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Sean Salisbury: Idiot or anti-Semite?

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The mini drama playing out over the apparent comment by ESPN football analyst Sean Salisbury wherein he may have said “Jew” instead of “chew” is over the top. It is as if he directly offended the sensibilities of a group of people who are looking for any reason to castrate him publicly. The group of people is sports fans.

Salisbury generates discussion because he is not well suited for his position. Boisterous and obnoxious, he appears on the verge of a meltdown each time he is asked a question or offers analysis.

Few people acknowledge their regard for him and it is doubtful he will win popularity contests. Yet, a slip of the tongue, if that, is not definitive proof of a person being an anti-Semite. Apparently, some people contend the slip is indicative of evil thoughts. If so, every human being is a racist, sexist, and any other ‘ist listed in the OED.

People need to look at the context of his comments to come to some reasonable decision. If Salisbury is known to have a pattern or displays it in the future then it is rational to conclude he has issues. I will admit to paying little attention to Salisbury except when a digital signal forms a picture of him on my television.

From reading posts and articles, one now assumes Salisbury was a member of the Hitler Youth. Is it fair? No. Again, calling someone an anti-Semite is serious and more proof is required to make that statement.

If he is, The Critic will join others in attacking him for his misguided views, though I will always refrain from trying to stop someone from expressing their opinions. Everyone deserves the right to state what he or she believes despite our universal loathing of his or her beliefs.

Until some other proof arises, Salisbury is just a pompous ass with a predilection for sending pictures of his penis to other people via a mobile phone.

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