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Seahawks Go Beast Mode On The Eagles, Win 31-14

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One of the best things about prime time football is taking the day off, heading up early to the game and hanging out with all the other Seahawks fans soaking in the environment. It’s something I feel should be experienced by every fan of every team, not just the Cowboys, Patriots, Saints, and Jets.

It was during that time, on the first day of December, when I was approached and interviewed by a NFL Network crew looking for random Seahawks fans. While I tried not to stare at the camera, the guy holding the microphone asked me what it’s like to be a Seahawks fan.

As I struggled for an answer, words like optimist, masochist, and drunk ran through my mind. How does one encapsulate the experience of watching a perennial unknown team, a team that is mocked and derided even when going to the Super Bowl, never mind choking away a win to a crappy Redskins team only three days earlier?

How do I explain my decision, my unwavering loyalty to, honestly, what is really only a team playing a game that has no real importance or will make any difference in the world? How can I put into words how I can name an offensive lineman from 1985 without a second’s hesitation but I have a hard time listing my wife’s Christmas wish list?

In the end I gawped at the camera like a goldfish out of water and said sorry, I’m drawing a blank here. With my luck, that’s the clip they’ll use.

With an omen like that, how could the game be any worse? In reality, the game was excellent and serves as another example of the amazingly crappy roller coaster a Seahawks fan rides every week. We lose to the teams we should beat and then beat the teams we shouldn’t.

Philadelphia came into Seattle with the same record but no one honestly gave the Seahawks a shot. The commercials all week on the NFL Network talked about the Eagles trying to hold onto their playoff chances, not that Seattle has about the same snowball in hell shot too.

Play Of The Game:

It came early, at the 9:19 point of the first quarter, and when the happened, it sent shock waves around the football world, reminiscent of the playoff game against New Orleans.

Marshawn Lynch went into Beast Mode again as his run to the right side was stuffed. The run was coming directly at me and looked to have no chance at all from the first step.

If you watch the clip, you’ll see the announcers come to the same conclusion as they gave up on the play only to have Lynch pop out the left side of the pile and dash the 15 yards into the end zone.

The Good:

1. Marshawn Lynch: Lynch wasn’t done going off. His 40-yard touchdown run in the second quarter put the Seahawks up 14-0 and showed that despite a very young and patchwork offensive line, Lynch is the real deal.

Lynch finished with 148 yards on 22 carries, making this the fourth out of the last five games he rushed for over 100 yards.

He also earned himself another bag of skittles.

2. Golden Tate: Tate has been getting a lot more attention lately with injuries sidelining Sidney Rice again. He was targeted four times, catching them all and making a great touchdown catch that I thought would be impossible for him to bring in and get his feet down. But he proved me wrong.

Tate had a complete game too, blocking well all game long. If you watch the “play of the game,” you’ll notice that when Lynch breaks free of the mass of bodies, Tate is downfield holding his block to get Lynch into the end zone.

After a very rough start in Seattle, things are looking Golden.

3. Defense: Seattle gave up 330 yards to the Eagles but with an early lead, that isn’t always a bad thing.

Where the defense shined was in holding LeSean McCoy to 84 yards rushing and picking off Vince Young four times, including a 77-yard pick-6 by linebacker David Hawthorne that had him reaching for an oxygen mask on the sideline.

4. Penalties: Seattle leads the league in penalties and I’ve harped on them every week. In this game the Seahawks were flagged only five times for 30 yards, the same as Philadelphia. I call that a big improvement.

You know what? I’m not even going to dwell on the “Bad” and the “Ugly” now. I’m still on a high from last night, and a little woozy from lack of sleep and excess of alcohol. My throat is shredded from making noise; my head hurts from a combination of all three. I’m giddy with excitement, like a school girl’s first crush.

My team came out last night and beat the preseason “Dream Team.” Seattle played well, like we all knew it could, and the team did it on prime time in front of a national audience.

They made me proud.

And that, my friends, is what it’s like to be a Seahawks fan.

Photo Credit: Elaine Thompson/AP Photo, Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

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