if you would like additional FAQs, there are many links to fan websites off rowling’s website, even two who got to interview her in person. i find the leaky cauldron to be among the best for information.

  • Sarah B.

    to meatpop, about the AB’s, i’ve also considered that, and the only A.B. i could come up with is Amelia Bones, who coincidently enough is thought to have been personally killed by Voldemort

  • Sarah

    For those who think Regulus is RAB, what do you think of the connection of Kreacher? He is the Black’s house elf, required to do anything a Black tells him. There was also a big deal made about Hepzibah and her house elf. There could be a link. Could Kreacher have stolen the locket?

  • Sarah B.

    (to sarah)
    so are you saying that perhaps Regulus ordered Kreacher to make sure that the locket was not thrown away or something to the like? very interesting

  • Sarah

    AB is also Amy Benson, who Riddle tortured in the same cave. Is there a first name, or a child? Hmmm. Two years is too long to wait.

  • posthocergopropterhoc

    1) RAB is Regulus Black. He is dead, but takes credit in the note for having 1 of the horcruxes

    2) Snape will turn out in the end to be viewed as good. He could have seriously hurt harry at any point and especially when Harry was furtively casting spells at him. He even offers Harry advice that he’ll need later (Close your mouth)
    Remember it was he was was trying to counter Quirrell’s curse during the Quidditch match (why would he care?). Over and over again he could have done great harm to Harry and all he ever did was give him detention.

    3) Dumbledore was dying already, and in book 5 in the Ministry, he only parried Voldemort’s attacks, he didn’t attack back…So basically what I am saying is that Dumbledore (yes like Obi-Wan and somewhat like Gandalf) has to die, and reincarnate himself (in this case in the painting on the wall). In the painting on the wall he is now completely impervious to old age, avada kevadra, or anything else. And he gets to dish out useful advice to Harry. This is a common plot tool at least as old as Hamlet’s father telling him from death in a dream what is wrong in Denmark.

    4) Voldemort did something bad to Snape that Snape will never forgive him. That was the death of Lily. Regardless of her marriage to James, Snape had only one love and Voldemort stole that from him. In some ways, Snape holds Harry responsible for Lily’s death, just for being Harry and putting Lily in harms way.

    5) Harry is the chosen one, but Neville will have to play an important role in the end. Neville has been showing an uncommon bravery and skill when the chips are down and everyone is depending on him. Kinda like Harry. Remember that Harry remembers that it was only Neville and Luna who came when the D.A. was summoned when the death eaters were discovered.

    6) Harry gets Ginny in the end.

    7) Ron has finally got to develop into a greater Wizard. He is the lamest of them all. I daresay that Neville has shown more pluck, courage, and skill than Ron ever has. He finally has got to get mad enough to pull it all together as a Wizard as he did as a Keeper. That will have to come through in the last book.

    8) Hermione and Ron will snog in public.

    9) Hagrid will die in the last book because somebody close to Harry who is protecting him has to die in just about every book. His goofy brother will finally get a brain and exact revenge on those that caused Hagrid’s death.

    10) Harry will live, but he’ll die first in the process of killing voldemort by allowing voldemort to kill him. In the process of the Voldemort attacking him with the Avada Kevadra, Voldemort will die because Harry is the final horcrux, unintentional as it was for Voldemort give up part of his soul to Harry.

  • Lye Wah

    This is so exciting. 2 things:
    a) Dumbledore is alive. Remember the Phoenix tears+snape’s wand? But most probably will not show himself too soon so that voldemort is more complacent.
    b) Power of love? Oh yeah, remember the dursleys-protecting them? And dumbledore’s charm on the dursleys and he specifically instructed harry to go back to the dursley so before his 17th bday so that the protection will continue. I think this will be the key to destroy voldemort. Dumbledore can’t be dead, cause the magic will dissapear. And we are still waiting what sort of protection the house has to offer harry..
    c) harry is the final horcrux, not 1/7 but the 8th horcrux. Voldemort didn’t know it will end up this way(must be the protection of the 7 -magical number divided soul). If harry destroys all the horcrux (including voldemort which i assume is 1/7 of his soul, he used to revive himself), voldemort’s horcrux is still left with 1, harry. Since Voldemort’s soul lives in harry, if harry is killed, voldemort is killed. so voldemort has to remain as a horcrux trapped in harry forever (serves him right, worse than death i heard.. poor thing).

    Let me know what do you think.

  • nic

    you are all forgetting that if Regulus Black was RAB than Kreacher would take orders from him not from Harry! There are no more Blacks!

  • Sarah B.

    to Lye Wah:
    to your point “A” the protection, from what i understand, is from within Harry, it was simply Dumbledore that started it

    to your point “C” i think it’s very reasonable and quite a good theory

  • Sarah B.

    nic, you’ve said it yourself, is Regulus WAS R.A.B., implying that he is dead, there are, in fact, no more Blacks, so Kreacher would take orders from Harry. my suggestion was that before Regulus was killed, he ordered Kreacher to either make sure the locket wasn’t thrown away, or to protect from getting into the hands of evil or something, a long lasting request that Kreacher would have to follow because it was a command given to him by a member of the family he served.

  • meatpop

    RAB is not Regulus. Thats just silly.
    If that were true Regulus, a stupid spoiled wizard would have had to know Voldemort better than Dumbledore in order to know of the horcruxes and the cave from his childhood. He would also have to be more powerful than Dumbledore in order to have stolen the horcrux. And that is just silly.

    Harry being a horcrux, while sounding like the type of thing that WOULD be a dramatic ending to any book or movie does not fit. Voldemort had never seen the prophecy and so has no reason to view Harry as a threat. Only as someone that he hasnt killed YET. Voldemort wouldnt make someone that he wants to kill, has tried to kill repeatedly, and fully expects to kill as a container for his soul.

  • Sarah B.

    who do you purpose R.A.B. is then?

  • Andres

    Someone posted that maybe aunt petunia was a squib, well she can’t be one because she is a doughter of two muggles, for being a squib you must be wizard borned…

    Dumbledor is dead as many have posted already and he arranged it with Snape, harry doesn’t know any of this because he is not a very good occlumens,so snape could not risk to tell him…

    Dumbledor was not an animagus and it appears to me that he had already been in the cave, because he knew everithing he had to do, I think he went there with this RAB and leaved the message..Do you really think that Dumbledor would rather go with harry than with any member of the order?

    there is no need of destroying an object to get rid of a horcrux as we could see when Dumbledor said that the ring was no longer a horcrux.
    I think that harry will be practicing occlumency and non verbal spells, and he will discover that snape is a good man and the only thing he tried to do was help him, as we can see when he says that he will never be able to strike if he didn’t shut his mind.
    I believe that the horcruxes are:
    The diary.
    The locket
    the cup
    the ring.
    and the necklace, it had a very powerful curse just like the ring that made Dumbledor’s hand damage, remember that the ring almost killed him if it wasn’t for his skills….
    harry and ginny will end together and ginny will be the powerful tool that will increment harry’s love power

  • Andres

    The prophesy is not a destiny, they don’t have to kill each other, they just want… Voldemort thinks that he might become his equal, and consecuently become a dangerous threat, let’s not forget that he likes to be special… harry on the other hang, wants revenge..
    snape is one of the greatest wizards everknown, as you can see, he is expert in defense against the dark arts, he is an eminence in what refers to potions and enchantations and he is also the best occlumens everknown, i think even better than Voldemort…

  • Andres

    another thing… i really doubt that RAB means regulus Black, because he was, like most of the blacks, a pure blood who hated mud boods, and the only thing he wanted was to become a death eater, he is shown as a silly teenager not capable of betraying his master.

  • Artemis

    I know this is way to late to make an impact, as i am disputing comment 21 by swimmo 13. You say that it is the right age for snape BUT In the fifth book harry sees (in Snapes memory- pensieve) that James Potter uses levicorpus on Snape in fifth form (or at least before seventh form, as Lupus said that James’ head deflated in the seventh form) and if ‘Snape’ made it up he would have to have had the book earlier (and he did make it up as he had the book because of the equations that were said to be present). So it cannot have been snape.

  • Glocke

    I don’t think Harry is a horcrux just because Dumbledore said that he doesn’t think that Voldemort was able to scene the horcurxes. But with being in a living thing as the snake it may work differently. But it wouldn’t fit well with the prophecy either because it say that “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches….Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives….The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies….” The way I understand this is if Harry were a horcrux and he killed Voldemort, Voldemort wouldn’t die but his spirit would be separated from his body as it had been since he attacked Harry was a baby. The other way around, Harry being killed by Voldemort wouldn’t make since with the prophecy either cause Voldemort could continue living

    R.A.B. and the locket
    I do think he is the one that took the real locket and that it might be the one they couldn’t open. The thing about it I don’t get is if it is the locket wouldn’t it having the slytherin symbol? But no one might have noticed because everyone in the Black family aside from Serious had been in slytherin. One thought that I got from this was that Dumbledore was unable to undo the horcrux on the ring himself, but needed help from someone that knew a lot of the dark arts, Snape. The way I see this is that only good people might go after any of the horcrux to destroy Voldemort so only some in the dark arts would know how to get past it. Someone well versed in the dark arts may be able to get around the potion. With Regulus being a death eater he would be around people that would have been in school with Voldemort while he was still Riddle. Finding this out he could have found out where he came from and found the cave and been able to get the locket without drinking the potion, or he could have drank it.

    About the potion I remember the cup Dumbledore had made, and Harry had filled with water using his wand, keep emptying before reaching his mouth. A similar spell could have been placed on the basin with the locket so that after someone left the island it would fill back up.

    To BigA the only thing that doesn’t I don’t get from your thing is the person that died in the 4th book his soul came out of Voldemort’s wand during the thing but didn’t go back to his body, and I haven’t seen anything hinting to the ability to put it back.

    The thing about knowing Dumbledore is dead because of his picture I don’t think is concrete, I do believe he is dead though, but as you remember in the first book that Harry gets that Dumbledore card, showing that it is possible to have a picture like that without being dead.

    To Andres post obviously if he was killed for being a traitor something must have made him turn against Voldemort, so the idea that he couldn’t be RAB because “hi is shown as a silly teenager not capable of betraying his mater.” doesn’t fit because he did betray his master.

  • Osian

    it says in the book that voldermorte made a horcrux after killing someone substancial also it said that harry would have been a substancial death. another words prehaps voldermorte never got round to making his seventh horcrux

  • Mordecai

    Firstly I should point out that I do not hold my own statements to be gospel truth, but the most likely scenario I can think of.

    My last comment stated that Nagini was *possibly* a Horcrux; I am more convinced of this now, because Harry could see through her eyes as Voldemort possessed her to attack Arthur Weasley in OotP. As Dumbledore himself says, the connection between Voldemort and Nagini is unusually close for a mere pet / master relationship.

    I remain reasonably convinced that RAB is Regulus Black, though I won’t rule out the possibility that it may be Burke, or someone we haven’t even met yet.

    I still can’t believe that Harry could be a Horcrux. If he were, there would surely have been some manifestation of it by now, and as Ginny pointed out, Harry hasn’t been possessed by Voldemort except during the battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore in the Ministry. However, I do think that Harry sacrificing his own life to take Voldemort with him would make a good ending to the series.

    Scenes with Ginny are imminent, I am sure of this, and Peter Pettigrew (aka Wormtail) still hasn’t repaid Harry his debt that Dumbledore mentioned.

    I am unsure of the Snape / Lily thing, although it does explain the rivalry between James and Snape at school.

    Snape was the Half-Blood Prince; his book may have been published fifty years ago, but he needn’t have bought it new. However, that title will not be particularly important, except perhaps to give Harry more sympathy for him; Harry is going to need a lot of convincing to believe that Snape is on his side.

    Further thoughts will have to wait; I have to get back to work now.

  • Capunk

    Regarding the Half-Blood Prince’s book, isn’t it explained that the book is actually Snape’s mother’s?? So assuming Snape is around 30s, and he was born when her mother was in her 20s, that should make sense, doesn’t it?

    Sorry if anyone had brought this up before, I haven’t quite finished reading all the comments here =).

    Regarding Dumbledore, I dunno. Somehow there’s something funny with the way he died. Someone mentioned that he seems to know his way around the cave. It’s possible that he might have scouted the cave beforehand, but then, IMO, he should’ve known if that particular horcurx has been retrieved by someoneelse, if he spent most of his time researching the Dark Lord. I had trouble with why he paralyze Harry too when Malfoy wanted to kill him. But, after reading some of the comments here that say that he wants Harry to hate Snape, as to not to disclose Snape’s real allegiance. I think it all makes sense now. But, I somehow hope that Dumbledore is still alive. Although, the possibility that he’s dead is surely much much greater than that. But, dunno, I somehow think his role is not finished yet. He’s yet to tell a lot of important stuff to Harry, and now that he’s dead, how is Harry gonna get all that info?

    I also believe Snape is good. Because many of you have mentioned his/her reasons, I don’t feel the necessity to mention mine :D. But, you guys have said what I wanna say regarding him.

    And, I don’t think that Neville is the ‘Chosen One’. You know, after 6 books, it’s kinda lame to say, hey, you what, Neville is actually the one.

    And actually, didn’t Harry ask about this in book 5 or book 4? I can’t remember (I think book 5 is the most boring of all, so I kinda have a hard time remembering what happens in book 5). Dumbledore said something along the line that Voldemort himself chose Harry to be his nemesis. So, even though the prophecy meant Neville, but since Voldemort has chosen Harry, so be it.

  • Eric Olsen

    Lori #114, it’s from Mad Max Beyond Thuderdome, just sounded appropriate, it doesn’t mean anything

  • In the picture of Dumbledore that apears in his office after his death, he is asleep!. Could this be because he is not actually dead and only apears that way due to a spell or some such. And he wasn’t buried or his body destroyed but only placed in a toomb so he will be able to leave it unnoticed once alone.
    I dont think he is realy dead, at least I hope not… this is very remeniscent of Gandalf, we didn’t find out that he was not dead for quite a way into the next book, will it be so with Dumbledore also?

  • Ali

    there’s some really good ideas here, especially the one about Voldemort having accidentally made Harry a horcrux, after all he didn’t mean to forge the link between them, and no wizard in history (before Harry) has ever survived the Avada Kedavra curse so no one has any idea what the side effects could be. I really dearly want Snape to be good and my gut instinct says he will redeem himself before the end. The RAB thing is the most puzzling, surely Regulus is just too obvious? Whatever the answers are HPB has set up a thrilling 7th installment. I can’t wait

  • Max

    Well I do think that Dumbledore is dead. I think it would simply be lame if not. You know, this whole “Hey, he was not dead after all” is not very trendy anymore. People are tired of that kind of thing. I am trying to think like an author would – trying to surprise the reader. The surprise is that he is dead, that’s it.

    It is just like Sirius. It was not so obvious he was dead. You know, falling into some portal. Of course people told Harry there was no way to come back from the portal but as a reader, I think we doubted that. And there you go, he IS really dead after all. I think it is the same thing with Dumby.

    Regarding Snape, well everybody seems to agree he is good. The “Don’t call me coward”, the disagreement Hagrid reported about “the last task”, the “keep your mouth shut” to Harry… Everything points to this.

    Harry being a Horcruxe… Well I would hate that. It would mean that Harry has to die for Voldemort to finally disappear forever. I would hate that. Again, try to think as the author. This whole Harry Potter thing was written mostly for young readers. I think it would be a very bad ending (and message) to kill the hero of millions. Or worse, to have him commit suicide (or accepting to die) to save the world. Very very bad it would be IMHO. We all want to see Harry live through this. We all want to imagine what his life will finally be after Voldemort. Even if no book is ever written about it, our imagination will do the trick. J.K.R. will not take that from her readers. It is like her gift to us, a fantastic gift, an ever changing gift.

    Finally, you know about the prophecy… I wonder if there is something to get from that “neither can live while the other survives…” . The difference between living and surviving. Is it important ? When Voldemort is dead (his body), well, he does not live, he survives. Is there something to understand from this ?
    This sentence is very very confusing when you start trying to analyse it.

    Max. (30yrs btw)

  • Could Nagini contain the soul of Slytherin himself??

  • Sarah B.

    I seriously doubt it, but it’s an idea. I don’t think Slytherin would let Voldemort boss him around though.

  • Sarah B. Don’t be so hard on Zach. He has a good point. While I want to believe Snape is decent in the end, there is a possibility that he is not. He is mean to Zach, not just giving him detentions, but also breaking his spirit every chance he gets. I’ve been bullied before, but there is no way I would take out my personal grudge on their child just because of the way he/she treated me when I was a teenager. Also, we really don’t know how Snape treated James. We have only seen how Jame and Sirius treated Snape because we have not had access to James’ memories. It doesn’t make it right, but could James have been getting”revenge” on Snape for something he did to him? Still, I feel very sorry for Snape in his memories. He was not treated well, was a loner, seemed really sad. I want someone like this to rise above his painful experiences, and do something really great. He is obviously extremely intelligent! I hope he is on the “good” side in the end, because they will need him to destroy Voldemort!

    I am getting so addicted to reading all of your ideas! Keep them coming. I have to go get some work done!

  • Sarah B. sorry. I meant to say that Snape is mean to Harry–not Zach!HA!

    You weren’t being mean to Zach, either, I just wanted to make the point that we don’t know everything about the relationship between Snape and James.

    I really do hope we find out more about that and Lily in the next book.

    Do we really have to wait for 2 years??

  • Bill C

    As to the age of the Potions book – it’s established at the close of HBP that it did belong to Snape’s mother (whose name was Prince) and was given to Snape. He chose his nickname to focus on the wizarding side of his family tree – the Prince family, foreshadowing his eventual recruitment as a Death Eater

    Snape knew Harry had his old Potions book. He knew it before Harry cursed Draco. Yet, after Harry hits Draco with a very serious curse, based on the Dark Arts, what does Snape do? Gives him a couple of detentions – that’s all. No talk about expulsion. No reporting it to McGonagall or Dumbledore. Also, Snape knows darn well that Harry is still in possession of his Potions book and he lets Harry keep it. Clearly, if he were on Voldemort’s side, he would have forced Harry to surrender the genuine article. My guess is that Snape left his old Potions book behind precisely for it to fall into Harry’s hands. As it’s still safe in the Room of Requirement, I trust we’ll see it again in Book 7.

    Ginny will indeed be a powerful witch. She is the seven child of a seventh child – in folklore that confers great mystical power.

    Not only is R.A.B. Regulus Black, the locket in question has already been pinched and sold by Mundungus. Why else would JKR include the scene where Harry catches Mundungus with articles stolen from the Black household? She also lets us know that Mundungus is placed in Azkaban. Neither of those facts has any bearing on the plot of HBP at all. But, imagine if Harry has to break into Azkaban in Book 7 to find out from Mundungus whom he sold the locket to?

    There are 6 Horcruxes not 7 – some people seem confused about this. Voldemort needs to retain part of his soul (the 7th part) to remain alive. Two Horcruxes have been destroyed, four remain. I find it inconceivable that JKR would have 3 of the Horcruxes associated with Hogwarts’ founders but not the fourth – as there are 4 founders and Hogwarts is obviously central to both Harry & Voldemort’s lives. The fourth Horcrux will relate to Gryffindor. Whether it’s Harry’s scar or something else, I really don’t know. We don’t yet have enough information about how Horcruxes are made

    Where does it say the JKR is on record as saying that both Harry & Voldemort will survive Book 7? As she has been very reluctant to part with vital information about any of the books, I finally it very hard to believe that she would release this absolutely crucial information.

    We need a verifiable source, not “I heard it somewhere” or “I got it from someone who knows JKR personally.” In her most recent interview, JKR stated that she doesn’t even share plot points with her husband. I doubt she’d go blabbing to her friends, especially given the security that surrounds each book’s release.

  • Kiersten

    I know everyone is so fixed on the idea of Snape being good, but I think it is also very likely that he is evil. In OotP, Lord V says “And here we have six missing Death Eaters…one, who I believe has left me forever, he will be killed…and one who remains my most faithful servant, and who has already re-entered my sevice.” Who has left me forever = Karkaroff. One who remains my most faithful servent = Snape. I know it’s possible that Snape was just playing the part to stay a spy, but it is more likely that he actually is evil. I bet Ron will die in book 7 (the knight sacrifice).

  • thryx

    Snape is evil. There is NO excuse for using an unforgivable curse on a human, and you must hatefully mean to kill in order to envoke arvada kadavra.

    Harry will not need to die in order to kill Riddle or vice versa, neither can live while both are alive. This implies one will live after. But Tom does not know the rest of the prophesy, so he want to kill Harry himself. Harry is not a horcruxe because of the end of Order of the Pheonix.

    Dumbledore is Dead…

  • Bill, do you blog? You’d be a good blogger

  • Osian

    but voldermorte knows the prophecy because harry is rubbish at occulmens

  • pygmypuff

    i believe that snape is the other horcrux, explaining why he agreed to the unbreakable vow, and why dumbledore is now dead, also when hagrid heard dumbledore and snape arguing, i think that snape was realizing that there wasnt anything he could do anymore, that voldemorte had complete power over him

  • Bill C

    Thanks aaman, no I do not blog. I just discovered blogs in the last week or so (after hearing much about them). We’ll see what the future holds.

    Kiersten –
    If Snape is truly effective as a double agent, Voldemort will of course think he’s still a faithful servant.

    thyrx –
    There is a very good excuse for using the killing curse if Snape was ordered to do so by Dumbledore and in so doing, helped advance the downfall of Voldemort. Thank for a moment, if Dumbledore did not want to die – why would he paralyze Harry? Harry was invisible. Not only could Dumbledore have disarmed Draco, he would have Harry in reserve as a secret weapon.

    Voldemort has still not heard the complete prophecy because he has closed his mind to the link he had with Harry. Don’t forget, Harry can feel when the link is open.

  • Larry Wiech

    RAB – A clue not initials? Read Again Backwards? Read And Burn? Some magic in the paper? Did you notice it was written in perfectly haiku style prose? And in the same flourishing script we heard about everytime Harry got an invitation for lession from Dumbledore.

    I believe this locket was planted by Dumbledore and he actually destroyed the locket when he injured his arm (do we know for sure it was the ring that cause the injury?). He took Harry to show him that Voldemort’s dark magic can be beat. He already knew everything about the place, where the chain was etc, it was just too easy.

    I believe Snape was acting under orders, the “Severus, please” says it all, it wasn’t “please don’t”. Plus, Voldemort has no use for Harry, so why would he have put a rule that only he gets to Kill him? Harry has already proven he has the ability to stand against him, so why would he want to take the risk of facing him if he didn’t have to?

    Harry will find Snape in the next book to learn to block his mind before facing Voldemort.

  • Capid

    Snape is on the side of good. Just like Harry was ordered to force-feed the potion to Dumbledore in the cave, (even if it could be fatal) Snape had to do what Dumbledore ordered. Also, in the cave, Dumbledore was apparently disoriented and shouted “KILL ME!”. He may have been re-living his argument with Snape and not really talking to Harry at all.

    Here’s a farout thought – maybe Snape is loyal to Dumbledore because DD protected or has hidden away Snape’s mother. Remember DD telling Draco he had ways to hide his mother and protect Lucius? Perhaps that is also why Snape likes Draco — he can relate to the situation of the child protecting his parents from Volemart.

    Lastly, what’s going on in the Forbidden Forest? Hagrid says there are now places in the forest where he can’t even go. Place for marshalling Voldemart’s army? Hiding place for DD and/or those he protects?

  • DannnyyG

    THE PROPHECY STATES THAT HARRY MUST KILL VOLDEMORT/VOLDEMORT MUST KILL HARRY. This hereby proves that Harry isn’t a Horcrux and HARRY MUST KILL VOLDEMORT TO SUCCEED. Still, Snape is a fajiste anyway. To everyone else, I believe you’re opinions but JK likes to twist her endings. BEWARE

  • DannnnyG

    and snap IS indeed the HBP. If he wasnt, then the title wouldnt be Harry potter and the half-blood prince because if it was someone we didnt know about, then the title would have little to do with the story. Snape wants to be the big guy and halfblood prince is a great title for him. Also, Voldemort couldnt possibly be the halfblood prince, that would be foolish that another book was his. (the diary was first) Snape will show his true colors in the 7th story. Lookout

  • Sara

    I really do think that Regulus is R.A.B. His initials fit the ones on the note also he was a death eater and the person writing the note put “to the dark lord” and onl death eaters call voldemort the dark lord.

  • Cla

    i don’t know if it’s really important and if it have a special meaning ,but did someone notice that Snape became mad when Harry called him : coward? It seemed kind of weird to me …bu why do you think?
    After reading all of your post i supposed that maybe it’s related to the unbreakable vow and to his double spying.

    I don’t think that Harry is an Horcrux… i mean it wouldn’t make a lot of sense, as someone said: he would’nt make an horcrux of something he wants to destroy and i agree with DannnyyG

  • Ben

    hey im new here, but im a huge fan, whilst reading posts i thought that maybe dumbledore and snape switched essences on page 405, it talks about something and it doesnt explain it at all… its a long shot but i dunno

  • Cla

    I think that’s really possible that Dumbledore will be a painting on the wall in the last book…there’s only an objection about that : they’re not being Hogwarts pupils anymore so they’re not allowed to talk with the painting…

  • Josh

    I dont think Dumbledore is dead for a few reasons. This is the first book where non-verbal spells were commonly talked about. When Snape used Avada Kedavra and Dumbledore he didn’t mean it so it didn’t work. Instead he non-verbally threw Dumbledore off the tower.Dumbledore then pretended to be dead until Hagrid came and took him away. After this i think there are two possibilities. 1. Dumbledore went into hiding immediatly after Hagrid took him and Hagrid brought a fake Dumbledore to the funneral. Remember Dumbledore was wrapped up so no one would have known it wasnt him. 2. It was Dumbledore wrapped up but when the flames srung up from the tomb, he transformed into a pheonix (he was an animagus). The picture in his office could have easily been a fake. Harry being released from Dumbledore’s spell could have been Snape non-verbally.

  • Joe

    dumbledore is a horcrux, think about it guys. thats why he gave up so easily. also, snape is bad. period.

  • asdfasdfqwer

    I think that if the locket that was found at the Black’s House is one of the Hocruxes and RAB is Sirius’s Brother, then the locket was stolen from the Black house by Mundungus and sold to Bordman and Burke’s shop and is the locket that Brodman told Hermione was 1500 Galleons.

  • Vince

    Someone suggested for harry to take potions was it dumby? he and snape probably planned it so he found the potion book because he didnt buy one yet. man im freaking out these opinions are amazing keep going keep going 😀

  • stevebrown

    Is Dumbledor dead?
    I think his death was faked.
    Wasn’t Malfoy told he could be protected by the Order?
    I believe the “death” had allowed him to go underground though I don’t know why that would be important.
    His phoenix’s tears could have saved him.

  • pygmypuffpj

    sorry to burst your bubble, but emerson from mugglenet interviewed jk, and he asked if he was dead, and jk said “yes”, because at the end the hero has to go it alone

  • citizenjane

    How could R.A.B have pulled off the switcheroo with the locket by him/herself? Even Dumbledore acknowledges how impossible it would have been to breach the protections of the lake & the potion without Harry to help him drink all the potion, retrieve the locket & escape the cave.

  • meatpop

    Fisrt off, I really dont mean to flame…
    but im going to indulge a little.
    Dumbledore or Snape being horcrux is so stupid it made my head hurt.

    There are also so many strange assuptions that I dont even know where to start…

    Ok moving on to constructiveness.
    Above, someone quoted voldemort’s grave yard speach about his most loyal servant. This was the fake mad eye moody. Not Snape as snape had not yet re-entered his service. He was an hour late ariving at the cemetary as he himself stated at the beging of HBP.

    Im not going to repeat why I belive that RAB isnt Regulus because there is already so much repition that i dont want to add to it. As to who it is, there is noone yet that fits the description and is likely someone taht will later be mentioned.
    Thanks Larry for some truly inventive ideas about RAB.
    I agree with Bill that we need a real source about Harry and Voldemort surviving the 7th book. Also, are you 100% that it was mentioned that either Mr/Mrs Weasley is a 7th child? Id love to hear where you found that =)

    And Lastly I have a request for everone, which, while I doubt that it will happen, would be fantastic.

    Whether or not Dumbledore is alive, or Snape is evil is not up for a vote. JK isnt planning on counting how many people think what, and dictating the story appropriately, so while it sounds harsh, they arnt really adding anything to the blogs. So plz stop adding things like “I think Snape is evil” if thats /ALL/ your going to say. While it is nice to have people agree with you its taking up a lot of space, so could people plz try and limit themselves to posting NEW ideas or theories that havnt alreay been said. Even if they are wacky so long as they arnt re-runs…
    Im sure there are enough proofs and anti proofs above already for someone that is on the fence and looking to be swade either way.
    I know its a long shot but could we give it a try?

    Ill try one:
    Maybe Olivander disapearing is because Voldemort feels the need for an alternate wand that will actually work in a fight with Harry?
    Sry in advance, if i come off as a dick.

  • Sarah B.

    meatpop, is there anything that leads you to suspect that Olivander is working for the dark side now, or was it just an idea, because i find it believable and interesting.

    i also have something that i’m not sure of that i’m wondering if anyone else could answer:
    When Harry begins potions with Slughorn, i believe the mentioned potions in the room are polyjuice, felix, and some sort of love potion. now later someone asks Harry why he doesn’t make some more felix and Harry replies that he looked it up and it takes 6 months to make. Now Slughorn said he had only taken felix twice in his life, so why would he be carrying around such a large amount, and also we know that the polyjuice potion takes about two months to make. Slughorn was hired to fill in the position about, maybe a month before the term started. So my question is why does he have all these large amounts of potions that take a long time to make, is it perhaps a bit of poor editing? i’m just wondering what anyone else thinks

  • asdfasdfqwer

    about the potions, these are the possibilities I could come up with:

    A) He had them already and brought them out of storage to show the class
    B) He is a master of potions and knows a faster way of making them
    C) It is poor editing
    D) It’s magic, accept it
    E) You aren’t supposed to notice these kinds of things

  • RAB cannot be a former or current death eater because of what Voldemort says in GoF while asking the death eaters why nobody thought to look for him:
    “And then I ask myself, but how could they have believed I would not rise again? They, who knew the steps I took, long ago, to guard myself against mortal death?
    RAB said he/she “discovered” his secret a death eater would have already known the secret.

  • TonyLit

    Nearing the end of the book when Snape joins Malfoy, Grayback, and the others in dumbledores pity, Dumbledore tells Snape. Please…, Please Snape… What JK wants us to think is that he is asking snape to spare his life realizing that trust in snape was wrong. Although after further speculation I believe Dumbledore was pleading for Snape to kill him. Lifting the burden off Malfoy, and allowing the already dieing dumbledore to be put to rest… Harry already has been passed the torch, and Dumbledore allowed another student to live. We all know Malfoy could not have killed the big D no matter how disabled he was.

  • Josh

    everyone seems to be jumping to the conclusion that R.A.B. are someones initials. Dont be so sure, although i have yet to find proof of this, keep an open mind.

  • Shawn

    I think “RAB” did act alone due to the wording in the note… I know I will be dead… I also agree with josh it is possibly that RAB represents something besides initials… and about the potions and why Harry didn’t say Ron and Hermione couldn’t come with him when he broke it off with Ginny for similar reasons… even the best authors in the world make mistakes(and plot holes)

  • At DD’s funeral he is suddenly engulfed in flames and a phoenix (not fawks) emerges from the flames. Is DD an annimagus and is he reborn from the ashes (as phoenixes are when they die)?

  • meatpop

    Olivander being forced to make Voldemort another wand was just an idea I had, there is no real text support. It just seems that Voldemort would need a new wand to fight Harry, then poof Olivander disapears…*shrug*

    To Chris, while your point may very well be right, V might not have entrusted all the death eaters with this knowledge. At this point all the death eaters are fiercely supportive of V, but when V first appeared their must have been varying levels of support. This leads me to think that V would not have confided his secret in EVERYONE at that point in time. Regulus, for example, was described as a death eater that likely did not merit being killed by V himself. This means that there were death eaters back then that were not as indoctrinated as all the current Death eaters. ONce again, you still might be right, and i like your point.

  • bbju

    I do believe that Dumbledore planned on his own death. The conversation between Malfoy and himself showed that the headmaster indeed knew much more than we expected.
    He might have known that the death eaters were coming and his going to get the horcrux with Harry is a way to take him away from the school as Harry had been the ONLY person (well, other than Dumbledore himself) who strongly believed Malfoy was the DE and if he were in the school at that night, things would have happened differently and might spoil the plan expected by Dumbledore. So, he took Harry away. Let things happen in the school, returned at the right moment and died as planned (so, he said “severus, please.” He’s actually pleading Snape to kill him.). I strongly believe that when Dumbledore said he trusted Snape 100%, he’s not dumb in saying this and he had his reasons, maybe to be revealed in Book 7. BTW, when will this be out? I don’t like the ending of Book 6… so sad.

    Well, who knows. Dumbledore may not be dead. Like Gandalf in LotR. Anyway, Dumbledore would appear in his portrait talking to Harry anyways.

  • Dougie

    Assuming only a Death Eater would refer to Voldemort as The Dark Lord and taking on board the point that the Death Eaters would already know about the Horcruxes, perhaps the secret that the note-maker refers to is something entirely different?

  • Bill C

    Sarah –
    Great catch on the time it takes to make Felix potion. I think it’s either bad editting or JKR has something more planned.

    R.A.B. will probably not be a new character. JKR went on record as saying there will be no major characters introduced in the final book. Regulus seems tailor-made. The use of the term “Dark Lord” indicates a former Death Eater. That and the locket that turned up in the Black household in OotP. As for R.A.B.’s accomplice, how about Kreecher? He could have ordered Kreecher to keep feeding him the potion and most wizards don’t regard house-elfs as equals so he wouldn’t have mentioned him in the note. Anyway, we don’t know a whole heck of a lot about how R.A.B. got the locket in the first place.

    Dumbledore is dead. Several things would be hard to explain if he were not:

    1.) JKR said he was dead. (That should be enough right there.)

    2.) If he were not, Snape would be dead as he failed to fulfill his Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa Malfoy.

    3.) The literary form JKR has said she is following (“The Hero Story”) requires that the mentor die.

    4.) Dumbledore’s symbol is a Phoenix. Part of the Phoenix cycle is “death.” Don’t grieve too hard. Another part is “rebirh.” Whether it’s in a spirit or corporal form, I don’t know. But the “Phoenix”-like thing Harry saw during the funeral was, I believe, a spirit. He only saw it for a moment. No one else seems to have seen it. And if it had been an actual phoenix, he could have watched it for quite awhile as it flew away.

    While JKR loves plot twists, she has always played fair with readers by providing them with clues. To start pulling stuff out of the air or changing the rules (one of which, she stated, was that no one can come back from the dead) for the final book would be way out of character and seriously undermine all that has gone before.

  • DCB

    To Vince on 163: McGonagal told Harry to take Potions in book 5 if wanted to be an Auror. He did not sign up because he didn’t think he could get in, but McGonagal told him that Slughorn would except him. So it is she who told Harry to take Potions.

    It is said that V. does not trust any one. He has NO friends. So not even the Death Eaters know about the Horcruxes (in Gengeral.) If they knew there are plenty of Death Eaters in captivity to be forced to tell more about the Horcruxes. But as DD. mentioned, it has been very hard to find the little information he has found already. So…Perhaps RAB just happened to witness what V. was doing when he was creating the Horcrux and decided to act against him without V. knowing. Also another shaky thought, even though I don’t really believe it myself, what if Snape is the one who helped RAB find (and plan) to destroy the Locket. This would be a good reason for DD. to trust him.

  • Brett

    Here is some proof that Snape is on the good side. While Snape is making the unbreakable vow his hand twitches within Narcissa. Also, the book describes Snape’s face as having a sudden change and becoming a face of hatred before killing Dumbledore. Finally, when Snape replies back to Harry calling him a coward the book describes Snape’s face, “his face was suddenly demented, inhuman, as though he was in as much pain as the yelping, howling dog stuck in the burning house.” Snape was probably in pain over Dumbledore’s death and him having to kill him.

  • osian

    yet at the beggining, in chapter two he gives reasonable counter explination for all his previos good acts in all other books.so dosent that prove that he is manipulative and vindictive to plan out how he could act being a victim.like when he said he wouldn’t have told voldermorte if he thought the prophecy was talking about harry.

  • Songhua

    I got a lot of ideas from reading other posts. Here are mine.
    1. Harry and Ginny will be a couple. Ron and Herniome, also.
    2. RAB is Sirius’s Brother
    3. Snape is good.
    4. Snape and Lily had a romantic relationship before. Lily used the half-blooded prince (Snape’s) book when slughorn was the teacher. They figured out all the hints together and put them down on the book.
    5. James Potter was a bully and was mean to Lily. That’s why Lily fell for Snape, also a victim of James. Snape wanted to kill James because of that, so he turned to Voldemort.
    6. However, Voldemort killed Lily too. That’s why Snaped hated Voldemort, and that’s why he is on the good side. That’s also why he also does not like Harry, because he is also partially responsible for Lily’s death.
    7. Dombledort trusted Snape because he trusts the power of love. The death of Lily put him in the side of good. Voldemort underestimated the power of love.
    8. Neville is actually the original chosen one. Harry was chosen in the beginning as a double to protect Neville. However, Voldemort mistakenly chose Harry, and now Harry is the eventual chosen one. Neville and Luna.
    9. Draco will turn good.
    10. There is one death eater in the current faculty of the school, though I am not sure who. What’s why Dombledort chose death to get away. He would come back to life, or something equavelent to that.
    11. Some scenes will take place in Azbarkc Prison.
    12. Harry might be an extra piece of Horcrux.
    13. Harry will eventually realize nothing can be perfectly fit into good or bad. He thought his father was a hero, but he turned out to be an unforgivable bully. He thought his mom was flawless, but she turned out to have an affair. Snape hated him, but he is in the good cause all along and he was good to Harry’s mom. Knowing that, the ending is easy to explain. Harry destroy every other Horcruxes except the one within his body. He has to live peacefully with it for the rest of his life. Good and evil in the same body. Dombledort’s words echos, “Good or bad is not about your ability, but about your choice.”

  • angry_vegg

    After a great deal of research, these are my theories. (it’s long):

    *RAB = Regulus Alphard Black? Alphard is his great uncle’s name so that could be where he gets the initial. Plus, in #12 Grimauld Place, they found “a heavy golden locket that no one could open.”

    *Snape = good? Snape is still good. Before Snape took the Unbreakable Vow, it says, “His black eyes were fixed upon Narcissa’s tear-filled blue ones….” Eye contact is often essential to Legilimency as Snape tells us in OotP. Was Snape trying to read Narcissa’s mind? If he was, what was he trying to find out? As Snape was taking the last part of the vow, If Draco fails, carry out the deed that the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform that you will do it, “Snape’s hand twitched, but he did not draw it away” there was a moments silence, then Snape said “I will.” It seemed to me that Snape was reluctant to make the last vow. As if he really didn’t want to carry it out. I think that DD knew he was dying because of the potion he drank to get the horcrux. He and Snape had been plotting this for quite a while. When Harry called Snape a coward, Snape took more offense than someone normally would. If Snape is still good, it would have taken every bit of bravery he had to kill DD. Bellatrix said “Never used an Unforgivable Curse before, have you, boy? … You need to mean them, Potter! You need to really want to cause pain – to enjoy it – righteous anger won’t hurt me for long…” in the OotP. As we’ve seen from previous murders, the Avada Kedavra curse leaves no mark on the victim. They’re just dead. And they die instantly. So, if all that’s true, then why were DD’s eyes closed when Harry and Hagrid found him at the base of the Astronomy Tower? So, Snape was powerful but he didn’t have the right meaning behind the curse for it to work, so it blasted DD off the tower and he died of the fall or the potion instead. Because, if cast properly, shouldn’t DD have been killed where he stood and fallen, eyes open, and been dead before he hit the floor, just like Frank Bryce in Goblet of Fire?

    *Harry = horcrux (I’m less convinced on this one, it’s more a guess than a theory) They’ve always said that a little of Voldemort was placed inside of Harry when Voldemort faced Harry as a baby. That would help explain Harry’s ability to speak Parseltongue. (From page 506, the second paragraph from the bottom of the page) DD says something, even though he’s already stated that he thinks the snake Nagini may be the sixth and final Horcrux, that strikes me as a little bit of possible foreshadowing. “He seems to have reserved the process of making Horcruxes for particularly significant deaths. You would certainly have been that. He believed that in killing you, he was destroying the danger the prophecy had outlined. He believed he was making himself invincible. I am sure he was intending to make his final Horcrux with your death.” Was the killing of Harry’s father the only significant death he was planning on committing that night? Obviously he needed to kill someone to create the Horcrux, so why not James, the father of his sixth and final Horcrux … Harry. If you’ll recall, it is stated that Lilly didn’t have to die, but she put herself in harms way for LOVE. What if all along he had never intended on killing Harry; and his only intention was to make Harry his 6th and final Horcrux because he believed what the prophecy had said. Unfortunately for Voldemort, something went terribly wrong during the Horcrux creation process he was undertaking with Harry; and it partially backfired, greatly diminishing his powers. Voldemort could have been reduced to nothing but spirit because of the fact that no one had ever split their souls into so many pieces before or it could be related to the whole power of love issue because of Lilly’s sacrifice for Harry. When Lord V heard the prophecy, he knew that only Harry (well, Neville too, but he singled-out Harry) could kill him. Wouldn’t it make sence to put another part of your soul into the only thing that could destroy you? In that way, Harry would have to kill himself to kill Lord V. In essence, he has killed Harry, the only way for Harry to succeed is to die. DD also says that Tom liked trophies. What better trophy is there than the person prophecized to kill you?

    I imagine most of this info has already been posted. I didn’t have the time to read through all the posts. Let me know what you think.

  • Josh

    someone posted that Dumbledore couldnt possibly return from the dead. However i believe it is possible, i cant find the reference right now but somewhere it says no SPELL can bring someone back from the dead. To me it sounds as though there are other methods. I am currently looking for the reference and when i find it i shall post it.

  • mikey

    i wonder if sirius will make a return
    i was expected him to becuz i thought luna said something about the talking veil in the 5th book…… maybe he could help


    RAB IS
    ALPHARD Which was Sirius’ uncle who left Sirius with his inheritance.


  • LordOfTheFly

    RAB- Riddles are back?

  • snape=bad
    something happened to him in his childhood and he has a lot in common with the dark lord
    something has to do with the bones’s cause voldemort has it in 4 them
    he killed amelia in book 6 and if i remember correctly he killed susan bones grandparents

  • Jessie

    To Josh:

    JK Rowling said that once she kills someone, they stay dead. Dumbledore is not coming back.

  • lucky7

    i’ve always wondered why they didn’t use a time turner to stop voldermort in the olden days. they could have saved sirius too using one. i think it said they were all gone now or something.
    Snape will be good. The whole Snape and Lily thing sounded good though pure guessing.
    R.A.B = i’m not sure if it would be someone’s initials

  • Osian

    i agree with comment 183 about snape and the way dumbledore died

  • Capid

    To Meatpop re Question in Comment 167:
    Also, are you 100% that it was mentioned that either Mr/Mrs Weasley is a 7th child? Id love to hear where you found that =)

    Per JKR website:
    JKR: The backstory with Ginny was, she was the first girl to arrive in the Weasley family in generations, but there’s that old tradition of the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and a seventh son of a seventh son, so that’s why she’s the seventh, because she is a gifted witch. I think you get hints of that, because she does some pretty impressive stuff here and there, and you’ll see that again.

  • asdfasdfqwer

    Some people seem to think that when Dumbledore says “We can rule out the snake” that this is saying that the snake is not a hocrux. What is really happening is that they were discussing which hocrux is in the cave. There for “We can rule out the snake” refers to Dumbledore not thinking the snake was in the cave.

  • Jordan

    Regarding R.A.B. I think if you really want to know whether it is Regulus Black you will need to either wait for book 7, or . . . you could wait for some translations of book 6 to come out. The Black family’s name has been translated in some other languages to begin with other letters. Of course, this means the translators need to know who wrote that note. Lucky fools! I already searched the internet and didn’t find any clues as to how it has been translated, probably because most official translations are not in print yet.

