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A search engine generally refers to an Internet searching site used to find information and related sites on the web. The search results are usually called “hits”. The information gathered could be images, music or video files, database entries or web pages. Search engines use programs, or algorithms to locate results rather than web directories that use people for a manual search of results.

The first search engine was called “Archie” created in 1990 by a student at the McGill University in Montreal. In 2007 Google remained the most popular web search engine worldwide. The study of how search engines rank documents and subsequently optimizing a website to be found is called search engine optimization.

Search engine blogs include emerging trends in programming and algorithm development as well as blogs listing popular search engines and their success rates. Emerging trends, fading popularity and changes in ranking methods are frequent discussion topics. The Search Engine Watch blog compares programming effectiveness and ranks current popularity within the search engines.

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