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Seahawks Suck Badly Against The NY Giants, 41-7

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So, are you happy now? All you Hasselbeck haters, where are you? “Hasselbeck sucks.” “They should put in Charlie, he can’t be as bad as Hasselbeck.” Isn’t that what you kept saying?

Well now we know. Yes, Whitehurst is not only bad, he’s worse. He only managed to complete 12 passes on 23 attempts for 113 total yards, including two interceptions and a very late touchdown throw to Ben Obomanu for 36 yards. Subtract that consolation and Whitehurst put up a paltry, an abysmal 77 yards.

Now, I can hear you people saying, yeah, true enough but Hasselbeck was horrible against Oakland and the Giants have a world class defense that knocks quarterbacks out of games with appalling regularity. The offensive line is missing Russell Okung and his backup Tyler Polumbus. Even Tom Brady would have gotten killed against the Giants behind that line.

True, you are right there. Besides the fact that now all the sudden you’ve woken up to recognize that the offensive line plays a major role in quarterback play, which I find ironic since before it was always Hasselbeck’s fault and not the line, tell me how the line did against the Raiders and then against the Giants?

I’ll tell you how they did. It was night and day for the line. Against Oakland they gave up eight, count them, eight sacks. Hasselbeck got hit so many times he thought he was in a rock polisher. Against the Giants, Whitehurst didn’t get sacked once. No, not once against a team that leads the league in sacks per pass attempt.

So, now tell me how Whitehurst is the future, how Seattle traded a second round pick and spent a ton of money on a guy that overthrows his open tight end by 10 yards on a 3rd-and-1 play. Tell me about a guy whose first completion, the first in his career, is for a loss of three yards. Explain to me how I’m supposed to feel good about Charlie Fucking Whitehurst when his first series, when Qwest Field is primed to explode, when we don’t expect to win but By God We Are Going To Make Them Hurt, when the first series is a three-and-out for a negative six yards!

You know what? There wasn’t a good play all day by the Seahawks. Not one that deserves a play of the game honor. So this week, I’m giving that honor to me and my fellow veterans that got the privilege of walking a lap of honor on Qwest Field at halftime. It’s the first time I’ve been on the field there and I get chills thinking about it even now, despite the fact that the little American flags they gave us to wave all had a tag that said “Made In China” on them. No, I’m not even kidding.

The Good:

1. Offensive Line – I’ve been dogging the line most of the year, with good reason, but against a NY Giants defense that has slaughtered better lines, and they did well. No sacks, good pass protection, not great run production but given that the starters on the left side, Russell Okung and Ben Hamilton, were out, I think they did a reasonable job. Better than usual anyway and that’s worth noting.

2. Leon Washington – Washington made one mistake, the fumble on the kickoff that led to the third Giants tounchdown, but by that point the game was really over anyway. His return abilities obviously worried the Giants because they tried kicking short, long, bouncing, sideways, any way they could to mess up the return game.

3. Marshawn Lynch – I’m sorry Lynch that you had to come here and be stuck in a run game that might be worse than Buffalo’s run game. You are a true beast, always running hard and fighting to make something out of nothing. On one run play, it seemed like the Giants were bringing people off the bench to get you and you still picked up six yards. Of course, you wouldn’t be a Seahawk player without a head slapping mistake and yours was falling over in your stance waiting for the snap to get a false start penalty.

The Bad:

1. Punt – The Giants kicked their first punt in the third quarter. Every drive up to that point, except the first one, was a touchdown. The first one ended when David Hawthorne recovered a Kevin Boss fumble. To make it worse, that was the last Giants punt as well.

The Ugly:

1. The Rest – Let’s face it, the rest was just plain ugly. From Whitehurst missing his targets or throwing the ball out of bounds before the play developed to Eli Manning using Marcus Trufant as his bitch on comeback routes all day, it was ugly. Seattle receivers got no separation, the offensive line got no run blocking push, and the play calling had no answers or adjustments. Everything was ugly. Watching the Giants put up 487 total yards, 30 first downs and holds the ball for over 42 minutes was a lesson in total domination.

A case could be made that the Oakland game was an aberration. I know, I made that case last week and I still think it’s a good one. That game had a lot of lucky bounces and once in a lifetime type plays in it.

Not this week though. The Giants completely and thoroughly dominated and whipped Seattle’s ass on Sunday. It doesn’t come any plainer than that. This was the worst loss for Seattle at Qwest Field. Yes, this was worse than any game last year with Jim Mora as the coach. The only time I felt worse about a Seattle team was in 1992.

So where do we go from here? For the Seahawks, it’s to Arizona for a rematch with the Cardinals. Seattle won the first game at Qwest Field pretty handily, 22-10. Ironically, it’s the last time Seattle played well and won a game. After two big losses, how will this team react?

So many things are going wrong right now; it’s hard to think that Seattle has a shot of winning in the desert. The first step in the right direction would be to get Matt back at quarterback. The second would be to keep him off his back. The third would be to run some plays that would punish the defenses that try to crowd the line against Seattle. Anything beyond that is really, for the moment at least, just a pipe dream.

And while I’m dreaming, can I add that I never see Whitehurst in a Seahawks uniform again?

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I'm a writer with a mid-life crisis. I'm into sports of all kind, a Seattle fan to my bones. A retired rugby player, now I punish myself with triathlons when I'm not hanging out with the family, drinking Guinness and playing PlayStation.
  • Loud and Proud

    Thank You. Hawk fans need to learn to call a turd what it is. Being super-possitive all these years have helped the Hawks win how many Superbowls? It’s time to be REAL fans and let the team know that we don’t have your backs if your gonna lay an egg.

  • Russ Evenhuis

    Thanks for your comments!

    I’m sorry for any confusion, I wasn’t saying that Matt would have won that game. I am saying he would have given us a better chance at winning given that the offensive line didn’t give up a sack.

    I have always gotten annoyed when people place all the blame squarely on the quarterback. I think Sunday showed clearly that Matt is a much better quarterback than Charlie and that the blame has to be shared with the whole offense.

    I recall several plays where Whitehurst had great pocket protection and missed his receiver or just threw it out of bounds. Just look at that flea flicker play on 3rd and 1 early in the game. That pass fell in between the two Seahawks, missing both of them so badly you can’t tell who Charlie was throwing the ball to.

    Thanks again and keep rooting for the Seahawks!

  • win4ever?

    I disagree, even with his weakness in throwing the long ball, every analyst, including Carroll, has seen that there were several short routes open all game long. Matt would’ve hit ’em.

  • FCS

    So, what are you actually trying to say? That we would win yesterday if Matt was playing. Charlie was not worse than Matt yesterday .