  • Osian

    i know its a little late but why would voldermorte use two different nicknames? he’s definatly not the half blood prince

  • matt

    Wow! This book was what we’ve all been waiting for to answer our questions, but as I finished the book, I wanted to read more, because although many of my questions had been answered, loads more had appeared in my head. But that’s typical of any Harry Potter book.

    So here’s a bit of what I think about it, and what I think the 7th book’s gonna look like. I’ve read all your comments, and have found them very clever and useful.

    But I don’t know what your all thinking about Dumbledore – He’s dead. That’s pretty obvious. JKR would not bring him back, because that would be cheesy, and she even said herself “Once I kill off a character, they stay dead” So, he’s dead. And to josh, Dumblebore will stay dead. Angry vegg = Snape’s Avada Kedavra curse killed him, not him falling off the astronomy tower!! Because again, that’s not something JK would do, it would be cheesy and ruin the book.

    However, the more debatable issue is that of Snape. Is he good or is he bad? Personally, I can’t decide. There are good reasons for him to be bad, and good reasons for him to be good. As he is such a good actor, and is a great Legilimens and Occlumens, I think he could get away with lying to either Dumbledore or Voldemort, the two greatest wizards of all time. This makes Snape a great wizard too.

    If Snape was good, then the argument Hagrid overheard was about getting Snape to kill him. I believe that Dumbledore had planned this long before, as that would be the only way Snape would have made the Unbreakable Vow at the beginning of the book. Many of you seem convinced that Dumbledore’s last word on top of the tower, (Severus. Severus, please), meant that Dumbledore was pleading for Snape to kill him. I do not think this is true. Dumbledore just wouldn’t do that. It’s not really a way to go, pleading with someone, especially Albus Dumbledore. I think that he was putting on a show for everyone else there. This would stop anyone thinking it was a set-up, and would get Snape further into Voldemort’s good books. The scene when Dumbledore died was a show. Harry was frozen there, to prevent him from stopping the plan hatched by Snape and Dumbledore. Dumbledore froze him then because the Astronomy Tower was where they had planned for it to happen, and he knew Snape would be there soon. Snape had to force hatred of Dumbledore in himself to kill him, explaining the hatred in his face. Then, as Snape ran off with the death eaters, he gave Harry some advice that would be essential to the final battle between Harry and Voldemort: “Blocked again and again and again until you learn to keep your mouth shut and your mind closed, Potter!” This is the rash way of saying “Practice non-verbal spells and Occlumency” So, there’s an explanation of Snape being on the good side, but are we convinced? I don’t think so. Most of you are sure he is good, but I just can’t make my mind up. I mean, he’s a horrible person, and he’s just Voldemort’s type. It’s pretty obvious that someone like Snape would be a Death Eater.

    As for RAB, I’m pretty sure it’s Regulus. Thank you for that insite, Jamie Dawg, Regulus Alphard Black, Sirius’ brother is RAB. Again, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s a good guess. He used to be a death eater, and so knew about Voldemort, and I think he was interested in his immortality, and found out. When he chickened out of murdering people, he went and took the locket – I don’t know how – back to Grimmauld Place, leaving a fake and a note in the cave. He knew he was going to die, and so that explains “I will be dead long before you read this…” I don’t think he had time to destroy it, maybe he couldn’t? But anyway, all we know about Regulus is a few sentences of what Sirius said to Harry, but I think there’s a whole lot more to him that that.

    All this I am not sure of though, mainly because, JKR is a good one for twists and surprises, and the last book should be full of them. She says that the 7th book will contain everything we need to know. Everything. And there will be no need for a sequal. She was only ever going to write 7 books, so she has to squash all the other bits of information into it. She has given us a few facts about HP7, including something HUGE that’s going to be revealed about Lily Potter (which is obviously Lily and Snape’s relationship). So the good news: the last book will answer all our questions (and more) and will contain everything we want to know. And the bad news? The 2 year countdown starts now…

    P.S. Have you ever wondered how utterly amazing this storyline is, considering that it the idea for a book or series of a wizard world popped into JKR’s head as she got onto a train in Edinburgh, and by the time she got off at Kings Cross, the idea was basically the fully formed storyline that we’re puzzling over right now. That’s bloody amazing!

  • John

    In regards to Kierstan’s comments about Voldemort mentioning the six death eaters that are not present at the end of GoF. Voldemort’s exact words are, “And here we have six missing Death Eaters . . .three dead in my service. One, too cowardly to return. . . he will pay. One, who I believe has left me forever. . . he will be killed, of course. . . and one, who remains my most faithful servant, and who has already reentered my service.” (Pg. 651 GoF) I do not believe your explaination of Snape being the one who has returned to service is accurate. It is my opinion that the one who was too cowardly to return is Karkaroff, by evidence of his running away when the Dark Mark started burning again. The one who has reentered Voldemort’s service refers to Barty Crouch Jr. acting as Professor Moody, not Snape. Voldemort at that moment in time, thinks that Snape has left his service forever. In book six however, Snape says to Bellatrix that he presented himself to Voldemort 2 hours later after all the Death Eaters were called and explains himself as not being able to slip away from Dumbledore at the time. Yet, I still cannot make up my mind as the whether Snape is good, or evil. I think it all boils down to who Snape was using the Occulmency on, Voldemort or Dumbledore? I guess I just have to wait to more years to find out for sure. Hope this helps bring some more things to the light though.

  • paul

    I belive that rab is regulus black and he took the horcrux in the cave to grimmauld place because while cleaning it out they find a locket that no one could open. I also think that Neville will play a fairly big part, and in the third book he reminds a professor of Peter Pettigrew???

  • Capid

    Just like Lily’s death bestowed protection upon Harry, Dumbledore’s last act before his death was to provide Harry with some special powers or gifts he’s yet to realize.

    Harry told Scrimgeour he remained “Dumbledore’s man through and through” – and in Book 7 that statement may be taken literally since a little part of Dumbledore resides in Harry, just as Lily’s gift of love has done since her death.

  • vale

    I think harry is not a horcrux. I think this not only because of the prophecy, but also when dumbledore tells harry that he thinks nagiry (the snake) is also a horcrux he sais voldemort has a special control over her. This control is because she has part of him, she feels and thinks like him. On the other hand, harry doesn’t . he only shared moment and all that stuff because of the scar.

  • vale

    also.. when voldemort was “killed” by harry when he was a baby… in that way, a part of his sould must disappear???

  • dan

    i think that before dumbeldore and harry left to recive the horxecures him and snape switched bodies by polyjuice poiton and dumbeldore is now in with voldormort

  • dan

    ok one thing i dont get is when dumboldore had to drink that poiton out of the goblet why didn’t he just poured it on the ground when he got it in the goblet

  • Josh

    i agree with Capid about dumbledore dying to give harry more protection since his mothers no longer works (remember at the end of GoF voldemort can now touch harry because harry’s blood is in voldemort.) Although this protection would be usefull and brilliant by dumbledore, i dont think it would work because dumbledore didnt die to save harry. Harry was in no immediate danger.

  • hello

    why doesn’t harry take polyjuice potion to like like e.g. ron and ron take polyjuice potion to look like harry.
    THey take it forever, and when he meets voldemort they ron (who looks like harry) can be bait and harry(who looks like ron) can kill voldemort.
    GET IT?

    ALso, why doesnt every good wizard in the world go to the head quaters of voldemort and fight?
    They would surely have enough to over power his army.

  • Ed Snack

    I don’t think we know enough about Horcruxes yet. For example it is speculative to opine on whether the hc spell is said before or after a killing. It is also not clear that an object has to be destroyed to cleanse it of the soul portion. The ring survives does it not, although it is damaged. Perhaps Harry’s scar is the hc, and it can be removed to eliminate the soul portion ?

    Presumably (in the HP world), when a person is killed, their “soul” departs. Did the retained piece of LV’s soul depart when he attempted to kill Harry ? Can one retrieve a portion of a soul again ? LV did try to kill Harry at the end of GoF, would he do so if Harry was an hc ?

    Is Snape evil, my guess (which I rate only at 60/40) is that he is not. JKR’s interview seems to imply that is is evil, but maybe I’m misreading that. He certainly doesn’t act all that evil at the end of HBP when he is sort of advising Harry, as others have pointed out. But Harry has a lot of learning yet, Snape brushes him off, and presumably LV is stronger than Snape. There is something to be revealed about why Dumbledore was pleased that LV used Harry’s blood in GoF (from the JKR interview).

    DD is dead, plenty of people have nailed it, JKR’s statement that he is is an absolute clincher, although he maybe able to offer some sort of assistance from his portrait. Harry will also “inherit” Fawkes as a “pet”. Useful as Fawkes can survive an AV spell, by being reborn (OotP).

    Another offering, I agree with those who suggest that perhaps Snape has taken an unbreakable vow to protect Harry, that is why Dumbledore trusts him so much. He can’t let LV kill Harry without doing his utmost to protect Harry, or he dies himself. Maybe Lily fell in love with Snape, but threw him over when he became a death eater, hence Snape’s disenchantment when Lily was killed ?

    Two more questions, who will be the new Headmaster/mistress of Hogwarts, and who will teach Harry what he needs to know about curses, jinxes etc now, that is, who will be the new DADA teacher. It has to be a new one, and unless they don’t pay much of an important part, they can’t be a completely new character.

  • jc

    i believe the unknown horcrux to be something of godric gryfindor’s that is n’t his sword. karry menrions at the end that he is going to godric’s hollow to visit his parents graves. Godric’s hollow might have been where gryfindor had lived and maybe the unknown horcrux is another relic of gryfindor and is buried in godric’s hollow

  • Osian

    Maybe its tom riddles tomb stone is one of the unknown horcrux

  • Bucky

    To the comment up past the double post:

    I think Harry being a Horcrux is quite plausible. It never said a person couldn’t be a Horcrux. However, why then would Voldemort try to kill him, as it would diminish his power. But from a perspective, he is of Gryffindor, and born in Godric’s Hollow?

    I am unsure if Snape is evil at this point. In this book, you see that everything snape has done is evil. Yet, in the other book he saves Harry many times, but this could indeed be to save his cover, and as he said the Dark Lord was to finish off Harry. But it certainly is possible he is good, via Imperius curse, or even Dumbledore’s orders. Snape would certainly be included in Voldymort’s inner circle for that, and this giving the Order valuable info.

    It is obvious that McGonagal will become Headmistress, because it said she was already deputy headmistress, and she became in charge in the second book as well. But they will be needing a DADA teacher, and a transfiguration teacher. (Ironic how even now they can’t keep a DADA teacher- ever since Snape became potions teacher- this can’t be a coincidence.)

    This book is similar in sorts to Ender’s Game (bare with me) it can be called a simple book, but there are underlying themes, and HP is one of the better mysteries I have read to date.

  • hah

    i think that Dumbeldore has a horcrux in hagrids possession {umbrella?, tea pot?}

  • vale

    when voldemort was “killed” by harry hwen he was a baby, a part of his soul shouldn’t disappear??

  • broo

    Have been reading all of the comments.

    Agree that R.A.B. is most likely Regulus Black, and that he is not really dead.

    Agree with whoever said that Dumbledore is not really dead, based on what he asid about hiding Malfoy and his mother. Also, at his own funeral he looks like he is sleeping (in other words, they never describe him as corpse-looking), and then he is whisked up and away into the sky. You never actually see him placed inside the white tomb.

    I also agree that Snape is not really a bad guy. Here is one scenario that could explain both: Snape put a spell on his wand so that the Avada Kedavra curse would put Dumbledore to sleep (rather like Romeo in Romeo & Juliet) instead of killing him. Then, they have hidden him for his own protection, and so that he can work on retrieving the horcruxes without distraction from Voldemort.

    Does anyone have any idea of the significance of the spiders that Dumbledore is carrying in his hat (when he is accompanying Harry from Slughorn’s house to the Burrow)? Maybe offspring of Aragorn? And how would that affect anything in book 7?

  • yossi m.

    SPOILER**** SPAM* ****** **** * ***** **** * ** *** * * * * *
    Dumbeldore ,at the end pleaded snape
    to kill him,because he knew(& snape also knew)
    dumbledor was already a gonner,
    snape didnt want to kill him(thats why they argued a few chapters before).
    & now to my fantasy assumptions:

    i think
    1. that dumbledore was turnning into an “INFERI”
    that’s why his hand was dead, But after drinking
    the grinish liquid at the cave,i think it made him weaker
    & he could’nt hold the INFERI transformation aback anymore
    and snape after looking at dumbledore realized it himself
    (& with the help of legilimency from dumbldore)
    (so maybe we will find REGULUS BLACK as an “INFERI”)
    that’s what i think anyway.

    2. about R.A.B, it is REGULUS (ALPHRED) BLACK
    who also died a long time ago.(it all actally fits)

    3. first i thought dumby coud’nt have died,and that snape said “AVADA KEDAVRA”
    THAT MADE IT LOOK LIKE(Levicorpus or something else),but
    i’m sorry to say that i think that Dumbledor is dead.

    4. i think james potter “STOLE” Lily from snape
    who maybe loved her,(that is why snape is single).
    cam(comment 86) is right(before snapes tells voldemort about the prophecy
    he bargiins for lily, and that why voldemorts didnt intend to kill her)

    5. DUMBLEDORE TRUSTED SNAPE, beacuse i think
    anyone who had joined the “ORDER of THE PHOENIX”
    had to make also an UNBREAKABLE VOW.

  • Josh

    I think that Gryfindors sword will have some signifigance in book 7. I dont think its a horcrux but because of the constant mentioning of it in almost, if not all, of the books. Maybe harry uses it to finish off voldemort? Just an idea.

  • vale

    I think that RAB is Regulus Black but I’m sure he is dead if not, kreacher would not obey Harry. I also think dumbledore is dead but he planed his death with snape, and snape is good and was in love with lily. However i think harry will continue communicating with him through the picture of his office

  • Eric Miller

    Ok, “Neither will live with the other survives”. Lets think about this for a minute. Neither = 2 people, Will the Other = 3rd person survives. Neither (Person 1 and 2) will live will the other (person 3) survives. The prophecy was made to Dumbledore about harry and Voldemort. So perhaps. Dumbledore knew he had to die in order for harry to be able to kill Voldemort.

  • peter

    i think r.a.b. is sirius’ uncle: alphard black, because sirius tells harry that his uncle alphard’s side of the family is burned of the family tree…but after reading this i think it also could be regulus, who could be named after his uncle regulus alphard black, and I do think snape is evil, and that there is no way that harry could kill him, so i think he will die in 7 by not protecting malfoy and the breaking unbreakable vow, it could be right that harry was a horcrux, but I don’t think he is still one, voldemord used that piece of his soul to recover, telling to the death eaters he needed harry’s blood for the potion because he didn’t want somebody else finding out his secret like regulus did and then stealing an other horcrux. I also think the stolen horcrux is in the house harry got from sirius. I also think harry is from the Gryfindors family, that’s why his parents’s graves are in Godric’s Hollow. The way I see it, Voldemord tried to make a horcrux of harry, and then kill him, so that he would have harry’s died body as something of Gryfindors, but in that way, he attacked his own soul, killing himself.

  • Anthony Grande

    Would some tell me about Godric’s Hollow. What’s so important about it.

  • Jim

    A few observations, feel free to disagree.

    RAB: Is Regulus Black. He died but no one knows who killed him, there is a locket in the house noone can open and he was a death eater who may have been charged to put the locket in the cave anyway (like Malfoy was with the diary). What if it was the process of destroying the locket that killed RAB? Dumbedore destroyed the ring but only after his arm got charred. RAB was not as good and died trying to destroy it. Whether he did or not remains to be seen.

    Kreacher: Could have tried to get the locket and may have it somewhere but he’s Harry’s now and couldnt give the locket to a Death Eater when the Dark Lord returned as he was forbidden to leave.

    Dumbledore: Is alive. Now I only read the book once so far but I swear I read something to do with a sideways stepping spell, or somesuch. Perhaps its a spell to create an illusory copy of yourself and the real you invisible. Then (being powerful) Dumbledore could easily fake his own death with this and other spells. Also, if he wanted to stay near Hogwarts wouldnt the White Tomb be a good place to stay. He could apparate inside the tomb (the spell can be released within set boundary’s) and keep an eye on things whilst he goes and searches for Horcruxes. Snape also looks like a hero.

    Snape: Is good. He makes sure Harry is alive throughout the books and that he doesnt cast a spell that would land Harry in prison. “No unforgivable curses from you potter…” He may have loved lily and so when she was killed, or even targetted, he could have switched sides. Or maybe he lost stomach for the atrocities V committed.

    Harry: May be a Horcrux. Did V want the Avada Kedavra spell to rebound? Nooooo! He was probably going to use Harry as the means to create the last one. I suspect the spell to create one has to be cast frst in order to prepare the vessel to become a horcrux and that killing in the vicinity of one will automatically cause part of your sould to be ripped into it. Thus Harry may be a Horcrux. Voldemort may only have figured this out by the current book if he tried to create another and found that he had less soul than he thought…

    Horcruxes: Ring , diary , Nagini , Slytherins necklace , Something of ravenclaws, hufflepuffs cup , Voldemort. Seven. And thats only if Harry isnt one. Remember, Nagini may only be one if Harry isnt as V only had one more to make when he tried killing harry. So its H or Nagini as the sixth Horcrux…

    The Sword and the Hat: Are not Horcruxes as Dumbledore would have checked those when he found out about there being seven parts of the soul split. Also, the diary was as evil as V was and if the hat has a mind of its own it would also be evil if it was a Horcrux.

    The H.B.Prince: Is Snape as mentioned above.


  • hah

    i bet the next book is out of hogwarts because it closes. harry will hunt voltomort

  • vale

    (to Anthony Grande)
    Godric’s hollow is where harry lived when he was a little kid. It is only important, because harry mentions in the las pages that he is going to go back there to see his parent’s graves… however there might be something more…
    I also wnted to say that snape is the good guy. In an interview, jkr sais “Snape is my favourite character because he is so complex and I just love him…” she also sais ” snape WAS a death eater” she doesn’t sais that he i still is one… I think she wouln’t like him if his was evil… would her??
    other thing she sais is that we should espect something of petunia the interview said “No, she is not, but—[Laughter]. No, she is not a Squib. She is a Muggle, but—[Laughter]. You will have to read the other books. You might have got the impression that there is a little bit more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye, and you will find out what it is.”
    ANd the last thing was a question they ask them.. and I was wondering something simillar, as you might remember, dumbledor’s brother Aberforth, I just wonder where he was… there was no sign of him in dumbledore’s funeral.. in the interview they asked her if the man who run the Hog’s Head was dumbledore’s brother… she answered this.. “Ooh—you are getting good. Why do you think that it is Aberforth? [Audience member: Various clues. He smells of goats and he looks a bit like Dumbledore]. I was quite proud of that clue. That is all that I am going to say. [Laughter]. Well yes, obviously. I like the goat clue—I sniggered to myself about that one.” I didn’t think he could be aberforth… just because if not moody shouln’t said he only saw aberforth in that OoF’s party… But i espect something will hapend with him..

    the interview is in this websiteite : http://www.universharrypotter.com/ — its all in french, you need to go to JKR and there to inteviews.. this is the first one.. you need to put it in english. this is the date of the interview 15 août 2004 (it was a long time ago, so it has no direct answer foor the HBP book.

  • qwerty

    In the book when Harry eavesdrops on Malfoy talking to Snape during Slughorns party Snape says to Malfoy ” Ah… Aunt Bellatrix has beent eaching you Occlumency, I see. What thoughts are you tyring to conceal from your master, Draco?” Not only that but Dumbledore says somthing similar to Harry except harry isnt as good an Occlumens as Malfoy (I can’t find the page right now)

    The point is that a skilled Legilimans can tell if sombody is practicing occlumency against them. This means that Voldermort or Dumbledore probably know that Snape had to be hiding somthing from either of them when claiming his allegiance.

  • limpz

    exactly before dumbledore died,Are there a possibility that he did make harry a horcrux so that he could save himself?

  • kyle

    i doubt it because to create a horcrux you have to kill someone

  • cla

    i really doubt that dumbledore would make a horcrux…and i doubt even more he would make Harry a horcrux..that’s stupid i mean if it horcruxes are very dark arts why DUMBLEDORE a good wizard would make one..i don’t think so…

  • BB

    The phoenix flew INTO the flames at Dumbledore’s funeral… could that somehow reincarnate Dumbledore?

    The elves will play a key role in book 7 – Harry’s freeing of Dobby will be significant.

  • Amber

    OK- Do you mind if we step back a couple of books? In GOF – when the wands were reserving their last spells – did anyone else notice that Lilly came about before James – meaning that she would have died BEFORE James??? Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on this? Maybe James was just being polite in letting her see Harry first. . . .

  • Josh

    The people who were killed came out in reverse order. Thats why cedric was first, then frank, and so on. So lily was killed after James.

  • Amber

    ok – i don’t have my copy with me – if i am not mistaken – then it was reverse – i remember thinking – “that is odd” because James was killed first. So maybe I was mistaken in my first comment – James came out before Lily.

  • Amber

    Maybe there IS something more to his parents deaths. It is just something that is bothering me. JK does not make mistakes –

  • aron

    of course she makes mistakes, she’s human, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

  • Ed Snack

    Just for info on posts 229-232, there was a mistake in the early versions of GoF where James came out of the wand before Lily. JKR acknowledged the editing mistake, and in later versions is was corrected. James was killed before Lily in “real life”.

    I wonder how easy it is to spot a Horcrux. Tom Riddle’s diary was one, and a number of people were able to handle it without being harmed directly. Dumbledore could undoubtedly spot one if he was looking for it, but there must be some sort of spell to detect it. Harry handled the diary and as far as I can recall had no idea at the time it was such a powerful magical object. Yes, P173 in CoS, he picks it up from the floor of Myrtle’s toilet, and the diary was 50 years old. I wonder, Tom was at Hogwarts with Eileen Prince, is there a link there ?

  • kevin

    I think snape was under the mercy of the ubreakable vow and he could not take all those DE’s on hi on.I think snapes idea to defeat voldemont was to gain his trust by killing dumbledore and fighting all those death eaters from the inside

  • Cam

    Just finished the books and read a lot of these posts, and thought that i’d put in my opinion.

    I think that if Dumbledore did come back to life, it would be incredibly lame and a waste of the last few chapters of the book.

    After reading these posts, i also reckon that Snape is a good guy, and no doubt we will find out the reasons behind Snape and Harry’s very odd relationship over the last 6 years in the next book.

    Also, i’m still confused as to what exactly the horcruxes really are. We’ve got the two destroyed ones, the locket and voldemort himself, the probability of something from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but what about Gryffindor? Or have i missed something? I’m starting to think that the snake is a red herring, too.

  • Sher

    For one thing I think J.K Rowling may create another book… there are too many loose ends for her to finish in one book. Plus if this “harry and voldermort” not dieing in book 7 is true then she must be making an 8th book… The logic behind this is that J.K originally said she was going to make a book to follow each of harry’s seven years at hogwarts… If hogwarts is closed for one year (book 7) and harry goes on adventures to find all the horcruxes, then she must follow his seventh year in an 8th book, where he returns to school and finally kills voldermort!!

    I’m a little unsure who RAB is, I don’t believe J.K has any holds bar on creating new characters. Look at Umbridge who just popped up in book 5 and was a really great character. But on the other hand, it may be regulus.

    As far as snape goes HE IS DEFFINATELY GOOD. Dumbledore trusted him so he must be good. Dumbledore has not been wrong. I think Dumbledore is still alive too. It was too weird the way he pinned harry up to the wall like that, if he thought snape would kill him then harry could of helped him. I think it was all a plan to make it “look” like snape killed him and he didn’t want harry to mess up the plan. He didn’t beg serverus to not kill him and he didn’t seem surprised at all at what was happening… all he said was “snape… please” like “please get on with the plan” Even if Dumby really IS dead, it all seemed plan to get harry angry at the death eaters and force him to go destroy the horcruxes.

  • Sher

    one more thing… There’s no way harry is a horcrux… If you remember the 6th book, it specifically states that to make a horcrux you have to kill someone first. The evil deed you comited causes your soul to split and junctions a portion of it to an object. So I don’t think people can be a horcrux. Although I’m quite confused on how nagini can be one. I do think that a Horcrux is in the Potters old house tho, because Voldermort may have created one when he killed james.

  • Kwirky

    One question: if pictures can talk… then why can’t Harry talk to his parents through the picture Hagrid gave him or the one Moody showed him? My brother suggested that pictures are mute while paintings are not; although I am not wholly convinced.

    This site has opened my eyes to many things… thank you all for your insights. Like the previous commenter, I agree that there is a horcrux within the region Harry plans to visit (although I doubt he will immediately recognize it for what it is). This would also account for a horcrux comming from Gryffindor.

    As for Harry being a horcrux himself… it would certaintly make for a twisted and suspenseful ending to the next book. However, It conflicts with previous facts (repeatedly mentioned throughout this site and not worth repeating again) and is therefore not logical and highly improbable.

    Ever since Ron and Hermione started bickering in their third year I have suspected that they would eventually fall for eachother. They are constantly trying to make the other one jealous (for example: Ron using Lavender as retaliation against Krum and Cho). It would make my day to finally see them together. I also hope Harry and Ginny can end up being together when V is beaten, as I’m sure they will.

    One person talked as though Harry would be at Hogwarts next year. I doubt that will happen although I’m sure he will visit. I can’t believe they would close the school down; although the number of students will decrease significantly. Whoever becomes headmaster will hopefully be a friend of Harry’s (Prof. McG perhaps?) because he will need to gain access to DD’s painting.

    I hate to allude to Lord of the Rings again, but Harry’s relationship to Ron and Hermione is a mirror image of Frodo and Sam. They will not leave his side, and will do anything, even if he wishes otherwise, to help him. While Sam refused to leave Frodo (“Don’t you leave him Samwise”) and had to contradict Frodo’s trust in Gollum in order to save him, Hermione and Ron are sure to do the same. I suspect that Harry will refuse to accept their help in his quest to defeat V “alone”, they will betray Harry’s pleads, and he will need them before the end.

  • DCF

    What about the theory that it was really Regulus who died in Book 5 and not Sirius?
    1. In the death scene, none of the adults ever call Sirius by name, and Bellatrix only refers to him as ‘cousin’ or the ‘Animagus Black’
    2.Harry never got a good look at Sirius- his face was bloody and Harry had watery eyes
    3. Luna Lovegood prophetically comments that she always finds what she has lost, and tells Harry not to worry at the end of Book 5.
    Further elaboration of theory at http://parentingteens.about.com/cs/harryp5/l/blrumor6_20.htm

  • Bill C

    Several of these theories contradict things JKR has already said.

    As recently as July 16th, she went on record as saying there is only one more book coming. Just because we can’t see how she can tie up all the loose ends doesn’t mean she can’t see it. (She also said that Book 7 should be shorter than Order of the Phoenix – so those hoping for 1000 pages or more will probably be disappointed on that count.)

    JKR has said that Sirius is definitely dead and will stay that way. She did say he will still have a role to play in the final book. I tend to think that he can communicate from behind the veil in the Ministry of Magic.

  • Derbeste

    Issue 1: Harry as a Harcux.

    Nope…can’t be. Voldamort tried to kill harry in the first book. (not to mention the fact that he couldn’t even touch him.) We don’t even have a precedence to show that another living soul can house a rend one. It just deosn’t add up.

    Issue 2: Snape good vs evil

    Like most….I believe he is good. (though JK has done a great job to even raise doubt.) There is one bit of evidence I have not seen put forth however. At the end of HBP when the Death eaters were fighting the order, Snape is summoned and does not kill Flitwick, Hermione, or Ginny. He merely stupifies them and lies to the kids…..if he was evil…his cover was blown and there was no reason to waist time to avoid killing them. The only person he ever harmed was Dumbledore. (even that MAY have been an act) And that was at his own request it seemed.

    Issue 3: R.A.B.

    This seems almost certain by now. It was Regulus. But it does not bother me that Kreatcher probably has the Horcux. One order from Harry and he will hand it over. I’m only concerned about the others and the big V himself.

  • Jess

    Can’t harry still talk to dumbledore through the portrait in the headmistress’ office?

  • Jess

    Wow… for some reason I always knew there Snape was on the dark side…

  • Mike

    Wow, ok great to see a lot of thoughts that I had as well. Just a few to add to the chain without repeating to much i hope.

    1) Creating a Horcrux. They never say how long after you kill someone you can create one. so to assume he couldn’t have made harry one because he hadn’t killed him yet may be faulty as he had just killed both his parents. Also they don’t say how complicated of a process this is, only that it is evil because you have to kill someone to rend your soul. On that note the last time Voldemort came back to Dumbledore’s office they made a point to point out he made some random hand gesture. Could that have been voldamort casting his soul into an item in Dumbledore’s office?

    2) Ginny – I saw a comment earlier about Ginny, why can’t she go with Ron, Hermione and Harry? My only guess on this is that where as the others will be of age (17) and free to do magic outside of school Ginny is a year behind and will not.

    Anyway, i agree with Regalus, although i would like to hear some speculation on what RAB could be if not initials for a name…

  • Mike

    Oh I had one more thing. I also second guessed myself on Harry as a Horcrux because Voldamort was trying to kill him, however could it be that Voldamort believes he has 6 other pieces and with Harry being such a threat (according to the prephecy) that he would cut his losses and lose this one?

  • Angela

    I thought that the words Dumbledore were saying were the pleads of the person LV was killing to make the horcrux that was the necklace? (Comment 153 camid)

  • vale

    hen voldemort was “killed” by harry hwen he was a baby, a part of his soul shouldn’t disappear?? i mean.. wouldn’t that mean that there is an horcrux less??

  • m0rph3ne

    Regulus has to be the person who had the horcrux. Re-read the order of the phoenix. When they’re cleaning out the bookcase, there’s also a “heavy locket that no one can open”. Think that might be the locket?

    Also, did Snape actually put a powerful protection on Harry when dumbledore protected him with his life? The same protection that his mother had put on him? Was dumbledore giving up his life, in a sense to make sure that harry survived? remember when harry wanted to give his blood for the protection on the horcrux? dumbledore said that harry’s blood was more important.

    I’m not sure about harry being a horcrux. It doesn’t tell one way or the other. however the prophecy does allude to the fact that neither can live while the other one does. That could mean that harry needs to die in order for voldemort to die.

  • m0rph3ne

    also, no one said the order of the horcrux spell. They just explained the theory of the horcrux. Dumbledore said that voldemort was trying to make a horcrux out of harry. It could be that he opened the horcrux, and tried to put harry inside, and “failed” to kill him. If harry was supposed to die though, then why would he want to put part of his soul inside (just to be in a dead vessel). This is kind of strange. voldemort would never intentionally put his soul inside a person. however, they did talk about voldemort “creating” harry to be the person in the prophecy. Who knows. Genius writing.

    The next book is going to end up being 1000 pages. It’s got to explain a lot. Including the fact that harry really isn’t ready to “destroy” horcruxes. find them maybe. But not destroy them. It’s more magic than a “barely” overage wizard can handle. So, there’s going to have to be a lot of “coming of age”.

  • 2pac

    I think R.A.B is Aberforth( DD’s brother) though its only a guess, because we haven’t heard a lot of him, and as DD’s brother he must have been strong enough to got past the obstacles of the cave.

  • m0rph3ne


    I also believe that snape is a “good guy”. I believe that draco is going to have an “effect” on the end of this thing. Being how it was so important to dumbledore to show that draco wasn’t a “killer”. Also, snape warded off the other death eaters from harry (saying that his lord wanted him).

    When dumbledore was pleading, he was pleading for snape to kill him over harry. Snape obviously didn’t feel that harry was important enough, for him to kill dumbledore, as a protection over harry. That’s the thing that voldemort will never know, is that harry was there invisible behind him. that’s why dumbledore insisted on the invisibility cloak, and why he was asking for snape, and also why he was pleading for snape to kill him.

  • Dhaval Avlani

    How about this part of the story … The stuff that dumbledore drank actually was something that duplicated his body and mind made a clone of him and the dumbeldore at hogwarts was just a differnt person or maybe a clone of the original one and thats the reason he was weak, this would make voldemort think that dumbeldore’s dead and complete snape’s vow as well,
    in the last book dumble dore might be back to finish his job and also show that duble dore trusted snape for the right reasons.

  • Chris

    Interesting comments all.

    Harry is _not_ a Horocrux. The strongest evidence for this is from Dumbledore, who says that Voldemort would only choose items of significance. Harry is not significant in the wizarding world outside of the things he did after Voldemort had died.

    Also I think that one of the Horocruxes is definitely the snake, Nagini. This is why Voldemort has a snakelike appearance.

    I’m pretty sure that Voldemort has enchanted something in Dumbledores office as a horocrux. He is able to do this when he asks Dumbledore for a teaching position. That memory talks Harry being alarmed because Voldemort does something with his wand. It also is clear that Voldemort knows Dumbledore’s response to his request before he asks it. Dumbledore asks him repeatedly at the end of their meeting what his real purpose is – the only thing that makes sense is that he came to get into Dumbledore’s office for some other reason.

  • Jim

    Dumbledore was not duplicated by the potion, it makes no sense. Whereas I dont think Dumbledore coming back in the next book is goat, coming back in that way would be. Also, why would anyone put a potion to duplicate someone to protect the supposed Horcrux. I think the potion ws designed to make people relive their worst moments in life, that sounds a lot more like V to me. Anyone realised that RAB would have needed someone else to drink the potion for him too. Perhaps he got Kreacher to come with him and drink the potion. Would explain why Kreacher is an evil g*t, saving the bad treatment and pureblood fanatacism of the Blacks.

    Harry may be a Horcrux: V didnt intend to die did he. Nor did he intend for Harry to gain a little of his power, like the ability to speak parseltongue. So, Harry could be one by accident. But then don’t forget that Harry was significant, he was spoken about in the prophecy.

    Ligilimens and Occlumency: Ok, another reason why Harry could be a Horcrux is because of Harry’s connection to V. If V made him a Horcrux or if it was done by accidet then it would explain why Harry has that connection to V. Likewise it would explain why it was so easy for V to possess Harry in book 5.

    The Prophecy: States that Neither can live whilst the other survives. I dont think that means that for one to die they both do. I believe it means that neither will be able to find any sort of life whilst the other lives. V because he will be consumed by the worry that Harry will be the end of him. Harry because V will always be after him and he cant relax and enjoy himself, yada yada yada…

  • Shino

    I’m almost completely sure that Snape is on the good side~! Coz think about it.. 1)JKR is not going to make it out that one of her lead characters (Dumbledore)ended up dead coz he trusted the wrong man. 2)Snape is good at occlumency and so is Dumbledore.. so Dumbledore was probally telling Snape to kill him with his mind. 3)Dumbledore knows that Draco didnt have the heart to kill him.. and Snape made the unbreakable vow that he will do the task if Malfoy doesnt.. that means that if Snape didnt kill Dumbledore, Snape would have died. So in order to continue having a spy within the Death Eaters.. Dumbledore would rather sacrifice his life so that Snape will be able to help Harry from the inside when the time comes. He might also help Harry with the Horcruxes! 4)When Harry and Snape were fighting in the end, he only blocked Harry’s curses and hexes and didnt return fire. (Even though he said that Voldemort wanted Harry to himself.. it doesnt mean that Snape cant bash him up a bit) 5)Never in the previous books did Snape put Harry’s life in danger even though he had the chance.

    I just hope I’m right coz i dont want to believe Dumbledore was killed without a good reason except that Snape fooled us all!

  • snape said voldemort was the most accomplshed legilimens the world has ever seen and also provided satisfactory answers when asked by voldemort and also at the end of book 6 when snape kills dumbledore it says there was revulsion and hatred etched in every line of his face

  • cam

    snape is innocent, think about this… at the end of the 5th book harry and the others go to the ministry to save sirius(who isnt really there) and snape works this out and contacts the order at once letting them know. Now snape could have pretended that he didnt know and left the death eaters and voldemort to kill harry and the others

  • Tom 182

    Thinking about it, this is a long shot, dumbledore knew that malfoy was trying to kill him and during the lengthy speach Dumbledore and Malfoy shared, dumbledore said “‘Come over to the right side, Draco, and we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine. What is more, I can send members of the Order to your mother tonight to hide her likewise. Your father is safe at the moment in Azkaban” dumblesdore death could be an elaborate coverup, performed by snape, which is why dumbledore trust is so strong in him, now he who must not be named believes his second most powerfull enemy to be dead when in reality he isnt

  • Da Man

    Snape is good. He must’ve used leglimency and Dumbledore instructed for his demise. My guess is Snape will kill himself in the act to save Harry from Voldemort, although cliche.

    what if…Snape was Harry’s real father????

  • Bill C

    1.) Dumbledore has to be dead or Snape would die for failing to keep his Unbreakbale Vow.

    2.) The look of hatred and revulsion is also on Harry’s face when he’s force feeding Dumbledore Voldemort’s potion. JKR is too skillful a writer to have chosen the same description for two incidents in the same book (only about 20 pages apart).

    3.) Snape says Voldemort is the most accomplished legilimens in the world. That doesn’t mean that it’s true. Snape says it when he’s trying to convince Narcissa that he is loyal to Voldemort. If he’s lying to her about his loyalties, he could also be lying about Voldemort’s skill.

    It also doesn’t preclude that Snape is the most accomplished practitioner of Occulimens in the world and still able to fool Voldemort.

    4.) Aberforth Dumbledore’s initials would be A.D. Assuming he’s using his middle name, it would be R.A.D. at the very least. The use of the salutation to the “Dark Lord” indicates a former follower of Voldemort’s (as they are the only ones to use that title). So, we begin with at least two strikes against Dumbledore’s brother being the man who stole the Horcrux.

    The final strike is actually the easiest. Aberforth would steal a Horcrux with the purpose of destroying it and he would NOT tell his brother? Preposterous. More likely he would have enlisted his brother’s aid in destroying it as Albus is the most powerful wizard of his generation.

  • Bill C

    How many times has this been posted?

    JKR has specifically stated that the natural birth parents of Harry are James & Lily Potter!

    How many characters constantly remark how much Harry resembles James?

    Why would Snape be so cruel to his own son?

    JKR has never indulged in plot twists for plot twists sake. All her twists have clearly indentifiable clues.

  • Scott

    Okay, so I haven’t read all the comments, but I think someone told me that someone commented saying that Harry would be a Horcrux. But how could that be, for to kill Voldemort, Harry has to destroy all the other Horcruxes. If he were one, he’d have to kill himself, and how can he kill Voldemort if he’s dead? =\

  • Derbeste

    More evidence Harry is NOT a Horcrux:

    If you read Carefully, Dumbledore DID give some of the order that V used to create the Horcruxes. Namely, he suggested that Nagini was the 6th and final Horcrux. He was going to use harry’s death to create a horcrux (V never intended to make Harry an actual Horcrux. Nor, again, do we have ANY evidence to suggest that you can force a living, unwilling soul to house part of your own dark soul). But when his attempt to use Harry’s death to make his final Horcrux (and seal his perceived invincibility) failed, He later used Nagini in apparent desperation as housing a horcrux in a living thing (note THING not person)is not advisable for lack of control.

    So unless Dumblore is VERY mistaken, the horcuxes left are the locket, the cup, something from ravenclaw (or very improbably gryffindor, and Nagini (which again was made AFTER the incident with harry as a baby).

    Also, whoever said that dumbledore could be giving up his own life for another protection spell on Harry…..VERY good point!! I had not considered that! And it may VERY well be the case. Then all harry has to do is destroy the Horcruxes and wait for V to try to Ava Kedavra him and watch history repeat itself.

  • vale

    PLEASE!! can anybody answer this question??
    PLEASE! can anybody answer this question??
    when voldemort “died” (I’m saying when H was a baby), a part of his soul shouldn’t disappear?? i mean… shouldn’t there be a horcrux less??

  • Minuet

    Regarding Dumbledore giving his life to save Harry in an effort to create another protection spell…

    Was he protecting Harry by allowing Snape to kill him, or was he protecting Draco?

    I concluded he and Snape were protecting Malfoy with their actions. Perhaps this hypothesis is correct… but it will be Draco who Voldemort attempts to kill?

  • Derbeste


    That question has been answered in this blog. The answer is no.

    The horcruxes are not used up when the maker’s body dies. They merely “peg” the body controlling portion of your soul to this plain. Basically, your soul cannot leave this plain of existence unwhole. So the fact that even ONE of the horcruxes exists, means that the portion of his soul that is supposed to be controlling his body lingers here.

    Does that help?

  • der


    It really could go either way if this is indeed what dumbledore was doing. He could have make a protection spell for either of them in this fashion. Let’s just hope that V attempts to kill whoever has the charm AFTER the horcruxes are all destroyed.

    It seems to me that is why the spell is on Harry. That is why Dumble froze him there….because he must be present for his charm to take hold on Harry. And because Harry is the most likely to ty to be killed AFTER the horcruxes are gone.

    Oh and BTW…for EVERYONE..Dumble is DEAD D-E-A-D DEAD. If he was NOT really dead any smoke and mirrors or what not, Snape would be too because he would have failed to keep his unbreakable vow. Snape is alive…….so Dumbledore is DEAD.

  • Steve

    You know, I’d heard that JK was against putting HP out as an e-book, I couldn’t figure out why at first but I think I know now…if the HP books were on your computer, word searches would be so easy, you’d find the answers to your questions so much faster!! The only way to do it manually is to read the books again making a note of every character or object and it’s history…yikes!!!!

  • Minuet

    I also believe Dumbledore is dead, but I have to play devil’s advocate here in regards to the evidence…

    When Snape made his unbreakable vow, wasn’t he ultimately vowing to help Malfoy complete his task safely? Wouldn’t conspiring with Dumbledore to fake Dumbledore’s death and, in turn, clear Malfoy with Voldemort have fulfilled that oath? Especially if everyone, including Harry, believes Dumbledore is truly dead?

    As I said, I believe Dumbledore is dead, but I’m not certain that Snape’s vow is unquestionable evidence.


    RAB is sirus’s brother regulus
    Harry is a horocux
    dumbledore is dead..period
    sirius will return
    horocuxs are The prophecy, the Slytherin locket already in Harry’s pocession (RAB), the scar, the ring, the hat

  • Michelle S.

    1. I do think that RAB, could de Regulus Black. I’ve read some statements that he couldn’t have been because he was too much of a brat or something. The thing is, the only things we know about Regulus, are what Sirius has said about him. And Sirius wouldn’t be too happy having a brother who was a Death Eater, would he? So his statements about Sirius wouldn’t have been possitive either. Also as you might have all noticed, Sirius wasn’t too positive in those days anyway, because he was locked up in his old house. Where he used to live with a family who ‘hated’ (almost) and vice versa…
    2. I don’t think Harry is a horcrux, because Voldemort did indeed try to kill him. It wouldn’t make sense if Harry is one. The only way that it could’ve happened is that by the Avada Kedavra curse backfiring, some of their souls were transferred to the body of the other. This would explain a lot, but I still think that this is most unlikely
    3. Neville couldn’t be the chosen one in the end, assuming the prophecy is right. Here it states that :’the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal. I didn’t read about any direct connection between Neville and Voldemort. Neville sould have been ‘marked'(not physically, but still), and I don’t recall anything about Voldemort ever trying to kill Neville. This would most certainly mean that Neville is not the chosen one?

    Ps. I hope no one has posted most of this before, because I haven’t read all comments.

  • Jonathan

    Hey… this is my first time posting here, and I haven’t read all the posts yet, so I don’t know if this has been brought up yet…

    1) What was wrong with Tonks? She wasn’t a Metamorphmagus anymore, and her Patronus changed shape… could she be somebody else pretending to be Tonks? Using Polyjuice Potion or something?

    2) I’m pretty sure Nagini IS a horcrux… Dumbledore only said they could rule her out because he was referring to the horcrux they were going to get from the cave. It’s not likely that Voldemort would be keeping Nagini in that cave, would he?

    Just a few thoughts.

  • max

    “never lives while the other survives”

    they are both alive right now though?

  • David

    Call me crazy BUT…. Did’nt it bother anyone that the R.A.B. “signature” on the note has the two outer letters connected in a weird sort of way… It made me think that they are not letters at all but an insignia. If you take a hard look at the “R.A.B.” it actually looks like a picture of a mouse/rat. So, maybe its actually Wormtail who wrote it (Peter Pettigrew). We’ll know for sure if early in Book 7 Harry goes to his father’s gravesite in Godric’s Hollow and finds an insignia of a stag on the headstone.

    Also, I think Snape is on the good side but holds all his animosity for Harry and his family because he was in love with Lily who James used to embarass him in front of and eventually married. I think Snape repented and went good because Voldy killed the love of his life!

  • asdfqwer

    For those of you who think that Snape turned good when Voldemort killed Lily, this cannot be. I say this because in book 4 when Harry Visits the pensive, Dumbledor says that Snape turned spy before Voldemort’s downfall, therefor Snape was good before Lily was killed.

  • asdfqwer

    The sorting hat cannot be a horcrux because the sorting hat has been around for about 1000 years. It was taken off of Godric Gryphindor’s head and made to talk 1000 years ago. The profecy can’t be a horcrus because of the fact that Voldemort had never seen or touched it.

  • asdfqwer

    Harry Potter is not a horcrux. Dumbledor stated that when Voldemort makes a horcrux he likes to have a very important death to him occur. Dumbledor speculated that when Voldemort went to the Potter’s house he only had 5 horcruxes and only needed to make 1 more (the 7th piece is Voldemort himself). He went on to speculate that when Voldemort was “killed” instead of Harry, he went wandering through the forest and inhabited animals and passerbys. Soon after that Voldemort Used Nagini as a hocrux and therfor Nagini is the 6rh and last hocrux.

  • Michelle S.

    Anyone ever thought about the fact that there could be more horcruxes? Dumbledore only says that there are probably seven, but this doesn’t mean that is true. Although, I do think it is true. How would the story ever end if it isn’t?

  • Michelle S.

    I thought I’d add an other comment on the question if Snape is good or not. I still think he is. And after rereading the fight between Snape and Harry it was even more obvious. Once again Snape tried absoluttely nothing to hurt Harry let alone kill him. He gave him some advise for fighting Voldermort (Voldermort knows Occlumency and also by saying the spell aloud it could be easily blocked by one of the Greatest Wizards ever)He even made sure one of the other Death Eters took the Imperius Curse of Harry. Harry was to be left to Voldemort, but would this mean that they couldn’t even torture him? I think not.
    Also Snape was very mad after Harry called him a coward. Normally people wouldn’t freak out so much by being called a coward. So it would only make sense if he indeed is good, and killed Dumbledore because he had too, not because h wanted too.

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve just tried to figure out what horcrux could mean. So I’ve been going trough some Latin words, and this is what I’ve come up with:

    hor=horro(latin for horror)
    crux=crux (latin for cross)

    So, I would say that if you’ve made a horcrux, you actually bear a horrible cross (scar, not referring to Harry) with you. As, if I recall correctly, Dumbledore tells Harry (or something similar). maybe anyone has any thoughts on this?

  • derhit

    snape had legilemense. He knew before harry cast the spells what thew would be. nvbl splls would be no use.
    dirhit (34)

  • derhit

    We still do not know if there are really only 7 horcrustes. There could be 1009. Also Dumbledore is dead. His poirtriat showed up on the wall on the headmaster’s office. I think that dunbledore will stay alive inside the picture and tell harry what to do

  • Derbeste

    There should only be 6 Horcruxes. This is because V believes that 7 portions of his soul would protect him the best because 7 is the most powerful number in the wizarding world. There is one thing that bothers me though. Dumbledore said himself that V KNOWS that his diary is no more. That is why he is so mad a Luscious Malfoy. What would then stop V from making another Horcrux? The only thing I can think of is that V’s soul is to “stretched” already.

    As for Snapes unbreakable vow, It was very clear in the 2nd chapter that Snape vowed to protect Draco AND to finish the job that Draco was given if he failed for any reason. Therefore if Dumbledore did not die, Snape WOULD be dead. This is not the case, so dumbledore is dead and is not coming back. 🙁

  • Brett

    I noticed that some of you brought up the fact that Voldemort was going to use Harry’s death for his final horcrux because it would be a significant death BUT Voldemort never killed Harry. So would Voldemort use Lily or James or somebody else’s death for his final horcrux?

  • Dan

    Dumbledore is coming back from the dead, he possibly made a Horcrux himself, even though it is a dark object which involves killing people, im sure Dumbledore has killed someone in the past. What is his horcrux… non other than Gryffindor’s Sword. He will come back and fight side by side with Harry, Snape, Hermione, and Ron against the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

  • the man

    a very interesting fact…
    Rereading books, you will find countless clues

    many of you claim snape is really good, killing Dumbledore on dumbledores oders. In GOF(4), on pages 652 and 657 Voldemort tells the death eaters about how “his most trusted servant at hogwarts” helped get harry potter to the cemetary. The servant was obviously snape. Snape wants voldemort to think he is on his side but Harry was nearly killed. Voldemort told the death eaters snape set up the portkey (cup) to take harry away from games and to the cemetary. Harry had no defenses at the cemetary. If Snape was truley good, he wouldnt have done that or he would have informed Dumbledore of what was going on. Dumbledore would have been at the seen to save harry.

  • john

    Many say Harry would be the final horcrux and die in order to defeart lord voldemort…

    In O of PH, GOF, and everytime V and Harry meet, V sends direct curses such as Avada Kedarvera at Harry. Why would he be trying to kill one of himself.

    Mabye harry is a horcrux and V doesnt know.

    Maybe harry has another part of V, not a horcrux that V doesnt know about

    But there is definitly some connection within harry with Voldemort. How was harry pocessed so easily in OOPH, How come the sorting hat wanted him in Syltherin?

  • Ok.
    I’ve seen a lot of bs ideas, but a lot of good ones.
    The ideas i do agree with are the ones about:
    Regulus Black being R.A.B.
    Snape being “good”
    I am wondering about these though:
    Nagini being a horcrux?
    Dumbledore having his own horcrux?
    Nagini is definitely a questionable horcrux, I mean, she would be a symbol of having slytherin in his blood, but he would want to have her hidden, not at his side where she could be killed.

    Dumbledore obviously knows there is a difference between a split up soul and a whole soul, so i do not think he has a horcrux.
    How did Dumbledore become such a strong swimmer?

  • Bill C

    John – The trusted servant referred to in GoF was Barty Crouch, Jr. masquerading as Mad-Eye Moody.

    Dan – You have to WANT to create a Horcrux. As someone who has said he was not afraid of death, Dumbledore would not have wanted to create a Horcrux. They also involve the Dark Arts – something else that Dumbledore is against.

    Dumbledore’s spirit will find some way to make its presence known in Book 7, but I’m afraid Dumbledore will not be back as you knew him. Harry will have to face Voldemort without him.

  • The King

    When does Book 7 come out?

    I would like to hear more about peoples opions on the 7 horcruxs

    -Lord V himself
    -Ring (Destroyed)
    -Sytherlins Locket?
    -Harry himself?
    -Hufflepuff something
    -Ravenclaw something
    any other ideas please…..

    snape looks to be good at this point but obviously can go either way…

    Dumbledore is dead. Period. He will be helpful through his portrait teaching harry occuplemsy or w/e…Then he will probly tell harry about snape being good. There was a reason for his death.

    DD is also not a horcrux. Thats just stupid. He would never rip his sole and do that involving the dark arts.

    any thoughts on comment 216
    Ok, “Neither will live with the other survives”. Lets think about this for a minute. Neither = 2 people, Will the Other = 3rd person survives. Neither (Person 1 and 2) will live will the other (person 3) survives. The prophecy was made to Dumbledore about harry and Voldemort. So perhaps. Dumbledore knew he had to die in order for harry to be able to kill Voldemort.

  • It’s Lockhart! He runs away from St. Mungo’s. Voldemort is injured by Harry’s sectesempra spell. Lockhart tries to heal V. because he is actually Volemort’s most trusted servant but ends up killing him therby recuing Harry.

    Actually, it is anybody’s guess as to what JKR has up her sleeve! It’s a hoot.

  • Steph

    Theories regarding Severus is a good guy:
    How will Severus ever convice Harry that he really is good? Harry will never believe him, he is too angry about Severus telling Voldemort about the prophecy, which led to the deaths of his parents.
    The predictions that Severus is really a good guy & will assist Harry in the final demise of Voldemort is not likely, aren’t u all forgetting Peter (wormtail) owes Harry his life? I think you have the right idea that someone close to Voldemort will help Harry, but I am inclined to think it is Peter, not Severus.

    Theories regarding that Harry is a horcrux:
    I thought we already knew what the horcruxes were, why is there so much debate over this? Voldemort knows that he is supposed to kill Harry, would you give someone you are going to kill part of your soul?

    Theories regarding the locket from number 12 being a horcrux:
    I think this is too obvious. Besides around the time when Harry was staying at the headquaters his mind and Voldemort’s were quite well connected, surely Harry would have felt something if it had part of Voldemort’s soul inside it.

    Theories that Nangini isn’t a horcrux:
    I got the impression that Albus was merely ruling out the likelihood of Nangini being the horcrux concealed in the cave. At the time Albus had stated that there was a horcrux in the cave and Harry had asked which one, Albus had said he did not know, but he thought that Nangini could be ruled out. I believe that Nangini is a horcrux.

    Theories about R.A.B:
    I’d like to believe that it is Regulus, a lot of the evidence works for him, but isn’t that a bit too obvious. It’s not Joanne’s style, I think that it might be a new character.

    Theories that Severus wasn’t really the Half Blood Prince:
    What does it matter either way? Severus had no particular reason to lie, but I don’t particularly believe that whether he was or wasn’t is a key issue in the ultimate plot of the series.

    Theories that Severus loved Lily:
    No I don’t think so, I don’t have any good reason for this, I just don’t believe Severus capable of loving anyone.

    Theories that Neville is the “Chosen One” and Theories that Albus is not really dead:
    They’re facts, yes it’s all very sad, but the sooner you accept them the sooner you can get over them.

    Does Sirius have a portrait?

    1 Tom’s Diary (Destroyed)
    2 Gaunt Ring (Destroyed)
    3 Lord Voldemort – present day
    4 Salazar Slytherin’s Locket
    5 Helga Hufflepuff’s Goblet
    6 Nangini
    7 One more possibly Ravenclaw or Slytherin’s OR did Harry destroy the piece inside Voldemort at the time when Voldemort’s first attempt to murder Harry failed.

  • Harry Gudge

    1. Snape is good. Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard in the world – even Voldermort fears him. To allow Snape to have hoodwinked him for the past 6 books would be an insult to his memory.

    2. RAB is probably not Regulus. More likely RAB is a clue BUT whoever retrieved the locket must have to be a very powerful wizard in the leagues of Dumbledore and Voldermore. Could RAB be a double act? Dumbledore could not have drank that potion alone so doubtful someone else could have too – and then wrote a lustrious note?! He/She must also have knowledge of Voldermort’s earlier yrs i.e to know the existance of the cave. An child abused at the orphanage by him? Just a thought.

    3. I think Luna and Harry should get it on. She understands his lonliness, his loss of a parent, his notoriety.

  • Harry Gudge

    Also, Dumbledore knew he was going to die HENCE why he spent the entire book passing on his knowledge of Voldermore to Harry. By allowing Harry to see him as a child was clever. Harry has never been intimidated by the hype of ‘He Who Must Not be Named’.

    Harry will work from Grimwauld Place in the next book and eventually have a final showdown with Voldermort and Snape will help defeat him with Harry. Harry will die after killing Voldermort. He has had so much suffering he wants to be with his mum and dad and Sirius.

  • Michelle S.

    Just one thing.
    As soon as the translation of HBP is out, I’ll make sure if I can find out for what RAB exactely stands for.

  • Joe

    You are a wizard Harry!!

  • anaraug

    i agree with 298. i’ve always thought that Luna is a total hottie. she’s the only character who ever displays any confidence in whatever she’s doing or saying.

    also, who is R.A.B.? it’s obvious. its Brian Eno!! you know, the ambient musician. if you ROT13 “rab” (count 13 up from each letter), you get “eno”. this totally has to be it. who knew that Jo was an Eno fan? the .s are there just to throw everyone off.

  • anaraug

    yeah, i meant 292..

  • kaitlyn

    alright, some of you people are rediculous.

    In Regards to the identity of R.A.B.
    I believe R.A.B to be, in fact, Regulus Black. There is alot of evidence towards this fact including things that JK herself has said. Jk stated that ‘before the week was out, carefull re-readers would have identified one of the horcruxes’. This means that we would have had to have seen it before. This horcrux is presumably the locket; it’s description at 12 grimmauld place is of “a heavy locket that none of them could open”-p.116. In HBP, slytherine’s locket is described as “a heavy golden locket…[with an] ornate, serpentine S”-p. 437. It is quite posible that it everyone ignored the S, including molly, sirius(of course), and arthur. Therefore- if that locket from 12 Grimmauld Place IS in fact, slytherine’s locket, then there is 1 way it could have gotten there. Regulus Black, after deserting the death eaters and stealing the horcrux, attempted to hide the locket at grimmauld until he could figure out a way to destroy it. Unfortunately, he was killed, as he suspected he would be, before he could do so. Then the locket is either currently in possesion of Kreacher, or Mundungus had stolen it and sold it.

    In regards to the cave and the fake horcrux:
    Some people have stated suspisions that Dumbledore had already been in the cave and was perfectly aware that the locket had already been taken and so on. I dotn think this is correct. Dumbledore would not have endured that potion if he had known it would be in vain. as for knowing the secrets of the cave- improbable. He’s just very in tune with his magical suroundings. If Dumbledore had planned to be killed by Severus in the end, up in the astronomy tower, he could have taken harry to a million other places where they could have tryed to find a horcrux.

    In regards to Snape:
    Snape is on the side of metaphorical “good” rather than “evil”. However, choose your words wisely for while he is “good” he is not “innocent”. He has done enough dark deeds to fill a pensieve, so dont call him innocent. I do believe it was snape who had to kill dumbledore. Dumbledore had planned, im sure, to preserve draco’s innocence.

    In regards to Dumbledore’s death:
    Dumbledore, our wise and and faithful mentor, our otherwise father figure, our fearless leader in the face of insurmountable evil, is dead. He is not alive in his tomb to “aparate out at his will”, he is not gone into hiding, he is not just waiting for the right moment to help harry out. He is not coming back either. JK does not bring people back from the dead. never. Evidence? you ask. Hagrid would not have been crying so hard if Dumbledore was not dead. Dumbledore would have been killed by the fall if he had not already been dead, which he was. However, the fact that his picture is up in the office is inconclusive. It says they are previous headmasters, just because they are all dead does not mean you have to be dead to have your picture show up there. I still believe he is dead though.

    In regards to the seven horcrux’s:
    I dont understand why people do not know what these are. they are as fallows:
    The Diary(destroyed)
    The Ring(destroyed)
    Huffelpuff’s Cup
    Slytherine’s Locket
    Nagini- you-know-who’s snake
    Something of Ravenclaws or Griffendors
    and Voldemort himself.

  • Bill C

    kaitlyn –

    Excellent post. I agree with most of your conclusions. I especially think that Mundungus stole Slyhterin’s locket because JKR includes a scene with Mundungus and stolen items and the further information that Mundungus has been placed in Azkaban. Neither of these bits of information contributes to the plot of HBP one bit. If, however, your assumptions are true, then Harry may need to break into Azkaban to ask Mundungus who he sold the locket to (a most intriguing premise).

    The only place where I might disagree is that I’m not entirely convinced that the snake is a Horcrux. With 4 Horcruxes remaing – having three of the four relate to the founders of Hogwarts – but not the fourth seem very messy. I’m betting each of the remaining four will somehow correspond to a Hogwarts founder.

  • Has anyone come to the conclusion that maybe R.A.B was an accomplice to someone else who stole the locket just like harry was to dumblerdore, and maybe he decided to write a note, to make people believe that he was the one that stole it?
    Just an idea….

  • Pathum

    I think there is a lot of clues pointing to Regulus Black being R.A.B. in the 5th book when they are cleaning the headquarters of the order of the phoenix they find a heavy locket that no one could open. Wasn’t the horcrux supposed to be a locket? If regulus found the horcrux maybe he brought it home but was killed. and maybe thats why he was killed. for stealing the horcrux

  • Jemima

    Harry is a Horcrux, thus the prophecy “neither shall live while the other survives” (because in order for Voldemort to die, ALL of the Horcruxes must be destroyed) and the assertion that Voldemort marked him as his equal, then make sense.
    I believe that Snape is essentially good. Harry told Dumbledore of the fact that he overheard suspicious conversations involving Snape on numerous occasions and surely Dumbledore would not have been so stupid not to take them seriously or at least look into them – like the conversation between Snape and Malfoy for instance. He didn’t seem surprised in the least when Harry filled him in.
    Dumbledore would have known that Snape had made the vow with Malfoy’s mum and it would have been one of the reasons that he wanted Snape to kill him in the end – to fulfil his oath to the Malfoy’s and to integrate himself more firmly in Voldemort’s company.
    Also, you could seriously tell that Dumbledore was doing his best to stay alive for the entirety of Malfoy’s visit and he even started to slide down the wall at some point in exhaustion. He stunned Harry because he knew that Harry wouldn’t understand what was going to happen and why Snape had to kill him – and would probably try to interfere and in doing so would ruin the whole strategy.
    Plus, Harry’s hatred toward Snape would be better off maintained so Voldemort would be more inclined to trust Snape more fully and Snape’s cover could be upheld until the very end. And Dumbledore’s pleading of “Severus please…” is very clever. On the one hand, he is begging Snape to kill him (as well as communicating the same request with his mind) and on the other hand, it is a display for all of the death eaters present that Dumbledore is shocked and upset by Snape’s supposed betrayal and is begging for mercy.
    The final proof of Snape’s loyalty is the fact that he only blocks Harry’s numerous spells and doesn’t even try to hurt him. And he also shouts out advice to Harry, although in a spiteful way, to “close his mind” and becomes extremely furious when Harry calls him a “coward” – after all, if this theory is correct, Snape has sacrificed the most of anyone to ultimately bring down Voldemort.
    I believe that Snape will die at the very end for the greater good and will play an important part in the downfall of Voldemort. Hopefully Wormtail will also repay his debt to Harry as well in the end and Voldemort will be betrayed from all sides.
    As an after thought, I also think it would be interesting if Snape had a bit of a thing for Harry’s mother and her rejection of him is one of the reasons that he hates Harry so much – for his green eyes that are so much like his mothers. Then again, this last point might be wishful thinking!!!

  • Max

    I believe harry is a horcrux. Read the prophecy on 841 order of ph…Lord V needed to mark harry as his equal and one of them would die at the hand of the other…mayb Lord V killed harrys parents and made harry the horcrux. He was insuring that if harry ended up killing him…he would still have part of his soul alive in harry therefore being immortal unless harry died. I also believe this act of makin harry the horcrux marked harry as the equal.

  • Owen

    Has anyone thought about the fact sirius was never actually seen dead and only dissapeared…he was gone…

    Mayb RAB is regulus and it will bring back sirius into the picture…

    Sirius could be alive behind the veil and have apparated somewhere and regained stregth in hiding…

  • Andrea

    This is very long so be prepared

    These are two theories regarding Dumbledore’s death and R.A.B

    Number 1..

    I have a very fascinating theory that my friend and I came up with.. it probably has quite a few loopholes but it’s pretty interesting..

    My first theory is that Dumbledore is not dead.. and Snape did not kill him

    It’s starts off in the tower where Dumbledore is laying and when Snape appears.
    I have two reasons that Dumbledore may not have died and Snape may not have actually killed him.
    These two reasons both appear in the GoB.
    In the chapter of the Unforgivable Curses we read about Moody explaining the Avada Kedavra curse.
    “Avada Kedavra’s a curse that needs a powerful bit of magic behind it- you could all get your wands out now and point them at me and say the words, and I doubt I’d get so much as a nose-bleed”
    And then we go back to chapter one of the GoB- The Riddle House.
    Voldemort had just killed the Riddles with the Avada Kedavra curse and Frank had been taken in custody but the local police. He argued that he did not kill the Riddles. When the police report on the Riddles’ bodies came back, it changed everything.
    ” The police had never read an odder report. A team of doctors had examined the bodies, and had concluded that none of the Riddles had been poisned, stabbed, shot strangled, suffocated or harmed at all. In fact, the report continued, in a tone of unmistakeable bewilderment, the Riddles all appeared to be in perfect death.”
    When Voldemort killed the Riddles with the Avada Kedavra curse, there was no single mark on the bodies, not even a speck of blood. The only thing visible was the look of terror upon their faces.
    Now, back to the HBP. At the end of the chapter “Flight of the Prince” this is mentioned: “Dumbledore’s eyes were closed; but for the strange angle of his arms and leags, he might have been sleeping. Harry reached out, straightened the half-moon spectacles upon the crooked nose and wiped a trickle of blood from the mouth with his own sleeve.”
    Bingo, the two things mentioned in that important quote could give us the clues that Dumbledore is still alive. Moody mentioned that you had to put a powerful bit of magic behind it- and implied that if someone said the curse without much powerful magic behind it, they may give the person a nose-bleed.. or.. knock them unconscious, which could possible make blood trickle from one’s mouth. It was also mentioned, when the Riddles were killed by the Avada Kedavra curse, there was not a mark on their bodies, not even a scratch or blood. The Riddles eyes and mouths were also opened in fright, while Dumbledore’s eyes and mouth were closed, as he looked like he was sleeping.
    So that is why I think that Dumbledore might actually be alive. When I was reading the theory above that someone posted it gave me an idea that I could incorperate into my theory, ” Snape gazes at the Headmaster for a moment. Two accomplished Legilimens do nothing but look at each other for a moment in the midst of a heated battle situation, and we are to assume there is nothing passing between them? Oh, no. I think Dumbledore is asking Snape, via his thoughts, to kill him.” But I think Dumbledore was asking Snape, via his thoughts to just knock him unconscious or just harm him, but not kill him for a reason I’m not yet sure. So Snape might not put much powerful magic behind the curse and therefore, just knocked Dumbledore unconscious. So that way Snape could resume his post as a spy on the Death Eaters and Voldemort. That way, Dumbledore may not actually be dead and Snape may not be “evil” per se.
    I’m sure you could probably find some loopholes that I missed or something that doesn’t fit, but that’s just something I found interesting. What do you guys think?

    Theory Number two

    This next theory is about R.A.B and the note found at the end of the chapter “Flight of the Prince”

    This is a theory that I was reading earlier that was basically everything I had thought of, but I have something important to add on.

    I think that R.A.B is Regulus Black. Sirius Black’s late brother. This makes complete sense and will help Harry find and destroy the real Horcrux (The Slytherin Locket)

    Where is the locket? On page 116 of Order of the Phoenix (Canadian Hardback edition), Sirius and the kids are cleaning out an old cabinet which contains items such as a snuffbox with Wartcap powder, a music box, and a ‘heavy locket which none of them could open’. I’d bet that’s the locket in question.

    Now, one of three things could have happened to the locket, which we assume was thrown into the bin with the other things that had been in the cabinet: either it went out with the rest of the rubbish, or Kreacher nicked it (and Harry will have to go back to Grimmauld Place to retrieve it) or Mundungus stole it and fenced it. I’m willing to bet on this last one; why else would the scene with Mundungus and the stolen Black family silver have been given such prominence in HBP, except to remind us of Mundungus’ activities so that it’s not a shock when JKR brings it back up in the seventh book?

    Aside from the practical implications for getting and destroying the locket, Regulus’ note sheds some interesting light on Regulus’ death, Dumbledore’s death and Snape’s ‘betrayal’. Why is this?

    Regulus states that he knows he will be dead by the time the Dark Lord gets the note. Not because the Dark Lord or anyone else will kill him for stealing the Horcrux (Dumbledore mentions, in his conversation with Harry about Riddle’s diary, that Voldemort probably doesn’t automatically know when a Horcrux is destroyed); instead, I think Regulus knew that the potion in the cave would most likely kill him when he stole the Dark Lord’s locket Horcrux, which changes our conception of his death. Regulus was not, as Sirius said, an idiot who joined up and then got himself killed when he saw what he was asked to do and backed out; instead he found out about some of Voldemort’s most precious plans for immortality and made an active attempt to thwart them. He went out in a blaze of self-sacrificial glory.

    But most people say that it may not be Regulus because there is no implication of an “A” in is name and that he has no middle name etc. BUT on page 104 there is a mention of Sirius and Regulus’ Uncle Alphard which Regulus could easily have been named after…

    By now I think there is no question in doubt that R.A.B is Regulus Alphard Black.. but I could be surprised..

    So those are my theories.. whether they are true or not …no one will know for sure until the seventh book comes out.. sigh

  • timmy

    When does the seventh book come out…

    great analysis on theory one andrea…that would be interesting if it were true but harry needs to fight voldemort by himself…i think that dumbledore will help harry in the sevent book alive or not in a picture frame

  • shana

    Andrea, cool thought, that would be awesome. I think we’ll probably see some of Dumbledore in the 7th book, in one form or another….only questions….Dumbledore’s already in the picture, doesn’t that only happen when a headmaster dies. Also, I was going to ask how he was going to get out of his casket when….uh duh, he can apparate….i lose, o well

  • Brian K

    It can’t be Burke because her/his first name is Caractacus. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince pg. 261. I did consider Borgin, but couldn’t find anything on the first name. Haven’t thought of Regulus yet, but I think he likely too. It needed to be someone who knew Tom Riddle’s history.

  • Jeff

    I want to thank everyone who has posted on this blog. I was emotionally moved by the end of HP 6. I literally felt sick when I thought of Dumbledore being dead, Ginny and Harry broken up, Hogwarts future uncertain, the mystery of RAB and the nagging question of Snapes true intentions…it was a lot to take in. I felt so much better tonight after reading all of your comments and theories about where things might go in Book 7. JK is truly a master of the good vs. evil theme and I can not wait to see how good wins in the end! The fact that so many of you are seing things the way I am feeling and seeing them in my mind is truly comforting! How great is it when a book can make you feel so alive as to actually feel good or bad about things that do not even really exist in this world. All I can say is AWESOME!

  • wow, andrea, good thoughts.

    i never have done that much in depth reading ever, but it seems clear that Dumbledore may be alive.
    and about apparating out of the tomb, he would have to break his enchantments first wouldn’t he.
    I do believe that the horcruxes are as follows: in order that they were made

    Riddle Diary——2-(destroyed)
    Slytherin Ring—-3-(destroyed)
    Slytherin Locket–4-(Mundungus sold it)
    Hufflepuff goblet-5-(???)
    Ravenclaw item—-6-(???)
    Harry Potter——7-(with himself)
    Harry Potter is the last horcrux, and some might say then why did Voldemort vanish (almost die) afterwards.
    I say that since Voldemort had split his soul so many times, by the 7th time his soul could barely survive, and when he did went to make himself and Harry equals, his soul could not handle it, so he almost dies.

  • Alexander

    I really do think Snape is good. When have you ever heard Dumbuledore plead for mercy. JKR would never let dumbledore go pleading.

    I believe he was pleading becuase he wanted Snape to stick with thier plan.

  • Dan

    Well, Snape certainly didn’t seem to possess the smug joy he usualy has when doing something awful. So. . . I can’t wait to find out what his plan is. . . but I’ll have to wait.

  • Harry Gudge

    Post 305: I love your ideas Andrea but I think the blood on Dumbledores mouth was from the fall from the castle wall. If he wasnt dead all ready, the fall alone would have killed him.

    Dumbledore is definately dead but its not meant to be sad. He died to save Draco ultimately (if snape hadnt killed him, snape would have died because he didnt fulfill his promise to dracos mother, and Voldermort would have killed Draco – everyone would have lost out)and his students were more important to him than anything. Dumbledore will always live on through the school and his picture when occupied will be there for help and guidance to Harry.

  • Michelle S.

    To Shana,

    I’m sorry, but I’m just going a little Hermione on you now: ‘You can’t apparate or disapparate inside the grounds of Hogwarts!’And that is where Dumbledore was buried, so even if he’s alive, which I still doubt, he couldn’t get out on his own.

    So, I do think that Dumbledore is really dead. Mostly for the reasons that are given above. One thing does bother me though. I was takling to a friend about the book, and about Dumbledores death, when we came on the subject of his funeral. Now my question: Why did Dumbledore get a whole burial ceremony, but didn’t we hear anything about a ceremony in the past books, when someone else had been murdered? For example:
    Sirius (no ceremony)
    Cedric Diggory (no mention of anything like a funeral)
    And some momre people whose names I can’t really remember right now.

    After rereading the last task of the Triwizard tournament in GOF, I noticed that Cedric also had his eyes still open. So maybe that there is something going on with Dumbledore that we haven’t thought of yet, because his eyes where closed. Exept if you consider that he might’ve closed his eyes when Snape said the curse, because that would mean he knew he had to die.

    A well, just some speculation and thoughts, I’m not sure what to think, but maybe it’s helpful to you.

    Ps. I could be that I didn’t recall everything correctly, so please say that, so I can figure out, what could be right and what could’n’t be.

  • Harry Gudge

    Sirius had no ceremony as his body was never retrieved from the curtain…

  • Sam Shortis

    Dumbledore is dead- jk’s own experience of grief would prevent her from writing otherwise. the books involve coming to terms with loss, and facing it, not avoiding it. In fact the fear of loss, and of death is what motivates voldemort in the first place.
    7 horcruxes
    thats the diary and the ring (2)
    an item from each of the founders (4)
    (locket,cupand two others)
    and something else …

    going with magical artefacts I would expect the items to be a sword, a locket, a cup, and a wand – this would fit in with old witching customs.
    (the locket would be representative of the disc)

    other than that, I’m sure there has to be some funny connection to harry’s scar.
    I also think that harry will not be allowed to be the direct cause of voldemort’s death- he won’t AK voldy, because that doesn’t fit with jk’s whole philosophy on murder- she’s much more interested in the idea of evil providing the tools for it’s own destruction (like the fact that voldemort marked the one who would destroy him- and he had two choices.)
    Voldemort will be destroyed directly through the actions of harry potter, but indirectly through his own actions. I also think that ron and hermoine will have bigger roles to play.
    Dumbledore’s death, is a devastating experience for harry, but it as dd said to harry, the reason for harry’s strength is that he does not abandon love in the face of suffering, disaster or death. It is only in abandoning this that he would lose himself.

  • Sam Shortis

    I agree with the idea that the curses on the horcruxes cause a transformation into an inferi- or something worse.
    mudungus nicked that locket from grimmauld place.
    snape is good!

  • Yue

    Why did dumbledore had to drink to potion? Surely he should just make like 10 cups appear as he did with the 1st and just scoop them all in and emptying the bowl and place them somewhere without actually drinking it?

  • Michelle S.

    To Harry Gudge,

    I know Sirius’ body was never retrieved from behind the veil. But they could’ve had a ceremony, or at least a memorail, something to remember him by. They never did that. Normally one would do something like that if someone close to you has past away, but you couldn’t find his/her body?

  • Yue

    ive been reading that dumbledore himself may have made a horcrux. Well, if this was possible, then i would suggest that it was fawkes, the pheonix. The perfect choise for many reasons. Fawkes cannot die as it keeps getting reborn, fawkes has been with dumbledore for as long as i can remember and also it was fawkes who supplied harry’s and voldemort’s wand cores so wouldn’t it make fawkes invincible to any spells voldemort casts onto fawkes?

  • Yue

    also, didint dumbledore suggest that voldemort wnated a horcrux for every item possessed by each founder of hogwarts? Since the only item of grffindor’s was a sword and voldemort could not obtain it, then he would go to the next best thing, the perfect gryffindor, the one who would be able to pull it out of the hat, harry potter.

  • Yue

    Who believes that when the prophency said “mark him as an equal” it meant LITERALLY mark him as an EQUAL so putting his soul into harry to make the soul inside harry equal to voldemorts? I mean, this is possible, voldemort had not heard the whole prophency and therefore does not know what will happen and the accidental event of turning harry into a horcrux was actually fated?

  • Bill C

    We don’t know whether or not they had a memorial service for Sirius. We only know that JKR did not write about one.

    For those holding out hope that Sirius is not dead. JKR has flatly stated that Sirius IS dead and will not come back to life. However, she held out the possibility that communication from behind the veil may be possible and that there was a very specific reason why Sirius had to die at the specific time that he did.

    I, too, think Dumbledore is really dead. Four factors argue against a trick by Snape & Dumbledore to fake DD’s death.

    One) The argument between Snape & Dumbledore. Snape is overheard saying Dumbledore presumes too much of Snape. If they’re faking a death – that hardly seems like too much to presume.

    Two) The pleading. Why would Dumbledore have to plead with Snape if the death is only pretend?

    Three) If Snape fakes the death, he breaks his Unbreakable Vow and he would, himself, be dead.

    Four) Snape’s rage at being called a coward. Snape had just had to summon up the will to perform a killing curse on the only man who trusted him completely – the man who gave him a job when he was unemployable. He now faces a very dangerous future as a double agent who is also being hunted by people who he is really seeking to help. That would take considerable courage.

    I think the closed eyes peaceful expression on Dumbledore’s face owe to his knowing that death was coming and his acceptance of it.

  • Yue

    Let me add a 5th to that bill and its that dumbledore’s portrait appeared in the office and fawkes dissapeared therefore meaning he’s dead

  • Bill C

    An intriguing thought for those who think that Voldemort’s final Horcrux may be Harry himself…

    If Harry does house the 6th Horcrux, my bet is that his scar is the Horcrux and that it would be possible to remove the scar without killing Harry.

    That would explain why the scar hurts when Voldemort is angry (because it is an actual part of Voldemort).

    It would also give JKR a way to destroy the final Horcrux without killing Harry.

    JKR has let it be known that the final word in Book 7 (as it stands now – she does reserve the right to change her mind) is “scar.”


  • pathum

    MOre proof more dumbledore not being dead is that harry saw a phoenix escaping the flames. what if the phoenix was dumbledore? and more proof for nagini being a horcrux was in order of the phoenix after mr. weasley was attacked dumbledore brought that weird smoke machine out. and the snake splits in to 2 snakes. that could mean that there are 2 soles in the snake. and when he said “in essense divided” it could mean that one of the souls in the snake is just a part of another soul(voldemorts split soul)

  • Jeannie

    I have another theory regarding Snape. Maybe he thinks he can sit back and watch Harry and LV take each other out so he can step up and take over. He will now be the “Greatest Wizard in the World” because Dumbledore is gone, LV is gone and Harry is gone. Or maybe if harry survives after killing LV he’ll have to face Snape in the end. Maybe that will be the big twist in the book.

  • Aantn

    Harry is not a horcrux, when would he have been made one? And HP is a childs book, so harry isn’t going to die. Also maybe Harry could find the horcruxs by looking in the mirror of erised. Also, i think dumbledore left behind something for harry, to help him. Perhps he left behind his memories in the pensieve, or perhaps harry can communicate using the portrait

  • Becca

    The sorting hat could easily be a horcrux if Voldemort had just killed someone before he came into Dumbledore’s office to ask for a job. Using nonverbal spells he could easily cast the spell, and since he had Death eaters waiting for him in Hogsmeade, it isn’t likely that he really wanted a job.
    Additionally, I don’t think Snape actually did know what Draco was meant to do. When did he ever say, “oh, right, he’s gotta kill Dumbledore”? (I’m reading it the second time right now, so maybe I did miss something.) I think perhaps that he didn’t know, and was just blustering around in order to keep the trust of the Death Eaters. However, I think he did tell Dumbledore, and Dumbledore made the connection. However, at the end, he wanted Snape to do it so Draco wouldn’t become a murderer. Furthermore, Snape stopped the Death Eaters hurting him, and just kept blocking Harry’s spells (until the last one where he knocked Harry over), and was helping Draco escape. Although I’ve kind of wandered, what I want to say is that I think Snape is good! I think the theory of him being in love with Lily is good, and that may be why he turned against Voldemort. But who knows?
    I also think that Dumbledore is definitely dead. It would be kind of lame to bring him back in the book — bad storytelling, I think. Also, it’s really the only way Harry can mature and step up to being responsible for what his own life. Besides, Dumbledore was not exactly a young guy! He must have been at least 70, if you suppose he was about twenty when he was a professor when Riddle was at school, and then fifty years later…
    I think RAB might be Regulus. But he’s not alive! Not only would Kreacher not take orders from Harry, but the tapestry has his death listed. It may sound silly, but I would imagine that’s a magic tapestry that keeps track of the Black family, unless Momma Black blasts someone off.
    I haven’t had time to read all the posts so maybe I’m repeating or someone has already disproved my theories. My apologies!

  • bbju

    To simply argue whether Snape is good or bad makes the issue a bit too simple. I don’t think Rowling meant to label Snape is a 100% good or 100% bad. I do believe that he’s right around the middle of this good – evil continuum, perhaps a bit more on the evil side. Is he good? Seems that he’s not, he kills, he’s with LV, he hates Potter. But is he bad? Seems that he’s not either. I would guess that Snape in Book VII will die helping Harry to kill Voldemort,… a way to explain why Dumbledore keeps saying he trusts Snape 100%.
    I would also guess even when we finish reading book 7, we will still be debating whether Snape is good or bad.

  • Olly

    no muggles know about the wizardig world apart from the Prime ministers right?
    But wouldnt parents of muggle-born wizards know about the wizarding world when they are told their child is a wizard?

  • flori

    I think Snape has also make an unbreakable vow to Dumbledore to protect Harry and assisted him to kill V. That is why Dumbledore trusted Snape so much. As you read the book (Prince), when Harry questioned why D trusted Snape so much, D seemed wanted to say something but hold back, apparently D had a very good reason but do not think Harry could handle it because of 1) Harry’s hatred of Snape and 2) Harry is so bad at Occulmacy.

    Also, anyone give any thought to Aunt Petrina? JKR did make her stand out a bit in the prince. How Harry found D described the howler as “their communication” a bit odd, also how Aunt Petrina turned oddly flushed when D requested them to let Harry returned once more. I thought perhaps Aunt Petrina was something more than we thought. Remembered how well she knew about Dementor and magical stuff. I thought perhaps she was also a talented muggle and invited to go to school as Lily, but she turned it down for her hatred of magic. I believed we would hear more about her in the next book.

  • Cara

    As for those of us who are searching for the last Horcruxes, did you not notice that GRYFFINDOR’S SWORD was mentioned several times throughout the book? As it is always safely in Dumbledore’s office, maybe it was overlooked. They claimed that it was the last surviving artifact from Gryffindor himself. It’s possible that (you know who) somehow made it into a Horcrux after his failed invterview for a job with Dubledore.


  • Dan

    ok…. here are the horcruxes…
    1 the locket(we presume to be destroyed by RAB stolen from Hepzibah) 2 the ring (we know is destroyed stolen from Marvolo descendant of slytherin)
    3 the notebook (anyones? destroyed)
    4 the cup…? (stolen from Hepzibah descendant of huffelpuff)
    5 i believe to be harry… because he is the heir of/to gryffindor… he lived in goddric’s hollow, and as dumbledore said in the chamber of secrets, only a true gryffindor could have pulled the sword out of the sorting hat and that voldermort truely wanted the sword, but couldnt get it
    6 im going to go out on a limb here…. in the fourth book, (PAGE 641) when voldermort comes back to life, harry is tied to the headstone of TOM RIDDLE (SR.) voldermorts father… now as wormtail is working on the cauldron, he says a spell, and a dust rises up from the ground, and falls into the mixture. now im theorizing that this (his father’s bones) is one of the horcruxes, because he hated his father, his father disowned him and this is the last place anyone would look… but the only problem i see, is why would he use that one first…..(any ideas….?) but it would make sense because he coudve murdered his father to create the horcrux
    7 voldermort himself

    only something of ravenclaws… doesnt fit….

    now…. i agree that R.A.B is sirius’ brother

    i also think that dulmbledore knew that he was going to die and that he had visited the cave before…. he knew where eveything was and how it worked…… it seemed like an act to me…. because the only part he seemed puzzled was the part he hadnt done yet… drink the potion…. but i think that the potion wouldve killed him anyway… i agree with the whole snape havin to kill dumbledore thing and the theory on that…..

    i dont believe that sirius is dead… he kind of dissappeared… no one said that he was dead… just that they couldnt do anything for him..

    finally there is some strong imagery going on at the end with fawkes i havent quite figured it out yet…..

  • Bill C

    Yes, one person has said Sirius is dead and not coming back to life.

    Her name is J. K. Rowling.

  • dan

    ok fine…. but you have to agree that his death sucked…. it wasnt fitting

  • I thought RAB would be sirius kid brother, though on the tapestry (the thingy with the Blacks family tree) it reads, Regulus Black at page 104. (no middle name!)
    On such a thing you would expect someones full name.

    Allthough JRR. also is sometimes a bit lacks on details. (Remember the Theastrals? how come HP didn’t see them on their way back at the end of book 4. It clearly states HP and co. getting back by the coaches. And at the Order of the Phoenix Harry has never seen those theastrals. Although he has already seen someone snuff it.)

  • Greg

    Harry is not a horcrux because Voldemort could not have done the separate spell to make him one. Second, Voldemort tried killing him using the avada kadvra curse in book 4 and, if my memory serves, also in book 5. Voldemort wouldnt destroy his own Horcrux.
    Both Sirius and Dumbledore are dead….the point of Book 7 is that Harry must do it all on his own. If Sirius was alive, he would have made some attempt to reach Harry in this book. I think that their deaths are similar to Lily and James….not that they gave him powers, like Lily gave him the power to love….but with the death of each person close to him, he becomes stronger and more determined.

  • dan

    does anyone have an opinion on this one?…
    in the fourth book, (PAGE 641) when voldermort comes back to life, harry is tied to the headstone of TOM RIDDLE (SR.) voldermorts father… now… as wormtail is working on the cauldron, he says a spell, and a dust rises up from the ground, at the foot ofthe grave and falls into the mixture. now im theorizing that this (his father’s bones) is one of the horcruxes, because he hated his father, his father disowned him and this is the last place anyone would look… but the only problem i see, is why would he use that one first…..(any ideas….?) but it would make sense because he coudve murdered his father to create the horcrux

    i just want feedback….

  • Dan, I don’t think Voldemort would make his father a horcrux, for the same reason you think he would. He hated his muggle father. He needed the bone of his father to regain his body. If he could have done it without his father, I am sure he would have. However, your idea is interesting. No one would go looking there. Still, I think it unlikely that Voldemort would choose the man he despised as a home ofr his soul.

    It is so exiting to read all of the ideas on this website. I hadn’t looked in about a week and was thrilled to see hundreds of thoughts written here! I will keep checking back to read what you all are thinking. I love it that a book could bring together so many people to share their thoughts and ideas in such deep, interesting, and speculative ways! Keep it up!

  • Steve

    re. comment 329…according to the HP Lexicon, I think I read that DD was 150 when he died

  • Cara

    Dan, in reply to message 334:

    “5 i believe to be harry… because he is the heir of/to gryffindor… he lived in goddric’s hollow, and as dumbledore said in the chamber of secrets, only a true gryffindor could have pulled the sword out of the sorting hat and that voldermort truely wanted the sword, but couldnt get it”

    I say that Harry is NOT the heir to Gryffindor because in the first book, the Sorting Hat almost put him in Slytherin. It was only his wishing not to be with Malfoy, but to be with the Weasleys instead that got him in Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat would not have considered even for a moment putting the heir to Gryffindor in the Slytherin house!


  • johny

    To Cara, the comment above…

    Harry is the heir to girff…
    Voldemort could not get to the sword so he turned Harry into the horcrux instead.

    The reason the sorting hat struggled to decide which whether to put him into griff or sylith was becuz harry had part of voldemort inside of him.

  • johny

    To Cara, the comment above…

    Harry is the heir to girff…
    Voldemort could not get to the sword so he turned Harry into the horcrux instead.

    The reason the sorting hat struggled to decide which whether to put him into griff or sylith was becuz harry had part of voldemort inside of him.

  • Greg

    HP cannot be the horcrux. We already saw Voldemort try to kill him in Goblet of Fire with the avda kadavra curse. Voldemort would not intentionally destroy his own horcrux….unless he doesnt know Harry is one. Maybe Harry finds out he is one and ends up sacrificing himself at the end of the next book in order to make Voldemort mortal so that “someone” (a.k.a Snape) has an opportunity to kill Voldemort once and for all….

  • Well, could Harry really be the heir of Gryffindor? Yes, his parent’s were living in Godrick’s Hollow. He did pull the sword out of the hat. Dumbledore told him that only a true G. could do that. We know he’s IN Gryffindor House. Doesn’t that make him a true Gryffindor, just like Ron or Hermione or all of the others?

    He is definitely special. The sorting hat wanted to put him in Slytherin because it detected some of Voldemort in him, like Dumbledore suspected. Dumbledore also suspected that Voldemort gave Harry those powers accidentally. I do not think Harry could be a horcrux, because he did not give him his soul intenionally. He was trying to KILL him, and has tried many times since. He wants Harry dead, but also wants to be the one to kill him. Harry was protected by his mother’s love. She gave her life to try to save her son. That is why the avada kadavra didn’t work. Since then, Voldemort has been plotting his revenge, and he wants to kill Harry. He used Harry’s blood to help him get his body back in hopes that some of the protection Harry has in his very body would be passed onto him. Lord Voldemort does not know how to love and be loved. That will be his downfall. Even Malfoy’s family knows about love. Draco’s mother is determined to save her son. Draco himself is extremely hesitant to killl Dumbledore. There is no one else like Voldemort. Love will be his downfall, because it is a mystery to him.

  • joe

    ok i absolutly agree that RAB is sirius brother and my whole family including myself think im brilliant for figuring that out..idk i might be wrong but id be surprised Plus in book 5 a locket is mentioned briefly in the Black house which cannot be opened which pretty much proves to me RAB is Regulas. I predict in book seven Harry Hermione and Ron all of the Order will hid out in the Black House because its safe and Harry doesnt need to stay with the Dursleys anymore cuz dumbledore sed when he turns 17 the spell his mom gave harry to protect him no longer does
    as for snape there is no doubt in my mind hes a bad guy but i think rowling did a pretty cheap job of all the exscuses of how he WASENT serving dumbledore in ch.2 of book 6. I think Snape should die and i think Mcgonagall ( cant spell) should do it…she seems like the type of person that is underestimated in her magical ability and she has to be a gifted witch if dumbledore appointed her 2nd in command I predict that Voldemort will sent snape to enter Hogwarts secretly in book 7 in order to bring him the sword of Griffindor for voldemort to put a horcruax in it..

  • joe

    i think when snape goes to get the griffindor sword mcgonnagal will kill snape..itd be pretty stupid if harry or somone else did it becuz mcgonnagal is so underestimated and she needs her moment to really shine as a witch
    and i used to think Harry was a Horcraux but now im not so sure..u guys made me 2nd guess myself…ur ideas r all wicked interesting tho…

  • joe

    i think it will piss off alot of people but i think harry is a horcraux and JKR will find a way to prove it..by killing both Harry and Voldemort people can never bug her about making more books although i did here she might write a preface

  • joe

    what ever happened to harry’s grandparents ? howd they die? they cant be more then 80? whered they go?

  • Greg

    JKR already wrote the epilogue supposedly about those who survive the ultimate battle…I think she might do a complete 180 and make Harry survive. It seems everyone now expects Harry to die or sacrifice himself in some way. Plus none of my theories as to the next book are ever right….so Harry being a horcrux is probably dead wrong. I think that the whole “love” thing is underestimated. We saw what happened in Goblet of Fire when the wands met. Imagine that happening again or something similar to it, but with Dumbledore and Sirius on Harry’s side. That all in all, might be the end of Voldemort….and I can follow my hopeless romantic theory that Harry and Ginny get back together and have lots of red-headed babies….

  • Greg

    Joe – Harry’s grandparents on his mother’s side are Muggles. Who knows about the Potter side? Plus I think the Harry as a horcrux theory is difficult because Voldemort is supposed to use a separate spell to make something a horcrux. Plus he would have made 6 horcruxes himself to reach 7. If Harry is one, then Voldemort doesnt know, which means Voldemort would have only made 5 plus himself. I think we saw Voldemort is too conceited and full of himself not to make 6 horcruxes.

  • joe

    i never even noticed ginny and harry broke up when did that happen? y? good points greg

  • joe

    what do people think of my mcgonagall killing snape theory?

  • joe

    greg- u say theres an epilogue after the big battle? im not doubting u but howd u hear about it? is there sumplace i can read it?

    heres an error jkr made hermione says u cant apparate on school grounds but dobby apparated in book 2 when harry was in the hospital becuz of the hospital incident. oops by jkr.

  • vale

    to 353- joe
    they ” broke up” after dumbledor’s funeral, on page 602, he tells her have to stop seeing each other, couse Voldemort would try to get to Harry through Ginny…
    Its all in page 602 and 603…

  • kaitlyn


    sorry to burst your bubble, but if Harry and Ginny had babies, they’d all most likely have black hair. But i still agree that they should end up together.

  • Olly

    In reference to gregs comment (351) if/when Voldemort and harry face off in the end, dumbledore and sirius wont come out of his wand to support him like in G.O.F because it wasnt Voldemort who killed them, only voldemorts victims come out, like his parents etc. etc.

    And i think Dumbledore must be dead irrespective of all the factual reasons. Mainly because it shows that harry is stepping up becoming a man, if Dumbledore helped him all the way it wouldn’t show how much harry had learnt and matured and how brave he is.

    Wouldnt you all agree?

  • Olly

    Harry must do this on his own!

    It is his destiny, not him and Dumblodores combined.

  • Michelle S.

    First of all, I don’t think Harry is a horcrux, but to prove that, I’ll first assume that Voldemort meant to make him one.

    First Voldemort hears the first part of the prophecy from Snape. He thinks about it, and chooses Harry as his equal. (although he didn’t know he had to choose ofcourse)Then he goes to Goddric’s Hallow to try and finish off Harry. when he gets into the house he first faces James, but kills him, next Lily, who he didn’t want to kill (why, I’m still don’t know for sure). He’d just killed two people so making Harry a horcrux would have been possible. Then he says the spell..

    This is the part that is clouded, did he want to make Harry a horcrux or just kill him?

    1.) He wanted to make a horcrux out of Harry. He said the spell, but because Harry’s mother had just died out of love for him, Harry had so much love surrounding him that Voldemorts couldn’t penatrate this barrier to house his soul in Harry. It backfired on him, and he disappeared, but still a little part of him was placed in Harry, not his soul, but more his abbilties. That’s why he has the scar, can speak Parseltongue and was almost sorted in Slytherin.

    2.) Voldemort wanted to kill Harry, but because of all the hatred he couldn’t penatrate Harry, the curse backfired and he died. At least that would’ve happened if he hadn’t already made the other horcruxes.

    Also I don’t think that the scar could be a horcrux, and that it somehow could be removed. (I don’t remeber who entered that theory first)But Dumbledore says in the first chapter of the first book to McGonagall that Harry would have that scar forever and that Dumbledore couldn’t do anything about it, even if he wanted to. (Altough that could mean someone else could)

    Secondly (different subject)Sanpe could’ve known that it was Draco’s task to kill Dumbledore (assuming that’s right, ’cause it’s never actally said.)Because when he made the unbreakeble vow.

    ‘And should it prove necessary… if it seems Draco will fail …’ whispered Narcissa (Snape’s hand twitched within hers, but he did not draw away), ‘will you carry out the deed that the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform?’
    There was a moment’s silence. Bellatrix watched, her wand upon their clasped hands, her eyes wide.
    ‘I will,’ said Snape.

    The moments silence could indicate that Snape is reading Narcissa’s mind, and that he therefore knew all along about Draco’s assignment.

    Ps. What do you think?

  • billy

    I believe Harry is a horcrux.JKR will find a way to show why Voldemort has had atemps to kill even tho harry housed his soul.
    Voldemort never used the AK curse on harry after he killed harrys parents. He marked Harry as an equal by making him a horcrux. He used either lily or james death to do this. The reason he disappeared nearly dead afterwords was becuz his soul was ripped so many times it was extremely weak.

    I believe this explains why theyre is a part of Voldemort in Harry. Dumbledore said there was, and it explains the sorting hat, how harry got poscessed, harry having powers and all that.

    Harry will kill the body of voldemort and then sacrafice himself in BOok 7. JKR wont have to write number 8.

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve tought a lot about that theory too, and it all seems to fit. But how is it that a part of Voldemort would be able to survive in Harry’s body? Voldemort is full of hatred and I’m pretty sure he would’ve noticed it more if he really had a part of Voldemort’s soul in him.
    If he made Harry a horcrux, could it be that it is already destroyed because of all the love in Harry? Voldemort wouldn’t notice everytime a horcrux had been destroyed, or at least that’s what Dumbledore said.

  • sam

    Good Thinking,
    but maybe Voldemort did know that the horcrux inside Harry was destroyed by love. That is why he has atempted to kill harry in all the books.
    Harry will kill Voldemort after only destroyed 6 Horcruxs and afterwards realize that the one inside him was already destroyed

  • Elwood

    Very Good points above…
    But lets say Voldemort actually tried to kill Harry 15 years ago and not make him a horcrux. The spell backsfires due to love and sacrafice of harrys mother. Voldemort would have died if he didnt have his other horcruxes. Isnt that one Horcrux less?

    What are some thoughts?

  • Greg

    Voldemort wouldnt have made Harry a horcrux after killing Lily or James because he tried using the AK on him almost immediately after. And I might be mistaken, but doesnt Voldemort use the AK curse on Harry in GOF after he regains his form. But the curse strikes a tombstone or misses him. He would not kill Harry if he was a horcrux because Dumbledore showed Harry that Voldemort must have 6 horcruxes plus Voldemort’s own body. He is too conceited and powerful to do otherwise. I think the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw horcrux is something we have already seen, but definitely not Harry.

  • Michelle S.

    Assuming that Harry was a Horcrux;
    1. Diary (destroyed)
    2. Ring (Slytherins, destroyed)
    6. Inside Harry (destroyed, read above theory)
    7. Voldemort

    I don’t know what the other three horcruxes are, and I don’t feel like speculating now either.

    One thing though, Voldemort didn’t know that Harry would be in Gryffindor, it would make the most sense, but he didn’t know yet. Harry might be the heir of Gryffindor, but that wouldn’t be the reason that he chose Harry to be a Horcrux, the reason he chose Harry (if he’s a Horcrux) would be the prophecy. therefore, their might still be something of Gryffindor on the list.

    Also I think that it would somehow make sense if there was somehing of all four of the founders. That would mean though that the locket isn’t a Horcrux, why Dumledore went with Harry to get it I don’t know. There’s only one thing I could think of. To teach Harry once again, one of the thing he will need when fighting Voldemort. Not sure what this is either. But he and the other teachers have learned Harry, Ron and Hermione everytime just enough when they were to face something.

    There’re a lot of loopholes in this theory, so you could probably discard it totally, but maybe someone else comes up with something by reading this.

    And sorry, apparently I did feel like speculating.

  • Michelle S.

    to Greg,

    It doesn’t say anywhere in the book that Voldemort tried to kill Harry as a fact. Dumbledore said this, but even he could’ve been wrong, since he wasn’t there when it happened. The only things Harry remembers are his mother pleading for her and Harry’s life, a green flash and a high pitched laughter. The green flash could’ve easily been from Voldemort’s curse killing Lily, what happened after that is still a mystery to everyone exept JKR.

  • Dan

    what significance do gryffindor’s rubies spilled on the steps of the entrance at the end of book six serve?

    1 the diary
    2 the ring
    3 the locket
    4 the cup
    5 (something of gryffindor’s)
    6 (something of ravenclaw’s)
    7 voldrmort

    1 the ring (we know is destroyed stolen from Marvolo descendant of slytherin)

    2 the diary (voldermort’s destroyed)

    3 the locket ??? (we presume to be destroyed by R.A.B.)(stolen from Hepzibah descendant of huffelpuff)

    4 the cup ??? (stolen from Hepzibah descendant of huffelpuff)

    5 something of Gryffindor’s (sword or possibly rubies) ????

    6 something of ravenclaw’s

    7 voldermort himself

  • prehaps voldermorte decided to turn harry into a horcrux but then it backfired?and did something strange instead?

  • Greg

    I think its pretty obvious that Voldemort tried to use that AK curse on Harry when he was a baby. He went there solely to kill him before he grew up and killed Voldemort as per the part of the prophecy that Snape overheard.

  • FuriousGreenDreams

    Just a few ideas I’d like to throw out… I just finished the book last night and have to think somethings through!

    I think Dumbledore knew he needed two people to get the horcrux from the cave, and he knew that one person would die… I also think that he made Snape promise to kill him. Remember that Dumbledore said repeatedly to Harry not to touch the water. So it’s dangerous, right? But what did Harry give DD? Water from the lake. This was killing DD… And who did DD ask for when they returned? Snape. When Snape finally burst in on DD and Draco, there wasn’t enough time to for Snape to see that Draco wasn’t fulfilling his promise. When DD says, “Severus… please…” I think he’s asking Snape to kill him so he won’t suffer after drinking the cave water, not to fulfill the Unbreakable Vow.

    I think the first two people who visited the cave to get the original horcrux were Sirius (or someone else) and Regulus… Regulus drank the water and that’s how he died. And I think that the horcrux that was there was NOT the locket, but Hufflepuff’s cup. I think that cup is now “disguised” as the Black family’s goblet… Remember that Sirius hated the goblets, but they were also what Mundungus was stealing.

    I think the “Harry (or his scar) as a horcrux” theory might have some validity.

    I think Snape is good and that the reason he came over to the “good” side is Lily’s death. She was nice to him, and I think he loved her and never intended her to get hurt. Someone else I know suspects that the reason Lily was so accomplished at potions was because Snape helped her and that the HBP potions book was truly his.

    Anyhoo, just some ideas after just finishing the book…


  • Michelle S.

    to Greg,

    I don’t believe that Voldermort made a horcrux out of Harry, nor that he intended to do it. But have you read Vodemort say anywhere that he wanted to kill Harry at that moment? I don’t think I have, Dumbledore said that this were his intentions, but since when has Dumbledore always been right?

  • Greg

    I am with you on the horcrux thing and Harry. I think its in 4 where Voldemort talks to Harry about going there to kill him and being defeated. But I could be wrong since I havent read GOF in a while. But I thought he told Harry he went there to kill him plus he does use the AK curse while at the cemetery but Harry dodges them.

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve just been reading some of the other comments again. And I think it might be very well possible that when Voldemort died, one of the pieces of his soul vanished, that would mean one horcrux less. Except ofcoure if he’s already made another one.

    to Greg,

    You’re right, he indeed does say himself that he’s tried to kill Harry. HP4 The Death Eaters (566 British version):

    ‘You know of course, that they have called this boy my downfall?’Voldemort said softly, his red eyes upon herry, whose scar began to burn so fiercely that he almost screamed in agony. ‘You all know that on the night I lost my powers and my body, I tried to kill him. His mother died in the attempt to save him – and unwittingly provided him with a protection I admit i had not foreseen… I could not touch the boy’

    Also to everyone else who could not remeber it, or who thought Voldemort wanted to make Harry a Horcrux, here’s the proof.


  • Charlie

    First off, if big d is not dead, I will lose some sort of respect for jkr. It would be like in Lord of Rings and all the main characters live. It is sad for good characters to die, but necessary.

    Filthy mudbloods!

  • catty


    Sirius Black shall play some role from behind the veil!

    We will hear about Snape and Lily’s relationship and why snape turned good.

    Aunt Petunia has some importance to book 7?


    COMMENT 361 and 363!

    Everything fits together!

  • andrew

    r u guys insane?? harry a horcrux. Youve got to be kidding me. think about it You really think some1 with the smarts voldemort has put a horcrux in some1 who people want dead?? Think about all the challenges harry faced in his years and you think voldemort doesnt know about all the shit he did voldemort would let one of his horcruxes be destoyed so easily and in the 4th book voldemort tried to kill harry u think about that?? you guys kill me lmfao u dont think

  • andrew

    post back any1 who thinks my logic is correct

  • andrew

    any1 remember what sirius’s grandfathers name was the was hogwarts head master?

  • I really hope that each horcrux is a mission on it’s own, and they have their own books.
    I know this might sound CRAZY, but I’m really sad when I think about the fact that the next book is the last. I would really enjoy if they had more and more books.
    Plus, it works out for everyone, cos this way, J K Rowling capitalizes on her little series, and I get a few more years of fun!

  • andrew

    and on comment 363 and 361 in the books ( if u read them witch i doubt judging from ur posts) it says harry saw a green light when he was remember from the dementors he saw hid parents get murdered and then saw himself get the AK ur funny think about it voldemort puts a horcrux in the person who is supposed to defeat him?? not likly

  • andrew

    and also after readin this shit u guys put up Voldemort wouldnt want people knowing hes making horcruxs y kill 2 high wizards i mean lily and james werent like gods or anything but they werent let backs they were good wizards y kill both of them 2 make a horcrux and risk exsposing ur plan?? and also people saying he killed lily and james to make the horcrux is bull shit because we all knew he was a murderer form book 1 and he only made 7? lord knows he murdered more then 7 people before he killed lily and james

  • andrew

    one hting for yuall to think about is the proboblity of harry killing voldemort in book 7 is like 99.9% impossible think about it so far… when hes come up with a problem hes had help from numerous people and in the D.O.M. and the deatheaters were there he had trouble taking out 1 heda died had the order not showed up and if all the death eaters cant defeat LV then hes screwed because if ur greedy and ????? (dont know the word) enough to join LV then ud think the death eaters would want power and all the death eaters take on LV not likly LV would smosh them abviously so i expect book 7 to be VERY VERY thick (lots of pages) giving harry , ron, and hermione training because we all know he needs it and we all know he cant do it alone

  • dlr

    What about Petunia? Neville? The forshadowing suggests that we may learn more about one and see great things from the other.

  • Greg

    Andrew – agree with you 100% about Harry being a horcrux. my logic has been the same as yours. He tried killing Harry a bunch of times already. And we saw how well protected the horcrux locket was. but you gotta remember there was no way he should have lived at the end of GOF. He was by himself then and actually used sheer will power to avoid dying when his and Voldemort’s wands met.
    But as to comment 383, thats very wishful thinking on the part of all of us. But if she was to go through each horcrux, even in book 7, we would be reading for years. Shes probably gonna take a shortcut and have the horcruxes already found or harry knows what they all are by the time book 7 starts.

  • Charlie

    Must be nice to be drunk and typing andrew

  • Michelle S.

    I’m not sure who’s with me on this, but I think that it would make most sense if there was one horcrux from all four of the founders of Hogwarts. I believe that he would’ve wanted a trophy from all four of them. And that he, by making a horcrux that was absolutely personal, thought himself equal to the founders.

    Marvolo’s ring (Slytherin’s heritage) has, of course, been destroyed. As has Tom’s diary.

    I think it could be that one part of Voldemorts soul was indeed destroyed, the night he tried to kill Harry.

    This would mean that Harry only has to find three other horcruxes and Voldemort.

    Someone offered that the horcrux that was originally in the cave, wasn’t Slytherin’s locket, but (for instance) Huffelpuf’s cup. This would fit perfectly with my theory that there is a horcrux from all four founders.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Michelle S.

    In Andrew’s defence, he might’ve been drunk, and yes, it’s not too smart to write things down then.

    But, he also might be from another country, where English isn’t the/a official language.

    In that case, you have probably some remarks for me too, ’cause my English isn’t too good either. Usually I just speak Dutch…

  • ooooookay…. about Snape not being the HBP, that’s just dumb. He Could have just gotten an old book- it doesn’t mean that he was that old!

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve just entered a lot of theories on my personal site. You could have a look there and see, with which you agree and with wich you don’t. It could maybe also help to form some other theories.


  • jo

    Firstly in reply to (this comment was posted a while back) Aantn, the excuse that harry is NOT going to die because it is a childs book is just pathetic, to be honest i see dumbledoore as more of a lovable charactor than harry, and she killed him off, as some people have been saying it is still unsure weather he is actually dead yet or not but he is belived to be dead so it has the same effects..

    Secondly in reply to Bill C (this comment was also posted a while back :P): You said that JK still reserves the right to change her mind about ‘Scar’ being the last word in the book, i doubt that she would do this as she has already written the last chapter, and had done a while back and changing the last word would in theory change the whole chapter which i don’t think she would do this far in..

    Thirdly a reply to greg Comment 352 (i think): you got me thinking about the whole grandparent thing, and i think now that we know that lilly’s parents must be dead, because i belive that when dumbledoore said he was sending harry to be with his closest relatives a mother of his mother would be closer that a sister of his mother. But Dumbledoore also said that he wanted harry to grow up outside the wizarding world so James’ parent could well still be alive. Then we come to the question of who they are, if they are still alive then i suspect that they will be someone already mentioned in the book, any thoughts?

    Fourthly… I’m not sure if i belive that harry is a horcrux or not but if he was i think voldemort had a reason for this. As we know, snape overheard the prophesiy wrongly so this would mean that all Voldemort heard was that some kid (harry) would grow to be his equal, now i think that instead of killing him voldemort may have made him or his scar a horcrux so that when harry grew up if he did kill him then voldemort would live on inside harry.. This idea seems impossible though, because why would voldemort have had the aveda kedavera curse rebounded if he’d just placed a horcrus inside him, Though he may have already thought of that and placed the horcrux there incase he was unable to kill harry..

    Fifthly, on the issue of snape, I belive that he IS in the middle somewhere as somebody has already mentioned, it will also catch up with him in the 7th book and he will have to decide where his loyaltys acctually lie..

    Sixthly, i think dumbledoore IS dead.. it would completly ruin the book if he was brought back ..

    And lastly i think that as people are saying snape DID love Lilly, and voldemort only killed her because she didn’t move out of the way. I think snape still wants to get revenge on voldemort for killing his love, so something will hapen about that in book 7 🙂 can’t wait…. and the fourth movie looks good too eh? 😛

  • Jules

    I’m the guy that first mentioned the two main theories about where the locket is (posts 44 – 49) and im just going to do a little recap on wat i believe.

    – RAB is Regulus Black.
    -Snape and Dumbledore had planned dumby’s death. This explains the conversation overheard by hagrid(maybe I dont want to do it any more…) and why dumbledore was so eager to teach harry EVERYTHING about horcruxes and stuff.Also why dumbledore stupidly stunned harry(to stop him from interfering).”Severus..Please…” was him asking snape 2 kill him.Like dumbledore said, he had known about Draco’s plans to kill him. Snape had to kill D to make it seem that he was in alliance with voldy still, and to stop draco from doing it but not have voldy kill draco 4 failing.And 4 all those who think that D is still alive, dont get ur hopes up. Hes not.
    -The Horcrux possibilities and wherabouts:
    1.Diary- Destroyed
    2.Ring- Destroyed
    3.Hufflepuff’s cup- Unknown
    4.slytherin’s locket- a.In possesion of the house elf, Kreacher. b.In Possesion of Mundungus fletcher. c.Wherever or whoever he sold it to(possibly Borgin&Burkes).
    5-6.A. something of ravenclaw’s(only a true Gryffindor can posses the sword)
    D.Harry’s wand
    If there is any aspect of the books mysteries i forgot to mention, let me know.

    P.S. For those who dont like spoilers, go cram a potato up ur butt. this is a place 4 people who want to talk about the WHOOOOOLE BOOK. And the others.

  • Jules

    About dumbledore, he miiiiiight pull a gandalf and come back and be all kickass, but i doubt it. if anything, harry will talk 2 the portrait. it might even speak in riddles. Dandy.

  • Jules

    And the whole snape-lilly thang… He did like her, but him revenging her..echt! o_0

  • Michelle S.

    To Jules,

    You could tell us what you think about the unbreakable Vow that Snape mad with Narcissa. And if there are any mysteries concerning this.

    Just to everyone. I have a question. Assuming Voldemort made seven Horcruxes, wouldn’t it make sense, if there was some kind of logic as to what he turned in to one? It would make sense if they were some kind of trophies of something.
    What do you think? Is there supposed to be any link/logic in regard to the Horcruxes?

    Ps. How about the theory I tried to explain above?

  • Michelle S.

    to Jules,

    What do you mean by the last word on the sentence in post 396 ‘echt’?

    If my memory serves, this is either Dutch or German for ‘really’, isn’t it?

  • Jules

    Snape had no trouble making the vow. He just had 2 kill dumbledore if draco failed. He had 2 make the vow to keep his cover anyway.
    PS i have to go 4 the rest of the day, i will talk more as soon as possible

  • Jules

    Echt is me sounding like im gonna barf. sorry

  • Greg

    Jo – nice comment. My only thing is that Voldemort didnt expect the AK curse to bounce back. Remember he was the most powerful wizard…and thought himself as such. I doubt he would have a back up plan because he never expected to fail. So I dont think he would have made Harry a horcrux before trying the AK.
    Michelle – couldnt access the site. Said it no longer exists. As for the trophy theory thats gotta hold true. Im sure theres some ravenclaw item out there. Its the Gryffindor one thats confusing me. I think it might have something to do with Neville. His parents were Aurors who were after Voldemort. Thats a theory though.

  • Angela

    how can harry be a horcrux when LV states that he ‘miscalulated when he tried to kill harry ‘ that his kinlling curse rebounded on him and he was ripped from his body’ (GOF page 566 english)so he was in no physical state to perform any spell let alone make a horcrux by splitting his soul on killing lily and james. if this is the case there are only 6 horcruxs as he never made the seventh. what do you think

  • UBleeve2much

    1st of all Dumbledore is mmost definetly dead because the curse put on Harry was lifted when Dumbledore was killed.
    2nd- Who says there can’t be more than seven horcruxes. Riddle did mention “wouldn’t seven horcruxes be better” but any half-minded person would know, it takes Mario longer to die if he has 50 lives than seven
    3rd- I read this on another message board: Dumbledore made it clear to Malfoy that death could be faked. The main basis of my theory is two fold:
    1. JKR made a point of telling us that Scrimgouer (or however you spell it, the new minister of magic) had lion like qualities, particularly his hair.
    2. Sirius, as a star, comes from canis major (the dog) and Regulus as a star comes from Leo (the lion).
    Regulus is the minister of magic- and he is still alive.
    4th- I read this somewhere too: if RAB is r and b then i think its could be rodolphus and bellatrix. as in the lestranges.
    And to wrap it up, I still can’t decide if Snape is good or bad

  • UBleeve2much

    Who says Voldemort really triad to kill harry anyway, maybe he thought way ahead. Heard the prophecy. Killed Harry’s parents to split his soul. Made harry a horcrux and figured harry would be too chicken to sacrifice hisself to kill Voldemort.

  • UBleeve2much

    If ‘”neither shall live while the other survives” wouldn’t harry be sacrificing himself anyway when he kills Voldemort?

  • Greg

    Voldemort said he really tried to kill Harry. Wouldnt make Harry a horcrux and then decide to make himself into nothing. Guy is too bad, too conceited to think that way. That would be admitting defeat almost.

  • jo

    Greg – Yeah i overlooked that 😛 .. But to Jules, your theory about harry’s wand, you might be on to something there. I thought about it eariler, but forgot about it. But think about it, harry has the only other wand made from the same phenix’s feathers, so he may have made the connection and put the horcrux in harry’s wand. Maybe the only way to remove it would be to (like harry did to voldemort in GOF) make harrys wand regurgate it.. maybe :)… Not sure. You guys are good thinkers, finding it hard to keep up 😛

  • Jules

    That Bit about scrimgeor was brilliant. and thanks about the wand.

  • jo

    Makes sense

  • jo

    so you recon that rufus is regulas?

  • jo

    If you reply, and i don’t answer, i haven’t gone but i’ll check back in about 45 minutes.. that was to jules 🙂

  • mike

    OK voldy trys to kill harry on the night her heard the prophecy and harry was a baby…it backfires and Lord V is almost dead…he makes harry a horcrux AFTER he tried to kill him and then dissapeares


  • jo

    No couldn’t happen :S, when the curse is backfired voldemort was instantly stripped from his body, so there would be no after unfortunatly, but nice try 🙂

  • jo

    If voldemort WAS going to make harry a horcrux then he must have done it before he tried to kill him which then would make absaloutly no sense.. meaning i doubt harry IS a horcrux.. it was a really good idea though, wonder who came up with it.

  • steph

    If the locket from Grimmauld Place was a horcrux then Harry would have felt one of his familiar stabs of pain, this is a piece of Voldemort’s soul and there is a connection between their minds. Harry would have felt something!

    Severus is evil! This isn’t a fairytale. Jo could stuff up the whole series by trying to turn him around! He didn’t harm Harry in the final scene because he is under the Dark Lords orders not to harm Harry, because the Dark Lord wants to murder him personally.

    If Regulus stole the horcrux then wouldn’t Voldemort have been incredibly angry and murdered him personally rather than allowing his Death Eaters to do so?

    Albus knew that Harry still requires his assistance, and knew that Harry was not quite ready for him to die. While he might not have been afraid of death, ie “death is but the next great adventure” he knew that Harry would appreciate his assistance in vanquishing Voldemort. He did not plan his own death or urge Serverus to murder him.

    Andrea Comment 305:: The blood from Albus’ mouth is from the impact of hitting the ground from the fall from the Astronomy tower, even though he is dead blood can still trickle from his mouth! Dumbledore’s eyes were closed, because he was not afraid of dying or surprised. He could see in Severus’ mind that he was evil and was going to kill him.

    Albus is dead! The pictures in the headmistress’s office are of ex-heads. Not necessarily dead ones!

  • 1 I hate Ginny. Hermione is better
    2 RAB is Regulus Black
    3 Learn to spell you idiots
    4 He didn’t make 7 Horcruxes- he made 6. If you have not split your soul, you still have 1 soul, 0 Horcruxes. 2 halves, 1 horcrux, etc.
    5 for UBleeve2much- having more than 6 would be a pointless and irrational for JKR to go out of her way and say that. Plus it screws up the symbolism of the number 7. But I do enjoy your theory of Regulus and Sirius

  • Greg

    Steph – DD didnt see into snape’s mind. JKR couldnt mention enough how good Snape was at occlumency. Not even Voldemort could see into Snapes mind, ket alone DD. Snape didnt necessarily have to kill him. He could have used one of the other spells….especially the Imperius curse….on Harry. But he didnt, leaving it open to debate how evil Snape really is or whether this was all part of DD’s plan. Dont forget, DD knows Harry sucks at occlumency and that Snape can get into his mind. He may have intended Snape to help Harry that way cause he knew he was no longer gonna be able to do it as he aged.
    We dont know how Regulus was killed or who killed him. I like that whole Rufus Scrimgeour theory. Thats a neat little idea I never thought about.

  • Vivek K

    I think that R.A.B. is Regulas Black
    Also maybe……..

    He is a spy for Dumbledore who must have tipped him off about He Who Must Not Be Named is going to go after Harry ( Fudge says that Dumbledore’s spy tipped Dumbledore off in HP 3 : TPOA)

    Also mebbe the Slytherin Locket and Hufflepuff Cup are in 12 Grimmauld Palace and could have been stolen by Mundungus or whatever is his name?
    Plus as he was going to sell them,they could have been destroyed by their owners accidently ie Dumbledore said that Lucius had done the same thing with the diary

    Also that i dont think a wand cannot be a horocrux

    and the horocrux might be either in grimmald palace or in godric’s hollow?

  • Michelle S.

    Everything that’s just been said about Rufus Scrimgeour seems to fit, except for this:If Regulus is Rufus, how come Kreacher obeyed Harry? Wouldn’t he have obeyed Regulus and not Harry, if Regulus was still alive?

    Apart from this it is a very good theory. And if Rufus is Regulus, it could be that he has something of Gryffindor’s with Voldemorts Horcrux. Then the whole lion thing is complete.

    It could also be that JKR told us about Rufus’lion like qualities to indicate he has something of Gryffindor’s.

    How about this?

  • Bob

    I agree with the standard view of the Horcruxes as laid out in book 6 (Voldemort, diary-destroyed, ring-destroyed, locket-most likely same locket as one in book 5 at 12 Grimmauld, Hufflepuffs Cup, something from Gryffindor/Ravenclaw and Nagini).

    I think that the person in comment #330 is completely right. Labelling anyone as 100% good or bad is a mistake and that’s one important lesson that Harry will learn in Book 7. People that he’s spent his entire life hating (Aunt Petunia, Kreacher, Draco, Snape) all may end up having a positive impact on Harry in some way in the next book.

    To elaborate on Snape in particular I think that the main theory – that Dumbledore and Snape planned Dumbledore’s eventual death at Snape’s hands – is correct. Not that Snape was overly excited about the prospect of killing the one man that truly gave him a second chance…but Snape is as much ‘Dumbledore’s man through and through’ as Harry is.

    The person in comment #259 that mentioned Harry and Snape sharing the same ‘look of hatred and revulsion’ is definitely on to something here. They were both in effect or actually ‘killing’ one of the most important people in their lives!

    But Snape is NOT a good person. He’s hateful, spiteful, arrogant and mean-spirited. That doesn’t mean he’s not on the same side of the fight as Harry…that just means he’s not a very pleasant person. But Snape has his good points too – he’s a wonderful wizard, a good teacher when emotions aren’t in the way and a VERY accomplished potion maker. He’s also fiercely loyal to Dumbledore to the extent of being willing to kill him even though the very thought of doing so was as revolting to him as pushing the potion down Dumbledore’s throat was to Harry.

    One thing that REALLY bothered me though was Harry’s pushing away Ginny at the end. Dumbledore had stressed over and over to Harry the value of love – that Harry’s capacity to love would be the key to defeating Voldemorte. At the end of book 6 Harry seems to be pushing people away from him…not drawing strength from his ties of love to the friends he has around him. I think that will probably be a key in book 7 – at this point Harry is firmly dedicated to the idea that he needs to push all those he cares about away from him. I think that book 7 will most likely take Harry on a journey where he tries to do things himself and comes around to realize that it’s his bonds of love – both the romantic love that he feels for Ginny and the platonic love he feels for Ron and Hermoine – that will allow him to prevail in the end.

  • ikkle

    I firmly believe that Harry is the last horcrux. Think of it, “heir of Gryffindor”…. HARRY (Heir)… born on Godric Hollow (Godric Gryffindor)… last relic available to Voldy.

    Perhaps the liquid in the bowl itself was a horcrux and, when D drank it, he took the horcrux onto himself. He knew it and asked Snape to kill him if he ended up right about it. They argued, but Snape had already agreed. Then, when the time came, D said ‘snape, please’.

    Also, another arguement in favor of Severus being a good guy is his name. A friend let me in on this (I don’t know where she got it, but makes sense):

    The name “Severus Snape” makes you think of snakelike, craftiness. As well as severe in nature. But she ventured taht severus is a derivative of “sever” – to cut. Then, if you run his name together, it sounds almost like “sever a snake”. And, as we know that he is the head of Slytherin, perhaps it is indicative of his cutting off of the ‘dark side’…

  • joe

    I dont think harry himself is a horcraux i think voldemort unintentionally put a horcraux in harry’s scar. the last sentence of book seven is “and then harry’s scar was gone…” if harry does kill voldemort all parts of his soul will be gone too and so harry’s scar will vanish

  • Michelle S.

    to Ikkle,

    I don’t think Severus is derived from sever, mostly because non of the frist names of teacher are. Just look at this:
    Albus (Dumbledore)= white
    Minerva (McGonagall)= Roman Goddess of wisdom
    Remus (Lupin)= oar
    Dolores (Umbridge) =pain

    And there will probably more of these names, but those I can’t think of right now. Because all these names have litterally translations, it would only be logical for Snape’s to be so. So I think Severus just stands for severe, strict and isn’t derived from something else.

    Although the theory isn’t bad…

  • Jules

    To comment 419 by michelle S.: Bellatrix was alive too but Sirius passing down the house to harry overpowered the blood relationship.

  • Michelle S.

    to Jules,

    That could indeed be true. Very good thinking.

    Then the whole theory might be just after all.

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve just added a lot

  • Danielle

    i agree that the water that dumbledore was forced to drink was the horcrux, but i dont understand why dumbledore would tell harry that the locket was the horcrux. possibly to make it so he must drink it, but then the locket wouldnt be a horcrux and there is still something from slytherin that is a horcrux and needs to be destroyed. unless the locket WAS destoryed by r.a.b (regelus black) and dumbledore then discovered that the water was also a horcrux? this book was amazing, i cant say which is best, all 6books have different magical content in them. ginny and harry will get back together of course, harry will realise he must, as dumbledore basically told him this when telling him that love gave him the most protection against voldemort. as for snape, cant decide, i hope hes gunna be good, and it would explain the REAL reason why dumbledore trusted him, because an unbreakable vow was made from snape to dumbledore. every1 always wondered why he trusted snape, and that was no real reason that was given by harry at the end of book6. but theres no chance for draco now, him and his mother and father will be dead if they betray voldemort further. oh and wormtail is going to save harrys life or sumethin important like that cos he still owes his life to harry, and so still must repay a favour. apparently lilly has a big secret that plays a big part in book7! (seriously cant wait, goin mad lol) :-p

  • Danielle

    ps michelle are u from the uk? cos ur time is the same as mine thats all. like ur theories by the way, wot dya think of mine? anybody?

  • Brad

    On the topic of Harry being a Horcrux– Voldemort came back to life with the blood of Harry. Maybe his blood was the horcrux used to bring voldemort back to strength.

  • Greg

    It seems alot of people are missing the idea of the horcrux. Voldemort used trophies per se. He wouldnt make water or potion horcruxes. But items of value that he expected to cherish and keep safe so that his sould wasnt destroyed easily.
    Joe, comment 422….is that really the last line? I heard the last word was “scar”, which can be used in so many ways.
    Danielle – yeah I feel like we havent learned too much about Lily yet and HBP started to show that we will learn more…with Slughorn always saying Lily was his favorite etc. Plus people always saying Harry has her eyes. But we know nothing about her.
    The ring of Marvolo was Slytherin’s and was detsroyed so that was what was slytherins and destroyed.

  • jo

    i totally disagree with the ‘Potion that dumbledore drank = Horcruxe’ theory.. It makes no sense, the potion made dumbledore really week and we don’t know that if Snape hadn’t killed him, the potion might have, which would technicaly destroy it, and voldemort wouldn’t want that at all.. It just doesn’t make sense..
    And i now disagree with harry as a horcruxe theory, i think that the last horcruxe has to be something close to harry, or something really unexpected but not harry himself. And Joe- if that really is the last line it could just mean that the link between voldemort and harry was finnaly broken so his scar leaves him. It doesn’t nesceceraly mean that his scar was the horcruxe.. this is all way too complecated.
    Michelle comment 423 – Amazing comment, i never thought about that before, nice one 🙂
    I am now also not to sure about Snape being on the good side, i think it’s just to east to think about, there has to be something else to it if snape really is going to help harry. I’m not sure………… this is hard 😛

  • tamra

    it was great reading everyones theories. i also wondered if Harry might be a horcrux. I also believe that Pettigrew will come into play because of the debt he owes harry for saving his life. which is actulaly interesting ..because to quote the prophecy “and either must die at the hand of the other” … Voldemort just so happened o tmake a hand for pettigrew in Goblet of Fire…hmmm….maybe? i dunno.
    (Also, interesting to note… James Potter saved Snape, remember? Snape may still be in debt to James…

    And lastly, I had another huge ! lightbulb! theory while reading the prophecy which agrees which other people’s predictions about Snape needing to teach Harry more about Occlumency, etc. “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches” I always thought “approaches” was such a weird word to use, then I thought, well what if this was literal?? hmmm.. Guess who was approaching as Sybill was prophecying to Dumbledore….Snape! interesting…. Perhaps the power (occlumency, forgiveness, love, i dunno) to vanquish the lord is posessed by Snape which he has to give or sacrifice to Harry.

    Anywyas that’s my two cents…

    I also like the Regulus – Scrimgour theory, but it doesnt seem to quite fit. regulus would also probably be a animagus like his brother… probably a cat. i dunno…

    and about the scar being removed, i just reread book 1 and Dumbledore tells Harry (p 19 paperback American) he’ll have the scar forever. when hagrid asks if DD could do something about, DD replies tht even if he could, he wouldn’t and that “scars can come in handy”

  • jo

    Thinking about it i don’t believe in the regulas = Scrimgeour idea, it doesn’t really fit. i just typed out a whole long reason for it and it didn’t seem to make sense, but i just don’t think it would fit.. or something :p
    but i DO aggree with one persons theory, can’t remember who it was that said this but i think that they could be on to something. As they said, JK always seems to describe him as lion-like, and she said this more than once as if she was hinting about something, so i think he might have something to do with gryfindor and possible have some connection with a horcrux. I think we will learn alot more about him in book 7.
    I also think we will learn more about these charactors in book 7:
    and Mr weasly (Not sure why, just have a hunch :P)
    But i am again disagreeing with what i said in my earlier comments, when i spoke about maybe James’ Parents, i now don’t believe that JK will introduce MORE charactors into the books, so i think we can rule them out. Sadly..
    I also had another thought about R.A.B, i think it COULD be someone from slugworms old faverioutes, because they would have heard Tom ask about the horcruxes, so maybe they figure out that it was him.

  • perhAps godrics hollow itself is a horcrux if it did belong to (godric gryffindor)him voldemort could have made that a horcrux if he found nothing else of gryffindors like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone only to see it rebound and knock u out

  • Michelle S.

    I don’t know, but I think that’s it pretty weird that Dumbledore just ‘lost’ his wand.

    And, since we’re going back and forward anyway, let’s get back to Dumbledore losing his wand. He’d just said the spell to freeze Harry in mid-air, when Draco disarms him. Don’t you all think it’s a bit weird that Dumbledore loses his wand to a student? He’s the most powerful wizard since… (I don’t know), and even Voldemort fears him. Why then is it possible that Draco disarms Dumbledore? I think it is because he lets him. So now there’s Dumbledore without his wand. But even without it, he’s a very powerful wizard. We’ve heard about him doing magic without his wand. Like, clapping his hands to change the school colors from green and silver, to gold and red. This is at the end of the first book. This is just a small example, but the only one I can think of right now, and it proves that Dumbledore can do magic without a wand. Why didn’t he? Because he was too weak? I don’t think so! If he really didn’t want to die yet, he would’ve at least tried something, but even that he didn’t do. This shows that it was really his intention to die, to be murdered by Snape.

    What do you think?

    Ps. Danielle, I’m from the Netherlands.

  • Danielle


    to jo, 431, i think u misunderstood my theory about the potion dd drunk bein a horcrux, either that or i was tired and failed to explain it correctly. in the book it is clearly stated that the locket was also sytherins, as it had the symbol of the serpent on it, therefore this would be aswell as the ring dd destroyed. voldemort would make the potion a horcrux as he would never believe anyone to drink it and then be killed with it inside them, as dd did. voldemort never believed that one person could finish the potion themselves, due to the one person in the boat thing. therefore the potion bein a horcrux does make sense, because the person drinkin it would die from the drinkin the potion, which wouldn’t destroy it, however dd was KILLED by snape and so the potion therefore destroyed. do u understand the difference i am trying to point out or am i really bad at explaining things?! lol. as for the Scrimgeour theory it would make sense as he was always tryin to find out what dd n harry was up to. however this could just be a nosy minister! i personally think that who r.a.b is isnt highly important, though obviously has some significance, and jkr has just used this to destract the attention away from the death of dumbledore. yes i believe he is dead, though i sort of agree that it was a plan between snape and dd. let me no wot u think bout this theory

  • Michelle S.

    Also, I stil agree with Greg and what I’ve said before. I think the Horcruxes ought to be trophees (one from each of the founders), and that by making his diary into a horcrux he thought himself equal to the founders. Then I think one has alreadt been destroyed the night Voldemort tried to kill Harry. And obviously, the last part is inside Voldemort.

    Ok, I know I missed something right now, but I don’t know what. Annoying!

  • Danielle

    michelle s. i agree with your theory about dd’s death, as i too believe that he could have easily got out of that situation if he wished to. whether this was to allow snape to kill him we wont know untill the next book but it is highly likely. as for godrics hollow, it is also likely but i think it will be something more like the sorting hat, as it isnt a person but yet has a mind of its own. does all this remind you of mr weasleys constant reminder to harry and co about never trustin somethin that u cant see where its brain is? ie the diary (former horcrux) that possessed ginny. i think this might be important too

  • Danielle

    michelle, i know that the horcrux bein the liquid idea is far fetched, but so are all theories if u think about it! the liquid could possibly be somethin from the four founders, there is no evidence to state that it is or it isnt, i dont know how it could be but we never know. what are ur theories about the ending of book7. apparently jkr has only told too ppl the ending, the actors who play snape and hagrid. could this be a clue as to they play a big part in the finale (of the film obviously). i believe so as i dont understand why she would tell these two and not tell people who she is closer too. ps i have seen a photo of the actress who plays cho in g.o.f coming out in november and i think she is perfect for the part, very pretty and just how she id described in the book. however barty crouch is not how i imigined him at all

  • Michelle S.

    to Danielle,

    Where did you read that JKR has told Alan Rickman (Snape) and Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid). I haven’t read it. And you’re right that all the speculations are far fetched, but I still think that the potion isn’t a hHrcrux.

    And since the locket they found in the cave, was fake, it would have been possible for an other object to be in the cave.

    Also if the potion was a Horcrux, who was the note from that Harry found in the locket? Who would RAB be then?

  • Danielle

    michelle, i read that she told them in an interview she did recently, i think it might have been on the muggle net website, though i am not certain as i go on many websites. i understand 100% your criticisms for the potion being a horcrux, and although i find it hard to believe myself there is something about it that i cant let go, its the sort of think that jkr would do. i respect ur opinion tho, i dont mind if ppl like u give ur opinion without being nasty about it, its when others have a go at my thoeries without any logic that annoys me. i dont really understand what you meant at the end of ur post about r.a.b, i dont understand what that has to do with the potion? let me know what u think ta

  • Michelle S.

    to Danielle,

    What I meant is: if the potion was as you say a Horcrux, who left the note in it, and why is it signed with RAB, who says that he has the real Horcrux?

    My point is, what is the note about, if the potion was the Horcrux?

  • Danielle

    michelle, i believe that the locket could also be a horcrux, and that r.a.b is the person who took it. as i explained the potion would kill the person who drank it, as it would have done r.a.b however i dont think that if the person died as a result of the potion, this wouldnt destroy the potion. instead you had to kill the potion, therefore kill the person (like snape did dd). does this answer ur question? basically the locket is a horcrux aswell lol

  • Michelle S.

    to Danielle,

    It does answer my question, although I’m not convinced.

    What do you think about the trophy and Voldemort thinking himself equal to the founders theory?

  • Danielle

    yea i agree 100% with the theory about him thinkin himself equal. its what he always wanted wasnt it, the fame and fortune and wanted to be powerfull. well he certainly got it in the end didnt he! i think though that the four trophies from the founders are not as obvious as what is being thought. the slytherin ring has been destroyed by dumbledore and i think that the locket was a second trophy for slytherin that was made a horcrux, because riddle/voldemort always treasure salizar slytherin above all others. he therefore would have too for this house has it meant more to him if that makes sense? its all very complicated really isnt it lol

  • Yue

    It’ll will make sense if harry was a horcrux wont it? think about it everyone, the prophency says only basically, only the marked one which is Harry can kill voldemort and vice vera. So, the only way voldemort can survive therefore is to kill harry or if neither kills each other. The only way to do this is to make harry a horcrux. If u understand me, if harry tries to kill voldemort, he cannot, he would have to kill himself 1st, which would mean that no one else can kill voldemort according to the prophency. So therefore voldemort is invincible as every1 else would fail. So, its a win-win situation for voldemort, harry has to kill himself and throwing away the only person that can destroy voldemort or harry can just leave voldemort alone. Voldemort survives on both situations. However, an above post maybe correct, the horcrux inside of harry hay have already been destroyed due to his mother’s love and so that voldemort’s soul cannot touch harry. This maybe is how harry wins in the end.

  • Michelle S.

    to Yue,

    I know I came up with that theory, but that doesn’t mean I believe it, as I also stated.
    Secondly, I’ll copy a piece I’ve written on my msn space, to prove that harry isn’t a Horcrux

    I don’t think that Harry’s a Horcrux, although there are a lot of speculations as to how he could be one.

    Here’s my reason for not believing that Harry’s a Horcrux: (HP4 The Death Eaters)

    ‘You know of course, that they have called this boy my downfall?’ Voldemort said softly, his red eyes upon Harry, whose scar began to burn so fiercely that he almost screamed in agony. ‘You all know that on the night I lost my powers and my body, I tried to kill him. His mother died in the attempt to save him – and unwittingly provided him with a protection I admit I had not foreseen… I could not touch the boy’

    In this part, Voldemort himself states that he intended to kill Harry when he was still a baby. I think it’s easy enough to understand that for this reason alone Harry couldn’t be a Horcrux. And after his demise Voldemort couldn’t have made him one, because he didn’t have the strength.

    Also as someone else said, Voldemort thought himself the most powerful wizard ever. And would’ve therefore thought to be able to kill Harry at once, and not, like is stated somewhere else, make him a Horcrux first. Voldemort had too much of an ego to think he could ever be defeated.

  • joe

    greg comment 430: yea im pretty much positive in an interview jkr said the last sentence in book 7 had to with harry’s scar vanishing

  • Bob

    i think dobby and kreacher are going to have steamy hot homosexual elf sex.

  • Bob

    what everyones thought’s on that theory? mine comment 449

  • Julia

    Wow, the amount of comments here is overwhelming.. Although, the theories are spectacular. And forgive me if this has already been mentioned, but these are my opinions:

    I don’t think that R.A.B. will be particularly certain to the story, however I am almost entirely convinced the the locket in Grimmauld Place was a Horcrux. Regulus was described as being too much of an idiot, but then again, maybe there is something to him that Sirius didn’t know. In any case, Harry would everntually realize this and hunt down the locket and try to destroy it. I can only hope that he finds out that the Horcrux within the locket has already been destroyed by R.A.B.?

    I think it’s impossible that Harry will hunt down 4 Horcruxes in one book, and manage to destroy them. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny will be particularly important, but even the 4 of them won’t accomplish the task. This means that there are either not as many Horcruxes as we think, or that Haryy will get help from more experienced wizards, or both.

    Which brings me to Snape, who I am just not quite sure about to make a solid argument. There are clues poiting in either direction really. Mostly everyone believes Snape to be good – I hope that he is, but wouldn’t him being evil be so much more of a twist? Wouldn’t it be so much more surprising to us fans if, after dwelling on Snape’s good side for 2 years, we finally find out in the 7th book that Snape really did mean to kill Dumbledore, without any plan to do so? However, I think that Snape tries very hard to be truly evil, but in the end he will realize where his loyalties lie and help Harry defeat Voldemort (and destroy a Horcrux, perhaps?) The same is true for Draco – he will never stop hating Harry, but he will help him in the end. Maybe history will repeat itself and Harry will save Draco’s life, just like James saved Snape’s, and Draco will have to help Harry, even though he despises him? It’s possible, isn’t it?

    Something that really bothers me though is that Harry can’t kill Voldemort by himself because he can’t use an Unforgivable Curse, even on someone he hated as much as he hated Bellatrix after she killed Sirius. But the propehcy states that “either must be killed by the hand of the other”, or something like that, and how can this be fulfilled if Harry simply can’t perform the killing curse? The answer to this, i believe, lies in Dumbledore’s words in the end of the Order of the Phoenix when he fights Voldemort:
    V: You do not seek to kill me, Dumbledore?
    D: We both know there are other ways of destroying a man, Tom.
    V: There is nothing worse thatn death, Dumbledore!
    D: You are quite wrong. Indeed, your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness.

    This is crucial to the ending of the story. Harry won’t directly kill Voldemort. For the series to end, Voldemort must experience something “far worse than death”. Which brings me to one of your theories, one of Harry being a Horcrux. At first I thought it was far-fetched, and I still do, to a certain point, because how could Harry have been made a Horcrux? I have no clue. Nevertheless, in the end, it would make perfect sense for the other Horcruxes to be destroyed, except Harry, who Voldemort does not know is a Horcrux – if he did, he wouldn’t have tried to kill him in Order of the Pheonix and Goblet of Fire. Of course, there is always the question why Snape saved him when fleeing – could it be because Snape knew that Harry, or perhaps his scar, was a Horcrux? In any case, the point that I’m trying to make is that in the end, someone such as Snape, or maybe even Draco, or Wormtail, who still owes his life to Harry, will kill Voldemort. All the Horcruxes will be destroyed, except Harry, and Voldemort will realize that his only remaining way of survival would be to live within Harry, his final Horcrux, until he could be resurrected again. However, as we learned in Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort can’t stand being in Harry’s body. And I think that this is what will bring about his downfall – his residence in a place where he simply cannot be. Wouldn’t this qualify as being “worse than death”? And the force of love that Harry has within him would finally destroy Voldemort for good. Therefore, the prophecy would be fulfilled.

    Now, Dumbledore. I have no doubt in my mind that he could have protected himself against Malfoy, and when he pleaded with Snape, it could have easily been pleading for Snape to kill him. It makes sense for this to be a plan, yes, especially considering how much knowledge Dumbledore had in that cave (he went there beforehand, but went this second time just to show Harry what it is that he’s facing and that it’s possible to destroy it) and the argument between Dumbledore and Snape that Hagrid overheard. Dumbledore may have very well ordered Snape to kill him, and although I am not sure whether Snape really did perform the killing curse, I do believe Dumbledore to be dead. Snape didn’t have to mean the Avada Kedavra, and the look on his face is parallel to how Harry felt when he was feeding Dumbledore the potion. But he undoubtedly did something besides the killing curse, for Dumbledore flew off the tower, something that shouldn’t have happened. I definitely believe Dumbledore to be dead physically, as the 7th book would be slightly ruined with the reappearance of Harry’s guide and mentor. But what of Dumbledore telling Malfoy that he could protect him when everyone would think him to be dead? These words weren’t just thrown into the conversation, I believe that they will be important later on, maybe concerning another character? Nevertheless, Harry has to go through the 7th book alone, or at least without guidance – I am not saying that he should do it without his friends, in fact, it is essential that he does. However, I believe that the dead will have greater importance in the last book. Remember when Luna was talking to Harry in the end of Order of the Phoenix, and he seemed convinced that she would see her dead mother again through the veil in the Ministry of Magic? I think it is entirely possible that Harry will attempt this, and will probably succeed, and end up talking to Sirius, or perhaps even his parents – Luna’s mother didnt fall through the veil, and Luna still says that she’s there with the other souls, so why shouldn’t Harry’s parents be? Dumbledore, on the other hand, will serve a role through his portrait on the wall. The only thing taht confuses me about this theory is that if everyone knew how much importance Dumbledore’s portrait could have, why did nobody try to speak to him there the night taht he died? Even as they’re discussing where Dumbledore should be buried, why ddin’t they just ask him, as he was right there? Maybe portraits don’t contain the true souls of the living people, or just, I don’t know, some kind of memory? I hope that this isn’t the case, because I think that it will be necessary for Harry to speak to Dumbledore once more throug his portrait, as I’m sure he will return to Hogwarts, even if it does close down, at least for a portion of the book. He just wouldn’t survive out in the open.

    Wow, this took a while to write… Any thoughts?

  • Yue

    Maybe Michelle, yeah.

    And yeah, the potion isnt a horcrux and anyway, doesnt it have to be an obect? I mean a clever object to have for a horcrux if for the ordinary ovject, like the bowl that was holing the horcrux. No one would suspect that and the person who stole the locket would go leaving the bowl behind. This is just an example and i know it doesnt fit into the theory of an object form each founder but then again, that’s what voldemort wants u to think, he doesnt want to be predictable does he?

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve just posted a very long theory on why Snape is ‘good’ on my msn space, if you’re interested you could read it, it’s finished.

    Please tell me what you think.

    ps. mostly just fitting all the pieces together.

  • Julia

    Oh, I forgot my ideas for the Horcruxes in my last post (comment 451). Here is what I think they can be:

    1 – ring (slytherin’s, destroyed)
    2 – locket (also slytherin’s, possibly destroyed, or if not its the locket in grimmauld place that mundugus probably sold)
    3 – cup (hufflepuff’s)
    4 – nagini (will be killed by someone close to voldemort, maybe draco or snape or wormtail?)
    5 – diary (destroyed)
    6 – something of ravenclaw’s (no clues on this one)
    7 – harry (something of gryffindor’s, maybe harry is in some way connected to being gryffindor’s heir? that would fit, because voldemort wants something of the 4 founders, and its highly unlikely that either the sword or the sorting hat are horcruxes because dumbledore would have realized it at some point in time.)


  • Michelle S.

    to Julia,

    First I want to start by saying that I agree with most of things you’ve written.

    But, you’ve got a list of seven Horcruxes, but isn’t Voldemort himself also one of the seven parts he divided his soul into?

    Also I don’t think that Harry is a horcrux, because he could be connected to Gryffindor, Voldemort didn’t know that at the time he tried to kill Harry.

    Any way, just read some of the other comments I’ve posted on that, I’ve explained before why Harry couldn’t be a Horcrux and why Voldemort couldn’t have made him one as being something of Gryffindor’s.

  • Julia

    Hmm, good point.. I’m not sure about the Horcruxes then. The ring is definitely one, and the diary, and the locket. most definitely the cup and something of ravenclaw’s, that’s five. I still think there is something of gryffindor’s though, maybe it’s not Harry, but it has to be connected with him somehow. and nagini, thats seven… I don’t know, maybe there are 8 horcruxes? Somehow I think it’s 7.. Maybe the ring wasn’t a horcrux at all, but Dumbledore destroyed the locket, which would explain how he knew his way around the cave so well? Then it would be 7.. I don’t know, it really is confusing. Or maybe there’s nothing of ravenclaw’s because voldemort couldn’t find anything?

    And as for Harry being a Horcrux, I find that very doubtful as well, but that’s the only explanation I have for the ending of the series. Harry can’t kill Voldemort directly, and Voldemort has to be “worse than dead”. And yet, the prophecy has to be fulfilled. I’ll be thinking about that… Wait, what if it’s something of his mother’s of father’s? It could have been possible, although not likely because Voldemort wanted to make a Horcrux after harry not his parents. But if Lily really does play an important role, maybe he made a Horcrux after killing her? So that by killing Harry Voldemort wouldn’t destroy the horcrux, but if all the others are destroyed and that something of lily’s is the only horcrux left, maybe Voldemort would still be forced to reside in Harry’s body, and still be destroyed by the power of love that Harry posesses?

  • Michelle S.

    What do you guys think about the theories on my space, have I forgotten anything?


    ps. I thought it was too long to actually post here, but you want to, I could.
    Also my actual name is Myrthe, but I don’t hink any of you have any idea how to say that, so I’ll just stick with Michelle

  • Danielle

    to Yue, no it doesn’t have to be an object to be a horcrux, reread the chapter in book6 and this will prove it. thanks for your comments tho, the more i think about it the more i come to the conclusion that the potion cannot be a horcrux, altho like i explained to michelle in an earlier post, there is something about it that i cant let go.
    to michelle, i agree with you 100% that harry isnt a horcrux, it doesnt make sense for him to be. does anybody believe at all that there is any possibility of the potion bein a horcrux? i think i gave sufficient evidence as to why it can be

  • Yue

    The potion is very mysterious, id love to know about it. There’s something that dd said about it not being such a bad plan after all. What would make dd scream? What he was screaming seemed to have no connection to what was actually happening. dd had said

    “Its all my fault, all my fault,” he sobbed. “Please make it stop, I know I did wrong, oh please make it stop and I’ll never, never again …”

    what was this? what was he seeing?

    “Don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them, please, please, its my fault, hurt me instead …”

  • Julia

    Michelle, I read your blog, and it’s very good, there is lots of evidence that Snape is indeed on Harry’s side. I especially agree with what you say in the beginning, “I still believe Snape is a good guy, or at least on Harry’s side, because good would be different.” Snape is most likely on Harry’s side, yes, but who’s to say that some part of him wants to be on the dark side? Who’s to say that he really does want to be Voldemort’s most loyal and most trusted death eater? The only explanation I have for this is that Snape loved someone, and that’s where Lily comes in, if he loved her and Voldemort murdered her, then Snape would want revenge on Voldemort just as much as Harry. Well, ok, not quite as much, but Snape can do so much more damage to Voldemort than Harry can, don’t you think? He’ll help Harry in the end, I’m sure of it, but don’t throw away the possibility of some aprt of him wanting to be evil.

    And alright, fine, so maybe Harry being a Horcrux was too far-fetched. But I stand by my theory of Voldemort being worse than dead, and how can that be accomplished without Voldemort being forced to reside inside Harry?

  • Danielle

    to julia, the idea of harry being a horcrux isnt far fetched, in fact a lot of people believe that to be true. im just stating that i dont think it will be the case, although it does seem very possible. if harry is the horcrux and he kills himself to destroy the horcrux inside him, would this enable somebody else to kill voldemort? i dont see this being possible because of the prophecy but its something i read in another website and wondered what you guys thought?

  • Danielle

    dont you guys wish jkr would hurry and get the last book written and then spend time with her family? that way we will all be happy, and then she has got all the time in the world to spend time with her family. i think its abit mean to keep us waiting all that time! its driving me mad already! hehe :-p

  • Julia

    Lol ok well I just don’t know about harry being a Horcrux.. It’s possible, but I’m not sure just how likely it is. And I can’t wait for the last book also, but I don’t want to think that when i read it there will be no more Harry Potter books to look forward to, so I think I’d rather wait a while, I don’t want the series to end too soon =P

  • Danielle

    lol yeah i dont know what im going to do when the books are over. it would be great if jkr would keep writing about hogwarts, even if it wasnt the harry potter story. there is so much magic in the books (sorry about the pun lol) and i think that jkr would get satisfaction knowing that hogwarts doesnt die when harry/voldemort does. but she has said there will be no more than seven books, which is mean 🙁 lol

  • joe

    danielle- its gonna suk when the series is overf but it would be smart of to kill off harry and voldemort that way no one could bug her about writing more books…shes worked hard and after this book she deserves a break

  • Danielle

    i wasnt saying for one moment that she hasnt worked hard, or that she doesnt deserve a break. i was simply saying that it would have been wiser for her not to take a break now, as it will only increase the amount of people bugging her to continue the series after book seven the longer she leaves it. i was not for one moment speaking ill of jkr, i was expressing my opinion thats all, as are you

  • Danielle

    oh yea, and it will not make any difference who she kills off in book7. there is no need to kill both harry and voldemort, she has stated that she will not continue writing harry potter books after book7 and that won’t change, it wont be neccessary to kill both of them just to make this point.

  • Julia

    oh i hope that harry doesnt die.. but he might.. and that would be so bad *tear*… who do you think is going to die in the final battle?

  • Danielle

    Julia- i cannot decide who will die, there is too many theories. i dont want harry to die either, but its not what we want that will happen lol! a part of me thinks that it will be voldemort that dies because the books are still prioritally aimed at children, and the bad guy never wins does he? lol only kidin, but i suppose its a theory- sort of lol hehe :-p
    p.s seen pics of girl who plays cho in gof, she is the perfect actress i think lol, looks just like the gorgous girl descibed in the book. wonder how good she is at cryin… lol

  • QCB

    Probably not needed on this Blog, but SPOILER ALERT for anyone who skipped 600 posts and landed on mine.

    Here are my thoughts and comments:

    (1) Dumbledore was NOT an incompetent, naive, self-indulgent wizard with poor judgment … therefore, his death must have been pre-arranged with Snape ala the Obi-Wan analogy (outlined by others above). If he was wise and informed enough to know the crimes and plans of Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort, when he interviewed for the teaching position, he certainly knew the plans and actions of the barely-competent Draco Malfoy. Therefore, Snape is, in fact, a double agent for the Order.

    (2) I think Snape may have nearly eclipsed Harry and Dumbledore as the most interesting and important character in this series. Rowling leaves us only to imagine what internal struggles this character must endure. He is a wizard of almost unmatched magical prowess, a master of Occlumency and Legillimacy, and the trusted confidant and near-equal of two of the greatest wizards of all-time … and yet he must accept and endure a second-class status, behave subservient to the maniacal Tom Riddle, and endure the disrespect of Harry Potter. I particularly like …

    * Snape taking great offense to being called a coward … because he has just performed the most courageous, selfless, and dangerous action in the history of the wizard world, by killing Dumbledore.

    * In the final battle, Snape physically demonstrates to Harry WHY he has been so tough and harsh for the last six years … it takes more than courage, perseverance, and passion to defeat Lord Voldemort!! It will require tremendous magical prowess that Harry still lacks and will only develop through deadication, hard work, and diligence. In their final scene together, Snape shows Harry that he still has a long way to go … It is loosely comparable to the Star Wars analogy, where we watch Luke’s progression, education, and training into a true Jedi … although Rowling tells it better than Lucas.

    * Snape gave Harry the two most important pieces of advice that he will need to complete the task (destroy Horcruxes) and confront Voldemort: he needs to master the art of occlumency (close his mind) and non-verbal spells (close his mouth) … pretty much what Snape has been trying to teach Harry for nearly two years!!

    (3) I agree with those who have voiced the “RAB/Regulus Black” theory, and the roles of Kreacher, Mundugus, and Gimmauld Place in the true locket. However, I simiply cannot imagine any acceptible explation that does not strike the reader as convoluted or nonsensical … Let’s see, the thief must have been someone who knew Tom Riddle’s history so well, that he knew about the field trips from the orphanage and the Secret Cave (only discernible at low tide). The thief needed an accomplice … If the task could have been completely alone, a wizard as great as Dumbledore could have done so … And, it would have taken a wizard with the skills of Voldemort to re-set the traps without a trace and refill the portion.

    (4) Rowling has allowed us to see a severely flawed “hero” in Harry, who may well be (as stated by Snape in the beginning) an average wizard who has survived solely due to good fortune, good timing, and good friends/companions … and not due to any inherent magical ability or prowess. Indeed, Harry is obtuse in almost a Draco Malfoy sort of way, in failing to appreciate the potential importance of the Advanced Portions textbook, from the Half-Blood Price. It never occurred to him that it could be Voldemort’s textbook, you know, the brilliant, raving-lunatic, egotistical, sinister wizard that he has been studying with Dumbledore, to the point where every possible memory is relevant to identifying the location of objects? How could Rowling never allows Harry to even guess at the connection?

    (5) A part of me is concerned that Rowling has set herself up to have to “rush the plot” if she hopes to come in under 1,000 pages. Personally, I would be dissatisfied to see the story end without Harry discovering the “truth” about life and lessons of Snape and Dumbledore … hard work, deadication, and diligence are required to transform natural ability into true magical prowess. I also cannot see how devote several full novels to certain horcrux(es), and then neatly wrap up the remainder in one novel. But perhaps that it the “open door” here … my guess is that the series officially “ends” without a clear resolution of whether Voldemort is truly and completely gone … it will merely end with Harry and Order prevailing.

    (6) Any chance that Percy Weasley is NOT under an imperius curse or otherwise working for the Dark Lord (voluntarily and/or involuntarily) … no way Rowling allows a character to so completely disregard and dismiss a loving mother and family in this manner … he is more of an anti-hero to Harry than Draco, who is purportly acting out of love of family, and concern for their well-being.

    (7) I was disappointed with the development of Hagrid in the HBP … perhaps she felt the need to move on and develop other characters, but Hagrid is almost an after-thought in this novel. Same with McGonagle.

    (8) Snogging? To an American, it all sounds like a tickle-your-tonsils tongue knotting exercise …

    (9) With so many communities, cultures, and creatures involved, and life hanging in the balance, I am surprised that there is not more political plot lines, beyond the hokey Ministry of Magic stuff. Okay already, we get the point thatthe Ministry of Magic has been run by incompetent folks for the wrong reasons … does Harry need to be the Batman to be heroic?

    (10) As shown by these discussions and thoughts, it is a terrific novel and a terrific series … can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Julia

    lol.. well i dont think that voldemort will win, because that would just be a strange end to a series, don’t you think? i think it’s going to be eitehr that hary defeats voldemort (with the help of many others of course), or harry sacrificies himself in order to defeat voldemort (assuming he is the horcrux).

  • Jules

    Harry is not a horcrux. I understand JKR’s Style and do not believe she would go to such limits. By now she probably knows everyone is expecting that and she does have a way with completely surprising the reader with an unexpected outcome (Quirrel wanting the stone, Riddle being voldemort, Sirius being good, scabbers being pettegrew, The triwizard cup being a portkey, The sirius in the ministry vision being fake, sirius DYING, Draco’s plan, dumbledore dying, snape being the half blood prince).

  • Danielle

    to QCB i agree with you that dumbledore wasnt naive and foolish etc, and a part of me wants to trust snape and that he was actually acting on dumbeldors orders, however there is also the other part of me that cant bring myself to trust snape after eveything that happenned. even with all the theories as to why dumbledore would be more use dead, he will still never be as usefull as the man there to guide harry surely? i think i am making these excuses though because i simply dont WANT to trust snape, even tho it seems like a logical thing to do given the evidence. however things turn out, i dont believe snape and harry will ever get on, even if harry survives at the end and knows that snape is on his side (maybe snape will save harry). there is too much hate and history on snapes part, he cannot let his past with james go, and harry will NEVER forgive snape for killing dumbledore, even if it is orders from dumbledore, harry would have prefered snape to die due to the unforgiveable curse rather than dumbledore, even if it means he cannot defeat v in the end. its just the sort of person harry is!

  • Greg

    A lot happens on this sight in 12 hours. I agree with, I think michelle, that RAB is not going to be important as people think. I think it will just lead Harry to Grimmauld Place and the locket. But whoever mentioned what happened to DD when he took the potion is interesting. Regulus did die at the hands of the Death Eaters. And if he truly stole the real locket, he was the one who had to put that potion back into the bowl. That might have been his own memories of when he escaped the Death eaters and became good.
    As for finding the horcruxes, it apparently seemed to take DD the whole year to locate this 3rd one. If people really believe he will find the 2 that neither him or DD knew what they were(since diary and ring destroyed, locket presumably destroyed or at least near enough to Harry to detsroy eaily, one being Nagini and the other being Voldemort), they will be very surprised. After all, no one other than Harry or DD suspected the horcrux theory in the first place. So in the end, he is technically on a mission for 2 things….the Hufflepuff cup and something of Ravenclaw’s. I agree with someone in a much earlier comment that Voldemort came back to DD in HBP, when he wanted a job the second time around, to get his hands on the Gryffindor sword…the last trophy of the founders he would not be able to obtain. This is why he turned Nagini into a horcrux. I mean, how many snakes live for almost 20 years?
    I also think the whole Wormtail thing is overplayed. I dont think Wormtail is going to play that big of a role, especially to the extent of saving Harry. I am more in line with the Harry saves Draco theory, and Draco returns the favor…much like Snape and James. Not sure who said that but thats a hell of an idea.
    Maybe JKR is going to show up in the book and save Harry for Voldemort….then she’d be an award winning author AND a hero for all of us. hahahah

  • Greg

    And can someone remind me cause its been so long since I read GOF and OotP, has Harry ever done a successful Unforgiveable curse at all???? Or was Snape just so into Harry’s mind because of occlumency he knew what was coming?

  • Danielle

    Greg, no as far as im aware harry hasnt yet been able to perform an unforgiveavle curse, which has surprised me. probably alot to do with the whole love thing lol, either that or jkr is saving it till the last book to really blow us away! not that she wont be doing that anyway 🙂 lol

  • Danielle

    greg ive just re read ur post and i agree with what you said about the potion having memories of r.a.b’s in. it was me who gave the idea that the potion was a horcrux, although i had many criticisms of this thoery! it is far fetched but its a possibility like all other theories. it makes sense that the potion was memories, as dumbledore was screaming for it to stop and that he was sorry etc, do u remember? whilst harry was forcing him to drink it? i believe it could also be sort of an image of the future, what would happen to him if he continued to drink the potion, the only problem i find with this theory is that why didnt dumbledore tell harry about this? unless he coulsnt remember what he saw and felt or he didnt want to make harry feel bad about making him drink the potion more than he alreaady did do? oh i dont know, this is seriously complicated, we will just have to wait and see!

  • Danielle

    joe, sorry to bring this up again but in which interview did jkr announce the thing about harrys scar vanishing in the last book? because im to believe that she has only ever told two people the ending of book 7, that being Alan Rickman ( who plays Snape) and Robbie Coltrane (plays Hagrid). therefore i dont understand why she would give away part of the ending, when she has continually protected it and let us all wonder what will happen. i am not for one minute saying that you are lying by the way, i am just interested in which interview it was actually said. id be happy if u could let me no more about this topic as it has really surprised me! lol 🙂

  • Greg

    Danielle – I just re-read your post about Harry trusting Snape. I think its gonna be interesting how Snape and Harry will cooperate…that is, if Snape is even on Harry’s side. And if not, how the hell is Harry is gonna defeat both of them, especially if we all underestimated Snape’s abilities to hide himself from DD all those years.
    And something just came back to me. Remember DD telling Harry the reason they have a new DA teacher every year is cause he didnt give the job to Voldemort. DD was well-aware of this, yet still offered the job to Snape, knowing the position was cursed and that Snape wouldnt be back next year…..hmmmmmmmm

  • Danielle

    greg like ur last comment about snape being dada teacher, very interesting lol! by the way have a new idea about r.a.b what about amy benson from tom riddles orphanage? or maybe not? i dont know just a geuss, read it on another blog site lol. wait, just thought, wasnt she a muggle though? lol

  • Greg

    Danielle, lol. I have a feeling RAB is gonna be very anti climactic. I cant see it being anyone but Regulus…and that was my very first instinct when I first read it.

  • Jules

    good thoughts, good thoughts… Harry did perform a partially succesful cruciatus curse on bellatrix tho. It made her hurt for 2 seconds. it was truly pathetic. to administer a succesful 1, u have to mean it. to enjoy it. and harry didnt? she just killed his GODFATHER!

  • Julia

    Greg, you’re making some very interesting points. Firstly, the fact that Dumbledore gave Snape the DADA job when he knew that he would be gone next year – the only possible reasoning for this would be that Dumbledore knew what was to happen in the end, and that his death was planned between Snape and Dumbledore for a long time now. This fact actually makes me believe that there was a plan between them more than any other theory does.

    If this is true, then Snape is indeed on Harry’s side, which brings me to the second point you made. Even if Snape tries to protect Harry, Harry will NEVER forgive Snape or trust him in the slightest. So then, how will they cooperate? Harry will never master Occlumency because Snape is the only one who can (and most likely will) teach it to him, and Harry will have too much hatred in him to be able to close his mind while with Snape. Same with nonverbal spells, although these he can master by himself, or with Hermione’s/Ron’s help. And we know that both Occlumency and nonverbal spells will be central to Harry fight with Voldemort (Snape’s advice as he flees). I don’t see Harry ever hating Snape less than he does now, so I don’t know how JKR will work this one out…

  • Liz

    If you have any questions regarding dumbledoor’s “death” or snape’s loyalty go here.

  • Yue

    of course, i always knew snape would leave hogwarts and go to voldemort. He took the defence against the dark arts job, its vured, he’s bound to leave. I just didnt think that he’s still on harry’s side.

  • joe

    danielle comment 478 i didnt actually see the interview but my mom told me about it and it was on tv or somthing ive known about that last sentence since book 3 thats how shes gonna end the book…i could bet on it it was my moms idea thatrt his scar might be a horcraux

  • Michelle S.

    to Greg,

    I think that the thing about Snape becoming the DADA teacher, because Dumbledore was going to die, could very well be true.

    I’m still not with you on the Horcruxes thing. Don’t know why, but I’ve got a feeling there just has to be a Horcrux from all four of the founders. Ah, well, everyone is mostly just guessing right now. I haven’t seen anything solid yet…

    But, I’ve been thinking. The three Horcruxes we know about, were all found (or hidden) at places that meant something to Voldemort, and each of those places were shown to Harry in the pensieve. What other places did he go to with Dumbledore? (I don’t remember and I leant the book to someone. Stupid!)

    I’ve also been looking into the Nagini not being able to live for twenty years thing, but an average snake lives between the 10 and 25 years. Some could even reach the age of forty. So…

    Tell me what you think.

  • Michelle S.

    to Greg,

    Would you mind if I added your theory about Snape being the DADA teacher on my msn-space?

    to Liz,

    Can’t access the site. PC gives an error, maybe you can post the link again?

  • Michelle S.

    The three Horcruxes we know about, were all found (or hidden) at places that meant something to Voldemort, and each of those places were shown to Harry in the pensieve. What other places did he go to with Dumbledore?

    By this, I meant that the Chamber of Secrets (connected to the diary) was at Hogwarts, one of the most important places to (then) Tom. The other Horcrux was in the cave, where he has been in his childhood, and the other Horcrux, came from his uncle, where his father and mother lived (or close to at least). Could this mean that he hid the rest of the Horcruxes also at such places?

  • Jules

    yea, i cant access the site either.

    anyway, here is my new list of horcrux ideas.

    1. Ring-Destroyed
    2. Diary-Destroyed
    3. Cup-UNKNOWN
    4. Nagini-Possibly the riddle house(Ideas?)
    5. Locket-Possibly with Kreacher, mundungus, or otherwise hidden
    6. Possibly an item of ravenclaw’s, Harry’s wand, or some completely surprising artifact we never expected.
    7.Voldemort, duh

    R.A.B.-most likely Regulus, could be borgin or burke, or once again some completely surprising dude we never expected.

  • Michelle S.

    to Jules,

    I’ve accessed the site, the link was just no good. if you just copy and paste http://www.dumbledoreisnotdead.com you’ll get to the site Liz meant.

    Ps. I still believe Dumbledore to be dead, it just wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Although the arguments are good.

  • Ben

    Ok so no comments on this so far I don’t think:

    What about Dumbledore’s mutterings whilst he is drinking the potion. Rowling rarely puts anything in for no reason. Mutterings are:

    (1) don’t like… want to stop etc.

    (2) ‘It’s all my fault, all my fault,’ he sobbed, ‘please make it stop and I’ll never, never again…’

    (3)Don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them, please, please, it’y my fault, hurt me instead…’

    (4)Pleasem please, please, no… not that, not that, I’ll do anything…’

    Pretty interesting. For some reason it sounds to me like the death of Lilly and James, or more likely the torture or the Longbottom’s with the crucious (spelling?) curse. Thinking maybe it was his fault which could tie Neville into the next book a little more.

    On another point ‘severus please’ doesn’t sound like Dumbledore pleading for life. He said to Harry that few would understand the differnce between being dragged to your death screaming and walking with your head held high. But said the difference was of importance.

  • u shouldnt acess this book this much u people..u need to get a life…seriously who cares the book came out like 2 months ago

  • Michelle S.

    Ok, so I don’t take insults well.

    He/She (whatever, it’s not important anyway, maybe ‘it’ would be even better!) may say that ‘we’ don’t have a life. Maybe ‘it’ needs to look at what it has going for it. If it would’ve had a life, it wouldn’t have posted this comment, and it would’ve been to school, where it would’ve learned the correct use of grammar and correct spelling.

  • Danielle

    post 493, many people on this site would argue that YOU are the one that has no life. we are all capable people that have the ability to read and enjoy the content of such a fantastic series of books, and that is why we gain pleasure from talking about such topics. You must have nothing better to do seing as you spend your time going on to sites such as this and making insults towards decent people. i am sure that you are unable to understand any of this post due to your arrogance but im sure other Harry Potter fans will apreciate what i have to say.

  • possibles

    having read all of the theories i agree with some and dont bother with the others but i thought of some possibilities… i dont 100% believe them but maybe someone could find or know something to back one up.

    1. when V murdered harrys parents he could have also killed harry.. being the most powerful wizard in the world and not being able to kill a baby unlikely. but when he killed him he wanted to turn his former greatest threat into a “trophy” and have all his horcruxes done.. however when he put the ripped part of his soul into him it could have brought harry back to life and joined the two souls together giving harry his powers and his power to love too.. it has never said what happens when u put a horcrux into a former living thing?

    2.what bigger trophy could V be looking for other than hogwarts itself… i mean come on it had the most meaning to him growing up and it also belonged to the four founders of the school… also who would suspect that?

    3.thinking about what DD said about how the V’s diary could think on its own he said normal enchantments cant do that but i would have to say that all the portraits on the wall in the headmasters room think for themselves.. phineas always has a comment or 2 to throw in when harry is in the room.. my point being could the paintings all be horcruxes or if not atleast something like them.. well basically i think harry will have a long talk with DD portrait in that room.

    i figured i would throw these out there it better than reading regulas black is or regulas black isnt 250 times… tell me what u think.

  • Danielle

    to Ben, i also believe that the potion dumbledore was drinking was of great significance, as was the comments he was making. i have put some of my theories about this in post 477, and possibly earlier posts.
    btw the best conversation in this book (possibly) lol
    Harry:’He accused me of being “Dumbledores man through and through”‘.
    Dumbledore:’How very rude of him’.
    Harry:’I told him i was’ hehe lol awww bless, dumbledore was (is?) a funny man! ps another personal favourite, book1, page 14(uk ed)
    “You flatter me” said Dumbledore calmly. “Voldemort had powers i will never have”
    McGonnagall:”Only because you;re too – well – noble to use them”.
    Dumbledore:”You;re lucky its dark. i haven’t blushed so much since Madam Pomdrey told me she liked my new earmuffs”.
    LOL- classic hehe :-p
    anybodys favourite quotes?

  • possibles

    o and to finish up my first theory when it brought harry back to life it might have sent a type of ancient spell back at V and killed him.. he himself said he did not expect that to happen

  • blake

    hey michelle S. wanna hook up, i think uve got attitude 😉

  • pygmypuff

    This site is wicked!
    I haven’t read all the comments so forgive me if this is cliche but here’s what I think. Someone mentioned that JKR said neither harry nor LV is gonna die in the last book. I believe LV’s gonna end up being soul-less, which isnt really dying but much worse, sorta like barty crouch jr after the dementor’s snogged him. Think that’s a typical moral for wanting too much of something…i.e ending up with none of it at all…

  • Yue

    hehe, i cant believe ppl actually went to http://www.dumbledoreisnotdead.com. If u think that’s bad, go to http://www.ifyougothissiteyouaredumb.com. Sorry but i had to put this.

  • Dave

    This is an awesome site!

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve been thinking about the whole Avada Kedavra curse, and it’s actual roots. And to show you my point, I’ve copied something, just read it:

    The etymological roots of the words Avada Kedavra seem to be related to that of Abracadabra, forming the obvious homonym “cadaver”. Although abracadabra is now used as a hoax-incantation by modern stage magicians, it is thought to possibly be derived of the Hebrew phrase, “abreq ad habra”, which translates loosely as “strike with thy thunder”, the Aramaic incantation, “abhadda kedhabhra”, which supposedly translates as, “disappear (like/as/with) this word”, an Arabic derivation, “abra kedabra”, meaning, “let the thing be destroyed”, or the Hebrew, “Ab Ben Ruach Ha-Qadosh”, which translates to “Father, Son, Spirit of Holiness”.

    If you then also consider that the first word Avada, is almost similar to afaireo (Greek, but there’re no Greek letters here, so this is how you say it), which means to take away, it is possible that Avada Kedavra got the meaning of taking the body away. This would mean that if someone was murdered by this curse, only the body is gone, but the soul is still there.

    Any theories on this?
    I know not everything fits yet, so maybe you can help me out. I just know there’s something more to this word, than we’ve just read.

    to Blake,

    First of all, you’ve got an attitude too, if you ask someone, who you don’t even know, something like this. I might even say you’ve got an attitude problem. Sorry, but that sprang to mind as one of my first reactions.
    My second reaction was that even though this is probably just you having fun, if you really want something, you should probably first go to my msn space, which I’ve posted on here a couple of times. That you would’ve known if you’ve read all the comments (or at least most of them). Read it, and then, ask again, but then with a message on my space. I’ll promise I will take it off, once you’ve posted it.
    Now I’m just wondering if he’ll access the site again to read my answers, because that was his first post. And waiting fro my answer would be polite, wouldn’t it?
    Ah, well, I’ll see.

  • Jules

    I found a very early clue that snape is good. in the fourth book after the triwizard tournament, dumbledore started telling all of the future members of the order(McGonnagle, Sirius, ect.) to round up the rest of the old crowd. but his instructions to snape were merely “You know what i must ask you to do” and snape got all pale faced, said yes, and walked out. my guess is that dumbledore meant he had to go to voldy to remain under cover. Snape had to kill DD to remain covered and spare Draco.

  • Cooks

    I think dumbledore has been to the cave before with R.A.B to get the locket, but in this trip, he’s just showing Harry what you HAVE to do sometimes for the greater good—-similar to Snape killing him.

  • Danielle

    not many posts have been up since i left last so not much to say today. Michelle, like ur comments once again lol, u sound like a cool lass. i have just finished book6 for the second time, i didnt want to spoil it by reading it over and over during a short period of time, and so this time i took my time to read it. a lot more of it made sense to me the second time round, i certainly rememberd alot more. i honestly cannot wait untill the next book now, and i am looking forward to it more than any of the others. i would like to see not only how harry goes about (hopefully) finishing Voldemort, but also the love relationships that were happenning in book6! Lupin and Tonks i think is a great idea, however i believe that one of these will die in the next book, just to ruin the whole romance! i think Lupin will help Harry alot more in the next book, and teach him deeper and darker magic, and possibly how to really pull off an unforgiveavle curse! i think harry will confide in someone from the order about the horcruxes, as he will find he needs more guidance. i think this may be lupin, he will now see him (and Mr Weasley) as more of a father figure, as he has lost the two people he had closest to a father (Dumbledore and Sirius for those of you are not wuite with it!). i really hope Harry survives, and so does Ginny and Ron and Hermione etc, as losing one of those people would send harry insane i think! i have never felt more sorry for a person in my whole life, and he isn’t even real! wierd i know, but thats just me! Ginny and Harry forever, it would make a fantastic end to a fantastic series if they got to be together at last, like Harry said when he finished with Ginny (How sad can a book get!), it would have been nice if they could have got together sooner! i know this post is long but hopefully i will get some strong replies, goodnight all

  • Danielle

    P.S to Cooks, i dont think that is likely, as Dumbledore wouldnt have risked his own life (and more importantly Harry) just to prove this point. there were many other ways he could have done it, which would have made more sense! aww i hope harry kills Voldemort, iit will be unbearable if not! i did enough crying in this book! lol

  • Cooks

    He’s not risking his life…he’s been there before, and knows all the secrets. But he knows he’s going to have to die when Snape kills him, so he’s making a good explanation example to harry

  • what about the sorting hat being a horcrux ? i haven`t read all the posts on this, but it seems possible. dumbledore said that it would appeal to voldemort to have objects of the four founder`s as horcruxes, and the sorting hat represents all four. and, in harry potter 1, the sorting hat said in its song that `gryffindor whipped me off his head` or something like that, i don`t know the exact wording . and, it would not be at risk to be destroyed, making it a perfectly appealing item for one of voldemort`s horcruxes.

  • in reply to the theory that dumbledore went with RAB— it would make sense, seeing as dumbledore quickly found the way to get the boat, and also almost immediately knew that he was supposed to drink the potion, and that harry may well have to force some of it down. he also said that he didn`t believe that the horcrux could be recieved by less than two people, making it possible that he accompanied RAB. however, why didn`t dumbledore leave HIS initials too, if he helped retrieve the horcrux. i think that RAB must have had someone else accompany him, but i can`t understand why the other person didn`t leave their initals, too . it is possible— if it wasn`t truly regulus black who retrieved the horcrux— that it was three people, perhaps one with a last name that started with R, another A, another B. but consider what hermione said at the end of the book— `judging by that note, the person who stole the horcrux knew voldemort.`

  • Jules

    Regulus, DUH!

  • obviously “jules” isn’t open to any other ideas .. i mean, what proof is there that would give a reason that regulus would turn on voldemort, let alone capture a horcrux within a matter of days (that it will have undoubtably taken for word that regulus had turned on voldemort to reach the ears of those who would kill him) . alot of you “die hard fans” get an idea into your head, and then refuse to listen to reason and logic.

  • possibles

    i think its pretty obvious that RAB is Regulas but who went with him is in question… it said that the boat was bewitched so that only one adult wizard could cross at a time and so that limits the amount of people going on the voyage… jk said it herself that careful readers would find a horcurx that was hidden.. the locket at #12 is it meaning it was most likely regulas… and who could have accompinied him on his trek considering it could not have been another wizard why not kreacher??? it only said that 2 adult wizards with power could not cross the lake in the boat therefore kreacher would not register on the magical boat… reguals could have made kreacher do magic to the potion and takin it out not even having to drink it… house elf magic works different than wizard magic does maybe Big V did not expect that.

  • I don’t think that the elusive “RAB” is Regulas. I think that “RAB” will be a much more major and involved character. JK will continue to surprise and we will once more ask ourselves the ultimate question, “How could WE not think of that?” I do agree with the the Voldemort/Snape deal with the prophecy in exchange for Lily’s protection that Snape desired. The whole “Half-Blood Prince’s book and how he was too young” will hopefully be clarified along with other issues in the final book. This wait for the last and ultimate novel is agonizing.

  • shruti

    Hi all,

    i loved just loved HP6….
    Commenting on Harry being one of the Horcrux, I think of it as improbable. My reason being -doesn’t Slughorn say that you need say a spell to transfer a bit of your soul. It seems very unlikely that LV would have used a spell for horcrux right after the Aveda Kedavra!!! Doesn’t it?

    Another thing, I love the romance in this book. Yes it’s a bit too much with Ron licking Lav-Lav almost all the time but otherwise its really cute & everything. Did anyone notice that Ron (in the scene where he is unconscious in the hospital after being poisoned) actually utters “er-my-nee”(which I believe is ‘Hermione’!!!)
    I wonder why Hermione or Harry dint catch that. It would just add more color to their romance had anyone picked that up! Any comments?

    I would hate it if the book7 does not have enough romance between Harry- Ginny & Ron- Hermione…. I know its would be a bit strange given there is so much work to be done. But I still hope….

    I like the book all in all & cant hardly wait for the last installment!!!


  • Lisa

    Hey there…I havn’t read all of the comments posted on here…but I have a question…perhaps some of you may have answers for me…

    1) There is a lot of talk of what the horcrux’s are and whether Nagini is one…in book 5 harry has continual dreams-visions of what voldemort is thinking/feeling/doing. One of harry’s dream-visions is of him as a snake (I assume Nagini) attacking Mr. Weasly. Is this an indication of Harry being inside one of Voldemorts several ‘souls’ (this one just happens to be alive) or is this just because Voldemort is controlling the snake so harry can see through Voldemort what he is controlling.

  • Travis

    I havent read all the comments since about 80% of them were just repeats of others, but i got about half way through them.

    First, has any one relized that Potter is a PANSY? I mean he’s not really powerful, as we all no, and it was said (think by snape) that he was only a little powerful because of his friends. Namely Hermmione.

    Has this been said: Dumbledor sometime in his life created his own Horcrux. He must have killed at least one person in his lifetime….right? He is the “most powerful wizard”

    To go with my first statement, Harrys weak, so what chance does he have against Voldemort. He just coppies spells he sees in Half Blood Prince books.

    QUESTION!!I dont understand why dumbledor drank the potion that held the locket. Couldnt he have just thrown it out? like on the Ground.
    \This fact makes me think that Dumbledor either has his own horcrux, and/or he had planned w/snape that we was to be killed.

    Did he want to die, for the benifit of Harry?

    BTW: I also agree that it is regus black as RAB

  • kwirky

    how come harry can’t talk to his parents in the picture he has of them (hagrid gave him in 1st year or the one moody showed him)? why can some pictures talk but not others?

  • Lisa

    Travis – I do not think Dumbledor would have created a horcruz because he tells Harry that they are one of the darkest forms of magic, and he is against everything that is in that category of magic…just my opinion

  • Michelle S.

    I agree with Lisa, Dumbledore wouldn’t have made a Horcrux, because he’s against all Dark Arts. If you read the first chapter of PS (SS):

    ‘You flatter me,’ said Dumbledore calmly. ‘Voldemort had powers I will never have.’
    ‘Only because you’re too – well – noble to use them.’
    ‘It’s lucky it’s dark, …

    This practically says that Dumbledore would never use the Dark Arts.

    to George,

    It wouldn’t have been possible for Dumbledore and RAB to go together. We know that both of them must’ve been adult wizards, which means that there is no way they could’ve gotten to the potion together. And one of them couldn’t have done it alone, as is perfectly clear to everyone.

    As for RAB being three persons, the note is written in the first person, if it was done by more than one, wouldn’t it have said ‘we’?

    If you’ve found a scene, or just a word/sentence to back up your theory, I’ll consider it again, but for now, I don’t even come close to believing it.

    (Sorry I’ve had a bad day, so ruining other people’s theories is comforting)

  • Michelle S.

    Sorry Danielle hadn’t seen you’d already posted the Dumbledore McGonagall scene. Or maybe I’d forgotten, anyway: Sorry

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve been thinking, and I want to write a piece on all theorie about the Horcruxes, if you have anything that could interest me, send me an e-mail (via my msn space), but make sure you add a subject, else I might think it’s junk.

    Thanks, Michelle

  • Julia

    Hm, what if… Dumbledore died to save Harry? Indirectly, of course, but what if it still counted? I mean, maybe he left the same kind of protection on Harry as Lily did. And you never know, he may have loved Harry, I’m actually pretty sure he did, he might have regarded him as more of a son than a student. Speaking of, we never find out much about Dumbledore’s family.. But anyway, what if Dumbledore’s death left a protection on Harry, and that protection will help him against Voldemort in the final battle? Maybe another curse will backfire, or something like that?

  • Michelle S.

    I’ve found some quotes from JKR, that could be quite useful, she’s said this in an interview, it’s on quick-quote-quill.org:

    Q: What about Harry’s family — his grandparents — were they killed?

    JKR: No. This takes us into more mundane territory. As a writer, it was more interesting, plot-wise, if Harry was completely alone. So I rather ruthlessly disposed of his entire family apart from Aunt Petunia. I mean, James and Lily are massively important to the plot, of course, but the grandparents? No. And, because I do like my backstory: Petunia and Lily’s parents, normal Muggle death. James’s parents were elderly, were getting on a little when he was born, which explains the only child, very pampered, had-him-late-in-life-so-he’s-an-extra-treasure, as often happens, I think. They were old in wizarding terms, and they died. They succumbed to a wizarding illness. That’s as far as it goes. There’s nothing serious or sinister about those deaths. I just needed them out of the way so I killed them.

    Q: That sort of shuts down Heir of Gryffindor [theories], as well.

    JKR: [Pause.] Yeah. Well – yeah.

    And the next one:

    JKR: Yeah, well, I think if you take a step back, in the genre of writing that I’m working in, almost always the hero must go on alone. That’s the way it is, we all know that, so the question is when and how, isn’t it, if you know anything about the construction of that kind of plot.

    And another one:

    MA: Oh, here’s one [from our forums] that I’ve really got to ask you. Has Snape ever been loved by anyone?

    JKR: Yes, he has, which in some ways makes him more culpable even than Voldemort, who never has.


    Peter O’Brien for Eason’s Ireland – Are you going introduce any new characters in the final book?

    JK Rowling: There will be some characters who you don’t know particularly well, and there may be a couple of new characters, but nobody really major. You know pretty much the cast list by now.

    And more:

    David Moulds for the News of the World – How does Aunt Petunia know about Dementors and all the other magical facts she knows?

    JK Rowling: Another very good question. She overheard a conversation, that is all I am going to say. She overheard conversation. The answer is in the beginning of Phoenix, she said she overheard Lily being told about them basically.

    Is that true?

    JK Rowling: Yes. The reason I am hesitant is because there is more to it than that. As I think you suspect. Correctly, but I don’t want to say what else there is because it relates to book 7.

    And one more:

    Samatha Scattergood for Waterstones – Which is your favourite member of the Order of the Phoenix?

    JK Rowling: I keep killing all my favourite members of the Order of the Phoenix, but there is one member of the Order of the Phoenix that you have not yet met properly and you will well, you know that they are a member, but you haven’t really met them properly yet and you will meet them in seven, so I am looking forward to that.

    OK, those are the quotes. The questions and comments I have about them, I’ll put in the next blog.

  • Michelle S.

    So, now the questions/comments.

    1. We now know for sure Harry isn’t a Horcrux because he’s Gryffindor’s Heir. I’m not saying he isn’t a Horcrux, although I don’t think he is. He’s just not a Horcrux for this reason.
    2. Dumbledore isn’t coming back; the hero has to go alone.
    3. Snape has been loved, could this have been Lily?
    4. No major new characters. So either RAB isn’t important, or we already know him.
    5. Don’t know what’s up with this yet, I’ve first got to reread the book, or at least that part.
    6. Who are we talking about, and is it important? (I’ll think so, or else she wouldn’t tell us more about him/her in book seven)


  • For number six its just an idea because she says “met properly” so it could be mad eye. We met him in book four, but it wasnt really him and since then we haven’t really found that much out about him. just an idea.

  • vale

    I think this character would be tonks… couse we saw part of her in HBP… maybe it has something to do with tonks-lupin situation.. or something like this..

  • Lisa

    anyone have any ideas on my comment in #516??? i am curious to see what you guys think!

  • Michelle S.

    to Lisa,

    I think Harry can see what’s happening with Mr. Weasley, because Voldemort’s controling her. I’m not sure, but I still don’t really see Nagini as one of the Horcruxes.

    Although, after a lot of thinking: Voldemort wanted to make his sixth and final Horcrux after murdering Harry. Since he died when the curse backfired, he’d never gotten the chance of making one (just what I believe), it may be that he made Nagini one after murdering Frank Bryce, because he really wanted a sixth Horcrux.

    Still not sure though.

    Does anyone know how to translate Avada Kedavra properly, and from which language JKR had intended it to be translated. I’ve been thinking about this too, and if it means that only the body would disappear, then Voldemort didn’t need to use one of his Horcruxes to get a body with a soul. If also his soul was destroyed. He would have needed one, which means that there is a Horcrux less for Harry to find. I’d say the last theory is the best (both body and soul disappearing), else the souls of Harry’s parents would’ve still been with him?

    Also wondering, what exactly was Voldemort at the time he killed Frank? If it was just his soul, he couldn’t have hold his wand to kill him right? But, he didn’t have a body…

    Or am I forgetting something?

  • Lisa

    ok, this is going back to comments 227, 228 area, where talk of harry’s parents coming out of voldemorts wand in GOF was discussed.

    Amber said – OK- Do you mind if we step back a couple of books? In GOF – when the wands were reserving their last spells – did anyone else notice that Lilly came about before James – meaning that she would have died BEFORE James??? Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on this? Maybe James was just being polite in letting her see Harry first. . . .

    i had some issues with this part of the book as well. the spells are supposed to come out of the wand in reverse order….so wormtails hand comes out first, and then Cedric, then the old man he killed (Frank?), then bertha j….and then harr’s DAD comes out…and says “your mother is coming, she wants to see you” (or something along these lines)…

    …if the spells are supposed to come out in reverse order, then lily should have come out BEFORE james….

    is this significant or am i just reading too much in to this??

  • Michelle S.

    I think it was just a mistake JKR made while writing the book. I have not one of the first copies of GoF and in my copy they’re coming out of the wand in the correct order, first Lily and then James, even reread it to make sure so…

    Ps. I thought someone had said this before.

    And well, since it has been changed in my copy, you’re probably reading too much into it

  • Phileas

    Harry is a horcrux. That was the “special protection” his mom gave him. She did something that would cause one half of the ripped soul that her death would create and put it into baby Harry. And Voldemort did not know that it took place. We’ll find out that you can’t Avada Kedavra yourself in book 7, so his spell rebounded on himself.

  • Bob

    To comment #530 – refer to comment #232 about the order that the spells come out of Voldemort’s wand at the end of book 4. It was a mistake by the editors and was not present in all translations of the book. It was later corrected in all translations and JKR has stated that James was definitely killed first.

    On the interview in comment #524 – I find it interesting that JKR uses the word ‘culpable’ in referring to Snape. Is she trying to throw us off the track here and make us believe Snape killed Dumbledore against his wishes? Otherwise, this seems to indicate that Snape truly has turned away from the Order. The word culpable indicates that Snape is at fault for something…and if Dumbledore specifically asked to be killed by Snape what has he really done? Been mean to Harry? Not done his best to teach Harry Occulmency? JKR is far too eloquent to choose the word ‘culpable’ for those type of reasons. I’d love to actually see her say that to gauge whether she’s bluffing or not there because I think this may be a spot where she’s said too much.

  • Michelle S.

    to Bob,

    That’s the problem with most of the interviews you read on line, you have know idea how JKR’s expressions were. If we would have been able to see them, everything would have been less mysterious.

    But I’m still waiting for the Dutch translation, so I can at least figure out what RAB stands for. (Just hoping the translators know. It would be very weird if they didn’t.)

  • Michelle S.

    I just came up with one of the weirdest theories ever. But let me know what you think.

    Voldemort tried to kill Harry. So, the curse goes in the direction of Harry, there’s nothing of Voldemort in this, right? Then the curse bounces and goes back to Voldemort. What exactly happened here? Wouldn’t it have made much more sense if a part of Harry was transferred into Voldemort? Maybe that’s why he disappeard, he couldn’t stand all of the love that came with it. Then, when he came back, still some of Harry was attached to him (don’t no how, weird theory anyway). And that’s why they have this connection. Not because a part of Voldemorts souls was transferred into Harry, but vice versa.

    So, should I be put far away from people where I can’t hurt them, or made some of it sense?

    I’ve had a weird day anyway, so there is a possibility that I’m not really thinking straight.

  • Danielle

    hi Michelle S, dont worry about using that quote i was talking about! sorry i havent been on for a while, been busy working etc etc lol. i was actually only talking about that quote because it is one of my favourite parts of that book! i felt it showed dumbledores character in true light. i agree with many of your comments, such as harry not being a horcrux etc. i am very happy with many of the comments made and i begin to wonder more and more about whats going to happen in the last book! i cannot wait for it. i am also looking forward to film four out in november, although the films are never as good obviously! you sometimes see things differently though when seen on screen. the characters seem more ‘real’ and not fictional because there are people playing those charcters (if that makes sense, which i know i never do lol!) anyway michelle, you sound cool chic

  • Danielle

    p.s michelle your theory sounds good although a little far fetched! i dont understand how that could happen because of a special spell having to be used etc, but as far as im concerned anythings possible when jkr has got pen to paper!

  • Danielle

    i have also got a long post about why DUMBLEDORE HAS NOT GOT A HORCRUX. here we go : i really wish people would stop makins theories about Dumbledore having a horcrux. i think this is totally awfull, and is an insult to his memory. Dumbledore could have not possibly been able to do such a thing, as he NEVER accepted anything to do with dark magic or such. h didnt even like the term ‘Mudblood’ etc i therefore think it is impossible for anyone to think that Dumbledore would ever dream of splitting his soul. Dumbledore was an amazing wizard, not only for his wand work and magic spells but also for his personality, and the way he handled certain situations. he could make a joke out of any situation if he would have wanted to, but he never did because he had a heart that loved to love, and so did anything to stop people from being hurt, and feeling upset. Dumbledore had amazing qualities as a wizard and as a person and how people expect him to have a horcrux, just because he killed someone (which hasnt actually been said exactly in ANY book) is somebody who i believe needs to read the books many more times until you realise the characters for what they really are. and dumbledore was certainly not a dark wizard, in any case.

    so there you go thats my thoughts let me know what you think, and theres no need to be mean either by the way ….

  • mona


    michelle, nice theory —-however, the loophole in harry’s soul being transferred into voldy (rather than the other way around) is that leaves the fact of HP being a parseltongue in mid-air! I mean, unless you suggest that james potter somehow was related to slazar slyytherin which would be rather far-fetched (lily is outed of this probability since she’s a mudblood).
    But good theory….don’t stop! somewhere down the line u’ll hit the jackpot 🙂

  • AL73

    Let me put a cat amongst the pigeons. I don’t think Snape’s got any good in him. He made the vow before the year started at Hogwarts, before the argument Hagrid was talking about. I think Dumbledore pleading to Snape was honest, and that it was fitting (for lack of a better word), that Dumbledore died of his own weakness, always assuming the best in people. Also, if Snape teaching the Dark Arts is so good for Harry, then why did Dumbledore not give Snape the job he so desperately wanted until there were no other options? I honestly think Snape is a coward, picked on at school, then joined the Death Eaters. He only found sanctuary at Hogwarts when it looked like all Death Eaters were going to prison. Now Voldemorts returned, he comes out of his sanctuary and back to the the Death Eaters again. Also, if the plan all along was for Snape to sacrifice Dumbledore for the better good of The Order, what use is it if Snape is the most wanted man in the wizarding world, and that nobody is informed of the plan, especially Harry the pivotal piece to the plan to bring down Voldemort. Sorry to upset the apple cart, but I think Snape being the good guy is a little too easy.

  • possibles

    AL73 i like the word usage in your comment but think of it this way what better way to get onto someones good side other than by murdering one of the two people who pose a threat to him..maybe snape isnt to betray Voldy until the final battle and up until that point be his best friend and servant.. in this case keep close to your friends but closer to your enemies.

  • Switch

    i don’t believe voldermont ment to make harry a horcrux but i believe he did none the less. that is how harry could see what voldermont sees in his dreams (from voldys point of veiw), and why voldermont could posses harry in the fith book. i am convinsed that RAB is Remulus Black. RAB has to be a death eater (called voldermont “dark lord”) who was killed by or on voldermonts orders. Plus, Rowling wouldn’t give us initials if she didn’t want us to try to figure it out. so it has to be someone she has already mentioned in passing.

  • Julia

    You know what I just thought of? I’m sorry if it was obvious to all of you already, but it just came into my mind:

    Harry can’t kill Voldemort because of the two wands being connected.

    How’s that for a start to a discussion?

    This brings up several things. First, Ollivander. Did he leave and go into hiding, or was he kidnapped by the Death Eaters to give away the secret of how to break the two connected wands not fighting thing? I think he left willingly, because otherwise either Dumbledore or someone from the Order would know that he had been kidnapped.

    Now, the other thing. If Harry can’t kill Voldemort, then one of the two has to happen in book 7 – either Ollivander spills how to break the spell (two connected wands not being able to fight), or someone else finishes off Voldemort. Both are possible, and the second is more likely, if the prophecy is taken literally (and I don’t see Ollivander revealing such a secret). But if there is another meaning to the prophecy (not simply one has to kill the other), then is it possible that it can be fulfilled if someone kills Voldemort instead of Harry? Here Snape can come in, or Malfoy, or both, or maybe some other Death Eaters turning against Voldemort.

    What do you guys think?

  • Jules

    To Julia- Keep in mind that pettegrew owes harry his life, as quoted by dd.

    Also, I have more insight on Regelus. At Number 12 the tapestry had shown that Regulus died 15 years previously. Regulus may have stolen the horcrux and found out it had magical protection. he then wrote the R.A.B. letter saying he intended to destroy it ASAP, but died in the attempt.(feedback?)

  • possibles

    i just thought of something… in GoF when harry and V lock wands and all the souls V killed come out if V did actually kill himself with his own spell from his own wand bouncing off harry wouldnt he come out of his wand during that time…? just makes you think?????

  • Jules

    V didnt kill himself completely. he was “less than a spirit, ripped away from his body, weaker than the weakest creature…”

  • Danielle

    there is some wierd theories going on, and im more confused than ever lol! i forgot all about the wands not being able to curse the other, but voldemort did manage to use an unforgiveable curse on harry, so is it just the killing curse that won’t work? i think one of the two, either harry or Voldemort, may decide to use another persons wand? fair enough this is far fetched because the same results can never be achieved as with their own wand but surely it would still do the job?! this has brought up the theory that voldemort wont be destroyed, instead harry destroys all six horcruxes then makes Voledmort weak enough to die without using the killing curse? we all know this can happen, look at Sirius. there are other ways of harry killing voldemort than with a killing curse, and lets hope he manages to do a little more than tickle someone when trying to use an unforgiveable curse in book7! i hope harry survives and Voldemort dies. JKR will be a hated person if not! let me know what you think about my rarther far fetches idea!

  • Michelle S.

    I know the theory I came up with is a little far fetched. That why I wanted to know what you guys thought about it.

    I still think it might be possible (POSSIBLE NOT TRUE). It’s indeed hard to explain, how Harry can speak Parseltongue, if a part of him is inside Voldemort.

    Doesn’t really matter anyway, it was just one of those thing, going through my mind. If I hadden written it down, I would’ve kept thinking: ‘What if …’

    I still will, but now to find something that could explain it. Maybe I’ll even find something, but I’m not sure.

  • Michelle S.

    to Danielle,

    I will respond to your post, but i’ve first got to think about it.

  • Amatn

    I just read some of the posts ’cause they’re a lot! but yes I agree that Regulus is R.A.B and of Harry being the horcrux, many may say: so if harry IS a horcrux then why did voldemort tried killing harry with the basilisk and also at the end of the goblet of fire……well remember what dumbledore told harry: the prophecies can or cannot fulfill so maybe voldemort didn’t understand this maybe he thought they HAD to fulfill so he thought he couldn’t kill harry cause the prophecies says harry will be his equal so he made him ahorcrux to make sure harry can’t kill him, Voldemort doesn’t think harry can sacrifice himself remember what dumbledore said to voldemort: there are wrst things than death, because voldemort thinks everybody fears death and doesn’t believe in sacrifices others than for his own good, but voldemort still doubts on harry and also harry doesn’t know he’s a horcrux so harry is seeking to destroy the others, that’s why voldemort tries killing harry, if he has the other 5 horcruxes losing one can’t be that bad, it’s the only horcrux that can harm him, he made harry a horcrux to make sure harry couldn’t kill him but it would be much better if harry was dead…….voldemort can risk horcruxes for his own good as hi risked his diary on chamber of secrets….

  • Sarah

    Having read way too many of these at work today, I know I’m plunging into conversation with it seems, mostly people half my age (I did though see a 30 year old post and that makes me feel better), but I need someone to talk to about this book, so here goes!

    Maybe many of the younger crowd don’t know much about fantasy (though from a number of LOTR references, some have), but you have to realize that death and rebirth is a huge theme in fantasy. While I don’t know if Dumbledore is able to change into a Phoenix or not, Fawkes (I think?) is not Dumbledore as they are too often together in a scene.

    To those of you who arrogantly declare Dumbledore to be dead and that’s it because JR doesn’t bring back a character once they are dead, I have this to say: If you read the clues, many of them suggest perhaps that DD never died.

    He saying to Malfoy that Malfoy and his mother could be protected “He cannot kill you if you are already dead. Come over to the right side Draco, and we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine. What is more, I can send members of the Order to your mother tonight to hide her likewise. Nobody would be surprised that you had died in your attempt to kill me — forgive me, but Lord Voldemort probably expects it. Nor would the Death Eaters be surprised that we had captured and killed your mother — it is what they would do themselves, after all.”

    The fact that we know each time that someone envokes Avada Kedavra, they crumple to the floor dead. Dumbledore on the other hand flies back over the wall of the castle in this case.

    Snape (who is in my opinion the redeemed anti-hero)is a master wizard. The last book and this reiterrate it over and over. He continually impresses upon Harry the need to learn unspoken spells. And then when Harry is fighting at the ministry, Bellatrix or whatever her name is says “you have to mean it boy”….. Snape would never mean it. He could have easily been thinking another spell.

    How about the Draught of Sleeping Death? These things aren’t in the book for no reason.

    Also, no one ever said that Snape had to kill Dumbledore right when Malfoy was supposed to do it or he’d die. If there isn’t a time constraint on the vow, he hasn’t broken it yet.

    This is the biggest thing I can’t believe NO ONE has mentioned.

    In the end, there are several mentions of Fawkes Lament “of terrible beauty”. They hear it while in the hospital ward, and other times but the only one who truly reacts to it is Madam Pomfrey. She looks surprised by the song. Harry feels more at peace and less pain from the song. The Lament of the phoenix is a sign of the bird’s healing properties. The book says the only sounds in the distance are of the phoenix’s song. He’s singing quite a long time isn’t he? My guess is that to heal DD would take a very long time.

    So, in response to some other things quickly that I was like WTF? and then realized it was probably a 15 year old writing….

    Lily did not create a Horcrux. She didn’t kill anyone. While Dumbledore undoubtedly has had to battle in his lifetime, it is completely out of character for him to rend himself in two to create a Horcrux. If Dumbledore is the only wizard who is powerful enough to fight Voldemort, it is also a great possibility that DD’s powers are greater than all of us can imagine. Dumbledore, I am sure, knows of all the great magics, (which is often alluded to) that the reader might now.

    Also, to the boy who thinks Harry isn’t a good wizard, did you even read the books? Hello???????????? Snape says it but certainly doesn’t think that.

    Well, that’s all I have time for. I too can’t wait 2 years for the next, but I am glad we only have to wait until November for the next movie!

  • possibles

    wow i have to think about all that you just wrote but the whole time contraint thing i didnt even think about that… good call

  • Yue

    ha, yes i thought of those and the its not even just the time restraint as snape never promised to kill DD but to HELP draco with his task and to finish if DRACO doesnt complete it. THIS MEANS in draco DIES then snape would HAVE to kill dumbledore right away, i think there is sorta a time thing there. But, DD, in surrendering his wand to draco, has saved Draco from death and therefore, in turn, has saved snap and as a bonus, has pushed snape further into LV’s confidence as a spy. Sarah seriously, calm down, we’re not all 15.

  • Yue

    and yes all ur things about DD not being dead in the 1st place therefore when JK said that when some1 died they stay dead would not apply, but how do u explain things that prove he’s dead like the portrait magically appearing in the headmaster’s office (headmistress now) etc.

  • possibles

    yue i believe dumbledore ot be dead but a way to explain how the portrait is there in the hm’s office is that he created one and put it there before he left having planned his fake death for a while however i do not belive that the fake death was schuduled for that night because snape was not aware of the goings on and jumped into action… if he knew it was going down that night he would have already been in position

  • Mark

    The snake is a horcrux because for one Harry was inside it when it attacked Aurthor at the ministry and Harry only had the poer to see inside voldemort, which means part of volemort is inside the snake. As for those who say Dumbledor said”we can rule out nagani” you were not taking that in context. Harry asked which horcrux they were going after that night and Dumbledor didnt know which one, just that it wasnt nagani because Dumbledore knew that nagani would be close to Voldemort.

  • Bob

    To Danielle in #547: Voldemort can use his wand on Harry and vice versa without having the spell reversal that happened at the end of book 4 happen. It’s only if both wands are used at the same time that the spell reversal happens. So if Harry walked up behind Voldemort and cast a spell on him it would work normally as would Voldemort’s spell on Harry. This is why all of the misfired spells at the end of book 4 had no effect…it’s only when Harry tries to cast a spell at the exact moment that Voldemort had cast a spell directly at him that the reversal happened.

    To Sarah in #551: First of all, you’re not the only ‘old fogey’ here. I’m 30 as well. 😉 I see where you’re coming from with Dumbledore possibly not being dead at all. I’ll have to reread the sections in question and see what I think…my initial reaction is that it’s a bit too much of a stretch. And from Hagrid’s reaction…well, let’s just say that Hagrid can’t possibly have been in on the entire plan if Dumbledore is alive – he’s not a good enough actor to pull that off as he can’t even talk to Harry, Ron or Hermoine without spilling the beans about stuff they’re not supposed to know about. The facts that it’s a HUGE stretch plot-wise, that the hero usually needs to face the enemy alone in this genre and Hagrid’s reaction are the 3 reasons that come to mind that the scenario you laid out isn’t very likely.

    But I will say that it’s not impossible and that right there is one of the great things about book 7. While we all may *think* that some of the theories presented her will or will not happen I think that even such radical ideas as Harry being a Horcrux aren’t completely impossible (especially with the reasoning from Amatn in comment #550 that making Harry a Horcrux would prevent Harry from being able to kill him). THAT type of logic is exactly what we’d expect from Voldemort. While I also don’t buy the Harry as Horcrux idea (especially one intentionally made given the timing issues brought up earlier) it’s POSSIBLE.

    Book 7 is going to be a fun ride. 🙂

  • Yue

    JK has confirmed that there is more to aunt petunia and other ppl that meets the eye. All the objects past described maybe importandt in the last book. such as, say, the veil in the MOM.

  • Harry Gudge

    I am very interested by your theories post 551 but I think you forgot the spirit this board was created in and that is one of acceptance and enjoyment of everyone elses ideas so lay off the condemnation of other peoples beliefs regardless of how old they are.

  • chale

    I think we shall explect something about dumbledore’s brother, I’m pretty sure something will happen with him..

  • possibles

    i dont know about aberforth… dumbledore has said he is not the brightest and he was not in the order so i dont know what to expect of him.

  • actually, aberforth WAS in the order. on page 173 in book5, moody is showing harry a picture of the original order of the pheonix. a quote, from page 174: “that`s dumbledore`s brother, aberforth…`

  • possibles

    srry i didnt know i couldnt remember

  • i know this probably isnt relevant at all … but what magical background did dumbledore have ? muggleborn, pureblood, halfblood ? i dont think im as big as a fan as anyone here, so im just wondering if any of you know ..

    just curious.

  • haha don`t worry about it, i`m sure i`ve overlooked thousands of possible clues throughout the series.

    sasha— i don`t think that dumbledore`s magical background could be very relevant, because jk`s never made any reference to it in the books or any of her intervies. i have no idea what type of blood he`s got.

  • this was posted before, but nobody really paid any attention to it ..

    aberforth (dumbledore`s brother) being the barman at the hog`s head?

    the clues:
    —in book4, when hagrid was embarassed about getting recognized as a half-giant, dumbledore mentioned that his brother, aberforth, was recognized for performing inappropriate charms on a goat.
    —in book5, when harry and the others are meeting up in the hog`s head, it is mentioned that it smells like goats, and that the barman `looked vaguely familiar to harry.`
    —in book6, when the memory of voldemort applying to dumbledore for a job at hogwarts, dumbledore somehow knows that some of voldemort`s deatheaters are at the hog`s head, he says he knows because he is `friendly with the local barmen.`
    —in a jk rowling interview,she was asked if the man who ran the Hog’s Head was dumbledore’s brother. she replied: “Ooh—you are getting good. Why do you think that it is Aberforth? [Audience member: Various clues. He smells of goats and he looks a bit like Dumbledore]. I was quite proud of that clue. That is all that I am going to say.”

    this was overlooked last time it was posted, but i think it`s important … jk wouldn`t have mentioned aberforth, or given all these clues ( especially when they`re spread throughout several books ) if it wasn`t relevant.


  • On J.K Rowling website she was debunking rumours about how the Order of the Pheonix communicates. Some people thought that they communicate using chocolate frogs, but she denied that. I think that they communicate using the patronus charm.
    -In book 4 on page 560, “He [dumbledore] raised his wand into the air and pointed it in the direction of Hagrid’s cabin. Harry saw something silver dart out of it and streak away through the trees like a ghostly bird.” A patronus described as silver and Dumbldore’s patronus is a pheonix.
    -In book 6 (I’m not sure which page or the exact words because I do not have to book with me at the moment), Snape mentions that Tonks’ patronus form has changed. Why else would Snape, a member of the Order, know what form her patronus is unless the Order members often used it to communicate.
    -Countless people connect Harry’s form of the patronus to his father’s. How else would they know what form James’ patronus was without often seeing it?
    -Members of the Order sometimes are surprised that Harry can produce a Patronus, which seems very important to them.
    -Lupin, a member of the Order, taught Harry how to conjure a patronus.

    ~If anyone else agrees with me please comment

  • i thinkkk this might have been posted before… but just consider this:

    —in book five, bellatrix lestrange tells harry that to make an unforgiveable curse work, “you have to mean it.” well, if snape was killing dumbledore on dumbledore’s orders, then he wouldn’t mean it.
    —when snape cursed dumbledore, dumbledore’s body was blasted in the air, and he hung there for several seconds before he fell. but on the other occasions when we’ve seen the avada kedavra curse performed, the victims have just crumpled; none of them have been blasted backward or anything. is it possible that snape used the levicorpus jinx on dumbledore, and that dumbledore had taken the (not sure if this is the right name) draught of living death potion (it’s been mentioned in the books)? and to explain how the curse dumbledore put on harry was lifted, here’s a quote from page 595: “‘we’ve got a problem, snape,’ said amycus, whose eyes were fixed alike apon dumbledore’s.”
    could it be possible that they were performing legilimency on eachother, and dumbledore communicated to snape where harry was, and when snape cursed dumbledore, he nonverbally undid the spell dumbledore put on harry?

    it’s a confusing theory, i know, but think about it …

    what’re your guys’s thoughts on this?

  • In book six when dumbledore is persuading Draco not to kill him he states “Come over to the right side, Draco, and we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine. What is more, I can send members of the ORDER to your mother tonight to hide her likewise. Your father is safe at the moment in Azkaban” did Draco know about the Order or did Draco just not realize/care what Dumbledore was saying?

    ~I just realized this after I was reading this quote on another post. If anybody has any ideas please tell me. Sorry if somebody already mentioned this.

  • To posts 421-425 about the name meanings. I found this at http://www.veritaserum.com

    Harry Potter Name Meanings

    Albus (English) – Old; wise protector
    Amos [Diggory] (Hebrew) – Burdened, troubled. Bible: an Old Testament prophet
    Arabella [Figg] (Latin) – Beautiful altar
    Armando [Dippet] (Spanish) – A form of Armand, which means noble soldier
    Arthur (Irish) – Noble; lofty hill. (Scottish) – bear. (English) – rock. (Icelandic) – follower of Thor
    Bellatrix (Latin) – Female warrior
    Bill (German) – A short form of William, which means determined guardian
    Cedric (English) – Battle chieftain
    Charlie (German) – A farmilar form of Charles, which means “farmer; strong and manly”
    Cho (Korean) – Beautiful
    Colin (Greek) – A short form of Nicholas (Nicholas means young cub)
    Cormac (Irish) – Charioteer, son of defilement.
    Dennis (Greek) – Mythology: A follower of Dionysius, the god of wine
    Dolores (Spanish) – Sorrowful. Religion: Santa Maria de los Dolores – Saint Mary of sorrows – is the name for the Virgin Mary.
    Draco (Greek) – A short form of Drakon, meaning “dragon, serpent”
    Fleur (French) – Flower
    Fred (French) – A short form of Frederick, which means peaceful ruler
    George (Greek) – Farmer
    Gilderoy (Irish) – Devoted to the King
    Ginny (English) – A short form of Genevieve, which means “woman of the people”
    Gregory [Goyle] (Latin) – Valiant watchman
    Harry (English) – A familiar form of Harold (Harold means army ruler)
    Hedwig (Teutonic) – Battling
    Hermione (Greek) – Earthly
    Ignatius [Percy’s middle name] (Latin) – Fiery, ardent
    James (Hebrew) – Supplanter, substituter
    Lavender (herb lore) – A sweet smelling plant
    Lee (English) – Bull meadow, sheep field. (Chinese) – Plum, poetic.
    Lily (Latin, Arabic) – A familiar form of Lilith, Lillian
    Lucius (Latin) – Light; bringer of light
    Ludo (Medieval Latin) – famous warrior
    Luna (Latin) – Moon
    Lupe [close to Lupin] – Wolf
    Macnair (Scottish) – Son of the heir
    Michael [Corner] (Hebrew) – Who is like God
    Minerva (Latin) – wise. Mythology: The goddess of wisdom
    Molly (Irish) – A familiar form of Mary
    Narcissa [Malfoy] – Daffodil. A feminine form of Narcissus, the mythological youth who fell in love with his own reflection
    Neville (French) – New town
    Nicholas [Flamel] (Greek) – Victorious people. Religion: The patron saint of children
    Nymphadora (Latin) – Nymph, gift
    Olympe [Maxime] (Greek) – Heavenly
    Padma (Hindi) – Lotus
    Pansy (Greek) – Flower; fragrant. (French) – Thoughtful
    Parvati (Hindu) – Daughter of the mountain
    Penelope [Clearwater] (Greek) – Weaver. Mythology: the clever wife of Odysseus, a Greek hero
    Percy (French) – A familiar form of Percival, which means “pierce the valley; pierce the veil of religious mystery”)
    Peter (Greek, Latin) – Small rock
    Petunia (Native American) – Flower
    Rita [Skeeter] (Sanskrit) – Brave, honest
    Remus (Latin) – Speedy, quick.
    Ronald (Hebrew) – A short form of Reginald. Reginald (English) – King’s advisor. An alternate form of Reynold.
    Rudolphus (German) – Famous wolf
    Severus (French) – Severe
    Sirius (Greek) – The Sparking or Scorching One; Dog Star
    Susan (Hebrew) – Lily
    Sybil (Greek) – Prophet. Mythology – Sibyls were oracles who relayed the messages of the gods.
    Tom [Riddle, Inkeeper] (English) – A short form of Thomas, which means twin
    Vernon (Latin) – Springlike; youthful
    Viktor (Latin) – Victor, conqueror
    Vincent [Crabbe] (Latin) – Victor, conqueror

    I ommitted some of the irrelivent names, but some of this may be useful.

  • Aimee

    I was reading some of the comments about thinking Harry is a horcrux. It makes sense to me.

    -Voldemort heard about the prophecy from Severus Snape.
    -Maybe Voldemort thought the best way to make sure he stayed alive was to make Harry a horcrux.
    -Then the only way to make Voldemort mortal would be to kill Harry Potter.
    -Who would want to kill Harry Potter then? Not even death eaters would want to. (Or maybe some of them still would, if they wanted to get away from Voldemort bad enough, I suppose. Or maybe some people on the good side that have no emotional attachment to Harry Potter.)

    That’s just the way I look at it.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    harry is not a horcrux. Voldemort “died” as soon as the curse hit him so he had no time to make him a horcrux, i think we’re all looking inot it a too much!!!!

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    i repeat NOT A HORCRUX!!! and if he is then slap me with a fying pan and call me neville.

  • What about all the muttering Dumbledore did when he was taking the potion in the cave? What are we going to learn about that, and how is it going to be relevant?

  • SilverShield

    Why did Dumbuldore go flying out the window when Snape performed the killing curse on him? It must have been another spell done non-verbally by Snape to save Dumbuldore, or else his body would have stayed put.

  • SilverShield

    Also, why did Snape tell Harry not to use any Unforgivable curses if he was a DE. Obviously, Snape is still good, or else he would have wanted Harry to get in trouble.

  • possibles

    to answer why Dumbledore flew off the side of the castle is becasue snape could not mean to do the AK curse… as it is well known u have to mean it he knew he could not do it but having promised DD that he would kill him he just levitated him off the towers edge and then let him drop thus killing him
    its just a possibility

  • jules

    576, thats just retarted. Snape said it to be a smart ass

  • anthony

    ya so all of these comments answer a lot of my hunches but is there only going to be sevne books? i mean if Harry became an auror wouldnt it be cool to have a book about his story after Hogwarts?

    let me know what u guys think

  • Vaulky

    I have re-read several of the HP books and have some ideas wanted to see if anyone else agrees with. RAB is 98% Regilius Black and the locket is there at Grim. Place. Now, as for the potion DD drank while in the cave..Does it sounds to anyone else like it could have been him reliving RAB’s memory? He was pleading with someone as if they might have been putting him under some type of painful spell.

    I also think DD is alive or will at least return. Notice that the body is taken down covered, so we don’t really KNOW his body is in that tomb. The fire that surrounded the tomb appeared before the Phoenix flew off. What if DD was an Animagous who could turn into a Phoenix? I am also curious by Harry’s final words “If it took a year or ten years” who is to say the next book takes place more than one year into the future? What if it is ten years later? Look how long it took DD to find just two Horcruxes..is Harry better than DD and can find them so quickly? Ok, the Snake, I can see. He knows where that is. But the cup? The something of Ravenclaw and the something of Griffendor (Which I don’t think it is. When could Voldy have gotten his hands on it since only someone brave can get it from the hat?) he doesn’t know where they are and many people may not just give out information to him.

    I don’t think Harry is one unless James Potter was a relative of Griffindor which has been hinted.

  • Hp Reader

    for those of u that think snape (if he is good) couldnt have killed AD becuz he didnt “mean it” think about this. snape might not have wanted 2 kill AD, but it was the right thing 2 do. it HAD 2 be done 2 help harry 2 defeat voldy (the mentor stuff etc. its been before..), so, even if he didnt wish AD dead, i think he could have put enough power behind it 2 actually activate it, privately knowing it was all for the best. as fro him using two different spells, i agree. i think that he used avada kedavra and levicorpus or however u spell it. thats why the syptoms didnt exactly match. i dont y he would have done this though. perhaps 2 leave clues for harry, 2 show that snapes not actually overly evil.

  • Hp Reader

    i think something REALLY huge is going 2 happen to harry in book 7 that will unable him to find the horcruxes. maybe he’ll find a major clue in his memories or someone close 2 hims memories.

  • possibles

    wow that is an excellent point. who is to say that the next book will take place over just one year.. jk never said it was only just harrys 7 years at hogwarts but she said it would cover that… my mind is honestly blown about the new possibilities

  • Ed Snack

    Following up on #524 and JKR’s interview. The only members of the OoTP that we haven’t really met who can be important are Daedelus Diggle, Emmeline Vance, Sturgis Podmore, Elphias Doge (all in the Photo ME shows to Harry in Book 5), Hestia Jones, Kingsley Shacklebolt, (with the party to pick up Harry, Book 5) and Aberforth Dumbledore. The others who are still living we either already know reasonably well such as Mad Eye, Hagrid, Lupin, Mundungus Fletcher, the Weasleys, Snape, are mad such as the Longbottoms, or are ineligible probably, like Peter Pettigrew and Arabella Figg who is (supposed to be maybe ?) a squib.

    So who is the one who will be important ? Can they come way out of left field like Doge, I don’t think we have met him yet. We have met Daedelus (Book 1 for a start), Emmeline ? Sturgis ? or even Mundungus ? Seems a little thin to speculate on just yet, although the only one with any real connection is MF, re the sale of stuff from Grimmauld place.

    Someone has to coach Harry in his DADA work, in non-verbal spellwork, on Occ/Leg, who could that be ? Sturgis maybe, Kingsley ? Argh, too hard. Anyway, good speculating.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    i dont think any 1 will coach him , i think he’ll just be like this really cool lone ranger going bout in leather and a blak velvet hood cloak and huge golthic boots ( ok maybe not the shoes or the leather but deffenetly the cape)

  • SilverShield

    Jules, burn in hell you filthy maggot.

  • My theory about the communication using the patronus between Order of the Pheonix members is true. J.K Rowling stated on her website several days ago that they members use the patronus to communicate because:
    -It is anti-dark magic so it cannot be meddled with by deatheaters
    -It cannot be impersonated because each person has a unique patronus

    Hopefully Harry will discover this form of communication and use it to his benifit in book 7. Especailly since during the DA meetings in book 5 he taught other people how to produce a patronus (neville, luna, etc). These people could possibly end up joining the Order and help Harry defeat Voldemort.

  • reposting part of comment 289:
    “Neither will live with the other survives”. Lets think about this for a minute. Neither = 2 people, Will the Other = 3rd person survives. Neither (Person 1 and 2) will live will the other (person 3) survives. The prophecy was made to Dumbledore about harry and Voldemort. So perhaps. Dumbledore knew he had to die in order for harry to be able to kill Voldemort.”

    could be true, though i thought that dumbledore would have interpreted it properly, having about 20 years to do so. but would he tell harry if he thought that harry would stop him ?


  • Your theory is interesting and I had to think about it for a while. The definition of “neither” is: Not either one; not the one or the other (www.dictionary.com). So, “not one can live while the other survives.” It is all very confusing. I’m not just trying to shoot down your idea either but it just doesn’t seem like something JK Rowling would do.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    its not that confusing. its just another way of saying ‘one of you has to die so the other can live, coz u can’t have both of you living.’

  • SilverShield

    in a recent interview with j.k.rowling, she said that if Lily had stood aside as voldemort had told her to, that he really would have let her survive (she would not say why). She also would not comment when asked if anyone else was present during the night james and lily were murdered.

    so the question is, who could have been there with voldemort who had the ability to convince him to spare Lily, and why did that person do that.

    i personally think it was Snape, and that he was in love with her, and when he found out that she had been killed despite his eforts, he switched sides.

    does anyone else have any other theories about who else was present thta night, or why voldemort offered to spare Lily?

  • possibles

    i believe that snape had already switched sides before that night because i think it said in book 6 that snape had already turned spy before V’s downfall

  • SilverShield

    yea, your right, but refering back to 591, does anyone else have any other theories about who else was present that night, or why voldemort offered to spare Lily?

  • possibles

    why couldnt they have ever used time turners to go back when big V was in school or when his guard was down and murder him or it is possible to pull a memory out of ones head and put it in a pensieve why couldnt they do that with harry in gof to prove that he just saw V reborn.

  • I agree with SilverShield that Snape was present at Godric’s Hollow when Lily died. I think he convinced Voldemort not to kill Lily because he was in love with her. In an interview with JK Rowling somebody asked whether Lupin loved Lily. JK responding by saying: “Lupin was very fond of Lily, we’ll put it like that, but I wouldn’t want anyone to run around thinking that he competed with James for her. She was a popular girl, and that is relevant. But I think you’ve seen that already.” I think that JK meant, by saying “she was a popular girl” that many boys liked her including Snape. I think that when Snape realized that Vodlemort might kill Lily, so he came to Godricks Hollow to try and stop him. I also believe that other people or maybe just one other person were nearby when James and Lily died.

    On another note, JK emphasizes the importance that Harry has his mother’s eyes. Their eyes are described as green and almond-shaped. While reading the Goblet of Fire I came across an interesting description. When harry is in the maze for the 3rd task of the Triwizard tournament he comes across a sphinx. This is how the sphinx is described (page 628): “It was a sphinx. It had the body of an over-large lion: great clawed paws and a long yellowish tail ending in a brown tuft. Its head, however, was that of a woman. She turned her long, almond-shaped eyes upon Harry as he approached.” I thought this was very interesting because I don’t think that JK would just put in the detail that it has almond-shaped eyes for no reason. I don’t know what this could mean but I think it is a clue somehow.

    ~If anybody has ideas/theories please comment.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    no i think she just put that in as a filler. i don’t think she would put in such a small clue that only us ,devoted fans, would pik up on.

    they could use time turners only that would be to easy and some 1 would hav done it a long time ago.

  • possibles

    no i was just saying why then never did use time turners that is kinda rediculous to think about it is just a loop hole

  • QCB

    Random thoughts and comments …

    (1) The prejudice against “half-bloods” is very contrived, since their “Lord” and many of their members (Snape) are themselves “half-blood,” and great wizards/witches (Hermione) can be muggle-born, and “pure blood” is no guarantee of magical power or ability (squibs).

    (2) It still bothers me that Harry is so obtuse that he does not think to mention the “Half-Blood Prince” book of potions to Dumbledore during their independent studies, or even once think that the book may have belonged to Tom Riddle, you know, the brilliant, egotistical “half-blood” who hated his “muggle” name, fancied himself as royalty, and is now known as “Lord” Voldemort. Wasn’t he the protagonist in COS?

    (3) It also bothers me that Harry is still so reckless, careless, and short-sided that he would try out a completely unknown spell, captioned “for enemies,” on another human being, without having any clue as to what it may do. But-for Snape coming to his rescue, Harry may have killed Draco out of carelessness.

    (4) One of the following two theories must be true: (a) Dumbledore was a naïve, tragically-flawed, and ultimately incompetent wizard, who was easily disarmed by the barely-competent Draco Malfoy, pleaded helplessly for his own life, and then died as a result of his foolish trust in Snape, or (b) Dumbledore is one of the greatest wizards of all-time, and he has sacrificed himself in this manner for the greater good of Harry and the wizarding world, in a pre-arranged plan with Snape.

    (5) Many also seem to miss the fact that Snape, in fact, saved Harry in many ways at the end of the HBP … he saved his “soul,” in a sense, by preventing him from using an Unforgivable spell. He literally saves him from harm or death, by effectively seizing command of the Death-Eaters and directing them not to harm Harry. And he tells Harry exactly what he must do, in terms of his development, to face Voldemort – learn to keep his mouth shut (non-verbal spells) and his mind closed (occlummency). Why impart this valuable information? Why were these topics so important that Dumbledore SPECIFICALLY arranged for Harry to be taught these subjects by Snape? Because Snape is the tragic hero.

    (6) Very little discussion of this as well – why would Voldemort assign to the task of sneaking Deatheaters into Hogwarts, and killing Dumbledore, to Draco Malfoy? The explanation in the book (revenge for Lucius’ incompetence in OoTP) is completely unsatisfactory. If you were one of the greatest Dark Wizards of all time, and had already lost a couple parts of your soul, and had one of the greatest Good Wizards of all time as your adversary, would you send Draco to do the job? Would you entrust him to lead your Deatheaters in an attack on Hogwarts? Would you accept his repeated bungling of the situation?

    (7) Another interesting observation – there is no mention as to what, if anything, ultimately happened to Dumbledore’s wand. Wouldn’t this be a very valuable, highly sought-after magical artifact? Then again, there is very little discussion of any deceased person’s wand … given it’s importance, I find this very strange.

    (8) Am I the only one unsatisfied with Dumbledore’s explanation of the reason Harry has been subjected to 15 years of Uncle Vern, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley? Presumably, there MUST be something about Uncle Vern, Aunt Petunia, and/or Dudley, beyond what we know now, that creates this special protection. At the same time, it will be SO out-of-character for any of these three to play a prominent role in Book 7, as part of the Order.

    (9) How can Harry be evolved from the sometimes reckless, overly-impulsive, still developing teenage wizard – who is seen fumbling helplessly on the ground as Snape effortlessly defended his attack and overwhelms him with no difficulty whatsoever – into a wizard with the power to find and destroy all of the horcruxes and then destroy Lord Voldemort, in the course of one year … or even one novel. Anyone else concerned that there is too far to go, and that there is no way to convincingly develop Harry into a convincing equal of Voldemort, in just one novel? Of course, there is no guarantee that the series ends with everything resolved in this manner, but given the slow, methodic development of Harry over six voluminous novels, I just cannot see how the whole series wraps up, in any satisfactory way, in just one more novel. It would make more sense to have Harry fully complete his education, get another year of lessons and development, and then bring the series to a conclusion in a Book 8.

    (10) I think the Ollivander will play an important role in Book 7. The failure to explain or discuss his disappearance in HBP is clearly foreshadowing for a role to come.

    (11) Anyone else dissatisfied with the development (or lack thereof) of Professor McGonagle in HBP, especially for the person who becomes the Head Master/Mistress of Hogwarts?

    (12) I think Dumbledore will continue to serve almost the exact same role (as teacher, advisor, protector, and mentor) to Harry in Book 7 … in part due to preserved memories and the penseive, in part due to his portrait (sleeping at the end of HBP), and in part due to wizardry performed before his death.

    (13) I also think it is interesting that portraits in certain places (like Hogwarts and Dumbledore’s office in particular) seem to have an ability to interact with real people, and to observe and comment upon ongoing conversations and events in present day (even transport themselves to another picture frame). What enables this life-like existence? How does one get to this point? Couldn’t Harry commission a picture of his parents?

  • I think Mad eye Moody will take Harry under his wing. JKR said she would reintroduce us to a character we met but don’t really know.

    Harry is not a mediocre wizard. Yes, he is a bit egotistical or dense at times but… the sorting hat says in book 1, “difficult, very difficult, you have it all… a thirst for knowledge…you can be great…. He has the protonus charm, how many do?. Held his wand against V’s in GOF. Was the DA teacher for the students. Hermione says your a great wizard Harry in Book 1.

    I think D is dead too. Harry is on his own. Snape was in love with Lily and hated james and now harry (a reminder).

    Harry as a horcrux hmmm. Maybe? Is he an heir to Gryffindor. D would have known that though. V was trying to kill him because of the prophecy though and failed.

    D. says to Tom R there are worse things then death. Neither Harry or V dies at the end of 7 though V is reduced to a shadow with no way to re-form?

    Horcrux’ 1. ring, 2. diary, 3. locket, 4. nagini, 5. hufflepuff goblet, 6 riddle gravestone where harry was tied up??? and V himself. 1,2,3, and 6 may already be destroyed or used up. a thought

  • Yue

    one point we all must remember is that book 7 does not have to span another year like the rest of the series. This book may be set over a longer period therefore harry doesnt just have 1 year to destroy the horcruxs etc.

  • Bob

    Great comments in #598…I’d like to give my thoughts on several of them.

    (1) It wouldn’t be unusual for people to be predjudiced against themselves…in fact it’s a common theme in history. You simply frame yourself as a victim of your own parentage or try to hide your bloodline from those around you.

    (2) This is a common theme throughout the books. Harry NEVER brings his questionable activities to authority figures for fear that he’ll get in trouble or lose things (ie the firebolt in book 4 which he DID lose when an authority figure became involved). I don’t see this as obtuse so much as typical teenager behavior…teens tend to be sneaky and secretive. 😉

    (3) Harry IS reckless, careless, and short-sided on a regular basis. It gets him into a lot of trouble. Then again, had he NOT been reckless and careless Voldemort would have gotten the Sorcerer’s Stone, would have come back through the diary, Sirius would be dead (most likely after Snape disarmed Lupin and Sirius and then took them back to Hogwarts), etc. Harry is reckless and careless…he’s also loyal, loving and determined. No one’s perfect. 😉

    (4) While I think the entire thing was planned with Snape, the option you laid out in (a) isn’t entirely correct. Dumbledore was “easily disarmed by the barely-competent Draco Malfoy” not because he was an “ultimately incompetent wizard” but because he didn’t want Harry to get involved so he spent the time in which he could have been blocking Draco’s spell to instead freeze Harry. Going along with (a) still, he probably knew he was in bad shape as well and not up for a fight against anyone…realizing this he sacrifices himself to save Harry. Again, I think (b) is the more likely scenario but even if (a) is the case it doesn’t even mean that he is “naïve” or “tragically-flawed”…it just means that he’s a trusting person OR that he had a very good reason to trust Snape…and was wrong. If (a) is the case though he DEFINITELY died due to his trust in Snape…the only debate would be whether any reasonable person in Dumbledore’s place would

    (5) I think this is absolutely the case. I don’t see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together unless Snape IS playing the role of the tragic hero. It just fits better than him betraying Dumbledore.

    (6) Draco may have brought up the file cabinets to someone (I doubt he hangs out with Voldemort much) and it was brought to Voldemort’s attention. While a teacher at Hogwarts wouldn’t be able to spend the amount of time away necessary to fix the file cabinets (ruling out Snape), Draco WOULD have that time. He’s expendable as well. AND failure in his job of getting people into Hogwarts doesn’t cost the Dark Lord anything other than possibly Draco himself…success allows Death Eaters to invade Hogwarts. Draco is the obvious choice for his access AND his expendibility.

    (7) Wands are generally only usable by the wizard for which they’re intended…as such Dumbledore’s wand would be little more than an interesting relic.

    (8) I can’t remember the book offhand but the explanation is that Lily’s and Harry’s blood (and bloodline) are involved with the ancient magic that Lily used to protect Harry. As such, Harry must be ‘living with’ someone that shares that bloodline AND be a child to be protected by that magic. As Aunt Petunia is the only person left that shares that bloodline it was either use her or have the magical protection no longer active.

    (9) No one ever said that Harry even has to evolve to the point where he can square off with Voldemort and beat him in a one-on-one duel. I seriously doubt Harry would EVER be able to do that no matter how many books JKR writes. 😉 I subscribe to the theory that it will be Voldemort that somehow does himself in and that it will be Harry’s loyalty and caring – not his skill as a wizard – that spells the end of Voldemort.

    (10) It could also be one of JKR’s ‘red herrings’ that she throws in to misdirect people…but I tend to agree given the fact that Harry and Voldemort have their little wand problem.

    (11) I think this is just an unfortunate side-effect of needing to stick to the story. I’m sure she’s got an interesting background but it’s just not high enough in storyline importance to get any space in the books. It’s a shame really…she’s a character I’d love to see fleshed out more.

    (12) Agree 100%…while it’s been brought up that Harry wouldn’t have access to the portraits at Hogwart’s since he’s not going to Hogwart’s I have a hard time believing that we won’t be seeing Dumbledore interact in some way with Harry in book 7.

    (13) I would assume (and this is definitely an assumption here) that a portrait is something that must be commissioned while you’re alive. The headmasters would have all had the portraits made at some point during their tenure. Now (again, speculation on my part) portraits work one of two ways…both of which are similar to the way a Horcrux operates. Both involve making a copy of your ‘soul’, ‘mind’ or whatever else you want to say controls the way you behave as it is AT THAT POINT IN TIME and puts it on the canvas. Now here’s where they diverge. One theory is that the portraits are static…that once the portrait is made while it is able to interact and react to things that it doesn’t learn and grow as a human being would. It’s simply a snapshot of where the person was mentally, emotionally, etc at the time that the portrait was made. I think this is far more likely given that option number two crosses too close to the magic to create a Horcrux. Of course, option number two is that the portrait actually HAS a ‘soul’, ‘mind’, etc and can learn, grow, integrate new experiences into who it is. I just can’t see this being the case…it’s one thing to create a portrait that can interact with the people around it as the original person would have interacted. From a magical perspective (within the framework set down by JKR) that seems to be a relatively tame thing. However, to actually CREATE a new soul or mind…that’s something that crosses very close to the Dark Arts in general (and to the magic of the Horcrux in particular) to be something that would be a common practice.

  • david

    you r quite right yue this book could go on for more than a year of his life but i reckon there will on be brief spells at hogwarts e.g he will not stay there to learn he will mearly go to colect things.

    i know some of you might not like this remark but i hope dumbledore is dead even though it was a lame way to die but do u not think harry should do somthing with ou8t others help for a change. also despite harry preventing voldermort from killing him he has not realy shown any special talent realy yea he might of stoped voldermort a few but so can others please dont dislike me for these coments just an opion

  • quidditch

    You guys are brilliant.

    Here’s what I’ve come up with:

    1)Dumbledore is dead. He somehow knew that the potion would kill him, and he and Snape had planned everything that occurred in the Astronomy tower. Since he would die soon anyway, Dumbledore had Snape kill him for a few reasons…
    a. To instill Voldemort’s trust in Snape, so he could continue to spy for the Order.
    b. So Harry would not be left with the blame of killing Dumbledore by force-feeding him the potion in the cave.
    c. Dumbledore was becoming old. He knew that Harry would have to face Voldemort alone, and not protected by somebody that Voldemort is afraid of.

    Now as for the fact that Dumbledore looked as if he could have been sleeping after he had been killed, I’m guessing that was due to the fact that he had accepted death. He said “death is just another part of the adventure”. He closed his eyes and knew it had to happen. The blood trickling from his mouth must have been from his fall.

    Also, I think that Dumbledore knew Snape had done the Unbreakable Oath with Narcissa Malfoy. Dumbledore told him to do it, to protect Malfoy (he said he didnt believe malfoy was a killer and gives everyone another chance.) As for Severus Snape, I think he must have been turned against Voldemort after Lily Potter’s murder. Dumbledore, knew that Snape had loved Lily and because of his belief that love conquers all, knew that Snape would be against Voldemort. As many of you have stated, that Snape is not 100 percent good nor 100 percent bad, I believe that is the case. Snape hates Voldemort but he also hates Harry because of his father’s tormenting of Snape. However, I believe that Snape is on the good side, even if he doesnt like harry.

    Finally i agree that R.A.B. is Regulus, as so many things point to the fact taht it is him.

    Oh and that thing about Scrimgeour and the lion was brilliant.

    Can’t wait untill GoF the moviee!! 😀

  • quidditch

    Comments #598, very interesting points there.

  • SilverShield

    to Bob, you are absolutely correct, it’s not unusual for people to be predjudiced against their own bloodline, race, etc.

    a great example of this in history would be Hitler. He was jewish, and yet he hated the jews and did his best to exterminate each and everyone of them.

    perhaps j.k.rowling got the idea of voldemorts prejudice from hitler?

  • SilverShield

    About 605, Hitler was jewish because his father was jewish. His father mistreated him, as well as left the family (sound familiar), which caused him to hate all jews.

  • SilverShield

    A final thought about Snape. When he was a child, his parents had no feelings for him and fought in front of him, when he was a teenager, he was a loner and was bullied by james, sirius, and probabely other children, and as a death eater, he was not trusted (voldemort always uses legimency on his followers to confirm their word) and he was still mistreated (voldemort tortures his followers when they fail and easily forgets how happy he is with them after they succeed).

    Then dumbeldore comes along and gives snape a second chance. he trusts him, shows mercy, and an increible amount respect even though snape was once (or maybe still could have been) a death eater.

    So why would Snape betray the only person who truly cared for him and his well-being (besides Lily of course, but she still didn’t notice im much except when he was being dangeled upside down).

    Any comments?

  • pablo harguindey

    Dumbledore is death there’s no “cheap” return of death

    IT WAS A PLOT and Snapes hated to do it but he had to do it

    Snapes hates and loves Harry , Why?? Snapes loved Lily desesperately and hopelessy in the past
    Snapes by the same reason HATED James Potter and in the same way to Harry. But he can’t destroy Harry ’cause it will kill the last remains of the his lost love

    Snape hates Lord Voldemore ’cause he kill the love of his life and hates himself too. (Remember that he was the guy that was hearing the profecy and did tell to Lord Voldemor)

    Snapes is going to become the secret weapon of Dumbledore in the inner circle of Lord Voldemore he’s going to help Harry and he’ll will give his own life to preserve the Lily’s son.. and save his soul

    Again the power of love

    And that’s all simple and amazing

  • Bob

    To comment #606, you said “Hitler was jewish because his father was jewish. His father mistreated him, as well as left the family (sound familiar), which caused him to hate all jews.” That makes me even more certain that JKR is following that motif here for Voldemort’s prejudice. As we find out in book 6, Voldemort’s mother was cast aside by his father. He was a muggle and basically caused Voldemort to end up without a family. Everything bad that’s happened in Voldemort’s life could easily be blamed in his mind at least on muggles. It’s little wonder that he’s declared war on the non-magical world.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    yes but u see if he had any kind of control oof himself he would see that it wasn’t muggles that did that to him it was just his father, 1 muggle, not all of them.

  • Yue

    No, i believe the portaits do not work like horcruzs at all but rather like the magical photos where the occupents can move around. This doesnt mean there are a ‘soul’ in it. It is developed with a potion described in jk’s site when she was asked how colin’s photos work. However, they do seem to covey some interesting emotions, like the weasly photo where percy had walked off. it had somehow knew percy’s feelings and left.

    Another point to this nazi thing is that we dont have racism at all in these books. they dont exisit tho we know there are dark and chinese characters for example in the book. Their form of discrimination is their wizard blood. This is like the nazi purification of the jews and purge all of impures or ‘half bloods’. This storyline is therefore racially connected and the ironic fact that the hero is half blood, snape the soon-to-be hero is half bood as so is the evil LV.


    I also find that this book relates ALOT to LORD OF THE RINGS in the fact that its sauron who didnt die, now comes back without body and the hero needs to beyond all odds, destroy a ring or in this case horcruxs, in which his evil soul is contained. The “fellowship of the ring” is the order of the pheonix and gandalf, the wise wizard and mentor of frodo is dumbledore. THE IMPORTANT BIT is that they are of the same genre however its interesting that gandalf dies and so does DD but gandalf RETURNS from death to aid one last time for frodo. also, JK in an interview said that this type of genre means the hero must go alone however frodo had help from samwise who kept frodo on the right path. AND the best bit is, in the end, frodo doesnt actually destroy the ring, gollum does! I first though gollum = house elf, kreacher or dobby however this seems more appropriate for SNAPE!! The supposed ‘bad’ gollum turns out do destory the ring in the end as snape would do by betraying LV (or so we guess). I know u all must read or watch the LOTR movies to understand this but those who have then u must admit the sililarities! so what im saying is that bacially, if the storylines clash, DD may come back to help as gandalf did (even if its throught the portriat) and that snape is good. There are lots of other similaries such as ringwariths and death eaters etc but there are too many! Think about it and post your thoughts please.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    you cant compair harry potere with lord of the rings.

  • lockhart

    I think 606 may have it! How we arrive there though is the 64,000 dollar question.
    Yes, Harry has poor judgement at time as a wizard but Lupin (and Hermione) both say it, only a truly, truly great wizard can produce a protonus (especially at such a young age). He can’t match V but he has great moxy.


    I think 608 may have it! How we arrive there though is the 64,000 dollar question.
    Yes, Harry has poor judgement at time as a wizard but Lupin (and Hermione) both say it, only a truly, truly great wizard can produce a protonus (especially at such a young age). He can’t match V but he has great moxy.

  • I didn’t really think Dumbledore was still alive, but then, there was so foreshadowing that he might not be dead. In potions class, they make a draught of the living dead, ala Romeo and Juliet. I don’t buy it that JKR’s characters stay dead…what about Voldemort himself? Didn’t he come back from death?

  • H as H

    Though I have my doubts as to whether Harry’s a Horcrux, here’s a theory to support that idea.

    LV killed James, tore his soul, and made Harry a Horcrux. LV realized this last separation has stretched his soul thin and changed his mind. Wanting to reclaim this bit of his soul, he had to kill Lily to get to Harry. Love conquers all cliche saves Harry and makes the weakened LV into less than a spirit.

    So, LV is trying to reclaim his bit of a soul. Maybe it’s a LIFO deal that makes him need to get Harry’s bit first. LV must be present to reclaim his soul, so he doesn’t want any of the DEs to kill Harry.

  • H as H

    Oh yeah, since the most common argument against Harry as a Horcrux is that LV is trying to kill him, my response is that LV’s trying to kill him because he’s a Horcrux and he wants his soul back. It explains both why he wants Harry dead and why he wants to be the one to kill Harry.

  • Debo

    Why does everyone want dumbledore to just be playing dead? It would hurt the story if he were dead. Yes, it’s sad. I’m a 24 year old man, and I even shed a tear. But gimme a break. The greater the tragedy overcome, the greater the triumph.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    post 615:

    V was never dead in the first place.

    H as H:

    if destroing a horcrux was the key to getting bak the part of soul that is in it then wen dumbledore destroyed the ring and the other stuff, wouldnt V hav gotten bak bits of his soul? i think harry being a horcrux is a big cliche, i mean hes already the fuking chosen 1 for god sake, that would just be stupid if he was the chosen 1 and the horcrux that every 1 was looking for.

  • SilverShield

    dumbeldores only reason for suspecting nagani (voldemorts snake) of being a horcruxe was that fact that tom had a lot of control over the snake, yet he had the same amount of control over the basalisk in the chamber of secrets. Does this mean that its possible that the basalisk was a horcruxe as well. This would explain why tom wanted to work at hogwarts, so that he could control and even check up on his horcruxe. This would also explain how harry is going to kill all the remaining horcruxes in book 7.

    diary (destroyed)

    ring (destroyed)

    locket (at grimwauld place or with kreacher)

    basalisk (destroyed)

    hufflepuff cup (hidden)

    nagani (with tom)


  • eriqo

    Hey SilverShield:

    1. When the diary, which was a horcrux, was destroyed, it had an effect on Voldemort. I fact, it was the end of Voldemort in that book.

    2. When the basilisk (or basalisk, whatever) was destroyed, its not like Voldemort even cared. There was no reaction ellicited from him when it happened.

    3. Why would Voldemort put two of his horcruxes in one place? those are parts of his soul, you know, and i doubt he’d want to risk having two of them destroyed at the same time.

  • H as H

    If LV wasn’t present there to recapture his bit of soul when the other horcruces were destroyed.

    LV has to be there to cleave his soul to create a horcrux — he has to be there if he wants remnant to cleave to his soul when the horcrux is destroyed.

  • eriqo

    re comment 622:

    dude, your comment doesn’t make sense. can you really back up your last statement? once a horcrux is destroyed, its destroyed; whether or not LV is present at the time doesn’t change anything-he doesn’t get his soul back.

  • SilverShield

    first of all, the tom from the diary may have been unaware of the basalisk being a horcruxe, and the only reason the diary affected that tom, was because that tom was fused with the diary. the part of tom inside the basalisk was probably feeling the same thing that the tom from the diary felt when the diary was destroyed.Plus, the real tom would have been a spirit and probably unable to tell when a horcruxe was destroyed.

    And why did tom have an equal amount of an unusually large amount of control ( for a parseltongue) over both snakes, if only one is a horcruxe?

  • SilverShield

    to ERIQO, tom didn’t put 2 of his horcruxes in one place. it was lucius malfoy who placed the diary in ginnys books so that it would be taken to school, plus, even if tom had put two horcruxes in one spot, it would make some sense since he felt hogwarts was his only true home, and having the basalisk as a horcruxe would explain why tom wanted to teach at hogwarts, since the diary was not their at that time.

  • SilverShield

    another thing i just realized was that since j.k.rowling said that neither tom nor harry would die in the seventh book, doesn’t that mean that harry would not have to destroy all of tom’s horcruxes, since he’s not going to kill tom?

  • eriqo

    Dear SilverShield,

    You forget that it was Voldemort’s plan to have the diary taken to Hogwarts. He gave the diary to Lucius and told Lucius to wait for his orders to take the diary to the school. However when Voldermort was feared dead, Lucius did not wait but instead put the diary in Ginny’s books. I agree that it did end up at the school sort of by mistake, but then again that was the intent.

    from your comment 624: “the part of tom inside the basalisk was probably feeling the same thing that the tom from the diary felt when the diary was destroyed” THE BASILISK WAS KILLED BEFORE THE DIARY WAS DESTROYED-IT COULDN’T HAVE FELT ANYTHING.

  • Bob

    To comment #624 who said “And why did tom have an equal amount of an unusually large amount of control ( for a parseltongue) over both snakes, if only one is a horcruxe?”

    The answer to why Voldemort/Tom Riddle had so much control over the basilisk is that he is the ‘Heir of Slytherin’. Remember, he is the last in the Slytherin bloodline. As was stated in book 2 (don’t have the exact quote handy) – the chamber is said to be the home of something only the Heir of Slytherin can control…it is said to be the home of a monster.

    As for Nagini…I don’t think he can be said to have ‘control’ over Nagini so much as that Nagini is more than willing to allow him to control her.

  • H as H

    That first “If” in 622 shouldn’t be there. The rest of it makes perfect sense — if you don’t know the definitions of a word like cleave, I suggest you consult a dictionary. It’s a pretty fairly unique word, so I’m especially proud of that post.

    As for spells, if someone knows a spell to tear their own soul in two, you can bet the next spell they’ll try to learn is one to reverse it. Take the silly dangle the person by their ankles hex (levicorpus?) — a counter hex was the first thing Harry looked for after trying it out. And why do you think Snape could so easily heal that bit of dark magic Harry used against Malfoy? Yes he was the DADA teacher, but he also created the silly curse.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    wat if harry really is the heir to gryfindor. V was. and theres some similaritys. V was last of the blood line and that made him powerful, and now harry is the last of his blood line and hes powerful and for all we no it could hav been the gryfindor blood line.

  • guitar2mando

    I think this is a great blog, and some of the theories are very creative! I have tried to read most of it, but there is something that I have been wondering. We are assuming that Voldemort split his soul into 7 pieces (6 Horcruxes and the part remaining in his body) prior to attempting to kill Harry, right? What if he hadn’t created the 6th Horcrux yet because he was going to use Harry’s death for it because of it’s significance? Then there would only be 5 Horcruxes out there. Also, when his attempt to kill Harry backfired, wouldn’t he have needed to use one of the Horcruxes he had created to regain his form? Is it possible that Harry only needs to find and destroy 2 Horcruxes since the diary and the ring are already gone?

  • That agree completely with your theory guitar2mando. Voldemort would need to use one of his horcruxes after his attempt at murder backfired. Although, if Voldemort somehow accidentally made Harry a horcrux that would replace the one he had to use. I am still on the fence about the whole “harry is a horcrux” thing. I heard that JK said that neither harry nor voldemort will die in book 7. This could support the whole theory about Harry being a horcrux but I don’t know if this statement is true or not. I do know for a fact that the last word in book 7 is still “scar”.

  • kateE

    oops i meant to say “I agree”

  • Bob

    To comments #631 and 632:
    The generally accepted theory (as put forth in book 6 by Dumbledore) is that Voldemort created 6 horcruxes making 7 total pieces of his soul (when counting in the one in his own body). He did intend on making a horcrux of *something* after the murder of Harry Potter to celebrate his newfound immortality (since Harry’s death would have been the end of the threat from the prophecy and the 6th horcrux would have given him his ‘immortality’ in that regard by having split his soul in the seven pieces – seven being the most powerful number).

    When he failed to murder Harry Potter he was forced to fight his way back to being a living being. Once he had some semblance of a body in book 4 and murders the man at the house (sorry, drawing a blank here…I’m pretty sure it was the old Riddle household though) Dumbledore’s theory is that he makes Nagini into his 6th horcrux because he feels a need to have the 6th as soon as possible.

  • eriqo

    Man!! How could you forget about the Riddle house?
    Voldy used to live there. (remember his real name Tom Marvolo RIDDLE?)

  • Bob

    It’s not the house I was drawing a blank on…it was the guy that was killed. Can’t remember his name without looking it up…I think he was the caretaker or something like that.

  • quidditch

    wasnt the guys name frank bryce

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    yeh. i hear they’ve got some famous person to play him.

  • Bob

    Yeah, it’s Frank Bryce. 🙂

    Thanks…the memory’s good but I tend to be terrible with people’s names. 😉

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    strange, its the opposite for me. lol

  • SilverShield

    where is everyone?

  • quidditch

    On JKR’s site there is a new wizard of the month, (Gaspard Shingleton, inventor of the self-stirring cauldron) and the date is 6/9/05 hehe i think she meant 9/6/05. Sorry if this has absoloutly nothing to do w. the chat but i felt like posting something. lol ok bye

  • Bob

    Most countries (especially in Europe) put dates in the format of dd/mm/yyyy instead of the American style of mm/dd/yyyy. You get used to it after awhile once you know to expect the flipping of the months and days from people in Europe. 😉

  • Brandon

    Has anyone else noticed that James came out of Voldemort’s wand in GoF before Lilly did? Since they were in reverse order, this means that James died after Lilly. Everything else in the books seems to point to James dying first. Does anyone think this was just a mistake or did James really die second?

  • kateE

    Brandon, I heard that in the first American Edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this was a misprint. They later corrected it so that Lily came out of Voldemort’s wand first.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    i think it was ment to be like that because over here in britain it was the same.

  • kateE

    My copy of Goblet of Fire is also one that says James comes out of the wand second, however the edited version in the second printing of the book is like this:

    The smoky shadow of a young woman with long hair fell to the ground as Bertha had done, straightened up, and looked at him . . . and Harry, his arms shaking madly now, looked back into the ghostly face of his mother

    “Your father’s coming . . ” she said quietly. “Hold on for your father . . . it will be alright . . . hold on . . .”

    And he came . . . first his head, then his body . . . tall and untidy-haired like Harry, the smoky, shadowy form of James Pooter blossomed from the end of Voldemort’s wand, fell to the ground and straightened like his wife.

  • kateE

    I think I confused myself. My copy says that James came out of the wand before Lily.

  • Don’t you see two confrontations bet H and V in 7? The first time, H has the oppotunity to kill V but passes it up b/c not all horcrxs have been destroyed yet. Most characters in the book don’t know / understand this, so it can raise lots of Qs and doubts.

    I think you’re right that something “worse than death” and “love” will be prominent in the ending – a bit sappy. I’d prefer V’s death by H pulling a mandrake out of its pot in Hogwarts greenhouses – the scream is deadly. H has on ear protection, hopefully.

    They have to return to Hogwarts — may very well be closed, but the climax has to be there. H loves the place; V has wanted to return; and, it gives H a fighting chance b/c he has advantages there. He has the map, Hagrid, Grawp, Snape’s potions book, friends, eg Firenze, etc., etc.

    The locket is probably at Grimauld; Mundungus has probably nikked the cup, rather then the locket. H will use parseltongue to get nagini, the 6th horcrx. I can’t figure out the Ravenclaw/Grifdr horcrx, but V could have hidden it at Hogwarts.

    Many heretofore obscure people will play important (if small) parts, eg Albus’s brother.

    Disappointed in JKR’s lack of any major female characters, save hermione. It’s pathetic how only the boys and men do anything significant; not like real life at all.

  • One thing that hasn’t been commented (recently) is the whole Mundungus selling the locket thing. If you notice in the HBP, when Harry catches Mundungus selling off the Black stuff, there is a person leaving the scene (I believe it is the innkeeper at the Hog’s Head, which as previously discussed is probably Aberforth?) who has his cloak pulled up tight around his neck…

    Maybe if someone has the book on them, they can look it up and provide the exact quote?

    Does anyone else think it’s likely that Mundungus just sold the locket to Dumbledore’s brother? Though you have to consider that Albus and Aberforth seem to keep in contact; this would be reported possibly? But maybe Aberforth didn’t find it relevant enough to tell Albus as he didn’t know the significance of the object…

  • kateE

    Here is the exact quote for you (pg. 245):

    “The street was not very busy; nobody was lingering to chat, just hurrying toward their destinations. The exceptions were two men a little ahead of them, standing just outside the Three Broomsticks. One was very tall and thing; squinting through his rain-washed glasses Harry recognized the barman who worked in the other Hogsmeade pub, the Hog’s Head. As Harry, Ron, and Hermione drew closer, the barman drew his cloak more tightly around his neck and walked away, leaving the shorter man to fumble with something in his arms. They were barely feet from him when Harry realized who the man was.”

    I was also thinking about the possibility that Mundungus stole the locket from Sirius’ house. If he sold the locket to Aberforth then not all would be lost. Harry might remember the locket, then Mundungus selling his stuff and think to ask Aberforth if he knows where it is. Another possibility is that Mundungus sold the locket to Borgin and Burkes in Diagon Alley. I’m sure that would be an ideal place for it, considering that it was once originally there when Merope sold it.

  • Greg

    I think V might discover that one of his horcruxes was detsroyed and try to get back into Hogwarts to retrienve another “trophy” to make a horcrux. At that point, we may find out that all the horcruxes have been destroyed and V is helpless to mortality.

  • eriqo


    has anyone considered that? i mean regulas was too easy to figure out and surely jk knew that. she probably came up with him to throw us off.

    as for where i’m getting all this….well, his name has all 3 letters: R,A and B. plus we all figured he’d have a big part in the next book-what better than this? we don’t really know that much about regulas anyway however aberforth was the-greatest-wizard-who-ever-lived’s brother.

    comments please.

  • Praveen

    Harry can identify Aberforth.In “Order of Phoenix” Moody shows him a photograph of old Order members. In Moody’s own words:-

    “That’s Dumbledore’s brother Aberforth, only time I ever met him, strange bloke… that’s Dorcas Meadowes, Voldemort killed her personally… Sirius, when he still had short hair… and… there you go, thought that would interest you!”

    So I think Aberforth is not the barman in Hog’s Head.

    Also there is a possibility that Regulus is alive. In Order of The Phoenix Harry on the way to Hogwarts, find the following details in an article in “The Quibbler” .

    “Black may not have committed the crimes for which he was sent to Azkaban. In fact, says Doris Purkiss, of 18 Acanthia Way, Little Norton, Black may not even have been present at the killings. “What people don’t realise is that Sirius Black is a false name, says Mrs Purkiss. The man people believe to be Sirius Black is actually Stubby Boardman, lead singer of popular singing group The Hobgoblins, who retired from public life after being struck on the ear by a turnip at a concert in Little Norton Church Hall nearly fifteen years ago. I recognised him the moment I saw his picture in the paper. Now, Stubby couldn’t possibly have committed those crimes, because on the day in question he happened to be enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner with me. I have written to the Minister for Magic and am expecting him to give Stubby, alias Sirius, a full pardon any day now.”

    Since we all know that Sirius was in Azkaban, the other person can be his brother. Please give me your opinion about the above details.

  • Bob

    Don’t believe anything you read in “The Quibbler”…it’s the wizarding world’s equivalent of the “Weekly World News”. 😉

  • eriqo

    The Quibbler is gutter press i tell you!!

  • Praveen

    Yes, I agree that the information published in “The Quibbler” is not reliable. But there are chances that some of the news may be true or atleast partially true. Remember, they published Harry’s interview which was 100% true.

    Also it is possible that a part of Voldemort’s soul is tranferred to Harry. That may explain the ability to speak parseltongue and sharing of Voldemort’s emotions. Also Harry is immune to Imperius curse. This means that Harry may have many hidden powers than we think and he will use it in book 7.

  • Debo

    The Quibler isn’t the equivalent of the Weekly World News. It’s the equivalent of any news here in the states.

  • quidditch

    I was thinking.. and if everytime a horcrux is destroyed, and if part of V’s soul is transfered to harry, then wouldnt part of harry be destroyed when one of the horcruxs was destroyed?

    I’m probably wrong, but comment!

  • Bob

    Not from my understanding of horcruxes. The horcruxes are not affected by the other horcruxes – they are entities unto themselves. The only interaction between them seems to be that their existance ties the original soul to this world. Other than that they don’t have any effect whatsoever.

  • quidditch

    Oh yeah.. that makes sense.

    The GoF movie looks good huh? More action then the others.

  • 30something

    I took the time to read all 660+ entries. I have a question to put out for everyone to ponder…

    In Order of the Phoenix, why didn’t Harry use the special mirror that Sirius gave him? This was never brought up again… even with regret.

    >>>Does anyone think it is possible to communicate with Sirius through the mirror even though he is behind the curtain in the Ministry of Magic?<<< I don't think JK has forgotten about the mirror. Even if it isn't Sirius who uses it with Harry, I bet someone will use it in the last book.

  • 30something

    For those of you who would like to believe that Dumbledore is not dead. Consider these possibilities JK showed us in HBP. Many of these items have been referenced above, but no one has put all of these thoughts in this logic-path before.

    – Fact that one has to “mean it” to use the killing curse. Snape’s motives are not clear, so just consider that possibility while you read on.
    – Levicorpus would lift Dumbledore and suspend him in the air (as described in the scene). Once Snape (or Dumbledore) gave the counter-curse, he would fall over the parapet to the ground below.
    – Fawkes has healing powers and was present when Dumbledore was on the ground. Fawkes’ tears could have mended injuries from the fall and from the cave potion.
    – Draft of Living Death – It was some time before anyone found DD. It could be taken by Dumbledore upon landing on the ground to perpetuate the perception of death as he planned all along. He appeared to be “sleeping.”

    Burial Issues:
    – The flames might have been the same non-consuming fire DD used to impress young Tom Riddle(remember the dresser in the orphanage).
    – Harry saw something leave the tomb that disappeared. Previous blogs mentioned that DD could be an animagious. I agree that a Phoenix fits DD’s style. Rising from the ashes as it were.
    – Dumbledore allowed aparition in the Great Hall by personally lifting the spell that forbids it for Apparition Lessons. DD lowered the perimeter defenses of Hogwarts when he and Harry returned on Rosmerta’s broomsticks.

    Have I changed anyone’s mind about Dumbledore’s capacity to breathe?

  • kateE

    I don’t think that Dumbledore is dead either. wwww.dumbledoreisnotdead.com includes some interesting evidence that dumbledore is truly alive and will really make you convinced.

    Does anybody think that some of the rooms in the department of mysteries will come into play in the last book? The veil will obviously be discussed but what about that one door that refused to open or the room with all the planets? I think that the answers to most of the mysteries/questions in the books will be solved somehow in the department of mysteries.

  • 30something


    Thanks, I’ll check out dumbledoreisnot dead.

    The Dept. of Misteries does have lots of potential as a destination in Book 7. We know that Harry is going to visit:
    -the Dursley’s one last time where Aunt Petunia’s secret will be revealed. (Perhaps her squeaky clean kitchen isn’t from elbow grease after all! haha!)
    -off to the Burrow for Bill and Phlegm’s wedding. Gives an opportunity for Harry to interact with the members of the Order, pick up on clues and make decisions about whom he can learn from. Not to mention see Ginny again.
    -Godric’s Hollow to visit his parents’ graves. I bet we find a clue about one of the horcruxes there.
    -12 Grimmauld Place to search for the locket. If not there, then wherever Mundungus leads us.
    -Hogwarts, as mentioned in earlier messages, because of link to Hagrid, et.al.

    Any other obvious locations for action in 7?

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    i hope we see a glimps or hermione’s house because sonce he is old enough to leave AND he knows bout the muggle world, he can get there.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    thats ment to be of hermione’s not or.

  • Bob

    I definitely agree with 30something in #662 – the mirror is most likely going to come into play in book 7. I was surprised that it didn’t in book 6. Also, the room that is always kept locked in the dept. of mysteries will most likely play a role as well.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    i agree

  • Flori

    In response to the burial/fire issue 663 of 30something, I will like to add another point. In Prisoner of Azkarban, when Harry did his research essay, he wrote how some wizard can put a freezing charm on the fire when burn at stakes. So though Dumbledore body is being burned, but if he is alive, the burial fire even though is real will not harm him.

  • Debo

    Dumbldore is dead. Dumbledore is dead. Dumbledore is dead. Dumbledore is dead.
    Dumbldore is dead. Dumbledore is dead. Dumbledore is dead. Dumbledore is dead.Dumbldore is dead. Dumbledore is dead. Dumbledore is dead. Dumbledore is dead.Dumbldore is dead. Dumbledore is dead. Dumbledore is dead. Dumbledore is dead.
    Deal with it. It is only a book. I love the books, and his death was sad. Maybe you can make me eat my words in a year and a half, and for your sake I hope you do. Dumbledore is dead. Luke had to get past Obi-Wan dying, and Harry needs to overcome the death of Dumbledore. Last time I checked, EVERYBODY dies, except for the dark lord, so stop living on fantasy island and deal with it.



  • Praveen

    I started reading Harry potter last year. The first book I read was an illegal Word document version of the Philosopher’s Stone. Later I got another 4 books (including Order of the Phoenix). After finishing OOTP, I wanted to be a legal fan and purchased the original books from Amazon. Like most of you, I purchased book 6 on the first day itself and finished reading in 12 hours. I was unhappy with the ending. I still don’t believe that the Greatest Wizard of all times will die such a death. Like other people, I have my own theories and assumptions. But I think the final answer for our questions shall be available in the final book only. But another 2 years of waiting is not fair. Who knows how many of us will live to read the book after 2 years? With all the sort of calamities in world (for e.g.: USA, Pakistan, India etc) there is no guarantee for life. So I personally request JKR to make the delay as minimum as possible.

  • 30something


    I get why you say DD is dead dead dead. But I couldn’t deny the gazillion red herrings that JK left dangling. So, I asked myself, “Why would DD want to disappear for a while? What purpose does it serve?”

    Some thoughts on this are:
    – Fulfill Snape’s Unbreakable Vow and prevent losing him because he is the most valuable asset to the Order.
    – Good strategy to position Snape very close to V by giving him a reason to leave Hogwarts.
    – If V thinks his plan to kill DD was successful, his guard will be down. DD can then catch him by surprise.
    – DD has the means to hide people and change their identity. Perhaps this supports the Aberforth-is-the-barman-from-The Hog’s Head theory from a few messages back. Aberforth could be in hiding, too. The Malfoy’s would have been able to provide information to the Order about the Death Eaters, so putting them in the equivalent of Wizarding Witness Protection Program would have been desirable strategically.
    – The separation from Dumbledore forces Harry to take a more responsible approach. This will mature him faster than knowing DD is right behind him. No more flying by the seat of his pants. The fate of the free world rests upon his actions. Your Obiwan theory applies here.

  • SilverShield

    I just watched coverage from the goblet of fire movie premier in britian. People were holding up signs saying what was in the movie.One of them said:


    Any thoughts on this matter?

  • SilverShield

    Nevermind, he definetly dies.

  • questions, questions…

    Dumbldore has to have died. He may be great, but he is just a man after all. And with Snape being evil, I think he is. If he only killed Dumbldore because of the Unbreakable Vow, shouldn’t he have broken the vow? Yes, he would have died, but wouldn’t a GOOD wizard do that??? Dumbldore would have done that for anybody. And if Dumbldore would have done that, shouldnt Snape, a member of the Order of the Phoenix, die for Dumbldore, the leader?????

  • Josh

    I think that Lockhart has to have a major role in this seris because jk would not enter her in this series if he was not im portant to the stroy. Of course i mat just be wrong…

  • Hancock

    what is this mirror you talk of

  • naureen

    some people have mentioned that the locket mentioned at Grmmauld Place couldn’t be Syltherin’s locket because of its appearance and that slytherins locket could be opened, but then again, it could have been because I would think that even with the unplottable charm on the house, R.A.B could have placed charms on the locket and transfigured it to keep it safe if it fell in the wrong hands.

    I also think that Dumbledore is dead, although it is very interesting to hear the theories you guys have come up with. Dublebore did say that death was another journey, and although it is hard to believe, the 7th book would be very, very interesting to have Harry on his own to figure things out.

    As for Snape, he seems to be too much of an important character to the plot and to Harry to be evil. Plus with Snapes life at Hogwarts, he probably is very incsecure. When he learned that it was his fault that the Potters died, he felt really bad and felt like he was indebted to Harry.

    I think Snape is torn between how James treated him and his and Lily’s death.

  • Jon

    Why does Dumbledore fly backwards when hit with the killing curse?? when cedric was hit he just crumpled to the ground, didn’t he? same with the old guy in the begging of Goblet of Fire. So why doesn’t dumbledore? maybe it wasn’t the avada kedavra–maybe Snape did a non-verbal spell at the same time to make dumbledore just look dead. if this is true, then maybe fawxes was singing to heal dumbledore after the death eaters left. i think that dumbledore faked it.

  • OMG, I’m still on vol, 4 – the Goblet of Fire!

  • SilverShield

    Hey everyone, good to see you’ve all returned.

    Dumbeldore is obviously still alive, because harry couldn’t possibly defeat voldmort by himself. But on the contrary, if dumbeldore is dead, what i said last would give reason to believe snape is good. If harry isn’t going to get help from dumbeldore, he must get help from snape, eh?

    “By the way,im not being racist or anything like that (im part jewish, and i d’ont see a problem with people being gay(im not, just for the record), and drugs are great), just thought these quotes from President Nixon were pretty funny.”

    “You know, it’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with them? I suppose it is because most of them are psychiatrists.”

    “You see: homosexuality, dope, immorality in general–these are the enemies of strong societies. That’s why the communists and the left-wingers are pushing the stuff; they’re trying to destroy us.”

    “Look, people get drunk … People chase girls. And the point is, it’s a hell of a lot better for them to get drunk than to take drugs. It’s better to chase girls than boys.”

    “I want to be sure he is a ruthless son of a bitch, that he will do what he’s told, that every income tax return I want to see I see, that he will go after our enemies and not go after our friends.”
    –Nixon describing his ideal candidate for IRS commissioner in 1971

  • el berto

    Why did Snape make the UnbreakableVow before the little arguement with dumbledore if it was the plan to kill him that snape and dumbledore were argueing?

    If dumbledore is still alive, why did his picture appear on the Headmaster’s office?

    Why did someone have to drink all of that stuff in the place where the supposed locket was? Couldn’t they have just used the pitcher to pour out the liquid (or even spit it out?)

  • Leah

    Although I purchased the book the day it came out in July, I did not finish reading it till November when I finally had some extra time. I LOVE the HP series but this was the first HP book that left me unsatisfied at the end (only at the end, i still loved book #6). I can’t wait another year or two for the next one!!!!

    At first I believed Dumbledore is really dead and Snape is evil after all. However, after reading everyone’s comments, he might be alive. But if Dumbledore is not dead, then why did his picture appear in the Headmaster’s office? seriously, can someone answer that? Dumbledore is a great wizard, but he is still mortal.

    And does anyone have any ideas about what the really good reason was behind Dumbledore’s trust in Snape? I mean, just because Snape said he had changed his ways or felt bad or was under a curse does not mean he really had become a good guy. Dumbledore was not that naive.

    The part that left me hanging was RAB. After reading your comments, it’s most likely Regulus. That’s awesome. the 7th book will be very different because it will be much darker and also Harry will not be attending hogwarts.

    Finally, although I like the chemistry between Hermione and Ron, I still feel odd that she has serious feelings for him. He seems too much of an idiot sometimes, a loveable idiot, but still an idiot. Hermione seems like she would make a better fit with Harry. Ginny is a good fit in Harry’s group of friends, but I’m not sure I like them together. Does anybody else have any comments on this?

  • Falco

    I have to admit that I have not read any of Rowling’s books, and that I have only seen the first two movies recently on television, but I have kept up-to-date with the goings on in the non Muggle world. One thing I have noticed about Rowling is she is very good with intrigue and false clues. The locket at Black’s residence and the Horcrux from the cave are made to be one and the same. The prophecy appears straight forward but can be interpreted in other ways. The writer of the note in the false Horcrux initialed R.A.B appears as the initials of the writer’s name when it could easily be a runic curse or a nasty epithet. It seems obvious that the writer (R.A.B.) is known to the Dark Lord and needs no identification to the Lord. The significance of Harry’s scar, blood and eye color to the dark one has been left scattered like bait to draw us in and trick us.

  • BRizzle

    Hey Im a “newbie” but anyway…
    R.A.B. could be many people…

    A)Regulas Black ,probaly most exact
    B)?…?…Bones. Didn’t it say ? Bones was in OotP
    And was Ameila Bones (Harry’s Qustioner at Trial)
    in the Ministy brother???
    3)Rolphudous and Bellatrix, not likely
    4) A false name to trick him (possible)
    5) Remus and Bill. This is because they could have known cause they were hunting You-Know-Who.

  • BRizzle

    just some ideas

  • smart person

    Maybe Dumbledore is he who must no be named. wouldn’t that be odd?

  • Nick

    hey! member the felix felices (luck potion)..well Harry found the Half blood prince book just lyin around..what if snape put it there on purpose so harry could find it and make the the contest-winning potion…..well if he did that.. it would make sense because maybe snape knew that harry needed some luck…..

  • nick

    If harry ever figured out that kreacher has the locket..then harry could just make kreacher give it to him because kreacher is his master….right??

  • Nick

    Dumbledore is not dead….because if snape and the other death eaters had to apparate outside the grounds, that means that dumbledore’s enchantments were still active, and if they were, that means that he didnt die…

  • reggie

    If RAB is Regulus, what good does that do us in the next book?
    Isn’t the guy dead? Plus what motiv would he have?

    I don’t know who it is, but i’m CERTAIN its not Regulus.

    JK wouldn’t make it that easy for us to guess anyway—remember Moony, Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail..who would have guessed?

    And The half-blood Prince? (even if you guessed that the half blood prince was Snape, you obviously had no basis for it)

    This has probably been mentioned, but Aberforth abd Neville have to count for something in the next book.
    Aberforth–The brother of the most powerful wizard (who by the way didn’t show up for DD’s funeral)
    Neville–Has same birthday as harry

    One last thing–Why are most people assuming that RAB is a man?

  • Zach

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    it is our site we just made so u can check out and make our blogg look good and go to our forum!!! yea

  • bill

    regie!! i think we all asume its a guy cause there arnt many girls that we can think fit with RAB

  • Jimbo

    reggie, no motives? think he realizesthat he threw his life away and he feels he is on the wrong side, so he does the most dramatic and helpful thing he can do for the good side, even if he must die because he ralized that his whole life a mistake he ended it on a good note.

  • Josh Geldart

    R.A.B is Regulus, andromeda and bellatrix

  • doodleduster

    I cant remember who andromeda is…who is that?

  • nick

    reffering to # 273….what if R.A.B…stands for
    1. Rat.And.Boy
    2. Rat.And.Body

  • reggie

    Well comment 696…that makes sense.

    However you must agree that JK is leading us on with this RAB thing.

    Everyone thinks its Regulus. Someone even came up with Regulus Alphard Black. (Alphard was sirius’ uncle i think)

  • LJ

    every time i try to post my comment it tells me personal attacks are not allowed. theres no vulger words in my comment, any ideas?

  • Harry Potter should have been called Harry Bollocks and attended a secondary modern school situated in one of the sprawling council estates in Middlesbrough, now that would have been a FANTASY! Anyway make someone happy this Chritmas and buy them “How Black Was Our Sabbath” All proceeds go to The Olde Roadies retirement fund.
    MERRY XMAS ( don’t yer just love to be politically incorrect!)

  • Dwayne

    I would like to know if anyone can see anyway around the fact that had snape not killed Dumbledore he would have imediately died because of the unbreakable vow he made?

  • ryan

    Well first off R.A.B. is Regulus. His middle name comes from his uncle Adorpulus or something, cant remember the lettering exactly. Secondly, everyone seems to read past the fact that he acted with someone else. Ms. Rowling wants us to know who R.A.B. was but leaves us wondering,”who else helped him?”. Also, for those who think it was two people maybe beatrix and her bro, I take it you dont like the wording, “It was I who found out your secret.” I meaning a single person. However, the person could not have acted alone, as even the greatest wizard of them all, Dumbledore, would have been unable to do it alone. I believe that it is possible that Regulus did not want Voldermort to know who the other person acting with him was to possibly finish off voldermort or other horcruxes. Snape also murdered Dumbledore, and is on Voldermorts side. Many different things point to this, including how he tells Draco that he needed to be a very good actor in order to pull off what he has been doing, and also when Ms. Rowling discribes the hatred in Snapes face when he murders Dumbledore.

  • Dwane

    Everyone is saying that it must have taken two people to get the horcrux due to the potion and such, however there is a goood possibility that the potions and enchantment on the horcrux were different when regulas was stealing the horcrux why would regalus put the exact same enchantments on it?

  • reggie

    Regulus this Regulus that.
    Regulus is such a tiny character in the book…..why would JK make him a Star in book 7?

    Does anyone have any idea what will become of the-greatest-wizard-who-ever-lived’s only living relative, ABeRforth?
    I say he’s the key to book 7.

    What Dumbledore was mumbling about in the cave….no one has given a satisfactory explanation to that yet.

    And Dwayne, i’m guessing you’re new here?

  • Ryan

    Ummm thats because Regulus won’t be the star in the seventh book. IDK how a dead guy could be…Besides, Harry will still have Dumbeldore. The picture of him will still be in his old office, it seems as though everyone has already forgot about that… I think the person who will be the star in the seventh, other than harry, hermoine, and ron, will be the person who helped Regulus with getting the real horcrux. BTW, the reason Regulus would have put the enchantments back on the fake horcrux would most likely have been to make Voldermort believe that it was still safe, if he ever decided to return to check on the horcrux.

  • hey, if mundungus stole that locket…..this makes him bad, right?????

  • Mimi

    Mundungus probably didn’t know how important the locket was. (Assuming he stole it.) He steals things from the black’s house because he is a theif and wants the money. So, no I dont think he’s bad.

    Happy Holidays.

  • reggie von woic

    1. Snape was loved by someone
    2. Snape did not have a daughter(note this doesn’t mean Snape doesn’t have a son/child)
    3. We will find out something significant about Lily in book 7
    4. James wasn’t the only person who lived Lily. “Lily was a very popular girl in school..kinda like Ginny” -JK

    I got all this from interviews with JK in a HP lexicon website.

    Does anyone know where all this leads? I sure don’t

  • oopaaaa

    What is bugging me:
    That goddam mirror that Sirius gave Harry so tehy could communicate with each other.
    They obv can’t use it now because Sirius did not have it on him when he fell through the veil.
    So Harry will probably find it (at Grimmauld place when he goes back for the locket?) and it will come of another use?
    Or will it just be forgotten?

  • Bob

    I hope that Dumbledores brother makes an appearence in book 7. As he is still alive and is mentioned a bit in book 5. But not yet seen physically yet.

  • why cant harry just talk to dumbledore in his portrait?

  • Sat

    Maybe dumbledore had to die because the Gaunt’s ring was cursed and the horcrux was transfered to dumbledore and snape was the one who saved him so maybe he had to die and at snape’s hands.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Dumbledore had to die because of the pattern of the story. Harry Potter is a “coming of age” story and in most such stories, the student has to outdo the master, and the master has to die.

    Harry was the student, and Dumbledore was the master. In this story, Harry is not yet capable of outdoing the master, but he dies to give Harry the motivation to learn. Think of “Star Wars.” Luke Skywalker is the student of his uncle, who dies before Luke is capable of doing the task he is fated to perform.

    The pattern is very similar.

  • reggie von woic

    There’s no excuse for knowingly killing a person.
    In the HP books, the worst spells you could use are the “unforgivable” ones–they’re considered immoral, especially the Avada Kedavra.

    There is no way a person in the good side would any of them in a harmful way…so to say that Snape killed DD at his bidding is a contradiction.

    Anyone who uses the spell to kill a human is evil. So either Snape faked it (because DD was blasted away which isn’t normal for that curse) or he really Killed DD (which makes him evil).

  • reggie von woic

    Which is also why Harry will find himself in a pickle trying to kill voldy, because the direct means of killing him is not available to him.

  • ryan

    Did everyone forget that Dumbledore always speaks to Riddle and says “We both know that there are much worse things than death Tom.”? This may mean that Harry doesnt need to necessarily kill him, but rather something much, much worse, to ensure that Riddle never comes back…

  • ME!

    Remember when dumbledore said “I Will have only truly left hogwarts when none here are loyal to me.” maybe this is a clue that he is still alive.

  • LJ

    I kinda have a hard time thinking that Regulas Black figured out the horcrux thing when even Lucious Malfay didnt know about it. I have two thoeries for this.
    Could R.A.B. be Regulus. Andromeda. Bellatrix. ?
    Could Snape have known Regulus? They were in the same house and Regulus was a very different person than Sirius. Snape was a powerful occulemens (sp?) and he was pretty high up. Given that Snape and Regulus both turned from being death eaters could there be a connection?

  • reggie von woic

    Alive or dead, he’ll die in the end.

  • Kool-Aid

    In my opinion, it was Regulus who took the horcrux. But somebody else was with him. He couldn’t have survived the toxicated potion. What i strongly believe is that Wormtail will help Harry. Recall from book 3, Harry saved his life from lupin and sirius. Dumbledore said that if one wizard saves the life of another a bond is made between the two. On page 116 in OOTP they do find a locket which none of them could open. I think regulus put it there in Grimauld Place. This is just wat i think

  • DJ suki

    U know R.A.B could he be realated to the next DADA teacher??? i dont he is regulus and possibly Mr Burkes as someone has already said………..

    Dumbledore died for a purpose and there has been lots of stuff jst flying around , some good ones really makes me think………….

  • DJ suki

    R.A.B probaly is not going 2 b more than 1

    but the who was R.A.B with??/
    even dumbledore couldn’t handle it by himself….. so IF it was regulus who was with him, and could he be possibly the next DADA teacher??/
    JUST A THEORY……………..

  • kool-aid

    any comments on comment # 722
    about wormtail helping harry

  • kool-aid

    i think think that fawkes could hold a part of dumbledores’ soul. or it could be dumbledores brother who is an animagus

  • DJ suki

    Dumbledore’s brother is thought to be a ‘dodge’ character like dung………..and he works at hog’s head so dault he has any special talent but i could be fawkes because he was gone wen harry was in dumbledores office………… but then there was a portrit of dumbledore so i say he is in fact dead……..
    It’s sad to many of us but we have to faces it, i think he did die for a purpose though and he wouldn’t beg to anyone…… all will be there on much more anticipated book 7!!!!

  • DJ suki

    on 719 he hasnt left hogwarts………… he is there as a portrait so he hasnt TRULY left…….
    we hav to face he is dead
    R.I.P Dumbledore the greatest

  • Tompa
  • kool-aid

    wormtail and moony will die.

  • kool-aid

    they will die in the hands of the dark lord, what else. all 4 messrs will be dead

  • kool-aid

    rab cannot be more than one because it says: it was I who discovered ur secret. (on the letter inside the fake horcrux)

  • DJ suki

    interesting theory on 730 and 731 and why do u think he would kiil them???

  • DJ suki

    hey kool-aid i need ure advice on this…………
    do u hink the next DADA teacher has anything 2 do with the horocruxes??/?

  • David

    Comment on #722: could Kreacher have been with Regulus when and if he got the locket? If so, the potion probably had a lasting effect. I mean, Dumbledore’s hand was dying after destroying the ring, so maybe the potion is what makes Kreacher so unlikeable.

  • Xyloid

    Just a thought…..Mundungus is described in book 6 as something like…”bandy legged and ginger haired..”
    Crookshanks is also described as bandy legged and ginger haired! “CROOK” shanks ??!??!?? Hard to believe that Mundungus is an Animus and spends almost all his time with Hermione in th emuggle world, or is it just a case of Rowlings running out of adjectives?

  • Xyloid, I also noticed that about Mundungus, and wondered if there could be a connection. I’ve always thwought that Crookshanks was more human-like than a regular cat. Of course Crookshanks isn’t a regulart cat even if he isn’t Dung.

  • DJ suki

    hes part sneazel
    J.K said this

  • kool-aid

    to DJ Suki:
    the next teacher might have something to do with horcruxes. he/she might even have one. i think aberforth has access to one, the locket

  • kool-aid

    there’s a really big chance that mundungus took the locket from grimauld place. JKR might’ve wanted this part in the sixth book, where somebody is stealing stuff from black’s house.

  • DJ suki

    hey kool-aid good link mate and just out of the ordinary bellatrix,narcissa and andromeda are all stars!

  • DJ suki

    could the last sentence in the last be “where is You’re scar?”

  • DJ suki

    your *** my mistake

  • Dgok




  • And I went to the moon, but it was in Arizona

  • LJ

    Speaking of which did u know u could buy space on the moon awhile ago… i thought it was pretty funny when i heard it. anyway does anyone know when the next book (year 7) is supposed to be out. i know it wont be an accurate date or really anytime soon bein the HBP is still fairly new.

  • Xyloid

    Why cant I post? it keeps saying “banned word” ??

  • Xyloid

    Aberforth as the next Defense against the Dark Arts teacher?

  • Xyloid

    If Harry is the last horcrux, then he must be destroyed before “V” is mortal. So here’s how it goes down :

    1. “V” tries to kill Ginny
    2. Harry jumps in front, getting killed instead (like his mom)and destroying the last horcrux
    3. “V” then tries to kill Ginny again, but the spell backfires, killing “V” at last!

    Silly, i know, and i don’t believe it, but if Harry is a horcrux then he has to die first.

  • LJ

    The big prob w/ ur theory Xyloid is that theres no way V would make harry a horocrux. Besides the obvious dangers as using something living for a horcurx (as D mentioned) its exetremely dangerous for harry to be one. Yes V wasnt careful w/ the diary but even he could see the obvious risk of making harry a horocrux

  • LJ

    I forgot, who is Aberforth? Ds brother?

  • kool-aid

    to LJ

    aberforth is dumbledores brother. he’s a bartender at the hog’s head. JKR said he did in an interview.

  • Xyloid

    The brother od the greatest wizard of all time a bartender?1 I highlky doubt it. Even if JKR said this, it could mean that he was one ay some time. Dont believe everything JKR says, or especially what people told you she said.

  • Xyloid

    Do we really know that LV was trying to kill Harry that first time? I mean, there really wasn’t any witnesses left, except Harry and LV. Maybe LV was up to something else, perhaps making a horcrux? Again, I think Harry as a horcrux is silly, but the idea has got me thinking about a few things.

  • DJ suki

    it is possible that the launch of the 7th book may well be on 07/07/2007 !!!
    wow that will be kool but i live in NZ so in NZ it might be different
    7 is the the best magical number so why not? it will be perfect and i got this off a site so im not taking full credit or any credit

    in the 7th book i think we’ll see a lot in to the past and stuff
    maybe even a visit to godric’s hollow for answers

  • snowboarderperv

    snape didnt kill dumbledore heres y:first of all u can only use avada kedavra if u mean it
    so wat if snape just said it but in his head thought expelliarmus then dumbledore would go flyin also who knows who was in the coffin

  • Jules

    Damn its been a while.I was in posts 44+. Well, all interesting theories but i gotta say you need to let go of Dumbledore. He died foor a reason.
    You see, everyone who had been protecting Harry all of his life has to die. This way Harry can realize he is ready.
    Quick Horcrux recap:
    1.Voldy himself
    3.Tom marvolo Riddle’s diary- destroyed
    4.Salazar Slytherin’s locket (missing, possibly with Kreacher or Mundungus from grimmauld place sighting)
    5.Nagini (possibly) or a griffindor artifact
    6.Hufflepuff’s cup
    7.a Ravenclaw artefact (possibly)

  • HH fan

    In 1945 DD was famous for the bringing down a evil wizard. So that must mean that he had to of killed him so therefor he could of had a horcruxe made and put it in a pet so DD pheniox coould be his horcruxe. I mean think about it phenioxes can never die so it would be internal.

    On a further note what did Siruses brother inharet?

  • Name:

    I completely belive the whole “snape is good” thing. the one thing i think is just to obvious is Regulus being RAB. its way to obvious, J.K. is a lot cleverer than that. Also, hermione would have guessed regulus black.

    As to who the real RAB is, i have no idea. i dont think its inicials, like:(i forgot bellatrix’s husband, but i know its starts with an R) And Bellatrix, but i doubt its that also, something like that tho.

  • NotHarryFan

    I gave up reading harry potter books years ago. They’re waaaaaayyyyy tooo long to read and boring. Sorry to disappoint you harry fans. Here’s some radical powerful questions: Why does Harry have a zigzag thing on his head? Who is the man or lady who turns into the four legged cat? How long is Hagrid beard?

  • Name:

    if u hate harry potter, why are u even bothering to look at this?

  • VileAzura

    well, i thought that Harry was a horcrux but now that i read the book the 2nd time it made me think, in the 4th book why did voldamort try to kill harry after the tri wisard tornament? but if he was a horcrux does this mean that voldamort is about to go into hidding again and trying to kill harry will stop the legamency( or however you spell it)? if you wish to chat ferther with me, my AOL name is MikeTopeka91
    and my e-mail is VileAzura @gmail .com

  • mary

    Hi! I am spanish. once I found in the internet an amazing site called “dumbledore no está muerto” and found out it was the translation of http://www.dumbledoreisnotdead.com
    Just enter and have a look, it is impressive, talkin about more and more clues….

  • Jules

    Hello again. Ive been thinking; how will harry manage to find the horcruxes? he ron and hermione aren’t as smart as dumbledore, all he has is love as DD always says.

  • the… GARDENER

    Since the boat in the cave, according to Dumbledore, only would have let “one of age wizard” cross the lake… :

    …i believe R.A.B is Regulus. Cuzz he would have had the most briliant companion – Kreacher. YEY!!!!!!!!! Watta you guys think??

    B T W.. nice ideas lots of you have come up with! Have read like 60% of all comments…

  • Jules

    Kreacher as a companion is taking it waaaaay too far. Anyway, i would like to point something out. Sirius said his brother may have been personally murdered by voldemort, and R.A.B said he “intended to destroy the horcrux as soon as possible.” The locket being at grimmauld place means voldemort DID kill regulus before he could destroy it.

  • the… GARDENER

    well Jules… can you come up with a better follower for R.A.B than Kreacher?? I mean… there can only be one grown up wizard in the boat, that’s R.A.B. And then there is the companion – he/she must be either a student like Harry(under 17), a muggle OR a less humanlike creature… A house-elf would fit on that desciption, and since Regulus was Kreachers master… well, you know… Regulus wouldnt have to worry about Kreacher sneaking around telling tales if he had ordered him not to.
    I’d love to hear your point of view on this Jules.

  • the… GARDENER

    to Jules #764…
    Answer: I reckon Snape will guide Harry and his friends somewhat… discreet and without Voldemorts attention. Now a question bumped into my head… Did dumbledore entrusted Severus with the horcrux-secret?!?!?!?!?! He should have since he knew Snape was the mainperson to help Harry kill Voldy after Dumbledores own death.

  • MackenzieJean


    Harry kills Voldemort at the end, but he dies himself too because of his mysterious connection with him.


  • Jules

    To the above: Yeeeeaaaah okay right.
    Anyway, Gardener, reguarding kreacher, i think you need to check your facts. I am posotive that you dont HAVE TO HAVE a companion. Harry just didn’t count.


  • Jules

    BTW: I think harry will get at least some advice from the portrait and/or Aberforth.

  • Jules

    This way of communicating is waaaaaay too slow.
    Neeeeed…. Faster….. Responses…..

  • Jules

    Everyone should at least be checcking every couple o’ hours. Makes it easier on the people with no lives who check every hour.[Crying at computer screen, rocking back and forth on my chair….]

  • Jules

    Someone say something…. please….

  • the… GARDENER

    sry Jules. Some time eh…;)
    When i first visited this site I only had my own different ideas about how Snape was good. You guys confimed them and gave me a lot of new ones. I think i’ve found a brand new one now… It’s not like revolution size matter, but still…

    Think back on the second chapter of book 6. There Snape tells the doubting Bellatrix that Dubledore, in consequence of the duel with Lord V., had received a serious damage. The only damage we know Dumby has is his hand, but he got that from Vodemorts horcrux, not Vodemort himself.
    Conclusion::::: Snape Lied To The Dark Side!!! YEAH GOdieGOdie Do I have any followers??

  • siriuslyserious

    Here’s something that I found odd:

    During HBP, many times when DD’s blackened hand was mentioned, DD said it was due to slower reflexes. Snape also said this to Bellatrix and Narcissa in Chapter 2. I don’t have HBP with me at the moment, so I can’t check exactly where I remember reading this, but I remember reading that DD did something with especially quick reflexes. So why would his reflexes be so quick if he always says they are getting slower?

    My theory on this is that the reflexes DD is talking about means not physical reflexes, but perhaps he cannot think as quickly as before. It seems that to be a good wizard/witch, you’ve got to be able to think quickly. So could DD have been talking about .. how shall i phrase this? mental reflexes? rather than physical?

    I don’t think any of this is going to be a very key thing in book seven or anything of that sort, but if you have any thoughts on it that would be wonderful.

    Thanks and goodbye!

  • siriuslyserious

    Here’s another theory:

    – Ms. Figg breeds cats and kneazles
    – The cat/kneazle (lets just call it a cat for now) that she tripped over and broke her leg was Crookshanks.
    – She sold him to the Magical Creature store (I forget the name) in Diagon Alley.
    – Hermione buys him, after being told by the worker at the store that he had been there awhile, which would make sense, bc ms. figg broke her leg a few books previously and would have sold him a few years previously.
    – It has been confirmed that Crookshanks is in fact part cat part kneazle.


  • siriuslyserious

    Sorry, i forgot to sum up my thoughts on my last theory.

    So if what i’ve said above is correct, Ms. Figg bred Crookshanks, and he was the cat that she tripped over and broke her leg!

    Okay, that’s all for now. 🙂

  • Jules

    That’s really of no consequence. I dont care about cats. Talk about RAB or snape or DD or Big V or horcruxes, honestly…cats…meh…

  • siriuslyserious

    Sorry that comment didn’t intrest you Jules. I’ll try to be more exciting next time.

  • Xyloid

    What exactly is a keazel again? Something abiout cats that interestde me was that Mundungus was described as “bandy legged and ginger haired”,,,,
    …the same description gien to Crook shanks…..”CROOK”shanks (mun is a crook) !! coinceidence? Could he be an animgus who likes hanging out in the girls dorm ?!?

  • Jules

    that’s very very perverted, and no because in book 5 mundungus and crookshanks were in the same room.I know WAAAY too much.

  • HES

    I personally think that the locket is not at #12 Grimald place but was originally seen in Nockturn alley where it is mentioned that there is a “locket of doom” or something like that i don’t have my book with me.

    I agree that R.A.B. is Regulus Black, and I am positive that Dombledore is not going to come back because he said many times and made sure Harry knew that “No spell can reawaken the dead”.

  • Jules

    THANK GOD, someone who can actually let go of dumbledore.

    Oh well. And about the locket, do you mean that the locket NEVER WAS at grimmauld place, or just ISN’T NOW?

  • samantha

    i do agree that R.A.B is Regulas black. i’m not sure if Harry is the horcrux because then harry will hav to sacrive him self then he will die wit voldamort but we wil see wat will happen in the 7th book. my sugestions are 2 people wil die are voldamort and snape or neville or maybe herimoine granger

  • Jules

    jeez, almost 800 posts… This has been a long lasting topic….

    Request: Anyone who finds any info on the 7th book, including title, please post it on this topic.

  • Praveen

    Friends, What do you think about Luna Lovegood? I think she will play an important role in the seventh book. She was introduced in “Order of the Phoenix” and like Neville she played a part in the fight against the dark side in the two books.Also Harry likes her and there is something common to them. Lily Potter died when Harry was almost one year old. Luna is younger than Harry by one year. She is in Ravenclaw, means she is intelligent. My theory is she is the reincarnation of Lily Potter. Please give me your views.

  • Clara

    I was just wondering what exactly happened when all that light came from Dumbledore’s tomb?

    And…R.A.B. will probably be discovered by Hermione. I believe that Grimwald (spelled wrong) place will be a clue heaven! I hope that maybe Dobby can coxe information out of Kretcher and that could help with Harry’s fight to be. I really wonder what and where the ravenclaw item, if there is one at all, is. The room of requirement could hold some key evidence also. Hopefully Dumbledore’s Army (D.A.) will reunite and help Harry fight Voldemort. Harry will probably have to go back to the school, why miss out on the chance to learn as mush as he can. Oh, and Maybe Bill might beable to help find greyhawk, or whatever his name is, because maybe his scars could have the same effects as Harry’s scar does. I can’t wait to read the last book, but at the same time now there will be no more Hary Potter series…I heard that there will be no Prequel or anything.

  • does anyone have any idea what dumbledore could have been seeing when he was drinking that potion trying to get the horcrux? i’ve been thinking about it alot, and i haven’t been able come up with anything that makes sense..

  • Jules

    I would once again like to point out that on the spine of every book is “year” 1-6. Therefore, the books revolve around hogwarts and jk will not break the rythm by making harry skip his last year.

  • taz

    i think that the r on rab could stand for rubus one of dumbledores first names

  • lord voldemort

    i personally think that hp. is gonna be in a dire need to find snape and just as he starts cruciatesing him he, tells him the truth then voldemort leglimens’ harry and finds snape is a traitor……. any1 fancy elaborating

  • lord voldemort

    i know no1 is sad enuff except me to read 700+ blogs but what about the mirror of erised, dumbledore mentions about it being you know whos downfall in the end in book 1 🙂

  • lord voldemort

    How does a wizard learn about the existence and properties of Horcruxes? Who knows what they are, how to make them, what they can do? What wizard would make a Horcrux? Under what circumstances? And for what reasons? And why are they so evil? Hermione is working very hard to answer these questions. As Hogwarts virtual library search-engine, she is coming up empty – no answers to these questions can be found at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry so far.Fifty years ago, Tom Riddle, while still a student at Hogwarts, somehow learned of Horcruxes. How he did this is something of a mystery since Tom has no wizarding family, no connection with anyone in the wizarding world outside of Hogwarts (that we know of), and attended a school where Horcruxes were a banned subject and the headmaster, Dumbledore, was, as Slughorn explains (OOP, US version p. 499) “particularly fierce about it…” (“it” being the ban on Horcruxes). And yet by the end of Book 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, we believe that Tom Riddle-turned-Voldemort had probably divided his soul into seven parts and created six external Horcruxes in his lifetime.

    How do we learn of the Voldemort Horcruxes?

    Through Dumbledore’s suspicions.

    Dumbledore is the only wizard who suspected that Voldemort created Horcruxes. When the Avada Kedavra curse Voldemort used against Harry backfired and diminished Voldemort, Dumbledore suspected that Voldemort had made a Horcrux. Then Tom Riddle’s diary came along in Chamber of Secrets and Dumbledore’s theory gained some support. No mere memory, the being in Tom Riddle’s diary began to come to life and behave like a Horcrux, restoring Voldemort to life.

    But then Tom Riddle’s diary was destroyed when Harry stabbed it with the poison basilisk fang, and Voldemort did not perish. So here Dumbledore must have begun to realize that either he was wrong about his theory that Voldemort had made a Horcrux or that there may have been more than one Horcrux. What an astounding idea this must have seemed! And in Book 6 when Harry returned from the graveyard and reported what Voldemort told his followers at the end of Goblet of Fire about having gone further than any other wizard, Dumbledore believed that this information provided support for the possibility that Voldemort may have been using Horcruxes, but had been using more than one of them. Remember, it wasn’t until Harry finagled that bit of memory from Slughorn (in HBP) that we got any confirmation at all of Dumbledore’s Horcrux theory. Slughorn’s memory shows the first hard evidence linking Voldemort with the Horcruxes.

    But Dumbledore suspected the possibility of a Horcrux from the beginning. Why? Why suspect a Horcrux? Was it because he was familiar with the concept? Was it because he had already created one?

    Dumbledore create something as evil as a Horcrux! Impossible!

    Or is it? (Hmmm, perhaps I should write for the Quibbler…)

    Here’s a thought: perhaps it is not the Horcrux itself that is evil, but killing someone in order to create a Horcrux that is evil. Slughorn explains that the Horcrux is created: “By committing murder. Killing rips the soul apart. The wizard intent upon creating a Horcrux would use this damage to his advantage: He would encase the torn portion (of his soul in a Horcrux)” (HBP p. 498).

    Killing rips the soul apart. This is important: Killing rips the soul apart — whether one makes a Horcrux or not. The evil act is in the killing. If a wizard had killed another person, regardless of his intent, the ripping of the soul would have occurred.

    There are three possible forms of intent involved in the act of killing. The first is malice, the desire to inflict harm and affect a killing. We usually associate this with anger or hatred and Muggle and Wizard societies both punish this type of act. The second form of intent is self-preservation. Here the person who affects the murder is justified in doing so because he, his family, his friends or even his society as a whole are in danger from the person who is about to be killed. In this case the killer is not punished by society. And the third form of intent is actually lack-of-intent. This is the case when a person or persons are killed inadvertently, or accidentally. In the Muggle world this is sometimes punished, sometimes not. If the killer’s lack of due diligence caused the death(s) — as in drunken driving — we tend to punish it, even though it was not intended by the killer. If the killer shows due diligence — and someone simply jumps out onto the road in front of a moving car — we tend not to punish the killer.

    I do believe that killing under any of the three forms of intent causes damage to the soul. Maybe there is no blame to be laid, no guilt to be levied, but there would still be great anguish to the soul of someone who realizes he has taken a life. Whether through malice, self-defense, or completely by accident, the person who kills is diminished in some way by having taken a life. I believe this is the damage to the soul. It is not a punishment by society, but a natural result of destroying life. And I think this damage occurs no matter how good or evil the person who affects the killing is as a person. In fact, it is easy to imagine that the anguish of a good person who is pressed to kill is far greater than that of someone who feels no loss at ending someone’s life.

    The damage to the soul would be irreversible. And here a wizard could use this damage “to his advantage (by) encasing the torn portion in a Horcrux.” Creating a Horcrux, in and of itself, is not evil. It is the murder that precedes the Horcrux creation that causes the soul to be ripped apart that is evil. Killing is, as Slughorn explains, “the supreme act of evil.” The evil is done. And then you have a damaged soul. Encasing your now-damaged soul in a Horcrux neither extends nor eradicates the evil born of the murder. A Horcrux is simply a container for that already-damaged portion of the soul.

    We know, from Albus Dumbledore’s chocolate frog card (Philosopher’s Stone, UK edition, p. 77), that “Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Grindlewald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragon’s blood and his work on alchemy with his partner Nicolas Flamel.” So, in 1945 Dumbledore defeated the evil wizard Grindlewald. How might he have “defeated” Grindlewald? Did he need to kill him as perhaps Harry needs to kill Voldemort? There is no mention of Grindlewald in Azkaban. I suspect that the defeat did involve a killing.

    If Dumbledore had killed Grindlewald, then perhaps Dumbledore might have created a Horcrux. Not necessarily an evil Horcrux, but the product of opportunity rather than the product of an evil act. Dumbledore is a very intelligent, logical being. If the killing of Grindlewald was necessary, then the possibility of creating a Horcrux might be a logical follow-up. And if the killing was a positive event eliminating evil from the wizard world, then perhaps Dumbledore’s Horcrux — though borne through dark magic — would not be an evil thing. Not creating a Horcrux would not have changed his need to kill Grindlewald.

    Why would Dumbledore even consider making a Horcrux? In Book 1, McGonagall has a conversation with Dumbledore in which she points out that he knows all of the Dark Magic, but that she believes he chooses not to use any of it. Perhaps he has had good reason to use Dark Magic for some positive purposes. And remember, Dumbledore’s old friend, Nicholas Flamel, sought eternal life with the Philosopher’s Stone. Why is it hard to suppose that Dumbledore may have sought eternal life as well? A different means to that end, yes, but still with a goal to the same end.

    But would Dumbledore have committed this supreme act of evil? If Dumbledore has committed a killing, he would have to have a damaged soul. The damage done by killing another is absolute. Does Dumbledore have a damaged soul? Having a soul like Harry’s that is “untarnished and whole” (p. 511) is certainly wonderful but may not be something that every witch and wizard can claim. Dumbledore is 150 years old and has been battling evil in the wizarding world for quite some time. Is it possible that his soul is still untarnished and whole? That he has never harmed another witch or wizard, evil or otherwise? I think not. Only youth has such purity and innocence. As people go through life, wizards and Muggles alike, we are confronted with difficult choices and obstacles, points in our lives at which there is no easy answer.

    So let’s assume Dumbledore did need to finish Grindlewald to remove his evil influence from the world. What Horcrux would hold Dumbledore’s damaged bit of soul? Gryffindor’s Sword perhaps? One of the many silvery spindly objects in his office? I don’t think so. I think Dumbledore’s Horcrux is the phoenix Fawkes.

    Isn’t it most interesting that Dumbledore suspected that Nagini was one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes? We know Voldemort to be a friendless person who collects inanimate artifacts and objects for his Horcrux keepers. Why would Dumbledore think that Voldemort might choose Nagini to guard a portion of his soul? Why suppose that a wizard would choose any animal as a Horcrux, unless of course you had already done the very same thing yourself.

    There is no comparison between Nagini and Fawkes as viable soul-keepers, or Horcruxes. Nagini is a snake, a magical creature with questionable moral values. Fawkes is a magical creature known for extreme loyalty, the ability to heal wounds and transport very heavy loads for long distances. Fawkes seems to be all positive attributes. And even more importantly: Nagini can be destroyed. Fawkes, a phoenix, cannot be killed. He will continue to rise anew from the ashes, reborn to continue on. Fawkes is an excellent choice for a Horcrux. Fawkes will live forever.

    All right, so let’s say we allow the assumption that Dumbledore has made a Horcrux. And let’s go on to the next step and allow that Harry discovers it. This is, by the way, quite necessary since the Harry Potter stories are all told from Harry’s point of view and we would certainly not know of the Horcrux unless Harry knew of it as well. How would this Horcrux work itself into the story in Book 7? What would be the value and difficulty of discovering that Dumbledore had created a Horcrux?

    The value is easy to spot. There is then the possibility that Dumbledore isn’t gone for good. He may have died physically, but he could be reborn through the use of his Horcrux. This is, for everyone except Voldemort and the Death Eaters, a very uplifting possibility. Dumbledore’s abrupt departure from the quest to destroy Voldemort at the close of Book 6 is quite disturbing. It is as though, after so many, many years of his research and discovery to identify Voldemort’s weakness(es), Dumbledore simply vanishes.

    What if Harry is not the only one to learn of Fawkes’s role as a Horcrux? Then what? Who else might be trying to recover Fawkes at the same time as Harry?

    The most likely wizard to join Harry in the pursuit of Fawkes would be — Severus Snape. Somehow, Snape will know that Fawkes was Dumbledore’s Horcrux and will be trying to get Fawkes. Harry will discover this. Not knowing whether Snape is good or evil, we won’t know whether Snape should get Fawkes or not. Hermione will tell us we should trust Dumbledore’s faith in Snape; Harry will be convinced Snape is up to something evil. It is possible Snape is supposed to acquire Fawkes, that Dumbledore wants him to, and that Snape was aware — at the moment of the Avada Kedavra curse on top of the tower — that there would be further steps to having Dumbledore return to make sure that Voldemort was vanquished.

    Furthermore: How would Dumbledore have protected Fawkes from Voldemort? Surely Dumbledore would have foreseen that someone on the Dark Side might have discovered Fawkes’s value as a Horcrux. How might he have provided protection for Fawkes? Perhaps in was in the same way he protected the Philosopher’s Stone. Remember the protection Dumbledore placed on the Stone in the Mirror of Erised? “You see, only one who wanted to find the Stone — find it, but not use it — would be able to get it…” (PS p.217) Perhaps Harry will need to want to recover Fawkes, but not activate Dumbledore’s Horcrux in order to gain Fawkes.

    Maybe when Harry discovers that Dumbledore has a Horcrux — Fawkes — a choice has to be made about bringing Dumbledore back or going on without Dumbledore’s help. What if the choice was there and Harry has to decide whether to rely on Dumbledore’s help or to move on as a now-adult wizard (Harry comes of age at the start of Book 7 on July 31) and accept his role as The Chosen One? A choice between what is right and what is easy, perhaps.

    Somehow, I have found it hard to believe that Dumbledore would so easily leave the battle with Voldemort. Dumbledore has spent many years researching Voldemort’s background and looking for ways to finish him. Why would he bow out so easily, before he could see his work brought to closure? Completed by Harry, yes, but brought to closure.

    And the wording of Professor Trelawney’s prophecy is curious, as well, “one cannot live while the other survives…” If Harry, himself, does not directly cause Voldemort’s death, Harry will retain his pure, untarnished, virgin soul. He will remain in many ways childlike and pure. Is this desirable? Or does Harry need to pass through a gauntlet of sorts to become an adult? Perhaps Harry must kill Voldemort to become an adult. Perhaps this is a painful process that must be done. Harry came awfully close to damaging his soul with the Septumsempra curse on Malfoy. It is not impossible to believe that Harry will have to suffer the consequences of his anger and hatred toward Voldemort (and maybe Snape). As a minor (under the age of 17) Harry still has a pure untarnished soul. But is it realistic to expect that this will continue throughout his adult life? I think not. Life is not that simple.

    Meanwhile, there is one other important player in this search: Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, is our resident expert in Magical Creatures. That’s Fawkes, a magical creature. Hagrid will know how to recover and capture Fawkes (just like Hagrid knew how to lull Fluffy to sleep) because Dumbledore would have told him. Dumbledore tells Professor McGonagall in Book 1, “I would trust Hagrid with my life,” and he has. Dumbledore has shared with Hagrid Fawkes’s secret.

    So while we know there will be a search going on for Voldemort’s Horcruxes in Book 7, we may learn that a parallel search will commence for Dumbledore’s Horcrux, Fawkes.

    I really do believe that Dumbledore does have a Horcrux. The Horcrux is Fawkes, his soul mate, literally. And Hagrid is the Secret keeper of the Horcrux secret.

    Hagrid will likely die protecting this information. And what does that mean? Hopefully we’ll find out soon, because J.K. chose this topic as one of the three FAQ questions she would like to answer on her web site: What happens to a Secret after the Secret keeper dies? I don’t think this is of terribly vital importance to 12 Grimmauld Place, but I do think it will matter even more when it comes to losing Hagrid.

    We learn of the existence of Horcruxes out of the blue in Book 6 of the seven book series. No mention of them in any of the thousands of pages preceding Half-Blood Prince in Books 1 through 5. Will we learn in Book 7 that there is another Horcrux? Dumbledore’s Horcrux

  • lord voldemort

    and the hogwarts saying draco dormiens nunquan titliandies means Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon
    intresting bit of trivia no?

  • Mayra

    I think Dumbledore is alive. He was telling Malfoy that Voldemort couldn’t find him if he was already dead so the idea of faking a death was already on his mind. Also if we go back to book 5 when Harry tries to hit Bellatrix w/the cruciatus curse a shot of red light does come out of his wand but it doesn’t work bc as she tells Harry he has to really mean it. Moody also says this in book 4 when talking about the unforgivable curses. So maybe Snape didn’t really mean the curse. And he only did it bc Dumbledore asked him since they cam both do legilimancy.

  • Jules


    Once again, I will remind you that the reason for dumbledore’s death was that everyone that was around to protect harry was dying, so harry had to take a stand and do some sh!t for himself. >_>

  • Stan

    can anyone help me out with this question?

    What did Dumbledore say was his first clue that lead him to believe Vodlemort had split his soul?

    please and thank you

  • nathan m

    i think severus i cool because of the way he loved harrys mom and that he is a double agent on dumbledors orders i cant wait until the last 2 movies come out!!!